Message Type for Material Master Data Changes

Hi all
I'm managing Message Types for Material Master Data extraction from R\3 system to BW system, in order to load on BW only the changes done to some fields of MARA table that are delta relevant.
Now from R/3 BD50 Transaction I can see that there is a message type that refer to changes done on MARA fields: RS0044.
I would like to replace this message type with another one (RS0020) in order to align different systems.
Now changes to material master data in R/3 system are recorder with both message types but only those with RS0044 message type are processed and loaded into BW system.
So I would like to know:
1. How is the message type related to the DataSource 0material?
2. is it possible to replace a message type for BW?
3. if yes, how can I do it?
Thanks in advance.
mail: [email protected]

Hi Oscar!
At the moment I'm using Delta queue of 0MATERIAL. I know that in the queue there are all the new and changed records.
But I would like to be able not to load all the changed records, but only those that refer to some fields of MARA table.
E.g. if the gross weight of a material is modified I don't want to load this change on BW with Delta loading .
I've seen that from R/3 Transaction BD52 you can set only delta relevant fields referred to a specific message type and to delete the other fields.
As I'm able to do this directly in the Development system and Test System, I haven't got the authorization of doing it in the Production system.
That's why I need to include this setting in a CR and then ask to transport it from Test to Production system.
But message types referred to MARA field changes are different between the two systems.
And it seems they are automatically created.
Is it true?

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    Hi Lakshminarayanan
      thanks for your information.
    i have tested by changing the Type of Sales in material master(MM02) but the FM - EXIT_SAPLMGMU_001(MGA00001) did NOT get trigger. i did not write any code in side the INCLUDE program.i just tried wether the User Exit is getting trigger or not while changing the material master.
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    Hey yes it is not possible (as of now
    I ve met the requirement by just using message statement in the program itself ............
    My requirement is met but still if anyone knows about this do answer / reply

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    dhayes12 wrote:
    > A)  When I do the (Material Backflush) MFBF for the 04 type, the Inspection Lot gets created OK.  I then can go into QA32 and assign the correct Inspection Plat by clicking the Inspection Lot button.
    > B)  When I do the MIGO via the Purchase Order (type Z01), it will not create the Lot if I have the Multiple Specs selected in the QM Material Master MM02.  If, I turn off the Multiple Specs in the QM Material Master and create a new PO and MIGO, it will create the Lot, however, it automatically assigns the lot to the wrong Inspection Plan (2nd Plan see above)  I need to be able to select the plan like I can with the 04 type.
    > Is their some setting that can be changed in Config or somewhere that acts the same way as example A above?
    For case A, create insp plan with usage "1- production" If you have one IP with this usage for given material then system will assign Plan to lot automatically. In your case for second plan update usage as 1.
    For case B, system should assign 1st plan make sure for both plan udage is correct. for 1st plan usage should be 5 while 2nd plan usage should be 1. Now if your 1st have status 4 and key date before lot date then system will assign plan auto.

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  • Change Documents for Material Classification data Changes

    Dear Friends,
    We have configured custom classification objects for material master and also we are able to maintain the material characteristics using MM01, MM02 and also using ALE interface. But I am not able to find the Change Documents in any of the table CDHDR & CDPOS. Please let me know what needs to be done to capture the change documents for a material classification changes in this case.
    Many thanks for you inadvance.
    Beast regards,

    Change logging of all Classification (including Material Classification) is controlled in the Class type configuration.
    SPRO -> Cross Application Components -> Classification System -> Classes -> Maintain Object types and Class types -> Select Object Table = MARA -> Double Click Class Types under MARA -> Select Class Type 001 and Display -> Check whether "Change Docs" check box is checked on.
    Also check that another flag "Chg. docs for Class" is set on all Objects under the Class type too (by double clicking the Objects folder for a Class type).
    If the Change docs flag is checked on for the relevant Class type and Object then change docs are logged in CDHDR and CDPOS tables for object "CLASSIFY"
    Also the "Change docs" flag cannot be set unless the "Multiple objects allowed" flag is also set in the Class type configuration.
    Please refer [SAP Note 65124 - Classification Change Documents|]
    Also the above note says and I quote: If "Multiple objects allowed" indicator is not set, start the RCCLUKA2 program. The classification data are converted and the indicator 'Multiple object types allowed' is set. Now you can set the indicator 'Change documents' in Customizing of the class type. However, it only says that change documents are generally possible for this class type. Therefore you have to select objects under 'OBJECTS' for which the change documents are to be written.
    So if the Class type doesn't have "Multiple objects allowed" set (along with Change docs flag not set), there is also a conversion that needs to be run using program RCCLUKA2.
    Also when you transport the configuration to a target system, the program RCCLUKA2 should be run again, refer [Note 379180 - Classification data disappeared| ]

  • Report to display material master data changes

    Is there a standard report available to display all changes to material master data over a specified time frame i.e all changes made alst week,all chnages made today.
    Please suggest.
    Thanks in advance.

