Maintain Text Types in Material Master

Is it possible to maintain different text types in the materials master "Sales text" tab just like we can maintain at the sales order header and item levels.
In VOTXN there is no option for configuring text types for material master (text object MVKE) so I was wondering that if it is possible at all. Please let me know if you have any idea on the same.

Hi Deepak,
In Material Master you can maintain the "Basic data text". It can be maintained in Basic data 1 view by selecting the Additional data. This text can also be fetched according to your requirement with the help of developer.

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  • Adding a new long-text type to Material Master

    We need to add a long-text type to Material master, in addition to Basic, Inspection and Internal comment texts.
    What would be the best way to do this?
    Is there configuration that will allow the generation of a new tab in MM01 - Additional data screen, along with Basic, Inspection etc or should we create a new Screen exit for the new Text type to be edited?
    If a screen Exit is available could you please name it?
    Thanks a lot for the help - in Advance.

    You can add your own tabstrip in material master and put your long texts on it.
    Please have a look at transactions OMT3C, OMT3B, OMT3E.
    All customizing for material master extention can be found in SPRO -> Logistics - General -> Material Master -> Configuring the Material Master.

  • New sales text ID in material master

    Before posting this query i have searched the forum but couldnt find any suitable answers for my query.
    Our requirement is we need to have 3 new sales text ids created for material master with the language "EN".Per sap Standard we have a text id "0001" in material master which can be maintained once per language.Our requirement is to have multiple text ids with one language. Is this possible with standard sap configurations? where we can define a new Sales text id for material master.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Srini
    Since there is already one text type , so the best choice is to create another 2 text types with say 'ZA' and ZB
    and use them.
    Try coping the Langauge EN and create another 2 as per your requirement say  A and B. As of my knowledge you can have only one text per language , please check it once again at your end.
    So you have to copy the EN and create another two.
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  • Maintain Tax Type Independent Material Groups

    In the customization of excise duty one thing is there like Maintain Tax Type Independent Material Groups
    so i wanted the meaning of this.

    This is required to define if u maintain tax customization..
    Means u have to activate tax type maintenance...
    This step is not required for INDIA...
    In this case u need to use fields like tax 1  , tax2 which are  there in vendor master..
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  • Upload of purchase order text in the material master

    Now we have information of Purchase order text for all the material.
    Is it possible to upload the Purchase order text using LSMW.
    Some friends were telling that LSMW is not possible for Purchase Order text.
    Can anyone suggest how I can upload this purchase order text for all 1000
    material using LSMW program.
    /if not LSMW is there any other method to upload it
    thanks in advance

    Dear Deepak,
    there is standard direct upload i believe
    go to lsmw
    Execute 1st option
    then inLSMW:Object Attribute screen
    in standard batch/ direct input
    firsr radio button
    select object 005
    and method 003
    Program name RSTXLITF.
    Then go by normal process i.e source field , field mapping...
    In this way u can also upload Text in the Material master.
    Rewards if helpful
    Sanjay L

  • Purpose of maintaining classification view in material master

    Hi gurus
    can anyone explain Purpose of maintaining classification view in material master with example

    One of the reason we maintain classification is for batch management where characteristics like shelf life expiry date is being attached to a class & that class is maintained in material master so whenever transactions takes place it will read from the characteristics value.
    the other purpose is with variant configruation, for a configurable material there will be more than one characteristics for ex: in a car it comes with A/C - non a/c, metallic - non metallic, normal steering - power steering all these are mainatained as characteristics & assigned to a class & we use that class in classification for materials.
    there is many more advantages & ways of using classification in material master.

  • Authorisation object for "PO text in the material master"

    My requirement is as below:
    "All users can see the Purchase Order Text as usual, but only a few users should be allowed to create / change the PO Long Text.
    For other users, the same should appear in display mode only (both in creation & in change mode, MM01 & MM02)."
    Please let me know, How to map this.
    As per my knowledge thsi is possible only thru authorisation. But I want to know what is the authorisation object for "PO text in the material master" (Pl note that only for PO text in the material master field). we want control on "PO text of material master"

    The authorisation object is "M_MATE_MAT", pl check

  • Kindly give authorization object for mrp type in material master

    Hi friends,
    Kind tell me what is the authorization object for MRP type in material master.
    Your help is considered more important.
    thanks in advance

    check your authorisation objects here:
    Go to PFCG --> Environment (at menu bar) --> authorization objects --> Display...
    Here see for MRP and MM for material managament in the tree structure...

  • Valuation type in material master

    Dear SAP GURU'S
    please tell me what is a valuation type, it's uses and what are it's setting so that i can get the valuation type in material master.
    thanks and regards.

