LSMW-adding Profitability segment in FI document by batch

Dear all:
i want to consult that:
I do the LSMW using the standard batch to post the FI document:
object :100
Mehod : 0000
program name ; RFBIBL00
Program type: D
and In my FI document one account is the revenue account and should to assign the PSG ( Profitability Segment)
and so i  set the related field about the PSG such like RKE_PRCTR ( PSG-profit center)  and so on in the source structure and map them to the related BBSEG's PSG field just like RKE_PRCTR , and i found the read data and convert data, it is ok, but when i excute, it seems the data about the PSG can't upload to the related field, and i'm sure that the field's data is correct, so could you tell me except to map the PSG'S field , which field should i also set? thanks very much

Can you execute the posting batch in the foreground and revert with the message it returns. In certain screens it should give you a message like:  Screen field XXX-XXXXX does not exist.

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  • Validation for profitability segment in Account document

    Hi Team,
    Currently We are using validation for cost object i.e. either cost center or WBS elements enter  in a  GL account line items and if we are enter both cost object then system will be give Error message . in this validation we have added validation for profitability segment . System will be allow only one at a time enter in Gl accounts (i.e. cost center /WBS elements / profitability segment ). But it is not working for  profitability segment so can you help regarding this.
    Thanks in Advance
    Manas deo

    I think you should check
    BSEG-KOSTL <> "" (Blank) AND BSEG-PROJK(WBS) <> ""
    trigger the error msg
    br, Ajay M

  • Profitability Segment for Parked Documents

    Hi All,
    I have got the FI Document Item details for Parked FI Documents in table VBSEGS.  I have entered a Profit. Segment (field PAOBJNR) for these.  As these items are not posted yet, the information will not be shown up in tables CE1XXXX.  I would like to ask in which table can I get the Profit.Segment details of the Parked Documents.

    guess its CE4xxxx. Check also CE4xxxx_ACCT if you deont find it in CE4xxxx.
    Best regards, Christian

  • Profitability Segment : FI Linkage to PA

    Dear All,
    Could Help me how we can link Profitability Segment No from BSEG table to CO-PA area.
    Example: FI Doc No: 1400003 ( In this Document Profitably Segment Value is 12789)
    CO: With Respect to above document, document posted to PA i.e 100569.
    How System co-relate Profit Segment: 12789 to CO PA document 100569 as we dont have master table for Profitability Segments.
    Thanks inadvance.

    The profitability segment what is derived in FI docuement is , as per the derivation strategy COPA.
    Your COPA document is genarated with the Profitability segment mentioned by you.
    There is NO direct relationship between Profitability segment and COPA document.
    When you refer to the mentioned COPA document, system will display full information, in addition to Profitability segment.
    Hope, I have clarified your doubts.
    Please revert for further clarifications , if any.

  • How to update sales order number (KAUFN) characteristic in the profitability segment of the PA document created at the time of service entry sheet confirmation, as a result of shipment cost document

    We have a scenario wherein we create shipment cost documents against delivery. As a result of shipments fully transferred, a PO for freight vendor is automatically created and a service entry sheet confirmation happens. As a result of service entry sheet confirmation, we have Financial accounting, Controlling and profitability analysis documents created. We have a requirement wherein we need to have the characteristic “sales order number (KAUFN)” populated in the profitability analysis document created as a result of service entry sheet confirmation.
    Could someone please advice how could this be attained in COPA. Thanks for your help in advance.

    Hi Ajay,
    Thank you for the quick update.
    The document is updated to COPA through OKB9 settings. The profitability segment is updated with fields like customer, product, company code, plant, sales area data, profit center, etc; however the sales order number is missing.
    Could you please elaborate further how could FI substitution be implemented to call for the FM COPA_PROFITABILITY_SEGMENT through user exit? Are you recommending the substitution through GGB1? What could be the possible validation to call for the user exit to be implemented?
    Sandeep Kulkarni

  • Profitability Segment Data On FI Document

    Hi All,
    I have posted few FI Documents using FB01, while I was posting the entries to the GL Accounts I have entered the Profitability Segment details also. Now if I want to see the details of the Profitability Segments, which table I can use? Those details are not available in BSEG. Please let me know how to get that information. It is urgent requirement.

    You should look in to table CE1XXX where XXXX refers to your operating concern. The direct postings from FI are updated with record type B. Alternatively you can use transaction KE24.

  • Profitability Segment filed while entering a document

    I am not able to see the filed profitability segment filed in FB01,
    I am using Posting Key 19 (Checked the filed status - Profitability segment - Optional Entry)
    Filed Status of Alternative GL account (Filed Status  - Profitability segment - Optional Entry)
    When i am posting an entry, i am not able to see the filed profitability segment,
    Thanks and Regards
    A.Rama Krishna

    Profitablity segment applicable to profit and loss accounts please check the field status goup for Balance sheet acount
    Thanks & Regards

  • Sales Order No profitability segment!! Account assignment error!!!

