Migrating parked invoices

We have a large number of parked invoices to migrate into SAP from an external system.
Note 381593 states that transaction MIR7 cannot be used via batch processing and to use BAPI BUS2081 instead.  However this is not available via the LSMW.
Are there any other transactions that can be used to load the data into SAP?

Abdul - As I have already mentioned, the BAPI listed in note 381593 which is recommended to use (BUS2081) is NOT AVAILABLE to use via the LSMW.  If you go to "Maintain Object Attributes" and enter that value (BUS2081) you get the error message "please enter valid value".  It is not available to select via the drop-down menu either.
I am looking for an answer on how to ...
(a) Incorporate BUS2081 into the LSMW
(b) Record an alternative (batch supported) transaction via the LSMW to migrate the data into SAP
(c) Another recommended solution

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  • Report for Parked Invoices

    Dear gurus
    Im generating a report using structure RFPOSXEXT. problem im facing is that im getting all the document numbers which are open items and cleared items but im not getting the document number of a parked items. can you tell me how. ?
    Saad NIsar

    Create your new report using the table RBKP : Invoice header...
    here use the field RBSTAT and entry as PARKED...and then execute...
    It will show all parked documents...
    What you want exactly?? If you wanna see just Parked invoices, then can check it form FBV3 report...
    FBV0 is used for post/delete the park invoices...
    Hope it helps..
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  • Error while saving after changing the date of a parked invoice document in MIR7

    DUPREC:POS&INCOMINGINVOICE&(Invoice Number)(Fiscal Year)
    Message no. CD328

    Hope you are getting the dump Please check this note 1687903 - MIR4: Dump while saving parked invoice
    also check the dump at ST21 for the ABAP statement whare it is getting an issue and rectify the same .

  • Error in workflow while linking goods receipt document with parked invoice

    Hi All,
    I parked document using Tcode MIRO, when WF has been executed and goods receipt document has been created.At the time that we tried to link this goods receipt to parked invoice document in the workflow,The problem happens with work item saying the status as Error. See the below error.
    MIRO Invoice: 801061193 2010 Item: 000001     13.09.2010     09:24:58     Error     AP Workflow for MIRO/MIRA Parked Invoice
    Can anyone advice why it is coming so?
    Thanks in advance.

    In SWEL go to workflow trace and see what exactly is the error. This error description is too generic to arrive at soln.

  • Parked invoices

    Please let me know the query/transaction/report for parked invoices with input as vendor and plant combination.

    MIR5/MIR6, Tick Parked or Held in respective section of the transaction.
    Hope, helped.

  • Parked invoices not includes in report

    Object: ABAP program ZCAMU_INV_DOWNLOAD
    That program downloads invoices created during a month
    Problem: Program downloads only invoices created from transaction MIGO (Invoice Creation) or MR8M (Invoice Cancellation). If an invoice has been created from MIR7 (Park Invoice), it is not included, and it should be.
    Request: include data from transaction MIR7 (Park Invoice)

    probably the SELECT contains a filter on field FKART of VBRK table.
    Rewards if it helps

  • Parked invoices report required

    Hi All
    Is there any report / table  to display parked invoices apart from MIR6 / MIR5 , in which we can see the parked invoices list w.r.t PO doc type and document date ?? Moreover Service entry sheet no. display will be an additional advantage in the report.
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    Please check the report : S_ALR_87012992
    May helpful to you..

  • Automatically generate accruals for Parked Invoices

    Dear SAP Gurus,
    I am currently in the process of trying to improve our month end accrual process.
    We currently have a standard process where we issue a PO, book in the delivery and then process the invoice. Occasionally we have instances where the invoice is received before the GRN is completed (the goods havent actually arrived or a User has forgottent to book in the Goods Receipt).
    In this instance we park the invoice and then complete once the GRN has been booked in.
    My question is is it possible to automatically accrue these parked invoices at month end without having to download and then post via a journal?
    Is there some way of using the accrual engine to account for these parked invoices at month end?
    Thank you for you time.

    To initiate a new payment batch, enter criteria for the invoices you want to pay. Payables selects all invoices that match your invoice selection criteria and that are ready for payment.
    You can initiate payment batches from either the Payment Batches window or the Payment Batch Sets window. You can also schedule payment batch sets to automatically submit at regular intervals.
    And yes, the payment batches consist on standard concurrent requests. You can access payment batches by naviganting to Payments/Entry/Payment Batches.
    As you know, you can classify your suppliers in a Payment Group. Suppose you have, lets say, 150 suppliers, all belonging to the same Payment Group. All invoices from these suppliers can be paid on a single payment batch.

