Locating email message in the message viewer list

When I create a link to the email message and I activate it, it opens up the emall message in a separate window.  So far so good.  However, I want to locate that same email message in the email list in the message viewer, but I havne't found a way to do this quickly in the Apple Mail (ML or any other previous Mail program). 
Does anybody know how to do this?

It sounds like you should be able to double-click on the little vertical border at the far right of the list of messages in the Mail window.

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  • Apple Mail Search and Spotlight do not work for locating email messages after upgrading to Lion 10.8.3.

    Apple Mail Search and Spotlight do not work for locating email messages after upgrading to Lion 10.8.3 on my 27" iMac.
    When searching in Apple Mail, sometimes a get a few results (with many missing), and sometimes no results at all.
    I had absolutely no problems before with Snow Loepard.
    I have reindexed mail and my startup drive. I have followed discussions regarding this matter and tried everything - a waste of time.
    This is VERY serious for me - I have many thousands of messages that I archive and need to reference for work and clients, and now I cannot find them.

    I found out that I needed a $100 mini displayport to dual-link dvi adapter to make my $30" cinema display work with my macbook pro
    http://store.apple.com/us/product/MB571Z/A/mini-displayport-to-dual-link-dvi-ada pter?fnode=51
    When I found out that solved the problem, I took it back because that was too expensive for a stupid adapter, and it still didn't work perfectly.

  • How do I delete old email addresses from the pop up list that comes up when I put a letter into the "To" box. These addresses are not in my address book.

    How do I delete old email addresses from the pop-up list that comes up when I put a letter into the "To" box? They are not in my Address Book.  Wrong addresses get in the way and I sometimes select the wrong one.

    Edit the list the comes up when you go to the Window menu and select "Previous Recipients".

  • Printing Email Message without List of Recipients

    I consistently receive email messages with dozens of recipients. How do I print the message without printing the complete list of recipients. It is especially problematic when the email is forwarded from another email with dozens of recipients, which puts the "To:" field within the body of the actual message forwarded.
    How did Apple not make this an adjustable feature?

    That doesn't explain, however why I cannot print any email sent to many correspondents with just a condensed recipient list (6 addresses more or less then an option to expand the remaining list) the same way I view it in the Apple Mail browser.
    You can print such emails, though the recipient list may not be as long or short as you like. If you select a message and open it, you can then choose to display it with Long Headers, which will show you 4 or more recipients; or as Raw Source, which will show every minute detail of that received email. Other than that, you have no control over what is displayed.
    Is there an AppleScript available?
    I've not seen one yet, so I don't believe it can be done via AppleScript.

  • HT2513 How do I get the location to print in the monthly view?

    Is there a way to get the location to show as well as print in the monthly view?  The events that I'm concerned about are 'all day' events in a separate calendar.

    Rich media in PDF isn't designed for print workflows so you cannot control what appears - you should just get a bitmap 'screenshot' of whatever the viewport was displaying at the time.

  • Content of email messages is not displayed although all the email messages are listed.  Cannot bring up any of the messages!

    Question:  Has anyone experienced on an IPad 2 this problem?  I receive all emails but on my IPad cannot open any of them.  This was not true a month ago and I have found no way to correct the problem.  Would appreciate any input.

    Try this. Reset the iPad by holding down on the sleep and home buttons at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until the Apple Logo appears - ignore the red slider - let go of the buttons.

  • How do I edit out the previous email addresses from the pop up list of address in Apple Mail?

    Whenever someone sends me a new email address, I go to address book and edit the page. The problem is that whenever I go to send an email and start to type the address in, the drop down menu lists possible entries as I type, and it still keeps the old address on that list, sometimes above the new address and if I don't carefully check, it will go out to the wrong address.
    It seems to hold onto the old addresses no matter what I do. I have edited, tossed out or changed in the address line of the email, and it still holds onto the old addresses.
    Any suggestions?

    If I start an email to John Doe. I type in his name and if I look at the drop down menu when I click his name, it will offer several options, including "open in address book". Makes sense. He is already there.
    But some names, a few to be sure, have "add to address book" even though they are already there.
    And if I open the address book and open their page, I will see all the info, just as I should.
    But if I click on the "add to address book", the same email address is repeated on their page in the address book. So I could end up with the same email address 5 times on the page.
    Someone told me once that if I cannot cure the bug then I should consider it a "feature".

  • I lost all my email accounts except the first one listed with the 24.5 update

    I haven't used thunderbird in several weeks, working only from my gmail online accounts. I opened TB 24.5 to find all my email accounts missing except for the first one in the list. 4 gmail accounts are now missing. Just recently updated to 24.6 and this did not solve the problem. I am using Win7 pro.

    can you explain more
    do you mean you that you can not see those email account?