    Dear Experts
    We are running an MTO(make to order) scenario!
    First we create an contract in the system!Then we create sales order
    with reference to this contract!
    And when the sales order is sent to the planning department! They use
    TCODE:CO08 create production order with reference to the sales order!
    But we get an error message as follows:
    Account assignment cannot be carried out because of different origin no.
    Message no. V1134
    The sales document to which you want to refer is based on sales document 41033737 and item 000010.
    Therefore, the settlement and possibly inventory management are carried out using the number of the
    preceding document.
    ut when I entered the the contract in Co08 and then I am able to create
    the production order.
    And when I back to see the detail in the sales order ,I find there is no
    value in the account assignment to the profitability segment!!
    Why the sales order have no profitability segment??*
    Why we can not create production order with reference to sales order??
    It seems there are one problem!
    Thanks for any reply!!

    Please refer note 327195 or 35445
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • CRM Order: Error occurred during determination of profitability segment

    Hello All,
    I have created a Trade promotion in CRM, and maintained the determination condition and Discount condition for the combination of
    Customer /Sales org /Product.
    I have maintained settings for CO-PA in connected SAP ECC
    When i create a sales order in CRM , trade promotion is determined in the order and also discount is considered in the order pricing.
    When i save the order in CRM, an entry in the outbound queue of CRM is created with destination pointing to ECC, which is having the status: SYSFAIL.
    The description of the error is :" Error occurred during determination of profitability segment "
    Suppose when if i remove the trade promotion which was determined in the order and then save the order i dont get this error.
    Hence could you please help me providing additional settings which should be done if we want to have TPM also.

    Long Text message
    An error has occured in the system ECPCLNT100 while copying the document
    Message no. CRM_ORDER_MISC 020
    Errors have occured while transferring the document into another system. Remove the error messages from the enclosed log.
    Transmission log
    Error occurred during determination of profitability segment (Notification E IAOM 025)
    Error occurred in derivation rule. See long text (Notification E K/ 111)
    I pressed F8 to see the derivation strategy , but how do i figure out which characteristic/char value is missing / has the error.
    Best Regards

  • User exit for profitability segment in service order settlement rule

    Does anybody know if exit EXIT_SAPLKEAK_001 works for the profitability segment creation during the creation of a settlement rule of a service order?
    The context is the following: the company uses service orders which are settled periodically (it receives revenue from sales order which is posted to the service orders at time of billing, and also costs at time of goods issue). The profitability segment in the settlement rule of the service order needs to be the same as the one from the billing document that posted to the order.
    Can I use EXIT_SAPLKEAK_001 to find the characteristics from the billing document and populate it in the PSG of the settlement rule? If yes, could this be applied to only one specific service order type?
    Thank you.

    If your settlement is triggered by a batch or is triggered by a workflow exit EXIT_SAPLKEAK_001 is not run. From release 5.00 on characteristic groups are indeed not considered any more during batch input processes because there were problems before with initial chars of a CO-PA line item resulting from a batch input process that actually shouldn't be initial.
    Refer SAP Note 581739, which put an end to usage of char groups during batch input processes. Also refer SAP Note 142628.
    Sanil Bhandari
    Edited by: Sanil K Bhandari on Jun 23, 2011 10:12 AM

  • Adding new segment in IDOC

           i have a requirement where based on a condition i need to add a new segment dynamically in Inbound IDOC.
    I have written the code in the user exit of the inbound FM. Its adding new segments and process it perfectly.
    But when i see the IDOC in we02 or we19, i am not able to see the newly added segment.
    Will the newly added segment in FM appear in the We02?
    PS: i have changed the idoc_control-maxsegnum.

