Mapping Warranty process in SD

Dear Experts,
I am bit confused in mapping warranty process with help of Billing plan in SD. As i thought of we can do with the help of billing plan.
     " The dealer may raise claim ( based on valid warranty) for the spare parts which are non-returnable and damaged , for which Company will raise the credit memo request (based on the billing reference) and credit memo (with 50% of the claim released on the same day as claim punching and rest 50% ONLY after 90 days )"
Can any one do help me int this please
With Thanks &Regards
Aswin Nair

Dear Aswin,
As per my understanding of your requirement,  the credit memo request is created with reference to the orginal billing document.
Hence there has to be a copy control between your invoice type and credit memo request type.
(if the credit memo request need to be created only with a reference, then check reference mandatory in VOV8 of your credit memo request'
Since the materials are non-returnable and damaged, it can be assumed that there will not be any return delivery in your case.
So the credit memo request should have a copy control setting with the credit memo in VTFA.
The 50 % -50 % can be achieved by using a milestone billing plan in which the second billing date in the reference billing plan will be 90 days after the first billing date/ credit memo creation date (claim punching date).
Please try this out and let us know.
Thanks & Regards,
Hegal K Charles

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    The process looks correct.  For cost related to clearing agents who perform the formalities at customs office, use landed cost.

  • How to map refubishment process in which one material change to other matl.

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    thanks in advance.

  • How to map businees process

    hi all
    For Mapping business process is there any particular rules?
    in generally  how we do business process mapping.
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    thank u
    Edited by: swari battula on Jun 27, 2008 8:33 AM

    Dear Swari,
               May i know which scenario u were doing?

  • CRM 2007 - Warranty Processing

    Hi Gurus
    We're running CRM 2007 in a standalone system and I'm trying to put Warranty Processing together.
    I'm new to Warranty Processing so require some guideance on this subject.
    I've followed Best Practice Guide C13 and have created a warranty.
    We do not use Installed Base.
    I need to know how the end process works:
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    Many Thanks in Advance.

    We use install base to capture the details of what is installed in customer premise. Generally install base is used in scenarios of corporate customer. That does not means we cannot use install base for individual customer. Use of install base depends upon product as well. Eg for the company like hp who sell servers and computers can use install base to capture what has been given to the customer. eg hard disk, motherboard, processor, ip adderss etc.
    use tx ib51 to create install base. Install base has various componets such as
    I Object
    Structure gap
    I Object is used to store unique details of customer such as IP address of computer etc.
    You can also attach warranty, counter to your install base.
    Now coming on to your scenario.
    You can attach warranty to install base/comp. When customer will come and ask for service or register complaint, he will specify his install base number or component number. Depending upon the warranty attached to the ibase, pricing of service order can be done. Eg there is warranty on processor but not on hardisk. So if you are offering service to customer on processor then as per configuration you can give service free of cost or can charge customer.
    This is how install base is used. There are many other benifits such as when  you see install base fact sheet you will be able to see all the complaint and service order on install  base without doing any coding effort.
    Hope it information will help you. For further details you can refer to
    Best regards
    Pankaj kumar

  • Mapping business process

    hi all
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    thank u

    Hi Varun,
    [Business Process Management and Adapters |]
    Assign Pionts if helpful.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Naveen Dasari.

  • Warranty Processing

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    Just i need some refer from ur end. My equip has the master warranty like Hrs, Days.
    While carrying the mtc work within warranty period iam getting pop up message.
    Tell me where i need to enter the counter value since in entering the value at BGM1  T code wont create the meas docs.
    Incase if i have created the meas point against the same cahrector after updating the counter value it is not appearing at BGM2 or master data of equip of warranty.
    After that if fails with in warranty iam trying to send the equip to warehouse thro 501 mov. But here iam facing some errors.
    Another way if directly affter creation of defective notification iam trying for claim thro wtt  t code.
    But the same i have just created but not familiar with this.
    Any 1 working this scheme please pass the documents at [email protected] mail id.

  • Warranty process implementaion

    Dear all,
    We are looking to implement Warranty process in our company. Ours is a manufacturing company and we are in ECC 6. I understand we have to activate DIMP to have the standard warranty process implemented in our system. But I am not able to get the complete picture of how Suppliers and Dealers are integrated.
    What is DMS for?
    How are suppliers integrated?
    Kindly help me understand how Dealers and Suppliers are integrated.
    Thanks and Regards

    Hi ,
    Can anybody guide me about the document flow in claim processing.....
    I created the master data for warranty management and i am able to create claim record in the system and now i am stucked at one point my claim is in process and now in action tab i am clicking to create credit note but i am unable to perform...
    can anybody guide me .....what is the next step to proceed...
    thanks and regards in advance

  • Warranty Process for  managing Vendor warranty

    Hi ,
    We are in the process of designing Warranty parts handling solution for a Passenger Rail company .
    Need inputs to design this Vendor Warranty process in SAP.
    Here are major steps in Current legacy system that we need to consider for designing this end to end process in SAP
    1.The Client receives Parts (with serial number) from External Vendor with Warranty.
    2.The Warranty Information is maintained with validity periods, serial numbers, vendor number, expiration etc for received parts.
    3.If the parts Fail during operations, Part return transaction is executed which checks in background for Valid warranty information related to serial numbers and creates Warranty Claim. Warranty Claim is communicated via fax or phone to Vendors.
    4.Warranty Purchase order referencing to warranty claim with zero price is created and parts are shipped to Vendor for replacement along with warranty PO.
    5.Vendor delivers parts covered under warranty & parts are received in system against warranty Purchase order no.
    What would be the best possible way to address this with SAP warranty management functionalities under SAP PM/ CS modules (Master warranty/ Warranty claim processing etc)?
    Any inputs or experiences on similar type Warranty process handling in SAP will be really helpful. Looking  forward to get your best inputs on this.
    Thanks in advance,