    Appart from MM04, you can also have a look at MM03 or MM02:
    1. Goto MM02 or MM03 transactions and enter the material.
    2. Select the relevant views for which you want to have the details.
         In the Bar menu follow the path Environment -> Display changes.
    Here you will get the list of changes done to the fields with Old and
    New values.
    Appart from these two tools, there is not any other report provided in the standard for this target.
    I hope this helps!

  • Process for manual master data change by business directly in BW?

      My business want to have a chance to maintain some of material master data custom attributes directly in BW.
      Does anyone have any experience in this? I.e. how to give business a chance to populate their custom attributes in 0MATERIAL master data table <b>without access to RSA1</b>, and preferably <b>via web</b> interface?
      Will appreciate any ideas
    Thank you!

    I just went through the post by Vitaliy where he also metions about certain custom attributes being populated by the users , this should not have any issue only thing is that the activation of the master data should be triggerred automatically so that old data is not entered. I am not sure if this would b required when we are directly editing the table. There will be a version flag against each entry so I guess activation would be required.
    1. Only issue with a flat file is that someone has to enter all the required data , atleast the key attributes in the necessary format and then put it up for uploading which might become an overhead , otherwise flat files would work fine. Everytime there is a chage required , the busines user has to initiate the change and then save it and then give the details to BASIS / Uploader to upload the new files.
    Or since it is NW2004s , a simple function module may be written and the same could b called as a web service and the data could then be uploaded trough the web if required. Also people are prone to errors and if the flat file contains small characters etc and then the load fails , the overhead would increase. Delta loads would not be affected since going by te problem statement , the fiels to be changed do not come from the source and hence can be updated in BW itself.
    2. Since we are looking at data at the table level , editing the attributes should not be an issue , only thing is that the validation of the same will have to be done carefully.
    My 0.02

  • Creating MDM repository for Material Master Data

    Hello MDM Gurus,
    I am new to SAP MDM. I want to create MDM repository for Material Master. What I unddertand is, I can create repository using Bussiness Content shiped with MDM software. I will copy *.a2a file to archive folder of MDM server and unarchive repository. I have following question for you.
    1. HOw do I use export maps and import maps which I found in Busines contenst\Material folder?
    2. How do I use MDM Lookup Tables which is xml document in Busines contenst\Material folder?
    3. Why is the use of MDMGX_55520_Material.txt file which I found in Busines contenst\Material folder?
    4. What is the use of *.xsd files and how can I use them?

    Hi Bhupesh
    1. HOw do I use export maps and import maps which I found in Busines contenst\Material folder?
    save all the map files on your loacl machine. open import manager and select file-> Import, browse to the .map file and save the map with a meaningful name. now next time connect to the source file you want to import and OPEN the map saved.
    2. How do I use MDM Lookup Tables which is xml document in Busines contenst\Material folder?
    Businees content contains the standard  ECC refernce tables like countries, regions etc which can be refreshed from ECC. for this you have to configure MDMGX, defining all the ports in MDM and in ECC the tables from which data has to be refreshed. refer to below threads for details.
    Extract Data usnig MDMGX
    How to Export Materials from ERP to MDM 7.1 via MDMGX?
    3. Why is the use of MDMGX_55520_Material.txt file which I found in Busines contenst\Material folder?
    This helps us in configuring the table extraction from ECC, refer to thread-> Extract Data usnig MDMGX
    4. What is the use of *.xsd files and how can I use them?
    Schema files are used for syndicating the records from MDM to source system. Say we want to syndicate material master from MDM to ECC and in ECC they will be posted via MATMAS05 IDoc. these schemas are the structure of IDoc which will contain the values which will be syndicated from MDM.
    Let me know if you know some more details.

  • Multiple class types for material master classification display default.