    Hi Niyaz,
    Check out the below program ....Similar to your requirement
    IDoc creation from inbound file
    REPORT ZS7BM000006 message-id ZS7.
    */ Program Name: Creation of DESADV & INVOIC IDocs from file E021
    */ Description : This program reads in external file E021 containing
    *                shipping and invoice data from internal vendors and
    *                creates one DESADV and one INVOIC IDoc per invoice.
    */ Transaction : n/a - run from job Z_ccc_S7B_Annnnn, where
    *                'ccc' = 3-digit client and 'nnnnn' = zero-filled
    *                sequence number matching the scheduled job for E020.
    tables:  lfa1,
    parameters:  p_path like PATH-PATHEXTERN
                       default '/ftp/atac/in/'.
           back_path(7) type c value 'backup/',
           offset like sy-fdpos,
           p07_ctr like sy-index,
           invoice_total type p decimals 3,
           d_seg_num like sy-index,
           i_seg_num like sy-index.
           today(8)     type c.
    data:  begin of uty_vendors occurs 10,
              lifnr like lfa1-lifnr,
              waers like lfm1-waers,
              name_abbr like zst7f_ty_vendors-name_abbr,
              ship_days like zst7f_ty_vendors-ship_days,
           end of uty_vendors.
    data:  iZSS7B21 like ZSS7B21.
    data:  desadvdata like edi_dd occurs 5 with header line.
    data:  invoicdata like edi_dd occurs 5 with header line.
    data:  dedidc like edi_dc occurs 1 with header line.
    data:  iedidc like edi_dc occurs 1 with header line.
    data:  begin of ie021 occurs 10,
            lifnr            like lfa1-lifnr,
            ship_days        like zst7f_ty_vendors-ship_days,
            invoice_no       like e1edk08-vbeln,
            stat             like e1edk01-action,
            po_number(10)    type n,
            po_lineno(5)     type n,
            slip_number      like e1edp09-vbeln,
            shipto_id        like e1edka1-partn,
            vendor_id        like e1edka1-partn,
            endcust_name     like e1edka1-name1,
            cust_partno      like e1edp09-kdmat,  "char 35
            vendor_partno    like e1edp09-matnr,  "char 35
            invoice_qty      like e1edp09-lfimg,
            qty_uom          like e1edp01-menee,
            unit_price       like e1edp01-vprei,
            price_uom        like e1edp01-pmene,
            price_qty        like e1edp01-peinh,
            line_amount      like e1edp26-betrg,
            currency         like e1edk01-curcy,
            etd              like e1edk06-datum, "ship date
            eta              like e1edk06-datum, "delivery date
            ship_id          like e1edk08-traid,
            ship_method      like e1edk08-traty,
            create_date      like e1edk03-datum,
            plant            like ekpo-werks,
           end of ie021.
    data: save_po like ie021-po_number,
          save_line like ie021-po_lineno,
          save_stat like ie021-stat,
          save_invoice like ie021-invoice_no.
    constants: hun_thou type p decimals 5 value '100000',
               thou type p decimals 3 value '1000'.
    *&      DEFINITION:  append_idoc_rec
    *       add a data record to the IDoc internal table
    define append_idoc_rec.
    &1-tabnam = &1-segnam.
    &2_seg_num = &2_seg_num + 1.
    &1-segnum = &2_seg_num.
    shift &1-segnum left deleting leading space.
    append &1.
    clear &1.
    end-of-definition.       " append_idoc_rec
    today = sy-datum.
    * find all internal vendors
    select a~lifnr
           c~name_abbr  c~ship_days
       into corresponding fields of table uty_vendors
         from lfa1 as a
              inner join lfm1 as b
                 on a~lifnr = b~lifnr
              inner join zst7f_ty_vendors as c
                 on a~lifnr = c~lifnr
         where a~ktokk = 'ZZTY' and
               b~ekorg = '7100' and
               c~ship_code = ' '.
    perform init_desadv.
    perform init_invoic.
    concatenate 'SAP' sy-sysid(3) into: iedidc-sndpor, dedidc-sndpor.
    loop at uty_vendors.
      clear ie021. refresh ie021.
      if not uty_vendors-name_abbr is initial.
    * datafiles are received with naming convention:
    * E020_<customer name abbreviation>_UTY
        concatenate p_path 'E021_' uty_vendors-name_abbr '_UTY'
            into infile.
        if not sy-subrc is initial.  "pathname too long
    * Filename too long: &
          message i016 with infile.
        condense infile.
        if not sy-subrc is initial.
    *'Cannot open dataset & on &'
          message i013 with infile sy-datum.
          concatenate p_path back_path 'E021_'
              uty_vendors-name_abbr '_UTY' today
                    into outfile.
          if not sy-subrc is initial.  "pathname too long
    * Filename too long: &
            message i016 with outfile.
          condense outfile.
