Missing VOB file type from pull down list of file formats

All of a sudden I can no longer import vob files.  This had been working fine, but then I installed Encore, updated everything (Premiere shows version 4.1.0) and now the vob files I had previously inported are no longer recognized and a vob file type no longer shows up on the pull down list of file types that can be inported.
Any suggestions?

Does any MPEG variant still show up, for instance in the Sequence Presets does it show HDV, XDCAM, or similar?
If not, you have been bitten by the Installer Bug.
Many have experienced problems in the sense that after updating, their full version reverts to trial status. Often this is caused by either a faulty installation previously or having used at one time the trial version. The best solution, cumbersome and time consuming, is to uninstall, run the CleanScript 2 or 3 times and reinstall and then apply the updates again.
Look here: Using the Adobe Creative Suite 4 Clean Script

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    I have a folder with approximately 20,000 files in it. The files are a mix of eps, tif, jpg, and PSD files. I want to convert all the eps files to tifs. For now I've created a folder into which I move approximately 500 eps files at a time (that I manually select) and then run a batch action I created to convert them. This works fine but you can imagine how long this process will take (moving, converting, emptying the folder, moving 500 more files, and so on). I'd like to know if there's a way, either within an action or the batch command (or possibly a script or even some other way) that Photoshop would select only the eps files to convert. I could let it run overnight if it were possible.
    I'm using Photoshop CC on a Mac running 10.6.8 with 7GB RAM.

    I'm not sure about EPS files but the rest can be taken care of via File > Scripts > Image Processor. I'm pretty sure that EPS files can't be handled by Image Processor though.

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    When I type a word or term into the Google search bar the auto-complete fails; there is no pull down list of options for my search, only what I have completely typed in. I have to type in the complete word or term that I am searching for and then press return to get the results. I'm using a MacBook and OS X 10.7.5 Please help! This is so frustrating!

    Note that websites may be using autocomplete=off to prevent Firefox from saving and filling autocomplete data as I posted above.
    Did you check for that?
    You can remove autocomplete=off with a bookmarklet.
    * http://kb.mozillazine.org/User_name_and_password_not_remembered
    If a site uses autocomplete="off" then look at this article for a bookmarklet to remove the autocomplete attribute.
    * http://kb.mozillazine.org/User_name_and_password_not_remembered (bookmarklet)
    You can paste this code in the command line in the Web Console (Web Developer > Web Console; Ctrl+Shift+K) and press the Enter key to verify if there is an input field with autocomplete.
    <pre><nowiki>var c=0,e=document.querySelectorAll('input[autocomplete],form[autocomplete]'),T='\n';
    for(i=0;E=e[i];++i){T+='['+(++c)+'] '+(E.name||'#'+E.id)+' ('+(V=E.getAttribute('autocomplete').toLowerCase())+')\n';}
    console.log('autocomplete: '+c+T);

  • I can't see the font names in the TYPE - Font pull down menu?

    I can't see the font names in the TYPE - Font pull down menu?  The fonts are in there, but I can only see the name as I scroll past each one - almost like they are white text???

    I believe this may solve it:
    Open System Preferences and go to Accessibility. Next, select Display from the source list along the left, then check the box labelled Reduce transparency.
    It was first presented in this post #15 by TheUlser:
    It has been described on this Adobe page:
    It may also depend on the monitor, as it appears from post #29 by Loncar in the same thread.
    Obviously, this also influences some other things so there may be a downside to it.

  • Unable to capture data from drop down list in custom added field in migo tcode at item level

    Hi guys,
    need bit help in resolving query related to custom added field in Tcode migo.
    i have added a field in migo at item level ,in this i have used drop down list
    to get data but unable to capture data from drop down list.gown through
    many blogs in scn but unable to resolve.
    Please help me out in this.

