Mail not working after trying to send a very large file - how to "unclog?"

Yesterday, I tried to send a file with Gmail via Mail and it was evidently too big. I have deleted it and it no longer appears in the Outbox, but Gmail doesn't work on my Mail anymore. It's constantly trying to sync with Gmail, unsuccessfully. It's slowing down my computer and I don't receive Gmails. If I try to mail with Gmail through Mail, it takes an extraordinarily long time and 99% of the time doesn't go through.
My Yahoo account is working fine. I can also access Gmail online (but I hate it!) -- so the problem is somewhere between Mail and Gmail.
What to do?

I have the same problem and have tried stopping everything in the Activity window but when I click 'Get Mail' or quit and re-open Mail, the problem recurs so I have no mail after 1930 on Thursday despite there being new messages in my inbox.
There are 5 Activities shown; all of which show the barber's striped bar although it doesn't move.
Opening Mailbox
Performing pending operations - copying message
[Gmail] Communicating with server - Adding Messages
Fetching new mail
Synchronizing with server - Traversing mailbox hierarchy
It is working on my Macbook (10.6.4); just not on the iMac (10.6.5) so definitely not something router-related and the iMac wasn't working on 10.6.4 either so not convinced that has anything to do with it.

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    Yesterday I inserted some videos in an email. Wouldn't send: too big. I removed one at a time. Same message. No choice to delete the email, so I clicked try later. Evidently it tried 33 times, because there were 33 copies of it in "recovered files." I deleted those, but Mail still won't work. I have to force quit to close Mail. Turned off computer. Back on, it keeps doing the same thing. The gear spins next to the inbox, and it won't stop. Brings in no new mail.
    Mail works on my iPhone, so I think I it must be corrupted on this iMac (10.6.8).  what can I do?
    Thanks for any help!

    More info on this, still from me!  The emails in the recovered messages folder that I deleted are STILL there! The same 33 copies of the email with videos pasted in. How can I get rid of them? I'm pretty sure that they are the problem...the program is still trying to send them or something!

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    10.9.5 Mail not working after internet outage.  Connection doctor shows everything green.  Other apps connecting to internet fine.   Mailboxes show online.  I can login and get mail via web  But Mail app will not send or receive.  Tried rebooting Mac, and restarting Mail.  Tried Rebuild.  Second day with this problem.

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    iCloud mail not working. I can send but cannot receive. Is the system down?

    Same here. I can send mails from Webmail, but cannot receive.
    A message that you sent could not be delivered to one or more of
    its recipients. This is a permanent error. The following address
    "[email protected]":
    SMTP error from remote server after RCPT command:
    5.1.1 unknown or illegal alias: [email protected]
    On iOS 6 device I can't receive, neither send mails.
    However, if I change to, everything works fine.

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    More information about what it isn't doing would be helpful.
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    The Apple TV is in recovery mode. Try to restore the Apple TV. Follow the link for instructions on the restore process.

  • Mail not working after upgrade

    mail not working after upgrade. I have been told my Belkin modem [surf] is not compatable. Would this be the problem?

    just solved the problem...
    had to delete in
    then restart mail

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    mail not working after installing os x, anyone know how to fix this?

    it is a 2.7GHz intel core iS and the version is OS X 10.9.

  • Mail not working after using migration assistant - what am I missing?

    Mail not working after using migration assistant - what am I missing?

    The mailbox list is divided into categories with headings in caps, such as ON MY MAC. When you hover the cursor over one of those headings (except for MAILBOXES), you should see the word Show or Hide on the right. Click Show. The  MAILBOXES category can't be hidden.
    In each category, the mailboxes are arranged in groups, such as Inbox. To the left of each group is a small disclosure triangle. If the triangle points to the right, click it so that it points down.