    * if the datestamped file cannot be created, do not process the
    * input file, because the input file is deleted after processing,
    * and there would be no record of the data.
          if not sy-subrc is initial.
    *'ERROR opening file & for output'
            close dataset infile.
            message i033 with outfile.
            continue.  "process next vendor's file
            read dataset infile into izss7b21.
            case sy-subrc.
              when 0.
                transfer izss7b21 to outfile.
                if izss7b21-datacode = 'T'. "trailer rec
                  perform process_one_vendor using infile.
                  exit.  "process next vendor's file
                check: izss7b21-datacode = 'A'. "data rec
                case izss7b21-status.
                  when ' '.  "new
                    ie021-stat = '000'.
                  when 'M'.  "modification
                    ie021-stat = '002'.
                  when 'D'.  "deletion
                    ie021-stat = '003'.
                move-corresponding uty_vendors to ie021.
                move-corresponding izss7b21 to ie021.
                perform convert_po_no using izss7b21-pono_poline
                                   changing ie021-po_number
                perform convert_dates using ie021-lifnr
                                   changing ie021-eta
                perform quantity_conversion
                                    using izss7b21-qty_uom
                                    changing ie021-qty_uom
                perform money_conversion
                                    using izss7b21-currency
                                    changing ie021-currency
                perform SAP_vendor_partno
                                    changing ie021-cust_partno.
                append ie021.
              when 4.  "EOF
                perform process_one_vendor using infile.
                exit.  "process next vendor's file
              when others.
    *ERROR reading dataset & - &
                message i015 with infile sy-datum.
          close dataset: infile, outfile.
          delete dataset infile.
    endloop. "UTY_VENDORS
    *&      Form  process_one_vendor
    *       Pre-processed records from one vendor file are now in the
    *       internal table ie021 - ready to create IDocs
    FORM process_one_vendor using value(infile).
      sort ie021 by invoice_no stat po_number po_lineno.
      loop at ie021.
        if ( ie021-invoice_no <> save_invoice or
             ie021-stat <> save_stat ).
          if sy-tabix > 1.
            perform post_idocs using ie021-stat.
          perform idoc_header_segs using ie021-stat.
        if ( ie021-stat <> save_stat or
             ie021-po_number <> save_po or
             ie021-po_lineno <> save_line or
             ie021-invoice_no <> save_invoice ).
          if ( sy-tabix > 1 and
               ie021-stat = '000' ).
            perform idoc_poheader_segs.
        perform idoc_item_segs using ie021-stat.
        save_po = ie021-po_number.
        save_line = ie021-po_lineno.
        save_invoice = ie021-invoice_no.
        save_stat = ie021-stat.
      perform post_idocs using ie021-stat.
    * File successfully processed: &
      message s035 with infile.
    ENDFORM.                    " process_one_vendor
    *&      Form  convert_po_no
    *       Break the PO number & line field into separate fields
    FORM convert_po_no using value(infield)
                       changing po_number like ie021-po_number
                                po_line like ie021-po_lineno.
    data:  cpos like sy-fdpos,
           lpos like sy-fdpos,
           cline(6) type c.
    * if the infield contains a hyphen, assume that the preceding characters
    * represent the po number, if they are numeric. The po line number is
    * assumed to be all numeric characters after the hyphen.
      if infield ca '-'.
        if infield(sy-fdpos) co ' 0123456789'.  "numeric
          po_number = infield(sy-fdpos).
          cpos = sy-fdpos + 1.
      else.  "no hyphen - PTY
        if infield(2) = '71'.  "SAP number range
          cpos = 10.
        else.                  "SyteLine number
          cpos = 6.
        if infield(cpos) co ' 0123456789'.  "numeric
          po_number = infield(cpos).
      if not po_number is initial.
        while infield+cpos(1) co '0123456789'.
          cline+lpos(1) = infield+cpos(1).
          lpos = lpos + 1.
          cpos = cpos + 1.
        shift cline left deleting leading '0'.
        if not cline is initial.
          po_line = cline.
    * Put out a warning in the job log, but create the IDoc to save the data
      if ( po_number is initial or
           po_line is initial ).
    * PO number - line item conversion failed: &
        message i034 with infield.
    ENDFORM.                    " convert_po_no
    *&      Form  convert_dates
    *       Convert ship date to delivery date, if necessary
