Looking for a manual for the Historical Data Viewer Lookout 6.1

Is there a manual on the Historical Data Viewer (Measurement and Automation Explorer)?
I have never logged any analog data, but want to log (to historical data) the battery voltage at a remote site during a power outage.
I have the object established and have a display showing the real-time battery voltage. I have selected logging and have set the resolution and the deviation.
I am stuck where it comes to the historical data viewer. I believe that I need to set up a trace to view the data, but can not find a manual for the  Historical Data Viewer (Measurement and Automation Explorer) so that I can read up on it.
Does anyone have a link to a manual?
Thanks, Alan

You have to configure the Scale parameter of Pot in Lookout. The Historical Data Viewer just reads data from database the show it. It can't scale it.
But I can't find a way to add a reference line to the view. Maybe this can be a new feature. 
Ryan Shi
National Instruments

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    I am using Lookout V6.6 and Events are not showing up when I look at the A&E view in the Historical Data Viewer.  I ensured that I have the Events enabled in the view filter.  All Alarms show up but no events.

    Same issue here with Lookout 6.1 on Server 2008 R2.
    Historical data viewer does not show list of alarms and events. 
    The fact is that everything worked well and suddenly this functionality was lost.
    Any suggestion is highly appreciated.

  • Reload for the historical data

    Hi All,
    I have an R/3 extractor '2LIS_04_P_ARBPL' which loads deltas everyday. Some time back on 16-06-09, masterdata(ZRESOURCE) was changed. Since then delta loads have happened & the extractor has fetched proper transaction data for the changed masterdata i.e. for the new resource. But for the prior period to 16-06-09, it still refers to the old resource. But the client wants that the transaction data of the prior period should also refer to the new (Changed) resource.
    Pls advice me as to what I should do. Delete the existing data relating to the prior period & reload the historical data? If so how should I go abt it? And any precautions as its a delta load.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Shreesh,
    We face similar kind of situation too. Example of such master data change is PL/PC reorganization.
    In these case if any field are picking value from master data then master data present at the time of loading will be updated in cube and in future if master data change,you will see both old and new values in cube.
    Solution for this is :-
    1) try to make the client understand by explaining the whole scenario, client may get convinced.
    2) Do selective deletion and load again data in cube
    3) don't store values for that field in cube instead make the field as navigational attribute in cube, if you do this then value present at the time of execution of report will be displayed in report output.

  • No schedule lines due for delivery up to the selected date

    Dear Experts,
    My order has no block. i tried with 3 months in selection date in VL01N.
    My schedule line in order has 0 confirmed quantity,
    Kindly confirm if error in VL01n No schedule lines due for delivery up to the selected date because of 0 confirmed qty

    I think you should use the " Back order process". Using backorder processing, you can list sales documents relevant for requirements for particular materials and confirm them manually. You can assign available-to-promise (ATP) stock to
    Outstanding order quantities. In addition, you can withdraw already confirmed quantities and reassign them to different items. The stock may be reserved for other sales order. You can reassign the stocks to your sales order material.
    To do this, go to Co06 (Back order processing) , enter the Material number, Plant and the checking rule.
    Select any sales order and choose --> Edit --> Change confirmation. Make sure the confirmed quantity is "0".
    Then select the unconfirmed sales order, then choose --> Edit --> Change confirmation. Now you can enter the "Delivery quantity manually ".
    Now you can create the delivery document.
    Hope this can help you .
    M. Lakshmi Narasimhan

  • BAPI Error: No schedule lines due for delivery up to the selected date

    I have created a program to create delivery orders with reference to sales orders using BAPI - BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CREATE_SLS.
    After execution I get the error: No schedule lines due for delivery up to the selected date
    Please help.
    Thanks in advance!!!

    this is to inform you that,
    please check the schedule line date in the sales order because the date is not matching here for the BAPI to upload.
    here,  for example the schedule line is 4 days after and you are running BAPI today. that will mismatch no.
    the same thing is happening in uploading case also.
    so please check the date.
    because in teh sales order if teh schedule line date is today it will accept the uploading with out throwing any errors.

  • How to extract the historical data from R/3

    I am extracting data from R/3 through LO Extraction. client asked me to enhance the data source by adding field. i have enhanced the field and wrote exit to populate the data for that field.
    how to extract the historical data into BI for the enhanced field. already delta load is running in BI.

    Hi Satish,
    As per SAP Standard also the best way is to delete whole data from the cube and then load the data from set up tables as you have enhanced the data source.
    After data source enhancement it is supported to load normally because you don't get any historical data for that field.
    Best way is to take down time from the users, normally we do in weekends/non-business hours.
    Then fill the set-up tables; if the data is of huge volume you can adopt parallel mechanism like:
    1. Load set-up tables by yearly basis as a background job.
    2. Load set-up tables by yearly basis with posting periods from jan 1st to 31st dec of any year basis as a background job.
    This can make your self easier and faster for load of set-up tables. After filling up set-up tables. You can unlock all users as there is no worries of postings.
    Then after you can load all the data into BI first into PSA and then into Cube.
    Ravi Kanth.

