Looking for 'music player' widget to play songs dragged onto iWeb page

Has anyone found a 'music player' widget that can be embedded into an iWeb page, and that can then load and play the songs that have been dragged onto that page?
I have found several such widgets that can scan a URL for mp3 files, and I have successfully embedded each of those widgets into an iWeb page using the HTML Snippet, but none of them could find the mp3 files that I dragged onto the page, even though I supplied the widget with the URL for that page.

Wyodor, I just wanted to let you know that I am having a lot of fun with the WimpyPlayer, and I like the skin you sent me. Thank you so much.
I've been playing around with it. I had to reduce the height of the widget to fit on my webpage, but when I did, the text became too small to read, so instead, I went into the skin's jpeg and cut out the midsection of the playlist area. Then I had to readjust the playlist's number of lines displayed and its slider size to fit. I also changed the color scheme to match my webpage, and some of the Help tags. All in all, it looks great, and I am very happy with it.
The one feature I miss from when I was using iWeb's built-in QuickTime player is the ability to have a photo (such as an album cover) displayed with the music. Do you happen to know of any music players that enable you to attach a photo with each track or album?

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    I listen to a lot of live shows.  It would be great to hear the tracks without gaps between the tracks.  On the default music player for the Pre there is a gap between each track.  I'd like to play the shows without gaps.  Is there a music player that I can use that plays MP3 tracks continuously without gaps?  Thanks!
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    Hi did you ever get this resolved??? I'm trying to research how to get rid of the gaps and/or what app I should download

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    I think it's a widget, anyway - could be an app.
    I found this a while ago. It samples any music that's playing thru the microphone, and somehow comes up with the name of the song and any other info it can get.
    Unfortunately, I seem to have lost it, and don't recall what it was called. I checked the list of music widgets, but didn't find it there either.
    Does this sound familiar to anyone?

    Is it called Tunatic?

  • Off Topic - Web music player that will work on an iPad / iWeb

    After a bunch of other googling I figure someone on this forum would know the answer.
    I'm looking for a way to embed a playlist into a iWeb page so it will play on the iPad/iPhone browser. Certainly I'm not the only person who wants to do this --- but I haven't had any luck figuring it out.
    Helpful suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

    Check out the web-based "listen&rate" music player for iPad http://listen.MX
    Note this is just tech preview and it looks ok on iPad screen only. So don't be scared with what you may see trying to browse http://listen.mx with your desktop or notebook

  • Music player widget not appear in homescreen

    I'm using 5530 XM,
    and I set the homescreen theme into
    contacts bar,
    where there should be a widget that
    shows us the now-playing song, and also
    the next-song button, previous-song button, or pause button that we used to
    control the music player while the music
    player itself being minimized or hidden..
    but my phone doesnt show it anymore...
    Why? And what should I do?

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    I agree. On the iPhone (4) with iOS5 in the Video player you have a all your Movies, TV Shows, Music Videos and Podcasts that can be played individually, with no Shuffle option. If you use the Music Player you can you have all your music and you can Shuffle a Playlist, you can Shuffle an Artists, you can Shuffle an Album and you can Shuffle by Podcast album. Since the Music Player plays videos correctly this would seem to be the correct solution: use Music player instead of Video player.
    Like the iPhone, on the iPad (1G) with iOS5 the Video player doesn't Shuffle, each video (Movie, TV Show, Music Video and Podcast) must be played individually. However, on the iPad, the Music player DOESN'T play Music Videos correctly (it tries, but repeated selecting the video image to bring the video to fore actually causes the Music player to crash). It plays the audio only and provides on a preview size snapshot from the video. So while you can start playing one video and selecting the Shuffle button on the right side of the Track Status and the song will play and will Shuffle when done, there is no actual VIDEO playing. Clearly the application is broken.

    Actually there is no legit way at all to downgrade.
    Restore wiil always restore to the latest available software.

  • Nokia N96 Music Player DO NOT UPDATE Song's Cover ...

    I use Windows Media Player added a cover picture (a.jpg) to a song (abc.mp3), then transfer this song to N96 use PCSuit Mode, 
    After the transfer completed, open the Music Player in N96 and play that song (abc.mp3), the Music Player can show the cover picture (a.jpg) normally, 
    Then, exit the Music Player.
    And again, use Windows Media Player to modify the cover picture of abc.mp3, this time, just change the cover picture to (b.jpg), then, retransfer the song (abc.mp3) to N96 in the same way.
    After the second transfer completed, reopen the Music Player and play the abc.mp3, and found that Music Player still shows the a.jpg as the cover picture, 
    In the right way, Music Player should shows the b.jpg as the cover picture, I think Music Player may have cache the song's cover picture when it plays the song.
    How to solve this problem? Where is the Music Player to cache the song's cover pictures in?
    Go to Solution.

    There is a folder called 'private' which contains settings for various phone apps and their databases, but it's best not to play in there because you could damage any number of other elements of your phone.
    If it is a bug, then check if you have already the latest software for your phone, as it may already be cured. If not, as a workaround, try deleting the track from the phone, updating the library and then retransferring the track.
    There are also other ways to deal with album art which don't have this issue with teh N96 music player (I tested them all myself):
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  • We are looking for music hits according to various decades.  iTunes used to have a hits of the 30s -90s etc.  I can no longer find it.  Any hints people?

