Music store freezes

Hello all!
I am getting increasingly frustrated with the music store. At times it works well, I can purchase and download music, burn to CD, move songs back and forth off of my nano, update podcasts, no issue at all.
And then there are days like today when I go to open the music store and the access bar almost makes it across and then it stops. I can't access the music store. Period. I can do everything else in iTunes, I just cannot access the music store. It's like that portion of the software freezes.
If I restart my computer it usually works, but tonight I had to restart three times and still never got in.
I am connected to the internet - cable 24/7 access.
Any suggestions?
Dell Latitude D400   Windows XP Pro   Norton Antivirus

It could be anything stopping it from loading. Do you get any error messages when this happens? Usually the main things that stop access to the music store is firewalls, antivirus suites, ROuters, and internet triffic.
Try disabling firewalls and antivirus when you can't get thru and see if you can after disabling them. It could also be your ISP causing it. Most cabel setups you share with the whole neighborhood. could be just the houses on your street, could be the whole section of the city you live in. If you only get these problems at night, Id say its due to the heavy triffic from everyone being on it.

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  • Music store freezes up itunes

    first time here, been reading the forum to see if anyone else has the same problem i have.
    i use windows xp and have a 5G video ipod. however, my problem is in the music store. for some reason, my itunes store will freeze up itunes (i'm thinking it's a quicktime error) and it forces me to go into the task manager (sometimes) to manually shut down itunes or the dreaded windows message will come up saying there was an error in itunes. i found that after i bring up itunes again that disabling the music store provides me to use itunes without it freezing up.
    however, there are times where i plug in my 5G ipod and the "do not disconnect" icons flash for a few minutes until it goes to the main menu on the ipod. the computer does not recognize the ipod and does not show up in itunes.
    my brother has tried fixing the problem but it keeps coming back. (keep in mind i haven't updated to the latest version of itunes. i'm still running 6.01. yay paranoia about the mini-store!)
    i have tried telling the people on the applecare line what is going on and all i get is "remove your itunes and reinstall it!" and for some reason, that's not the case. someone please tell me i'm not alone or point me in the direection on how to fix this so that i can show my brother when i take in my laptop to him tomorrow. thanks!

    upgraded itunes and this issue is resolved.

  • Music store freezes at about 90% loaded

    After reading some of the threads I realize that I too have a similar problem (music store frezes up).Whenever I exit itunes after trying to enter, I get a message window that Quicktime Handler is "not responding" I then have to log off before being able to enter Itunes again. It used to work sparratically but since wiping my computer out. It will not enter iTMS anymore. I have even gone as far as wiping out my computer, and reloading everything to start fresh. I have the latest version of I tunes and Quicktunes, and have tried with no firewall protection. To no avail. Any ideas?? I want to spend money as well, (on music not computer fixes.)

    It could be anything stopping it from loading. Do you get any error messages when this happens? Usually the main things that stop access to the music store is firewalls, antivirus suites, ROuters, and internet triffic.
    Try disabling firewalls and antivirus when you can't get thru and see if you can after disabling them. It could also be your ISP causing it. Most cabel setups you share with the whole neighborhood. could be just the houses on your street, could be the whole section of the city you live in. If you only get these problems at night, Id say its due to the heavy triffic from everyone being on it.

  • Music Store Freezing

    When I click to buy a song, I get prompted to enter my password like what usually happens. But when I enter the first letter of my password into the box, it completely freezes up iTunes.
    Are there any updates to fix this?

    I've had exactly this problem since late last year. I had several goes at Apple, who, as usual, washed their hands of it. When I complained further they said they would 'escalate' my problem. Since then, silence. For a minute there I thought everything would be fixed if the problem is with AOL - but if you're not using AOL then that's the end of that. I've tried everything Apple suggests, and I'm loath to pay a computer expert to come in and fix something that should work.
    If I do end up having to do that I'll make sure I find out exactly what he does to fix it and let everyone know.

  • Music Store Connects Early AM, Freezes Later w/ 100% CPU Usage

    I connect to the internet using Hughesnet satellite (formerly Direcway). An important aspect of satellite, for any would-be troubleshooters of my problem, is that there is a time-lag from request to response of up to 1000ms (which is different than the <100ms response time of dsl or cable). Actual download speeds, however, are comparable.
    Here's my problem. When I load iTunes and go to the Music Store, the main music store page loads fine. In the early AM (when I assume traffic on both the satellite AND Music Store is less), when I click on a "genre" (in this case, TVShows), it goes to the TV Shows page and I can buy another episode of "24".
    But later in the day, after say 10 or 11AM EDT, when I click on a genre, it shows "Accessing Music Store" at the top and the horizontal 'barber shop pole' bar just turns and turns, without switching to the access progress bar. This can go on for quite a while (I've let it run for at least 15 minutes) and the only way to stop it is to end the iTunes process in Windows Task Manager. Also, if I go in to Windows Task Manager when iTunes is trying to access the Music Store, the iTunes CPU usage is a steady 99-100%.
    I'm running iTunes, which is, I believe, the latest. I'm running AVG Antivirus and Kerio Personal Firewall, and have tried a couple of times with both of these off. Same result. I've also uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes.
    I found this thread:
    which seems to discuss a similar problem (Ok connecting in morning, nothing later in day) that turned out to be related to a specific ISP in the UK.
    In the case of Hughesnet (or any satellite), this may be a combination of iTunes/Music Store possibly needing some quick handshake as part of a security protocol, and a satellite connection getting a little too slow to execute the handshake as traffic picks up. I don't know, just a thought.
    But I DON'T think its on my computer - firewall, anti-virus or spyware - since it will connect during real low traffic houses (e.g. 7AM).
    Any suggestions anyone can make would be much appreciated.