    FORM convert_dates using value(vendor_no)
                    changing o_delivery_date
    data:  ship_date type d.
    * if delivery date not sent, calculate it from ship date plus
    * ship days.
    * Note that this logic could leave delivery date blank,
    * if ship date is not numeric.
      if ( i_delivery_date is initial or
           i_delivery_date co ' 0' ).  "no delivery date sent
        if ( i_ship_date co ' 0123456789' and
             i_ship_date cn ' 0' ).    "ship date sent
    * move the ship date into a date field to add days
          ship_date = i_ship_date.
        elseif ( i_create_date co ' 0123456789' and
                 i_create_date cn ' 0' ).
          ship_date = i_create_date.
        if not i_ship_code is initial.
          select single ship_days from zst7f_ty_vendors
                   into ship_days
                  where lifnr = vendor_no
                    and ship_code = i_ship_code.
        if not ship_date is initial.
          if ship_days > 0.
            ship_date = ship_date + ship_days.
            o_delivery_date = ship_date.
            shift o_delivery_date left deleting leading ' '.
      else.  "delivery date sent
        o_delivery_date = i_delivery_date.
    ENDFORM.                    " convert_dates
    *&      Form  quantity_conversion
    *       The quantities in the input file are implied 3-decimal,
    *       so need to be converted into a "real" number.
    *       Also, the unit of measure may be 'KP' indicating that the qty
    *       is given in thousands.
    FORM quantity_conversion USING    value(i_UOM)
                        CHANGING o_uom like iE021-qty_UOM
                                 o_invoice_qty like IE021-INVOICE_QTY
                                 c_LINE_AMOUNT like izss7b21-line_amount.
    data:  f_invoice_qty type f.
    data:  n_invoice_qty like lips-kcmeng.
    data:  f_unit_price type f.
    data:  f_line_amt type f.
    data:  n_line_amt0 type p decimals 0.
      if ( i_invoice_qty co ' 0123456789' and
           i_invoice_qty cn ' 0' ).
        f_invoice_qty = i_invoice_qty.
    * if no extended price is sent, calculate it
        if c_line_amount is initial.
    * the qty is implied 3-dec, the price is still implied
    * 5-dec, and line amount should be implied 3-dec.
          f_unit_price = i_unit_price.
          f_line_amt = ( f_invoice_qty * f_unit_price ) / 100000.
          n_line_amt0 = f_line_amt.
          c_line_amount = n_line_amt0.
          shift c_line_amount left deleting leading space.
    * if the invoice qty is per 1000, the implied 3-dec times 1000 equals
    * the unconverted value. Otherwise, divide by 1000 to get the PCE qty
        if i_uom = 'KP'.
          n_invoice_qty = f_invoice_qty.
          n_invoice_qty = f_invoice_qty / thou.
      o_uom = 'PCE'.
      if not n_invoice_qty is initial.
        o_invoice_qty = n_invoice_qty.
        shift o_invoice_qty left deleting leading space.
        clear o_invoice_qty.
    ENDFORM.                    " quantity_conversion
    *&      Form  money_conversion
    *       Add the implied decimals and store price-per qty, if
    *       price per 1,000 is sent.
    FORM money_conversion USING    value(I_CURR)
                          CHANGING o_CURRENCY like ie021-currency
                                   o_PRICE_UOM like ie021-price_uom
                                   o_PRICE_QTY like ie021-price_qty
                                   o_UNIT_PRICE like ie021-unit_price
                                   o_LINE_AMOUNT like ie021-line_amount.
    data:  n_unit_price type p decimals 5,
           n_line_amount type p decimals 3.
    * not all of the vendors send the currency code, so use the vendor
    * master default
      case i_curr(2).
        when 'US'.
          o_currency = 'USD'.
        when 'JP'.
          o_currency = 'JPY'.
        when others.
          o_currency = uty_vendors-waers.
    * unit price is implied 5-dec
      if ( i_unit_price cn ' 0' and
           i_unit_price co ' 0123456789' ).
        n_unit_price = i_unit_price.
        n_unit_price = n_unit_price / hun_thou.
    * line price is implied 3-dec
      if ( i_line_amount co ' 0123456789' and
           i_line_amount cn ' 0' ).
        n_line_amount = i_line_amount.
        n_line_amount = n_line_amount / thou.
    * 'KP' = price per thousand
      if i_uom = 'KP'.
        o_price_qty = '1000'.
        o_price_qty = '1'.
      o_price_uom = 'PCE'.
      if not n_unit_price is initial.
        o_unit_price = n_unit_price.
        shift o_unit_price left deleting leading space.
        clear o_unit_price.
      if not n_line_amount is initial.
        o_line_amount = n_line_amount.
        shift o_line_amount left deleting leading space.
        clear o_line_amount.
    ENDFORM.                    " money_conversion
    *&      Form  SAP_vendor_partno