  • Since upgrading to IOS8 i can no longer open any email attachements. The usual view only tells me witch kind of document is attached. If i say open in dropbox or an other programm, nothing happens

    Guess the title should tell everything. It always worked, since update cant open attachements

    Similar problem here. My Ical refuses to edit or delete events. Viewing is possible, though sometimes the whole screen turns grey. Adding new events from mail is still possible. The task-pane completely disappeared. My local apple technic-centre messed about with disk utility for a bit and than told me to reinstall leopard. I could of course do that, but it seems to me that reinstalling Leopard just to fix iCal events is a bit invasive.
    I tried also tried removing everything, installing a new copy of iCal from the leopard-cd, software updates, all to no avail.
    At the moment I'm open to all suggestions that do not include a complete leopard reinstall.

  • How to capture all the email addresses from the drop down  lists

    I would like to capture all the email addresses that mail has captured and gives you as a prompt when you start to enter and an address...is there a way to do this ? Does anyone know where all these email addresses live ?
    Thanks matt

    For that program, it says it will import from CSV files, in which case once you add the email address and name to Address Book, you can create a new group for that purpose and add everyone you want to that group. Then select the group and drag it to the Desktop to create one vCard file with all those contacts.
    The go to this URL in Firefox (it won't work in Safari): <http://labs.brotherli.ch/vcfconvert/> and use the online vCard converter to convert that file to a CSV file. Be sure to add a header line if Interspire requires it in the file to import it, and check the results in Excel or Numbers before you import it.

  • How can I get column sorting to work again when column sort is stuck on release date in the different views (list, album list, and cover flow) in my PC?

    I can't sort using other columns because the sorting is stuck/ locked on release date. This is only true for my iTunes U Library. My other libraries and playlists for Music, Movies and TV Shows, Books can be sorted.

    This forum is for questions from those managing sites on iTunes U, Apple's service for colleges and universities to post educational material in the iTunes Store. You'll be most likely to get help with this issue if you ask in the general iTunes forums.

  • Sometimes my email headers get crossed with bodies of other emails (next in the list), so how do I stop this from happening?

    We use Thunderbird with the email header list (Inbox, etc) in an upper pane, and the body of the highlighted email in a separate lower viewer pane.
    We compact files whenever asked by the software.
    In a long list of emails, I click on one header (at the top of the list) to view it in the pane below. Once in a while, the headers get mixed up and do not preview the proper email in the viewer pane.
    I will highlight and view an email, and then delete it. When this glitch occurs, the body of the deleted email appears in the lower pane when I click on the next email header in the upper pane list. The viewer pane should be showing me the new body of the just-highlighted email, but instead it shows the deleted body of the previously-viewed email. Once that new header is clicked, and the wrong body appears in the viewer pane, the proper email body disappears forever. I have to call my customer to have them resend.
    If I click on other emails further down the list, the same body (of the deleted email) continues to show up each time, and all the correct bodies of all the clicked headers are gone. So, phone calls have to happen to ask all the affected emails to be resent. (So, we have learned to stop as soon as we see it happen the first time.)
    The only way we have found to fix this is to close Thunderbird, and then reboot the computer. When Thunderbird is re-opened, the problem goes away. But any lost email bodies are permanently gone.
    We can't seem to find any strange set of events that make this happen. It appears random, and varied. Sometimes every week, sometimes not for months.
    This happens on 2 computers. One is a 2 year old PC (Compaq), and one is a 3 year old HP Probook laptop. Both currently using Thunderbird 24.5.0. Both run Windows 7. Both have lots of memory. Both are very stable machines with very few problems. Seems to be more prevalent on the Compaq desktop than the HP Probook.
    Please help.
    Thanks in advance.

    Do you organise your email into separate folders, or do you just let it accumulate in the Inbox?
    I would strongly advise you not to let it sit in the Inbox.
    When you see this happening, try right-click on the affected folder, select '''Properties''' then '''Repair Folder'''.
    Large folders (actually, a folder in Thunderbird is stored as a file, so it is sensitive to file size limits set by the underlying file system) can be problematic. This is one reason not to let messages collect in one folder. I use Thunderbird's Archive folders so that accumulated mails over several years can happily coexist because they are effectively stored in many small folders. No single mail store folder then exceeds the 2GB or 4GB sizes that have been known to stress the OS. I appreciate that current builds of Thunderbird and a modern 64-bit OS should be able to cope, but practically I find it slows down when given huge files, so I err towards a pragmatic solution; a large number of not very big files.
    Archives are searchable, and a Saved Search folder can give you a virtual composite folder allowing access to the entire Archive.

  • Transferring email messages from 10.4.11 on PowerPC to 10.8.5 Intel

    Can I import all my old email messages from the old iMac G4 running 10.4.11 to my new iMac running 10.8.5?  On http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4889?viewlocale=en_US, Apple says:
         "Note: Copying any data files from your user Library folder to the new computer could have unexpected results."
    So is there any way I can move the messages to the new iMac and still be able to read them?  At the very least, I'd like to import all the email addresses I've sent to and received from.  I know I can't use Migration Assistant.
    I also have a MacBook (Intel) running 10.6.8.  Would it work any better to transfer to that machine first, then to the iMac? 