    I'm running LR with no speed issues on an Intel 17-860 quad core with about the same performance as your AMD Phenom II X6 1045T Processor. My system is also an HP, which originally had a single 1TB 7200 HDD. I've since added a second 2TB Black Caviar HDD, which provided no significant difference in LR's performance.
    AMD processors do not implement hyper-threading and don't need it. I'd start debug by process of elimination:
    1) Disconnect all externally attached USB, FireWire, or other externally connected devices except keyboard, mouse, and your single 1280 x1024 display. This includes all externally attached memory card readers, phones, ipads, etc.
    2) Reboot and logon as Administrator.
    3) Remove your Internet connection and turn off all Antivirus and firewall programs.
    4) Open LR and under Catalog Settings set 'Standard Preview Size' to 1440 (slightly larger than your display width). Under the Metadata tab here make sure 'Automatically Write changes into XMP is NOT checked.
    4) Create a 'New Catalog,' Create a new folder and add about 10 raw image file copies to it for testing, and Import it into the new catalog. In the Import module make sure under File Handling 'Render Previews' has 1:1 selected. Wait until all Preview building has completed in the Library module.
    Try editing these image files inside the new catalog as you were previously.

  • I can't access music store

    Every time i click "music store", but itunes just disappears. Any suggestions?

    If you haven't already, try restarting your computer.
    This Apple document is a good place to start -> iTunes for Windows XP: Troubleshooting unexpected quits, freezes, or launch issues
    Does it close correctly in a new test user account?

  • ITunes 9.0.2 Crashes Trying to Access iTunes Music Store on Startup

    HI, everyone,
    I installed iTunes 9.0.2 today in preparation for an iPhone software upgrade, but iTunes freezes 100% of the time just after it starts up and tries to access the iTunes Music Store. There's a bit of activity in the progress bar when iTunes first starts, and then the progress bar for accessing the store shows half way finished and the program crashes (every time).
    I've reinstalled, rebooted, removed and replaced the preference files and my library, all to no avail.
    I'm running WinXP Pro SP 3, patches all up to date, but now I can't access my library on my computer nor can I upgrade my iPhone.
    Others of you have had similar problems; one of you reported a "parental control" issue with CA security suite. I have Trend Micro and can't find any parental controls to deal with.
    I have IE 8 installed but use Firefox 3.0.15.
    This has been a horrible day. I have many papers to grade for my college classes and expected the installation to go smoothly (as the ones in the past have; iTunes 8 worked great).
    Please help!
    Oroville, CA

    Hi, b noir,
    No, I'm afraid I don't have Nod32 installed. I wish I did--maybe a simple fix!
    I'm working from home using the laptop the school supplied me. It's a domain machine, and Trend Micro's OfficeScan is installed but it's offline (though it seems to be working). The Windows firewall is disabled, probably because of the school's antivirus installation, so there doesn't seem to be a setting I can access.
    I'd guess something on my machine is forcing iTunes to free as it starts to access the Music Store. My heart just sinks every time I start iTunes (dozens of times today), only to see it freeze solid every single time I open it.

  • Music App Freezes After 4.1 Upgrade

    I recently upgraded my 3GS to 4.1, and I am now experiencing an issue whereby the music app (the ipod?) would freeze if I do any other activity while playing music
    For example: I'm listening to music, and a phone call arrives. After hanging up the call, the music starts to play again, but then stops and the music app freezes. Or, I am receiving and sending text messages while the music is playing, then the same thing will happen. Or, if I open another app while listening to music.
    The phone itself won't freeze, but I can no longer play music, and selecting the music icon just displays a white screen. After a few seconds, the music app closes and I return to the home screen. To make the music app work again, I have to reboot the phone.
    Is this a known issue? Is there a workaround?
    Thank you!

    I have the same situation here. The files in questions are the no-longer sold iTunes store file format of M4P. Most likely it will have to be addressed in a future upgrade.

  • Cannot access ITUNES music store

    similar problem as others: recent download of ITUNES, first no audio now no access to Music Store-- broken chain symbols after long delay. All other sites work well. Has anyone with windows XP been successful since yesterday? If so, how? And how did you get ahold of someone at Apple?