    U can use following code to fill the list box
    write this code in PBO
    In layout editor please select listbox in dropdown attribute of input field and put some fctcode attribute
    TYPE-POOLS vrm.
      DATA values TYPE vrm_values WITH HEADER LINE.
      TABLES: <ur custom Database table>.
      clear values, values[].
      SELECT * FROM <ur custom Database table>.
        values-text = <TABLE FIELD TO DISPLAY IN DROPDOWN> .
        APPEND values.
          id              = '<SCREEN INPUT FIELD NAME>'
          values          = values[]
          id_illegal_name = 1
          OTHERS          = 2.
    Also please define the following before accessing the listbox value
    data: <listbox input field name> type <table field name>,
            <inputfield name where text to display> type string  in top include
    In PAI, select the text from the table into <inputfield name where text to display>  depending on value selected which will be called when enter key is pressed or any vale is selected

  • Itunes problem: when I change the file "media type" from 'Music' to 'Podcast' the file disapears from ITUNES. I do this via (1) right click, (2) select 'Get Info', (3) select 'options' tab, and (4) change media type. What is the problem?

    Itunes problem: when I change the file "media type" from 'Music' to 'Podcast' the file disapears from ITUNES. I do this via (1) right click, (2) select 'Get Info', (3) select 'options' tab, and (4) change media type. What is the problem?

    Hi Memalyn
    Essentially, the bare issue is that you have a 500GB hard drive with only 10GB free. That is not sufficient to run the system properly. The two options you have are to move/remove files to another location, or to install a larger hard drive (eg 2TB). Drive space has nothing to do with SMC firmware, and usually large media files are to blame.
    My first recommendation is this: download and run the free OmniDiskSweeper. This will identify the exact size of all your folders - you can drill down into the subfolders and figure out where your largest culprits are. For example, you might find that your Pictures folder contains both an iPhoto Library and copies that you've brought in from a camera but are outside the iPhoto Library structure. Or perhaps you have a lot of purchased video content in iTunes.
    If you find files that you KNOW you do not need, you can delete them. Don't delete them just because you have a backup, since if the backup fails, you will lose all your copies.
    Don't worry about "cleaners" for now - they don't save much space and can actually cause problems. Deal with the large file situation first and see how you get on.
    Let us know what you find out, and if you manage to get your space back.

  • Too many addresses in mail's "From" pull-down menu

    i have 3 mobileme addresses, a few of aliases, and 1 gmail account. my problem is this:
    when composing a new message, there are too many addresses the "from" pull-down menu, because mail includes both the .mac and .me versions of each of my aliases. so, instead of a list of 6 addresses, mail shows 10. furthermore, the addresses appear, in the menu, in a random order, making it even harder to find and select the address i need:
    they display in this order:
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    - how do i get mail to stop listing both the .mac and .me versions of addresses (aliases) in the pull-down menu?
    - and how do i alphabetize the list?

    i must have been really tired when posting the above. lol. obviously i meant "a few aliases" and "there are too many addresses in the 'from' pull-down menu."
    i hope someone knows how to address this issue. (no pun intended.)

  • Why is the PAPER SIZE pull down list different between my 2 identical MFPs?

    Indesign 6 - Toshiba MFPs with PS3 Drivers.
    I have 2 of the same models Toshiba MFPs - 5560c, and using the Universal PS3 Driver under Windows 7 PC.
    Why is my Paper Size pull down list different between to the 2 MFPs?  The main reason I ask; I don't leave it on "Defined by Driver" because that affects full bleed with crop mark printing, so I setup the driver first (say 12x18), then come back to the InDesign dialog and select a paper size.
    For my scenario I need 12x18 - which shows in one list but not the other. Aside from that the lists are totally different - why is that?  How can I manage that list?

    Sorry same screenshot

  • Mobile Me Alias not showing up in "From" drop down list in Mac Mail

    I have a couple of older .mac/Mobile Me email aliases that used to show up as either [email protected] or [email protected] in Mac Mail in the From drop down list, as recently as yesterday. Today, all I can see for any alias that has both the .mac and @me options due to their age, is the @mac.com version. I want to use the @me version of the alias, but this option no longer shows in the list. Newer Mobile Me aliases only have the @me.com address and they show up fine. One last point. If I use the Mobile Me web mail app, I can see both the @mac.com and the @me.com choices in the From drop down list, so it's working as it should.
    Mail isn't working correctly, but since I've not updated the Mail app recently, I suspect Mobile Me isn't sending both versions of the aliases over when the list is refreshed.
    Any suggestions? Thanks!

