Minimum height for main window

I am having a table with datas in my main window and a seperate footer(not table footer) which has to be dispalyed at the end of the page and both with borders. My problem is that when there is few data the box of main window is not touching the box of footer. It will display as 2 seperate boxes. I have tried providing minimum height to tables. But did not helped. Please suggest me a solution.
Thanks in advance,

Hi Sathar,
In FORM PAINTER u just join the borders of the main window and the footer.
so that i will display both joined even if the data is more aor less.
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  • Maximum height of main window

    Dear experts,
    I would like to know what is the maximum height i can give for main window.
    How to print data in next line.
    How to give reduce space or increase space after text field.

    Hi Antony,
    To be honest with you, I think the problem here is Shilpa and the question itself (no search done).
    I recommend being selective about questions answered and doing a quick check on the user's ability to search and doing "lazy closing" before answering.

  • Setting a minimum height for a dyanmic subform

    I am creating a form that is reading in a set of instructions from XML. I would like to limit the instructions to 2 per page. Is there a way I can set a minimum height for the subform, so it will at least be 1/2 the page?

    If that's the case, then you could size each field in the Design view so that each field takes up have a page. Then in the Layout tab select "expand to fit height" (should also have allowed multiple lines in the Object / Field tab).
    Then when you import the XML, short instructions will appear two per page, while longer ones will flow onto following pages. If the fields are set to half a page then you should not get more than 2 on a page.
    Hope that is of help,

  • Minimum height for second facet in PanelSplitter.

    I am using af:panelSplitter with vertical orientation. Is it possible to specify a minimum height for the second facet so that the facet so that the splitter cant be moved down when the second facet have certain height.
    At present I can move the splitter till the bottom of the page so that the second facet disappears entirely.

    don't think there is a way to do this.

  • Dynamic Height of Main Window in Smartform

    Good day experts...
    Actually this problem puzzled me since yesterday when I am developing a customized printout for PO.
    Right now, we have an existing form for our PO.. The management asked me to do another PO form for the second company. Thus, there will be two layouts of PO... Since the content are just the same, I just copied the program of our existing PO and make the necessary adjustment for the new layout for our new PO. My problem now is the Main Window for the second PO...
    As far as I know, only One main window is allowed in every Page. So what I did was, I created two tables (let say Table 1 and Table 2.) inside the main window. I just placed condtions on the condition tab of both tables that when user selected company A, Table 1 will be displayed. Otherwise Table 2 will be displayed  if company B is selected.
    Now, I have produced correct output. My only problem now is, the height of the second window which must be shorter than the first PO. I am aware that the main window's height is fixed and cant be changed dynamically.
    Before I write this post, I google(search) the net to view some possible solutions. One option that it was suggested is to create another page, say Page2... On that second page, create another main window which is smaller in height.. This would be the second PO. On the main window of the first Page, insert a command line. Then, pinpoint to the second page when the condtion is true.
    This technique was not successful when I tried. Since  when i try to see the prinout of the PO, the first page is blank and the detail of the PO is on the second page which should NOT be.
    Another possible way to solve this problem that I think is , create a separate smartform for the second company. In this case, no worry about the height of the main window. However, my problem that I forsee is, how can I implement on ME23N, to pinpoint two separate smartforms?
    Thanks in advance experts... I hope to hear your wonderful ideas...

    As you are already using smartforms for PO printout(instead of standard form MEDRUCK) , you should have already changed the standard driver program (SAPFM06P) in a zprogram or have done your own driver program which is calling the smartform. So its so simple that you branch your different smartform call in that zprogram. Check which driver program is currently in use in tcode NACE - > Application EF ->Output Type NEU and click processing routine.
    Another way is to have a  copy of the secondary window and adjust size and give conditions.
    Karthik D

  • Is it possible to set a minimum height for a DIV container?

    Hello fellow developers,
    I wonder if it is possible to set a minimum height or a fixed height for a DIV container (P container, SPAN conrainer) like in HTML?
    Thank you!

    Thank you, Robin!
    But is it somehow possible to reserve a portion of space in the text flow so that later I can put a movie clip over this open space?
    (In HTML I would create a fixed dimension DIV element for this purpose and add its contents later.)