    Dear Krish,
    You can follow the following steps :
    STEP 1:-
    SPRO >> Materials Management >>Purchasing >>>Purchase info record >>Maintain inspection Certificate categories >>>Create certificate category u201CWu201D description warranty
    select relevant check boxes as per your requirement & Save.
    Maintain info record for material through Transaction Code ME11.
    ME11>>>General data>>>Select Certificate category u201CWu201D (As you defined earlier in configuration) Enter certificate number means warranty number in our terminology Enter Valid to
    If you want enter country of Ctry of origin, Ctry of origin and customer tariff number Save
    Hope that your problem will solve.

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    Our Business,
    1. Our Plant is 1000 - sold a Equipment to a Customer "C100"
    2. A Material is broken in the part of Equipment - where the Material[M100] is under Warranty.
    3. This Material[M100] is received in Plant 1000.
    4. Then this Material[M100] is transferred to Plant 2000[Service Plant]
    5. Material[M100] is serviced in Plant 2000 then transferred to Plant 1000.
    6. Then this Material[M100] is given to the Customer from Plant 1000 in free of cost as the Material is under Warranty.
    "Here in Step 5. We have to know the cost of expenses for Service, that can be posted to Cost Center. Cost must not post to Material after Service as this is given to the Customer as free of cost.
    We have to Map this Business in SAP.
    Please suggest best fit for above Business Scenario

    Hi ,
    thanks for your response. If you can provide me more specific details of this scenario without having PM/CS orders for warranty claim that would be great.
    We want to track , maintain  & raise claim for warranty parts in the system for serialised materials; also need to send parts to vendor at zero cost and receive back in the system - we will not be using SAP PM . so any inputs on how to develop this process with warranty functionlities in such scenarios will be very helpful.
    looking forward for more relevent responses..

  • Inbound delivery creation in WM - mapping to process type 1011 in EWM

    Hi All,
    I am new to EWM and have to configure handling units for picking and putaway in EWM.
    I am creating an inbound delivery w.r.t Purchase order in WM and passing it to EWM.  During the warehouse order creation I am packing the materials in a packing material. however, the warehouse process type is 1010 and I want it to relflect 1011.
    So I wanted to know how to configure the system either on the WM or the EWM side so that when the inbound delivery is received on the EWM side it maps it to process 1011.

    To put across my question more clearly here is where I am right now. I pass the delivery to the EWM side. There I pack the materials. There is a HU association with the packing material.
    When I go to the screen with the follow on functions- warehouse task. Then when I choose the handling unit tab and click on the exectute button associated with the Whouse Req then there should be a Line item displaying the handling unit that was created in the previous step.
    However this is not happening and when I click on the execute button the line item does not show up.
    So I was wondering if there is some configuration that needs to be done to get the HU displayed?

  • How to map business process and enterprise service?

    Recently, I read some documents about ESA. I'm confusing about the relationship between business process and enterprise service. In other word, how to map the business process to enterprise service after the business process is analyzed? Is there any methodology/rule to define business process and wrap them into service in ESA?

    Hi Sherry,
    I like to add some of my thoughts about that discussion. From my point of view ESA is much more than just another BPM or Enterprise BPM. ESA is adresses six key areas and I think all of them are really needed:
    - <b>People Productivity</b> as the word itself's about portals and productivity.
    - <b>Embedded Analytics</b> has to integrate transactional and analytical content.
    - <b>Service Composition</b> is used for model-driven service composition and services orchestration.
    - <b>Service Enablement</b> is about a Enterprise Services Repository filled with business meaningful Enterprise Services and service patterns for enabled objects. Excactly this is where SAP has years of experiences.
    - <b>Business Process Platform</b> is about service enablement of all application platform objects and engines. This is the place where "BPM" for core business processes resits.
    - <b>Life-Cycle Management</b> has to cover the deployment, configuration, operation and change management for ESA based processes.
    Therefore the term "BPM" is located in serveral layers of an ESA approach. On the level of <u>Business Process Platform</u> BPM is providing the choreography for core business preocesses.
    At <u>Service Enablement</u> BPM needs to compose out of granular services (I would say "atomic" services)
    buiness meaningful services (here we have "molecular" services).
    The third level where BPM could be used is <u>Service Composition</u> because exactly this is the place
    where serveral Enterprise Services could be combined to a process representation.
    To come back to the discussion:
    1. The question should be how to indentify business meaningful services which could represent single process steps. ATP check, Credit card check, ... could be examples. In theory this service could be out-tasked, defined more flexible etc. This means that processes needs to be evaluated for Enterprise Service candidates. Afterwards you can check against SAP's Enterprise Services Repository for already existing Enterprise Services. The evalution for enterprise services candidates will be supported by the metodology mentioned by Kaj and David.
    2. I think domains in this context should be motivated by business and/or functional areas. Depending on the granularity. For example Order Fulfilment Services, Master Data Services, Search Services... These kind of serices can be combined again to services such as "Search of Master Data" (Search Service + Read Master Data Service) etc. or can be used to generate UI to be used in a ESA application.
    Your thoughts?
    Very best regards

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