    Thank you, dianeoforegon.  It seems to have worked, though it created a messy folder structure.  I just hope I don't get any "unexpected results" later.
    You can drag the folders out of the imported folder. If the folder already exists, move the messages into the new folder. If the folder does not exist, drag to the On My Mac header and it will sort the folder alaphabetically.
    Now should I just keep the old Mail folder on my desktop?  Or can I move it somewhere out of the way?  I can't delete it now, can I?
    You can delete.
    One more question -- it seems that the addresses in the old email messages don't automatically populate the To: field in a new message.  Is there any way to get them to do that?
    First let's go over the basics....
    Mail stores your recipients’ email addresses in the Previous Recipients list. To view, under Window in the Menu bar select Previous Recipients. If the person is in your Address Book, you'll see a small icon next to their name. To add to your Address Book, select “Add to Contacts.” in the bottom right of the window.
    Copy your data....
    On the old computer,
    Open Mail and select all contacts in the Previous Recipients List and select “Add to Address Book".
    In the Address Book, select all contacts and drag to a folder on your desktop. This will create a vcf file with all your contacts.
    Use the same method you used before to transfer to your new computer. Drag the file to the desktop.
    In Contacts (Address Book) select File > Import and navigate to the .vcf file. You'll most likely see a window with "Are you sure you want to import xxx cards" xxx cards are duplicates and will be updated.
    You can select to Review Duplicates..., Cancel, Import. I would import, then run Look for Duplicates under Card in the Menu bar.
    Going forward, keep your Address Book updated. If you sync to iCloud your contacts will be available on all your devices.

  • How can I change the order of list item properties in the alert email sent to the assigned-to owner?

    Using SharePoint 2010 Foundation.
    I have an Issue list configured to send an email to the assigned-to owner (List Settings | Advanced settings | E-Mail Notification = Enabled). I have since added columns to the Issue list. All of the data from my columns appear in the email alert but the
    newest additions show up at the bottom of the list in the alert email instead of in the column order I have defined (List Settings | Issue Content Type | Column Order). However, if I click the "Mobile View" in the alert email I received, the Mobile
    View does have the items listed in the column order.
    Why are these different and how do I get the email alert to match my column order?

    Actually the view which you recieve requires the column ordering to be the way you prefer. So whatever is your default view, change the column orders and then check the email alerts.
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  • How can I copy an email address from the form results while online?

    Our form contains a field where the users submitted their email address.  But I am not able to mouse over this data in the "View Responses" tab, and copy the email address by selecting the email address and Ctrl C, and neither can I right-click this data field and copy it.
    Our organization just switched to Microsoft Office 365, and "mailto" links on web pages can no longer be clicked to launch a native desktop email client program.  So the users tasked with responding to forms submitted via Formscentral now have a much harder workflow.  They are compelled to download the data as a spreadsheet, just to be able to cut and paste an email address into their reply email.
    I suggest and request that the Flash-based "View Responses" tab be modified to allow email addresses to be selectable and able to be  copied to the "clip board".  This would allow users who can't execute a clickable mailto link to copy and paste the email address from Formscentral into a new email.  Many organizations like mine are moving away from native client-based email programs like Outlook to save money,  in favor of cloud based SAS web-based email like Office 365.
    Is there some other way to enable mailto links where no client email program is installed on the users PC?
    -Dave Bartholomew

    While I am still looking for a better answer, I've discovered a way to cut and paste email addresses from the FormsCentral "View Responses" dashboard.  I wrote up the instructions to help our users and thought I'd share them in this forum as well.
    But it would be nice if there was a simpler solution...  Can anyone offer a better way?
    -Dave B
    ) Right-click on the email address
    ) Select “Filter by: …”  Doing this will change the view to show only entries that were sent from the selected email address.
    ) And it will display the Filter in the header of the form.
    ) Left-click on the email address displayed in the filtered results, in the header of the form.
    ) A new sub-form will appear, and the email address can be cut and pasted from this new sub-form.  Highlight the email address and hit “Ctrl C”, or right-click and select copy.
    ) Now you can paste the email address into a new email in Office 365. (Ctrl V) or right-click and select “Paste”
    ) Click the “Clear” button and then “OK” to exit the filtered view of the data.

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    I realize just how wholly bizarre this is, but each time I go to the Verizon coverage map in sSafari, the lower part of it, where the legend is, is covered up with a window for the Firebug plugin thing--which I don't have on my computer anywhere. Her

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    When assigning user privileges to folders, what do the following terms indicate: system= everyone= unknown user= wheel= Also, if I want to allow allow another user to use a folder, then do I have to specifically add their name to the list under shari

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    iCloud is not functioning in my Mac, iPhone or through the internet, just stopped running.  Support says it is fine... what's up?