    Hi Yogesh ,
    Valuation type  is A subdivision of a valuation category in split valuation.
    An enterprise manages its stocks of a material using the valuation category "Quality", comprising the following valuation types:
    High quality
    Average quality
    Inferior quality
    Valuation category: A criterion for the separate valuation of different stocks of a material managed under one material number for quality and other purpose ...
    If you have any further query on the same then let us know ........

  • Message Type for Material Master Data Changes

    Hi all
    I'm managing Message Types for Material Master Data extraction from R\3 system to BW system, in order to load on BW only the changes done to some fields of MARA table that are delta relevant.
    Now from R/3 BD50 Transaction I can see that there is a message type that refer to changes done on MARA fields: RS0044.
    I would like to replace this message type with another one (RS0020) in order to align different systems.
    Now changes to material master data in R/3 system are recorder with both message types but only those with RS0044 message type are processed and loaded into BW system.
    So I would like to know:
    1. How is the message type related to the DataSource 0material?
    2. is it possible to replace a message type for BW?
    3. if yes, how can I do it?
    Thanks in advance.
    mail: [email protected]

    Hi Oscar!
    At the moment I'm using Delta queue of 0MATERIAL. I know that in the queue there are all the new and changed records.
    But I would like to be able not to load all the changed records, but only those that refer to some fields of MARA table.
    E.g. if the gross weight of a material is modified I don't want to load this change on BW with Delta loading .
    I've seen that from R/3 Transaction BD52 you can set only delta relevant fields referred to a specific message type and to delete the other fields.
    As I'm able to do this directly in the Development system and Test System, I haven't got the authorization of doing it in the Production system.
    That's why I need to include this setting in a CR and then ask to transport it from Test to Production system.
    But message types referred to MARA field changes are different between the two systems.
    And it seems they are automatically created.
    Is it true?

  • Please suggest where I have to maintain activity type in employee master

    Goodevening to you.
    Can I maintain Activity Type to an Employee.
    My client is having Time Sheet entries through CATS and would like to have actual hours booked against projects as well as activity type.  Each activity type will have a different rate.  Please suggest where I have to maintain activity type in employee master.

    I have got the answer.  We can maintain activity type in 315 info type.

  • Automatic batch determination without maintain the class in material master

           Is it possible that we can do automatic batch determination with-out maintaining the class in material master.
           My requirement is i want to do batch splitting at PGI level & user dont want to maintain class in material master only they will maintain VCH1.
           if i will maintain class then batch splitting happening at PGI but if i will remove the batch from material master as well as strategy group then splitting not happening.

              if any one have solution then pls update
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  • Deactivate inspection type from material master

    i have a inspetion qty with satus LTCA CHCR(Cancelled inspection lot)
    Now i need to deactivate inspection type from material master
    system not allowing to deavtivate as inspection lot was there
    how to remove the insepction qty form system
    Any tips

    Hi Faisal,
    Hi Faisal,
    Try this way,,,
    Run QA08
    Enter the Plant, Material Code
    Then go for the Fourth tab "Mass Processing"
    Activate the check box for Activate Despite Inspection Stock and Create Change Documents
    Then insert the inspection type.
    System will prompt a screen similar to Inspection set up from MM02, there deactivate the inspection type and press Enter.
    Select the Line item and Save.
    Pls let me know if doesn't work.
    Let's do it again, When you complete the following steps, are you getting any list of materials there? after completing it up to
    System will prompt a screen similar to Inspection set up from MM02, there deactivate the inspection type and press Enter.

  • Need to create a Store Business document type for material master and store a sharepoint link

    I need to create a Store business document type for material master and store a URL link . How do I do that?( or is there any functionality to upload a document for a  store business document that it will automatically saves to sharepoint?)

    dhayes12 wrote:
    > A)  When I do the (Material Backflush) MFBF for the 04 type, the Inspection Lot gets created OK.  I then can go into QA32 and assign the correct Inspection Plat by clicking the Inspection Lot button.
    > B)  When I do the MIGO via the Purchase Order (type Z01), it will not create the Lot if I have the Multiple Specs selected in the QM Material Master MM02.  If, I turn off the Multiple Specs in the QM Material Master and create a new PO and MIGO, it will create the Lot, however, it automatically assigns the lot to the wrong Inspection Plan (2nd Plan see above)  I need to be able to select the plan like I can with the 04 type.
    > Is their some setting that can be changed in Config or somewhere that acts the same way as example A above?
    For case A, create insp plan with usage "1- production" If you have one IP with this usage for given material then system will assign Plan to lot automatically. In your case for second plan update usage as 1.
    For case B, system should assign 1st plan make sure for both plan udage is correct. for 1st plan usage should be 5 while 2nd plan usage should be 1. Now if your 1st have status 4 and key date before lot date then system will assign plan auto.

  • TCode for collective changes in inspection type in Material Master

    Can any one tell me the TCODE for mass changes for inspection type in Material Master.

    you can use MM17 or through LSMW or create a BDC through ABAP.
    qsm sap

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