    *       replace UTY part number sent by vendor with SAP material no.
    *       from PO line item.
    FORM SAP_vendor_partno changing cust_partno like ie021-cust_partno.
    tables: makt.
    data: partno_sent like makt-maktx.
      partno_sent = cust_partno.
      clear: makt, cust_partno.
      select single matnr from ekpo into cust_partno
             where ebeln = ie021-po_number and
                   ebelp = ie021-po_lineno.
      if sy-subrc is initial.
    *compare material description to part number sent by vendor
        select single maktx from makt into makt-maktx
            where matnr = cust_partno.
        if partno_sent <> makt-maktx.
    * 'Part No. Mismatch: PO & - &, Part sent &, SAP &'
          message i031 with ie021-po_number ie021-po_lineno
                            partno_sent makt-maktx.
      else.  "PO line not found
    *try to find SAP material number using 20-char catalog no. sent
        select single matnr from makt into cust_partno
            where maktx = partno_sent.
        if not sy-subrc is initial.
    * 'SAP material no. not found for & - PO & - &'
          message i032 with partno_sent ie021-po_number ie021-po_lineno.
    *if not found, IDoc will go to workflow for missing material no.
    ENDFORM.                    " SAP_vendor_partno
    *&      Form  idoc_header_segs
    *       create internal table entries for header segments.
    *  DESADV:
    *          E1EDK07
    *          E1EDKA1
    *          E1EDK03
    *          E1EDK08
    *          E1EDKA2
    *          E1EDK06
    *  INVOIC:
    *          E1EDK01
    *          E1EDKA1(s)
    *          E1EDK02
    *          E1EDK03(s)
    FORM idoc_header_segs using value(desadv_ok).
    * INVOIC
      clear i_seg_num.
      invoicdata-segnam = 'E1EDK01'.
      e1edk01-action = ie021-stat.
      if ie021-currency(2) = 'US'.
        e1edk01-curcy = 'USD'.
        e1edk01-curcy = 'JPY'.
      invoicdata-sdata = e1edk01.
      append_idoc_rec invoicdata i.
      clear e1edka1.
      invoicdata-segnam = 'E1EDKA1'.
      e1edka1-parvw = 'RE'.
      e1edka1-partn = ie021-shipto_id.
      invoicdata-sdata = e1edka1.
      append_idoc_rec invoicdata i.
      clear e1edka1.
      invoicdata-segnam = 'E1EDKA1'.
      e1edka1-parvw = 'LF'.
      e1edka1-partn = ie021-lifnr.
      e1edka1-lifnr = ie021-shipto_id.
      invoicdata-sdata = e1edka1.
      append_idoc_rec invoicdata i.
      if not ie021-endcust_name is initial.
        clear e1edka1.
        invoicdata-segnam = 'E1EDKA1'.
        e1edka1-parvw = 'WE'.
        e1edka1-name1 = ie021-endcust_name.
        invoicdata-sdata = e1edka1.
        append_idoc_rec invoicdata i.
      clear e1edk02.
      invoicdata-segnam = 'E1EDK02'.
      e1edk02-qualf = '009'.
      e1edk02-belnr = ie021-invoice_no.
      invoicdata-sdata = e1edk02.
      append_idoc_rec invoicdata i.
      clear e1edk03.
      invoicdata-segnam = 'E1EDK03'.
      e1edk03-iddat = '012'.
      e1edk03-datum = ie021-create_date.
      invoicdata-sdata = e1edk03.
      append_idoc_rec invoicdata i.
      invoicdata-segnam = 'E1EDK03'.
      e1edk03-iddat = '024'.
      invoicdata-sdata = e1edk03.
      append_idoc_rec invoicdata i.
      check desadv_ok = '000'.
    * DESADV
      clear d_seg_num.
      desadvdata-segnam = 'E1EDK07'.
      e1edk07-action = ie021-stat.
      e1edk07-bolnr = ie021-invoice_no.
      desadvdata-sdata = e1edk07.
      append_idoc_rec desadvdata d.
      clear e1edka1.
      desadvdata-segnam = 'E1EDKA1'.
      desadvdata-sdata = e1edka1.
      append_idoc_rec desadvdata d.
      clear e1edk03.
      desadvdata-segnam = 'E1EDK03'.
      desadvdata-sdata = e1edk03.
      append_idoc_rec desadvdata d.
      clear e1edk08.
      desadvdata-segnam = 'E1EDK08'.
      e1edk08-vbeln = ie021-invoice_no.
      e1edk08-traid = ie021-ship_id.
      e1edk08-traty = ie021-ship_method.
      desadvdata-sdata = e1edk08.
      append_idoc_rec desadvdata d.
      clear e1edka2.
      desadvdata-segnam = 'E1EDKA2'.
      desadvdata-sdata = e1edka2.
      append_idoc_rec desadvdata d.
      clear e1edk06.
      desadvdata-segnam = 'E1EDK06'.
      e1edk06-iddat = '025'.  "document date
      e1edk06-datum = ie021-create_date.
      desadvdata-sdata = e1edk06.
      append_idoc_rec desadvdata d.
      if not ie021-eta is initial.
        clear e1edk06.
        desadvdata-segnam = 'E1EDK06'.
        e1edk06-iddat = '001'.  "delivery date
        e1edk06-datum = ie021-eta.
        desadvdata-sdata = e1edk06.
        append_idoc_rec desadvdata d.
      if not ie021-etd is initial.
        clear e1edk06.
        desadvdata-segnam = 'E1EDK06'.
        e1edk06-iddat = '010'.  "ship date
        e1edk06-datum = ie021-etd.
        desadvdata-sdata = e1edk06.
        append_idoc_rec desadvdata d.
    ENDFORM.                    " idoc_header_segs
    *&      Form  idoc_poheader_segs
    *       create internal table entries for DESADV PO/item segments