    We are looking for music hits according to various decades.  iTunes used to have a hits of the 30s -90s etc.  I can no longer find it.  Any hints people?
    Also, what are the legalities about sharing music?  At what point does a song become part of the public domain?
    Thank you!  Gershawn

    Alli hello,
    Quit iTunes...
    Download Cocktail and start the program... click on the 'interface' Icon and tick 'Show Invisible Items' then click the Restart button...
    In a finder window click on the Icon that is your Boot Volume in the Side Bar ... select users ... select shared folder ... select the folder named 'SC info' and put it in the trash and empty it ... Do Not touch any other file.
    Pathway looks like this HD > users > shared > SC info > SC Info.sidb
    Go back to the Cocktail 'interface' window and untick Show Invisible Items and click restart .. quit Cocktail.
    Start iTunes after deletinng this folder and it will prompt you to enter your authorization information again ... see now if your problem still exists...
    Let's know how you get on Alli ... take care ... TP

  • Default Nokia Music Player is not refreshing songs...

    I'm using Nokia C5-05.... Default Nokia Music Player is not refreshing songs from Memory Card... I tried removing the memory card and inserting again... Wen I click Refresh Library, its refreshing and showing as "0 files(s) added".... I don't understand why???  Pls help me....
    Please check and update me regarding the necessary actions to be taken as soon as possible.....

    hae you checked via Nokia Suite on your PC if there are any firmware updates available for your handset? if there are any, please update to the latest version offered. failing that, can try re-installing the current firmware thru Nokia Suite.
    might also pay to check the memory card via a memory card reader, to see if it is working fine or not.

  • TS4124 i didnt have issues with itunes before. but pc asked to download new version. i did. when i click itunes i get my original music, but when i click store...i get nothing. i watched tutorial...wont open itunes store. im looking for  music

    i didnt have issues with itunes before...but pc asked to download new version. i did. when i click itunes i get my original music, but when i click store...i get nothing. i watched tutorial....but still cant open itunes store. im looking for music to buy.

    Hello bogley
    Check out the article below for troubleshooting access to the iTunes Store.
    Can't connect to the iTunes Store
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    -Norm G. 

  • HT201272 click the tab for the content type you're looking for (Music, Movies, TV Shows, Apps, or Books). No. a lie

    "From your Purchased page, click the tab for the content type you're looking for (Music, Movies, TV Shows, Apps, or Books)."
    Ok, Movies only in US.. that is fine.. BUT I only have Apps and Books to select. Where is my option to download my music again? I can see my purchases under my account but from the store trying to follow the described method - impossible!
    I don't care about apps or books.. music.. I want my paid music. No wonder people pirate music?!

    Zesty.Zooma wrote:
    But will I be able to keep the data stored in the applications, photos, books and also the sorting and the folder arrangements the same way they were, after erasing all the data and synchornizing with the new library?
    That is the aim of the process set out here: Recover your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device.

  • Hidden directory name for music player?

    I have the following problem:
    I have 6230i and 4GB MMC plus card, that works quite well (with only small limitations)
    I have a lot of mp3 files on this card. The problem is that the implicit playlist in music player is 'ALL' and searching for all mp3 files available takes a lot of time (10 min approx.) I expect that this behavior cann't be changed.
    But the solution could be if there is possible to store the mp3 files I don't want to listen just now in directory of a name that the music player doesn't search into.
    Is it possible? Does exist some directory name that is hidden for music player?
    Thanks for any hints

    Ooops, sorry - I use to do Symbians mostly.
    Well - workaround - connect the phone in Data transfer or directly connect the memory card to any computer and use Windows Explorer, then
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    why didnt my n82 music player cant obtain new songs from my memory card although i had refresh it..but the songs in the memory....
    helop me a.s.a.p

    I've the same exact problem! I can see new songs I added on file mgr. but I cant see them on music player and it SUCKS!!!!

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    I know itunes display lyrics when you right click on the song, and click info, but it is very inconvenient. Anyone know any user friendly music-player program that automatically displays easy-to-read lyrics?

    Any other software? (By the way, I am using a PC).
    I know that windows media player has the lyric feature, but i cannot change the size of the font. I am looking for a free music player that actually displayes LARGE and CLEAR font for the music I play on my PC.

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    After upgrading iTunes on my laptop to version 10.5.1, my player will NOT play any songs. My Library seems intact and no songs appear to be missing, but no song will play --not a song downloaded from iTunes Store, nor a song downloaded from a CD. I was hoping version 10.5.2 would fix this, but apparently not. Still not working. Songs do play on my iPod and on my iPhone and I can transfer songs from my laptop to my devices; I can also download Apps to my laptop through the iTunes Store, etc.--all other functions of iTunes seem to be okay, only the player is not working. (My laptop is an hp Probook with Intel i5 chip, Windows 7 Pro OS.)

    Does it look like the song is playing at the top of iTunes? Can you see the timer moving?
    Also, make sure the volume slider isn't all the way to the left (mute).
    This Apple document may help too -> iTunes and QuickTime for Windows: Audio does not play or plays incorrectly

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