  • Business object type for parked invoices

    We are using documentum to store documents that have been attached to business object types in SAP. The business object types are configured in transaction OAC3 to point to a pre-configured content repository.
    Having this configuration allows the object type to use the "services for objects" option, enabling it to store attachments.
    The business object types for invoices have been configured and we are able to store attachments. However this does not seem to work for "Parked invoices". The configuration in the "services for objects" component is not there and the feature to store the attachment is disabled.
    As the configuration needs to be done for all object types that need to be able to store attachments, maybe someone here can indicate what the object type is for parked invoices. Alternatively, maybe there is a way to look up the various business object types.
    Any help you can provide is appreciated.
    Kind Regards,

    Hi ,
    Thank You for your reply.
    I created inquiry . it takes BUS2031.But BUS2031 is used for quotation.But that inquiry is open in VA12(Change Inquiry) Transaction,not open in VA22(Change Quotation).
    Is there any setting for BOR object types to Document Types.
    Please give me a reply as early as possible.It's very urgent.

  • Std workflow for Parked Invoices?

    hi guys
    are there any std workflows for parked invoices? Our requirement is that once the Finance clerk creates a customer or vendor invoice he should only be able to park it and not post the invoice. Once the invoice is parked then the system should trigger a workflow and a notification neeeds to be sent to the approver to approve the invoice. Once it is done the finance clerk will post the invoice.
    I switched on the event trace and did a trace on while creating a parked invoice. No event is triggered when the document is parked. If i post the document the event POSTED of object FIPP is triggerd. So since we dont have any std events raised when a document is parked is it possible to have a workflow?

    The event FIPP.CREATED is raise via the customizing (SPRO)
    Financial Accounting -> Financial Accounting global setting -> document -> document parking -> create workflow variant for parking documents.
                                      Assign co.code to a workflow variant for parking documents.
    Have a look at ws10000051.

  • WF for parked invoices

    I need to create a workflow for parked invoices and I have a couple of questions.
    (1) I am copying template WS20001003, but at the end of the WF I want someone to post the invoice, however this WF doent allow you to do that, is there a SAP standard way of doing this or do I need to create my own subtype and method?
    (2) another requirement I have is for the AP clerk to choose who to send the WF too, and that perosn can then reject the WF and send it back to the AP clerk, who then will resend it to someone else.  I can figure out how to let the AP clerk choose who to send the WF to but how do I allow it to get passed back?

    I think your first requirement can be achieved thru authorization. Give only the concerned person the authorization to post the document.

  • Posting a Parked Invoice

    Hi All,
    I am developing a report to post the parked invoices.
    For this i have used the function module 'MRM_INVOICE_READ' and the function module 'MRM_PARKED_INVOICE_POST'.
    But when i select a parked invoice from the ALV Grid display and click on the post button i get a warning message like 'Invoice quantity greater than PO Quantity(NO GR)'.
    Can anyone suggest how to overcome this or is there any other function module to POST the parked invoice.
    In this case there is no GR done for the Purchase order.

    this is how i see it:
    parked invoices can only be posted when they have no errors.
    With the simulation button you can display all errors available.
    In your case you receive the message: Invoice quantity greater than PO Quantity
    go to the invoice in question via MIR4 + F7 and correct the error.
    You have two options:
    1.- decrease the amount to be invoiced.
    2.- increase the amount of the po.
    Check as well how tolerances are set in your system.
    Best regards.

  • Report to Identify Parked Invoices and Invoices without PO#

    Is there a report out there that will provide me
    1. All Parked Invoices
    2. All Parked Credit Notes
    3. All invoices without ref to PO#

    Use Reports MIR5 and MIR6
    These will suffice your requirement.


    Hi Experts,
    I have one new requirement in AP Aging Report Parked invoice
    Needs to display report out put as below.
    Days                        Count                      Amount
    0-30 Days
    31-60 Days
    61-90 Days
    91-120 Days
    121-150 Days
    151-180 Days
    181-210 Days
    211- Remaining Days
    Based on Document Date (0Doc_Date) when report will execute should count same day to before 30 days count should be display in Count Column and Amount should display in Amount column. Like this days should be count
    This is very high pri issue for me. Can you please provide your guidelines, how can I design this report.
    And let me know if it required more details.

    See the simila report for Material Ageing. In the same way you can do it using Formula/Customer Exit Variables.
    Calculating the Ageing of the Materials

  • Difference between Parked invoice and posted park invoice.

    Dear All,
    I am trying to create a new program to extract the invoices posted by MIRO and MIR7.  I have no problem to find invoices posted by MIRO in RBKP and RSEG.
    However, as currenty one user will use MIR7 to park invoices and another user will use MIRO to post the invoices, I don't know how to sparate the parked invoice and posted park invoice. C's I have found that the parked not posted invoice and posted park invoice were all displayed in RBKP with transaction code MIR7.
    Thank you very much

    If the Invoice document is missing some information that is required for posting. In this case we will park the document. Here some preliminary checks will be performed.  Balance might not be zero.But in this case updates were performed.
    The invoice was posted online and verified as being correct(Balance must be Zero). Updates were made.
    Please use RBKP-RBSTAT field to find out the different type os status.
    I hope this helps.
    Ravinagh Boni

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