  • B110a black in still not working after trying all recommended solutions

    Hi there
    Black ink still not working after spending many hours trying to sort. I've cleaned the printhead carefull several times (is immaculate now) and run the system clean up and alignment functions several many times too. I've cleaned the metal connecting points. I wiggled things carefully. I've attempted printing multiple pages in b/w in case it was going to take a while to get the ink flowing again. I've replaced one (expensive) new black cartridge with another brand new (expensive) cartridge and still nothing. This machine is probably out of warranty but seriously not very old. It really ought to be working okay. We use it regularly a little bit every week. Any ideas?

    The document here has troubleshooting steps that may help resolve black not printing on your Photosmart b110a.  Be sure to check the vents as shown in solution six, step three.  If the above does not resolve the problem the post here may help.
    Bob Headrick,  HP Expert
    I am not an employee of HP, I am a volunteer posting here on my own time.
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    If my answer was helpful please click the "Thumbs Up" to say "Thank You"--V

  • Mail not working after installing Mavericks

    Mail stoped working after installing Mavericks!

    Check this out. It worked for me and is related to a problem in Accounts.plist...
    The problem was caused by dodgy entries in the accounts.plist file in my User Library folder. It appears that either when I upgraded to Mavericks this file gained hundreds (possibly thousands) of spurious entries, or maybe these entries were in there before but previously the OSX/Mail combination was more tolerant. When I removed these the problem with Mail disappeared. Here’s what I did….
    1> Make the user Library folder visible - in Mavericks this is a lot easier than Lion/Mountain Lion. Simply open up your user directory in Finder, select menu View>Show View Options, and select “Show Library Folder”
    2> Navigate through username>Library>Mail>V2>MailData and select the Accounts.plist file. If this file is multiple megabytes (mine was 40+mb) then this is likely the cause of your problem (once sorted mine ended up at 19k in size!)
    3> To be safe, make a copy of this file (I placed the copy on my desktop).
    4> Using your chosen text editor (I used Text Wrangler but I’m sure TextEdit would work just fine) open the Accounts.plist in the MailData folder (not your backup copy) and take a look. If it’s the same as me you will find hundreds and hundreds of entries for the same mailbox repeated in there. Mine was an old MSN mailbox that I never use any more (I’ve seen in other forums that other Hotmail type accounts also seem to be the culprits in this context). There will likely be two lots of repeated data, one in the XML “DeliveryAccounts” <array> section, and one lot in the “MailAccounts” <array> section.
    5> Delete (keeping in mind the need to select the XML sections correctly from <dict> to </dict> completely) all those extra entries that you found, keeping the mail accounts you do need, in the XML and save the file.
    6> Mail should open up nice and fast again and not eat your system
    7> If this did not work, and causes problems because of over eager deleting in <5> you can replace your broken Accounts.plist file with your backup and try again.

  • Facetime, iMessage, and Mail not working after iOS 6.1.3 update

    I've had my iPod touch 4th generation since Oct 2010 and never updated the iOS until very recently. Before the update, Facetime worked consistently and easily. After I finally got around to updating my iOS a week ago, my iPod has come into severe issues.
    99% of the time, I cannot send or receive Facetime calls. If I try to make a call, it doesn't make the dial tone and eventually it just says "Connection Lost". Nothing happens if someone is trying to send me a call. I only Facetime with my boyfriend and his iPod hasn't changed since Facetime was last working. HIs other iPod is also updated with iOS 6.1.3.
    I never used iMessage before the iOS update, but because it says on Apple support that it uses push notifications like Facetime does, so I tried it. Most of the time, I cannot send or receive messages. I rarely used Mail before the update, but I never had a problem with it. Now, when I enter my gmail password, it keeps saying my username and password are not correct, even though I haven't changed my credentials.
    I only use my iPod for Facetime, iTunes, and Pandora. I don't need iMessage or Mail, but I am testing with those to see if this can help find the root cause of the problem. Pandora works smoothly so I know it's not a wifi connection issue. I have searched for remedies on end and tried:
    1.  Reset, turn off/restart, turn Facetime on and off, etc.
    2. Changing the DNS server address to, which made Facetime work normally for one time and never again
    3. Updating my Apple ID password online, then signing out and signing back in
    4. Creating another Apple ID with my other gmail account. Maybe 1 out of 10 Facetime call attempts, I can generate the dial tone, but when my boyfriend clicks to receive the call, it says that I am unavailable. iMessage has about the same success rate. It seems when I miraculously can send or receive texts through iMessage, I can manage to get the dial tone when I try Facetime, though the call cannot go through.
    This is of course extremely frustrating and I highly regret the update now. I was hoping for an improved iPod after the update, and now I have a near-dud! I did make sure to check my location and date and time, and both are correct (US, Central time). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    I spoke too soon. I tried Facetime again last night and had the same problems. Another factory reset did not work. I think it may be time to just call Apple support.