    We are running on R/3 4.7.  We use several different class types for our material masters (001 and Z01).  The problem this creates is the end user having to constantly tell the system which class type to use when going to the classification screen for different materials with different class types.  If a user views one material's classification page with a particular class type (001) then looks at another material with a different class type (Z01) the system tries to pull in information from the last materials class type (001).  The system tells the user there are no assignments for the class (001) in the material their viewing but there is one for class type (Z01).  The user then has to select the class type that applies to the material master their trying to view.  Is there a way for the system to automatically see when a material has only one class type assigned to it for it to automatically default it in without the user having to specify the class type?

    Check the configuration, have you maintained default class type for material type.
    Logistic General> Material Master> Basic Setting> Material Type> Define attributes of Material Types>Select the material type> Double click on material type--> Class type
    Edited by: P. Dhamane on Jun 4, 2010 3:21 PM

  • Multiple Class Type for Material Master

    Hello Everyone,
    I would like to ask where in configuration can I setup Classification so that for each Material Master it can have Multiple Class Type. (such as 001 - Material Class, 023 - Batch, 300 - Variants).  Because currently I can only see 023 - Batch whenever I create a new Material Master.

    Check the configuration, have you maintained default class type for material type.
    Logistic General> Material Master> Basic Setting> Material Type> Define attributes of Material Types>Select the material type> Double click on material type--> Class type
    Edited by: P. Dhamane on Jun 4, 2010 3:21 PM

  • Table name for Customer Master data-Changes

    I want to see the changes made in Customer Master Data where i can get this
    Scenario is like someone has changed the customer master data in past, We want to know who has changed it or when it has been changed
    from WHICH Table I can get this information?
    I need the Table name only in which we can know who has changed it or when it has been changed or What are changed by them
    Thanks in advance,
    Best Regards,

    Dear Chandramohan,
    Try this option you can get the change details clearly
    Go to XD03 transaction enter your customer number and other details then go in to the general data from here you to Menu>Environment>Account changes-->Click on All fields now system will give the list of fields which were changed from these list you double click on the single field system will take you to the details of that again you double click on that now system will take you to more details about the changes.
    I hope this will help you,

  • Mass change for material master data

    Dear all,
    Previously my company had marked some storage location for MRP indicator to exclude the storage location stock from MRP run.
    Now I need to reactive back those storage location, where should I go?
    I know a way which can active back material by material (tcode: MM02), but that is too slow for me, because I need to active back around hundrreds of materials.
    Anyone know where can I modify the storage location indicator and active back it? I had test MM17, MASS, LSMW.. but it seems like not supported for SAP version 4.0B.
    Hope will get reply soon, this issue was quite urgent.
    Best Regards,

    Dear Peai,
    check with this steps SPRO - SAP Reference IMG - Production - Material
    Requirement Planning - Planning - Define Storage location MRP per plant - Enter
    the plant - Check for which Storage locations has got the indicator 1 - Storage
    Location stock excluded from MRP - Now remove that or choose the values.
    Check with & revert.

  • Problems with new fields added for tc MASS for material master data.

    Hello to all.
    We created new fields in MARA table and added to the process of the tc MASS. We made the following steps and it almost works correctly:
    1-Add new fields to the object ZBUS1001, copy of bus BUS1001.
    2-Add new fields to table T130F
    3-Add new field to structure E1MARAM.
    4-Add new fields to structure CL_MMH1.
    5-Add new fields to structure MARA_TMP.
    6-Created a function module to control that the new fields not filled in MASS have a "/" value.
    If we run the mass for our objetct ZBUS1001 and put a new value or modify the value of new fields, the tc MASS works correctly.If we want to delete a value leaving the value empty,click to the carry out a mass change button and save the change, the system don´t delete the value and keep the first value.
    Do you know what the problem is , and what step we didn´t make it.
    Thanks in advance.
    Edited by: tonnetti pablo on Feb 6, 2008 7:45 PM

    Check ZTERMDT is checked under Attribute list as below.
    Hope it helps..

  • Trigger automatic e-mail for Material Master field change

    Hi All,
            Please guide me, Is that possible can we able to trigger automatic e-mail to the when ever SAFETY STOCK field get changed.
    If the above is possible, Please advice me a step by step procedure will be thankful.
    Thanks in Advance.

    dear friend
    you probably might look at SAP Business Workflow features

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