  • Do not show dots for 'free' events in the calendar month view

    I wish I could.... not show dots for 'free' events in the calendar month view. For an overview of when I have hard-scheduled events in the calendar it's pretty tedious and slow to go day -by day, and other views... Instead the dot  in the month view... - why does it show even "free" events? Any ideas, tips?

    Unfortunately there is no option to disable the dots.
    <Edited by Host>

  • How to see the historic data of CAT2

    Dear All,
    I have a question related to CATS.
    Through which table I can get the historical data of an employee which is stored in CAT2 transaction. I tried through CATSDB but not able to get the number of working hours as stored in CAT2.
    I clied on a field of CAT2 and checked the technical details. there I found the table name CATD but when I run SE11 and enter this table name, it display it as a sturcture not as a table.
    Please provide your help in this regard.

    Maximum NUmber of Columns allowed is 1023. So if there are more data than that, I am afraid there is no way to see them all in one screen.
    the better thing to do is to use the Settings>Format List>Choose fields option from the selection screen of SE16 to just choose the fields which you want in the output.
    It is highly unlikely that you are using all the 100 fields so you can very well hide a few of them with no impact on your output.
    As someone else has suggested using a report such as CATSXT_DA will defintiely be a much more useful way of viewing all relevant fields from CATSDB.

  • Historical Data Viewer does not show Alarms/Events after date but trace working.

    Dear users
    The DSC Historical Data Viewer no longer shows any Alarms or Events after 31/10/06 using Citadel 5 Universe.  The trace still works to current  time and you can search for the alarms by tag names in the trace and it works fine.  Therefore the database data is there. Does the Alarms/Events View use a different file?  Any help would be much appreciated as I'm a novice working with a predecessors project.
    Please keep the answer simple.

    Hi Integrators,
    Well I had drafted out a whole long post and it then died in me.  Sometimes I hate windows... anyway...
    Might help.. maybe someone has turned off the Alarm viewing?
    It may be a corrupt database.
    The files you need to look at with all of the alarms in are files with the extensions "ale"
    This link will give you a bit more information as to which of the file extensions apply to which database files.
    Hope this all helps. (I am also handeling your e-mail query into NIUK so feel free to e-mail me back)
    I'll keep looking into the problem.
    Post back if you need more help.
    Applications Engineering Team Leader | National Instruments | UK & Ireland

  • Exporting Historical Data from Lookout Version 3.8 to Excel

    Can anyone please give step-by-step instructions on how to export historical data from Lookout Version 3.8 to an Excel Spreadsheet or CSV file?

    Hi koehler, in the following link you can fiond a detailed step by step instructions
    Benjamin C
    Senior Systems Engineer // CLA // CLED // CTD

  • Can I create a Depart Date for a record, from the Arrive Date in the next record?

    I have a Customer database with the tables tblCustomers and tblAddress. The tblCustomers has the following fields; CustomerID, CustomerName. The tblAddress has the following fields; CustomerID, Address, Town, County, ArriveDate. When a customer calls us
    we start a new record with the CustomerID, CustomerName, Address, Town, County. The ArriveDate is left blank. When my service guy calls to the customer he fills in the ArriveDate field. We do not have a LeaveDate field. He could be there from 1 day up
    to 5 days. Each day he is is there he adds another record with all the above data, including the date in the ArriveDate field. If he finishes on a Friday he will take Saturday and Sunday off. On Monday he moves to the next customer, he has a new
    customer/location record waiting for him, as before he fills in the ArriveDate and starts working. If he finishes with a customer midweek he will go straight to the next customer where there is a new customer/location record waiting for him to fill in
    the ArriveDate. It looks something along these lines;
    CustomerID    CustomerName    Address              Town               County            
    5437              Mr.A                    123 Main St       
    Nenagh            Tipperary          01/01/2015
    5437              Mr. A                   123 Main St.       Nenagh           
    Tipperary          02/01/2015
    5437              Mr. A                   123 Main St.       Nenagh            Tipperary          03/01/2015
    off Saturday and Sunday
    7890              Mr. B                   77 The Avenue    Tralee              Kerry               
    7890              Mr. B                   77 The Avenue    Tralee             Kerry                
    I want to generate a DepartDate which will be generated when the Address, County and/or Town fields change from the previous record. The Depart Date should be equal to the last of the Arrive Dates before the Address, Town and County fields change to
    the new customer/address.
    Is this possible to do, i would appreciate any help with this.              