  • Apple mail not working after upgrading to maverics

    I installed maverics on my mac a couple months ago. I noticed that all of my accounts in apple mail  have not worked properly since. first of all, i cant tell if mail is retrieving my email anymore. there used to be a spiral next to the account letting me know that it was checking and now there is no indicator that it is working or not. many times my mail is delayed hours as I can see from the time that mail gets my email vs when my gmail or other account actually gets it.
    sometimes apple mail says that the accounts are not connected to the internet but my wifi is fine. after trouble shooting the network settings i can get it to work but what a pain. Is there a way to reset my apple mail settings or my network settings to make apple mail work like it did before maverics? Please help. My mac info is below:
    osx 10.9.1
    processor: 2.5 ghz core i5
    memory: 4gb 1333 mhz ddr3
    mac hd
    any help is appreciated thanks

    Hi orinbe,
    Thanks for visiting Apple Support Communities.
    See the steps in this article for help if you are not able to send or receive email after upgrading:
    OS X Mail: Troubleshooting sending and receiving email messages

  • Mac mail not working after OS 10.9.5 update

    I have the same problem as other users.
    Since last update of the OS to 10.9.5, the MAIL app does not send email.
    It just does a few times a day, on and off.
    I tried to take all accounts offline and then take all accounts online again, so many times, does not work.
    I tried to reboot; does not work.
    I tried deleting my accounts and creating them again, does not work.
    I started to like that app, makes me sad to see how bad it got this week.
    Does anyone know what is going on??
    MacBook Air, OS X Mavericks (10.9.5)
    Re: Mail app drives me crazy, does not sync since last update 10.9.5

    On and Off, that's the reason I am 100% convinced it is a software update issue.
    It seems that Mail does not connect to servers as it used to.
    Sometimes it would work great for a while, and turn back down again for no reason.
    Apple will not read those comments as it is a place for mac users only. The only thing we can do is send 1 email per day, that's what i am doing, to "Provide Mail Feedback" in Mail on the bar to complain so they hear about the problem and try to solve it.
    Any mac user of the community could help, apart from saying just do not use this app anymore?

  • Mail thread in Apple mail not working after updating to Yosemite

    I just upgraded to Yosemite a couple of days ago and I noticed that my mail threads are not working properly. Instead of having threads categorized by the subject line, I have thousands of emails in just ONE thread that are completely irrelevant to each other. I have deleted my email accounts completely and reinstalled them from scratch and they still have the same problem after my emails are dowloaded from my IMAP server. I have also tried to rebuild the email account and the same problem happens. I get around 700 - 800 emails a day so the thread function is extremely crucial for me to be able to track all of my emails, but there is no way to do it now when everything is bunched together.
    Anyone else running into the same issue? I am using a third party host (Bluehost) as my hosting service, but this problem never came up on the previous operating systems or my IPHONE. Those still work just fine.

    The longest thread about this seems to be this one: LINK
    Best course of action now is to describe the problem to apple in the feedback form: LINK

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