  • Lync SDK 2013 for main window extension

    Hi All,
    I am new to WPF and working on Lync SDK 2013. I am looking for extending the main windows but there is no API which will allow me to do that. Could anyone let me know is there any mechanism to extend the main window or can get the windows co-ordinates and
    event from the Lync main window.
    I tried docking the window but it just pops out. and doesnt give me control on the lync main window.

    Hi Santosh,
    I believe this is what you are looking for -
    Keep in mind, this only serves to wrap the conversation window with your WPF application and provides you the necessary windows handle to instantiate your control and dock to the conversation window.  You can then leverage the WPF Lync controls to add
    in additional Lync functionality around the conversation window.
    If you want to build an "add-in" to the conversation window that still has Lync controls on it, that is where you would then be looking to use Silverlight with the lync controls embedded in that container.
    Greg Thomas | <b></b>

  • I can't set the minimum height for a flowed subform

    I have a subform, sfQ, that holds four items, tfInitials, cbQ, tfTypeCheck (hidden), and tfQ1. tfQ1 is a text field that allows multiple lines. All four start with a height of .3125in. When I set the subform to flowed, the items move to "top to bottom" order, and the subform changes height to .9375 (as I would expect). When I change the subform back to "Western text", the subform's height does not shrink back to .3125in. I would expect it to shrink back down since the subform does not need to be so large when the lines are running left-to-right.
    If I select the subform and go to the layout pallette, then type in the height I want, it reverts back to .9375in.
    If I click and drag the sizing box in the design view, it expands back to it's larger size.
    If I remove all but one field and change the subform to flowed, it still goes back to .9375!
    If I go to the docReady event for the subform and set the height with this.h = ".3125in"; the subform will not expand when the text field tfQ1 receives a long value (two or more lines).
    Any ideas about getting around this?

    I figured it out...
    I added another line to the docReady event, so now I have:
    this.h = ".3125in";
    this.maxH = "9in";

  • Column heights in Smartform main window

    Helo All.
    I want to display complete column heights in main window of a smartform.
    Right now, if there is a only one line item then in Smartform, it is printing the column height only upto that line item.
    But I want to print complete height in the main window.
    Points are assured !!!

    Hi Anay,
       Can u be more specific.
       If my understanding is correct ( U have a main window say 6 X 4 inch size, inside which u are printing a table ,here if u have only one record then , U want the smartform to have 6 X 4 box with only one line.
    The purpose of main window is not print the way u had asked for and to roll over to the next page if more records are to be printed,
    Let me know  , what u are printing in the main window ,, a table ?????
    how to u want the display to be if the table  has 35 records ,where we can print only 20(say) in one page
    how u want the output in first page and second opage ?
    do u want all rthe records to be printed or only n number of rocerds to be printed
    rewrd points if u find it useful

  • Regarding Main Window Height

    hi all,
        I am facing probelm that
      I am developing proforma invoice smartform .
    how can we adjust dynamically the height of smartform.
    Suppose i displayed 4 line items but height of main window is more.   it need to adjust to 4 line items.
    suppose i displayed 6 line items it needs to adjust 6 line items.
    like that.
    plz suggest solution.
    Rami Reddy

    In smartforms, in the main window U have to create the table and then display the line item data in the body of the table . this will solve ur problem as if the number of line item increase then the size of the table increases dynamically.....
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    Edited by: Shakeel Irfan on Jun 25, 2008 8:57 AM

  • How to use Two main windows with in a page in script ?

    Hi any body explain me...
    How to use Two main windows with in a page in script ?
    with  header data in one main window,
    & Item data in other main window.

    u need to go for <b>SPLITTING THE MAIN WINDOW</b> !!!
    Main windows in page windows allow you to format text in multiple columns. Define an area in the page window, in which to position the main windows.
    Here is the procedure !!
    -->Create a page window and assign it to a page.
    Choose <b>Edit --> Main windows</b>.
    A dialog box appears.
    -->Enter values in the fields <b>Area width</b> and A<b>rea height</b> in accordance with the input guidelines for main windows.
    -->Enter values in the fields <b>Spacing</b> and Number in the <b>Horizontal group</b> if you want to use multiple columns. You can ignore the fields in the Vertical group.
    Determine how many columns and line areas are required for label printing. Then enter the corresponding values in the fields in the <b>Horizontal and Vertical groups</b>.
    -->The value in the field Left margin varies from main window to main window if multiple columns are used. The following applies:
    Left margin of current column + Window width + Horizontal spacing = Left margin of next column</b>
    In label printing, the field Upper margin also varies from main window to main window:
      Upper margin of current main window +  Window height + Vertical spacing = Upper margin of next main window</b>
    -->Enter a value in the field Start position.
    This is a counter. Enter a starting value which is equal to or greater than 1.
    -->The main windows are added to the list.
    -->Save your form.
    reward if it helps u...
    sai ramesh