    *          E1EDP07
    FORM idoc_poheader_segs.
      clear e1edp07.
      desadvdata-segnam = 'E1EDP07'.
      e1edp07-bstnk = ie021-po_number.
      e1edp07-posex = ie021-po_lineno.
      desadvdata-sdata = e1edp07.
      append_idoc_rec desadvdata d.
      p07_ctr = p07_ctr + 1.
    ENDFORM.                    " idoc_poheader_segs
    *&      Form  idoc_item_segs
    *       create internal table entries for PO item segments:
    *          DESADV:   E1EDP09
    *          INVOIC:   E1EDP01        Qtys
    *                    E1EDP02        ref nos. (PO number / line)
    *                    E1EDP19        part numbers
    *                    E1EDP26        amounts
    *                    E1EDP04        taxes
    FORM idoc_item_segs using value(desadv_ok).
    data:  n_line_amt  type p decimals 3.
      clear e1edp01.
      invoicdata-segnam = 'E1EDP01'.
      e1edp01-menee = ie021-qty_uom.
      e1edp01-menge = ie021-invoice_qty.
      e1edp01-vprei = ie021-unit_price.
      e1edp01-pmene = ie021-price_uom.
      e1edp01-peinh = ie021-price_qty.
      e1edp01-netwr = ie021-line_amount.
      invoicdata-sdata = e1edp01.
      append_idoc_rec invoicdata i.
      clear e1edp02.
      invoicdata-segnam = 'E1EDP02'.
      e1edp02-qualf = '001'.
      e1edp02-belnr = ie021-po_number.
      e1edp02-zeile = ie021-po_lineno.
      invoicdata-sdata = e1edp02.
      append_idoc_rec invoicdata i.
      clear e1edp19.
      invoicdata-segnam = 'E1EDP19'.
      e1edp19-qualf = '001'.
      e1edp19-idtnr = ie021-cust_partno.
      invoicdata-sdata = e1edp19.
      append_idoc_rec invoicdata i.
      clear e1edp19.
      invoicdata-segnam = 'E1EDP19'.
      e1edp19-qualf = '002'.
      e1edp19-idtnr = ie021-vendor_partno.
      invoicdata-sdata = e1edp19.
      append_idoc_rec invoicdata i.
      clear e1edp26.
      invoicdata-segnam = 'E1EDP26'.
      e1edp26-qualf = '003'.
      e1edp26-betrg = ie021-line_amount.
      invoicdata-sdata = e1edp26.
      append_idoc_rec invoicdata i.
    * dummy tax seg
      clear e1edp04.
      invoicdata-segnam = 'E1EDP04'.
      e1edp04-msatz = '0.00'.
      invoicdata-sdata = e1edp04.
      append_idoc_rec invoicdata i.
      n_line_amt = ie021-line_amount.
      invoice_total = invoice_total + n_line_amt.
      check desadv_ok = '000'.
      clear e1edp09.
      desadvdata-segnam = 'E1EDP09'.
      e1edp09-vbeln = ie021-slip_number.
      e1edp09-matnr = ie021-vendor_partno.
      e1edp09-vrkme = ie021-qty_uom.
      e1edp09-lfimg = ie021-invoice_qty.
      desadvdata-sdata = e1edp09.
      append_idoc_rec desadvdata d.
    ENDFORM.                    " idoc_item_segs
    *&    Form  post_idocs
    *     create database IDocs from the idocdata tables and clear tables.
    FORM post_idocs using value(desadv_ok).
      clear e1eds01.
      invoicdata-segnam = 'E1EDS01'.
      e1eds01-sumid = '010'.
      e1eds01-summe = invoice_total.
      e1eds01-waerq = ie021-currency.
      shift e1eds01-summe left deleting leading space.
      invoicdata-sdata = e1eds01.
      append_idoc_rec invoicdata i.
          IDOC_CONTROL       =  iedidc
          IDOC_DATA          =  invoicdata.
      commit work.
      if desadv_ok = '000'.
        clear e1eds02.
        desadvdata-segnam = 'E1EDS02'.
        e1eds02-sumid = '001'.
        e1eds02-summe = p07_ctr.
        shift e1eds02-summe left deleting leading space.
        desadvdata-sdata = e1eds02.
        append_idoc_rec desadvdata d.
            IDOC_CONTROL       =  dedidc
            IDOC_DATA          =  desadvdata.
        commit work.
      refresh: desadvdata,
    ENDFORM.                    " post_idocs
    *&      Form  init_desadv
    *       add a DESDAV control record and initialize fields
    FORM init_desadv.
    clear dedidc. refresh dedidc.
    * initialize control record:
    move:  '2'        to  dedidc-direct,
          'DESADV01'  to  dedidc-doctyp,
          'DESADV'    to  dedidc-mestyp,
          'F'         to  dedidc-std,
          'E021'      to  dedidc-stdmes,
          'LS'        to  dedidc-sndprt,
          'TY_VENDORS' to dedidc-sndprn,
          sy-datlo    to  dedidc-credat,
          sy-timlo    to  dedidc-cretim.
    append dedidc.
    ENDFORM.              " init_desadv
    *&      Form  init_invoic
    *       add a INVOIC control record and initialize fields
    FORM init_invoic.
    clear iedidc. refresh iedidc.
    * initialize control record:
    move:  '2'        to  iedidc-direct,
          'INVOIC01'  to  iedidc-doctyp,
          'INVOIC'    to  iedidc-mestyp,
          'MM'        to  iedidc-mescod,
          'F'         to  iedidc-std,
          'E021'      to  iedidc-stdmes,
          'LS'        to  iedidc-sndprt,
          'TY_VENDORS' to iedidc-sndprn,
          sy-datlo    to  iedidc-credat,
          sy-timlo    to  iedidc-cretim.
    append iedidc.
    ENDFORM.              " init_invoic