    Hi NewAccessLearner,
    For the results of the query, I think you accord the logic below to find the DepartDate, but the sql query would be much complex.
    Take the 123A to make a simple demo:
    #1 check the ArriveDate of the next date whether it exist in the ArriveDate
    123 Main St
    123 Main St
    123 Main St
    123 Main St
    77 The Avenue
    In the first column the “1/4/2015” is not in the ArriveDate, and then the “1/3/2015” would be the date for DepartDate.
    I am not familiar with sql query, I think you need to ask the sql experts for help.
    Best Regards,

  • Looking for a manual for gpib232ct converter

    I am trying to test a gpib232ct converter but I don't have a manual. At least I want to know which one of the 2 switches in the board control the baud rate and if I need a null modem adapter for this converter.

    Switches 1-3 are used to set the baud rate. The table below shows how to configure them.
    Indication 1 2 3
    OFF OFF OFF 300 baud
    ON OFF OFF 600 baud
    OFF ON OFF 1200 baud
    ON ON OFF 2400 baud
    OFF OFF ON 4800 baud
    ON OFF ON 9600 baud
    OFF ON ON 19200 baud
    ON ON ON 38400 baud
    You must use a null-modem serial cable (also known as a file transfer cable
    or a DTE-to-DTE cable) to connect your computer to the GPIB-232CT-A.
    The User Manual for the 232 CT-A can be found at the following website.
    All of NI's product manuals can be found at the following site.
    Kim L.
    Applications Engineer
    National Instruments

  • What are you supposed to do for users manual for the iPhone 5?

    What or how do you get the user's manual for the iPhone 5?

    It is accessible on your iPhone by going in to Safari and clicking on the open book icon at the bottom of the screen. You will see the option for the iPhone User Guide. You can also access it on your computer via the www.apple.com/support website and either download it to your computer for offline use or open it and read it that way.

  • Error when trying to view reports or manually processing the TFS data warehouse and analysis services cube

    Hello Guys,
    I am trying to configure the reporting for TFS using SQL Server. But I get following error when viewing any report:
    So I try to manually process the cube to check if it works. I am following this article: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff400237.aspx
    When I click on GetProcessingStatus and invoke it (with last field set as TRUE) I get following error:
    Please advice as to how to resolve this issue and be able to see the reports.

    I have managed to resolve this issue. Note that for all purposes of this question and answer, mydomain\tfsadmin is a generic user (used to install all software). This is a proof of concept account, for test purposes
    The thing is that while installation of the SQL Analysis service I had given the username: mydomain\tfsadmin (a generic user for testing) as the Analysis service administrator, instead of the 'Domain admin' group.
    Still I have managed to resolve this issue.
    1. Make sure that the user (mydomain\tfsadmin) is a member of Analysis Server -> TFS_Analysis db -> Roles -> TFSWarehouseAdministrator and TFSWarehouseDataReader. (This actually happens automatically when you run the TFS Admin console and configure
    reporting and provide the username that will access the Analysis db, etc. In my case the user is 'mydomain\tfsadmin')
    2. It is a bad practice to manually process the cube (you can do this is make sure that there are no errors, but only after completing the following steps till step 5)
    3. Also make sure that NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE is member of the Analysis db -> Roles -> TFSWarehouseAdministrator ->
    this will resolve the error which appears in the 2nd screenshot in the question.
    4. Then you can right click on the Analysis db and run process. If this is throwing error as shown in above reply of mine, then you need to follow https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/vstudio/ff400237.aspx
    a. http://localhost:8080/tfs/TeamFoundation/Administration/v3.0/WarehouseControlService.asmx
    b. Choose
    ProcessWarehouse, run it.
    c. Choose ProcessAnalysisDatabase, type 'Full' and run it.
    d. Choose GetProcessingStatus,
    enter 'TRUE' in last field and run it.
    e. I don't get any errors at this point.
    5. Now you can connect to the Analysis server via SQL Mgmt Console, right click on Analysis db (TFS_Analysis) and click Process. It all works good.
    6. Now you can browse to the report URL (to get this URL you can open Team explorer 2013, connect to you team project, on RHS click 'Reports', Click 'Go to Site'.

  • Message : when I write a new phone number to send a message to, the Historical data appears. How can I delete  and reinitiate it ?

    Each time i want to send a SMS to a new phone number not registerd in contacts, the historical list appears.
    How can I reset this list and clean it ?

    Open a Write window. If all the toolbars are missing press the alt key to make the menu bar appear.
    From the menu bar select View-Toolbars and turn the missing toolbars back on.

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    Hi Gurus, When an employee is withdrawn SAP is updating IT208 & IT209 with the wrong date.Could some one please help me in knowing the link between the employee withdrawn date and the infotypes dates?where do we link infotype 0000 with the tax infoty