  • Long Text in Main Window

    I am trying to print 'Item Text' from invoice just below each item description(same cell of 'item descripotion' is used to print 'Item Text' in MAIN WINDOW )  in smartform. I had used an include text.
    For Ex: long text maintained is
    If suppose maximum size of cell can occupy only 3 lines of above long text , then it should only print remaining last two lines on the next page .
    Main Window
    Page 1
    Item Desciption
    Page 2
    Also in the layout design height of main window on NEXT PAGE  is slightly greater than size on FIRST PAGE.
    But , in my case it is generating three pages.  Page 2 and 3 are printed as shown below.
    Page 2
    Item Desciption
    Page 3
    Item Desciption
    Please let me know , how to correct this.
    Note:- Form is Migrated from SAP Script to Smartform.

    Hi Mayank,
    Use Page protection For that TEXT Element (Include) in output options.

  • Main window overflowing in SAPScript

    I have a Main window in SAPScript and i have displayed a box around it using the foll. command
    I also have horizontal and vertical lines for the rows & columns (like a table)
    When the data is more than 1 page it flows to the next page. But on the next page all the horizontal and vertical lines move to the top of the page whereas my data is displayed below. Also the box around my main window no longer appears.
    I think it is mainly becoz i have 2 other windows- Payee and Vendor address before the main window on the 1st page whereas they are not reqd. on the 2nd page. How do i solve the problem so tht the lines and box fit properly on the main window on every page?

    You can define different condition for printing the box for Main window.
    And also you can define different Window sizes like Top margin, Window height etc for different pages differntly
    in the main window text elements say
    So that depending on the size of the MAIN window the Box is drawn.

  • Reg: Displaying all the items of main window in the same page itself.

    I am developing an SAp Script form which is using five windows. Out of which third window is the main window. In the main window i am displaying details of item sold. The form prints perfectly when the number of items is with in the limit of the main window height. When it exceeds the main window height a second page with the same format of the first page is displayed with the remaining items in main window. ie 1,2,4,5 window is repeated in both pages.
    I want to display all the items of the main window in the first page itsel and if it exceeds first page show the remainng items in the next page and then display 4th and 5th window. IS it posiible using SAp script. Am i to do some configuration for this?
    Note: I have assigned Next page to first page itself.

    Thanks Anji.
    I understood about display of first and second windows.
    About main window and Fourth and Fifth window i still have doubt. I have given specific height to main window and after that put the fourth and fifth window with specific height in first page itself. So what happens is that When mainwindow overflows it will print up to specified height in the first page. Then prints the Fourth and Fifth window in first page. Then it goes to second window prints the remaining items in main window then again displays fourth and fifth window. Could you please find a solution for this too.

  • Problem with line items print in Script MAIN window.

    Dear Friends,
    I am facing a problem with display the line items in main window.
    Here i have created my form with 2 pages,
    in first page i have created header window(my header information is full length of page), in second page i have created 2 windows, one for MAIN window and second for FOOTER window,
    i am having the Footer information about to off the page.
    and in my main window total 3 line items are coming, if i am having 3 line items then it is displaying properly (first 3 line items then immediately footer information on same page) but if am having more then 3 line items say four, then in my second page first it is printing 3 line items then it is switching into another page. After that footer is coming but. in previous page after printing 3 line items the remaining page is empty..
    my client want me to remove that place also. he wants to display continue..
    i think so u people r understand what is my problem...pls advice me what i want to do to solve this problem.

    Hi Sridher,
    If you want to display the footer information only on the last page why dont you use a table to display your details and place the footer details in the table footer instead of a seperate footer window.

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