    It started about a week ago. The "From" drop-dow is now missing in Mac Mail. It should appear beneath the subject line. I was working with MobileMe Chat support for about 3 hours. They cannot solve the problem and have now escalated it to the "Senior Advisor Team."

  • Safari 5.1 - Clicking on pull down list reloads all windows and tabs

    Clicking on a <select> tag option on my website has the effect of reloading every windows and tab there is currently open. It worked fine on Safari 5.0 and works fine on other browsers. Happens on two different computers, yet it does not happen with every pull down list, only with the ones that have the grey line before the arrows.
    Clicking on the year, country, whatever, they all reload everything on the browser.
    Thanks for any help...

    When you apply certain styles to a select tag, Safari switches to a "design-friendly" dropdown control without any Aqua styling. That's what you're seeing when you get the "gray line" before the arrows.
    So far, I've determined that going into the Web Inspector and removing styles until Safari uses the default Aqua control fixes the problem.
    But, if I build a test page from scratch, and it has a "design-friendly" select it works fine. So, there's some combination of things at work here. The "design-friendly" control certainly seems to be the linchpin, though.
    I can't spend any more time on it at work today, but I might futz with it some more tonight.

  • How do I restrict the items shown in Action pull-down list in Quote Overiew

    I would like to restrict the items shown in the pull-down list of Actions in Quote Overview Screen in Oracle Quoting (HTML)
    The list is defined as part of Quick Codes (Lookup_type = ASO_QUOTE_ACTION). Per my understanding, it should show up all the lookup values enabled in ASO_QUOTE_ACTION. But I see only a few of those enabled in the action drop-down list in Overview Screen.
    I appreciate if any one can provide any clue where they are restricted.
    To access ASO_QUOTE_ACTION Loookup code, here is the navigation path.
    ® Quoting Sales Manager &#8594; (N) Setup &#8594; Quick Codes and query for ASO_QUOTE_ACTION.

    Wrong Forum....

  • File type from file name

    Is there any standard method to get a file type from file name?
    File name can be ‘C:\test.doc’ or “C:\test’(test – is file) i.e. with or without file type extension.

    You can use the Function module PC_SPLIT_COMPLETE_FILENAME
    export paramter extension will tell the type of file
    Sample Output
    Import     CHECK_DOS_FORMAT     
    Export     DRIVE     C
    Export     EXTENSION     TXT
    Export     NAME     TEST
    Export     NAME_WITH_EXT     TEST.TXT
    Export     PATH     \

  • Getting the file type from a placed file

    I am trying to get the file type from items placed on a page. I know the types available has one of the three interfaces "IImageAttributes", "IEPSAttributes" or "IPDFAttributes", but how can i test whether the placed image is a TIF, JPG ... Of course i could test on the suffix or the file type (mac), but that isnt "secure" enough, since InDesign can place files with no filetype or extension, if they are in an importable format.
    What I want in short, is to read the filetype shown in the Info palette, any one knows how to do this?

    Thanks, I did take a look in these interfaces, but that didnt solve the problem for eps, pdf and other none raster types.
    Instead I found the:
    Which gives me the string from the Info palette.

  • Customizing Purchase Group Pull Down List in EBP portal

    Does anyone know how to modify the pull down list (Purchasing Group) in the portal. My functional told me PPOMA_BBP unable to achieve her requirement.
    I found FM BBP_PGRP_ASSIGN_BADI but this BADI is normally for assignment... what I need is modification of the values in the pull down list.
    Other than using PPOMA_BBP, is there any other way to modify the Purchasing Group's Pull Down List values?
    William Wilstroth

    Sorry posted in wrong thread... closing now

  • How to change the file type from IMOVIE PROJECT to other types of file

    how to change the file type from IMOVIE PROJECT to other types of file??
    thank you very much for your help=]

    I am not sure what you mean, but once you make a project. Then go to the share menu and you can export the project to iDVD, itunes, mobileme, quicktime.
    Share export quicktime movie will allow you to export to a variety of codecs. What specific export are you looking to share the movie in? What is the final source that the movie will be displayed?

Maybe you are looking for

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