  • MB51 - Assignment to Profitability Segment

    Dear guys
    In transaction MB51, after clicking on a line item tranactions open a detailed screen of <b>Display of Material Document</b>.
    In that screen a TAB is available of name <b>Acct.***</b> that having a Profit Segment button which opens another screen of <b>Assignment to Profitability Segment</b>, which is having detailes about sale order, custoemer, material, sales org, plant, sales office, material grou, Distr Channel etc.
    I want to pick all the data showing in screen Assignment to Profitability Segment,  but the fields showing there belongs to a structure CE0PTOC.
    How can I know the table from which these values are populatin in this structre or can any body tells the name of table.
    Points will be awarded for answering the question.

    Material Document _ MKPF-MBLNR
    profitability segment table  - COEP-PAOBJNR
    Common table : MSEG
    Reward Points if it is helpful

  • FB50:  Profitability Segment - how to automatically populate fields

    Good Morning SAP Gurus-
    My client's requirement is to automatically populate the following when posting manual entries via FB50 under profitability segment:
    Retail Segment 1
    Distribution Channel
    Product Line
    Order type
    How is this possible in ECC 6.0?
    Thank you!

    First of all, you will have to create the various fields mentioned by you as Characteristic values in COPA using KEA5. Then include them in the operating concern using KEA0 . Depending upon how you want to populate those fields in the profitability segment, create derivation rules in KEDR. Now when you come to a point where you have to enter profitability segment fields,  using FB50, click on "Derivation" button in the pop up window. All your fields will be filled automatically. But if you are expecting to fill in the fields that should reference a sales document, it has to flow automatically when a billing document is created which in turn flows into FI and CO. Hope that helps.

  • Profitability Segments are not created for Invoices

    Hi Guru's
    Can any one help on this ?
    "Invoice Documents Profitability Segments are not created" can you please suggest me?

    Hi Aakash,
    I think you are trying to integrate FICA with CO-PA and then getting the error.
    The posting of a contract accounts A/R & A/P document in CO-PA is dependent on-
    (a) Activation of the operating concern in the SPRO node Controlling → Profitability Analysis →
    Structures → Define Operating Concern → Maintain Characteristics
    (b) CO short account assignment of the contract in the SPRO Node Financial Accounting → Contract
    Accounts Receivable and Payable → Basic Functions → Posting and Documents → Documents
    → Define Account Assignments for Automatic Postings → Store CO Short Account Assignments
    for IS-U Contracts.
    In here, the system only carries out the posting if the Profitability Segment Assigned selected in CO
    account assignment.
    Hope it helps...

  • INVOIC02 and Profitability Segment

    I need to post invoices with IDoc INVOIC02. However, I don't see how I can use this to populate profitability segment fields (the ones you get to when you click the More/--> button next to "Profit. Segment" on a coding block in FI posting).
    I have already created an IDoc extension for INVOIC02 and implemented EXIT_SAPLIEDI_101, but I don't see how I can use this to populate the necessary fields. When looking in function group IEDI, I also don't see that it caters for navigating to screen SAPLKEAK 0300 with function code COBL_XERGO. Documentation on this is very scarce.

    We have the same problem. We managed to display the field, adding an entry in the following path in SPRO:
    SAP Supplier Relationship Management -> SRM Server -> Cross-Application Basic Settings -> Extensions and Field Control (Personalization) -> Configure Field Control -> Configure Control for Fields of Substructures
    We've added the field PROF_SEGM for the set type 31, and now the field appears, but doesn't work properly.
    Always appears with the value 0000000000 if I change this value when I do something the value is reset to 0000000000 again.
    Any one has a solution for this issue ? or is necessary to create a custom field for this?

Maybe you are looking for