    Thought you all should see this!!!!!!
    Dear Brett,
    Thank you for contacting the iTunes Music Store.
    I apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced with this issue. However, the nature of your question falls outside the type of support provided via email by the iTunes Music Store team. The Music Store team answers non-technical questions about billing, customer accounts, downloading music, and Music Store content.
    I encourage you to consult the following article for more information:
    iTunes: Does not open or unexpectedly quits
    Troubleshooting iTunes, iPod Software, and QuickTime installation on Windows
    The iTunes Music Store team
    Thank you for your assistance.
    1. Cable
    2. RCN
    3. No error message Itunes freezes
    4. Sure you can change it.
    -----Original Message-----
    From: iTunes Music Store [mailto:[email protected]]
    Sent: Friday, February 24, 2006 9:05 PM
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: RE: Connect; Follow-up: 14142049
    Dear Brett,
    I'm sorry to hear that you can't connect to the iTunes Music Store. Your experience using the iTunes Music Store is very important. I'll do everything I can to help you fix the connection issue quickly.
    This article outlines the culprits that can cause a connection issue. Please try these solutions:
    I hope one of these solutions helped you resolve the connection issue. In the rare event that these suggestions didn't help, please reply to this email with the following information:
    1. Whether you use a high-speed Internet connection, like a cable modem or DSL.
    2. The name of your Internet Service Provider.
    3. The error message iTunes displayed (if any) when you tried to connect.
    4. Your approval to reset your password.

  • Connecting to music stores causes iTunes to close!

    I have been experiencing the problem where every time I
    try to connect to the music store, it starts to load up
    and then iTunes inexplicably closes. I updated iTunes to
    6.05 and it still does the same things. Anyone have any
    idea as to what the problem might be?
      Windows XP Pro  

    I am having the same problem. But it freezes my iTunes and to close it I have to ctrl alt delete and end task. I tried it on both of my computers with no luck accessing the music store.

  • Sluggish music store perfomance

    i am having a problem with sluggish store performance. navigating through various parts of the store, the bar on top loads about 95% of the way, then freezes, then resumes minutes later. also, download of songs sometimes takes quite a bit of time even though i am running cable high speed internet and have never had this problem before the last week or so. running the latest version of itunes. any ideas?

    the sluggish peformance continues. accessing the music store takes several minutes. i then "surf" though different places in the store and every few clicks the bar on the top loads to about 95%, sits there, and the completes the actio a couple minutes later...very annoying!

  • Losing connection to Music Store when downloading tv shows

    I keep losing the connection to the music store when I am downloading tv shows. First, the download takes forever (3 to 5 hours)so it may be a time out issue. The error code I get the most is 9006. I have HughesNet Satellite broadband how long should a download take? Can I do anything to speed things up?

    I routinely get error 9006 since "upgrading" to iTunes7.
    Not only does this stop the downloading process, but, after getting this error I close iTunes and try to bring it back up again -- but it will not come back up without a reboot. And, when I try to shut the computer down for the reboot, there is one program that can't close itself and has to be ended manually. I don't know what this program is since it just shows what look like Chinese letters where the program name would be.
    I am using dial-up and thought that was the problem but I see here it isn't limited to dial-up.
    This has happened when I am only downloading one TV episode at a time and when I am letting 2 or 3 download at the same time. Since the other downloads continue, I am not losing connection -- except, when this happens once a file has reached processing stage. When it fails then, I think it may be freezing the other downloads (not sure about this).
    Am I the only one that has to reboot to bring iTunes7 back up after this error? (The error doesn't shut iTunes down -- I do that manually -- but, after doing so, it won't come back up again without a reboot.)

  • ITunes Store freezes the Application

    Hey, I finally got my iTunes working the other day and everything has been going fine for at least a couple weeks. However, out of the blue, a problem has become quite troublesome.
    Everytime I attempt to open up the iTunes store, the entire application freezes; absolutely no recognition. All other Apps I'm running work, however, and the moment I close it (from either right clicking and closing or task manager) it shuts off immediately with no problem. There is no error message; simply a frozen iTunes.I would really like to use the store again, so any help would be immensely appreciated!
    I run Windows XP and my iTunes version is updated to 9.2 (which didn't solve the problem).

    Any ideas at all guys? If I click it while I have music playing, the music continues to play yet the application freezes immediately when it displays the "Accessing Music Store" load bar.
    I really need help, I'd greatly appreciate it.

  • N8: How to restore music store widget after hard r...

    I lost all  nokia N8 widgets including Music store after I hard reset my N8.
    I have really been searching but have been unable to find a work around for this. I am unable to play any OVI music on my phone as it searched for a license and ends up saying that this is not my registered device.
    I really need some help.
    Nokia care has failed to solve my problewm so far.
    MODERATOR'S NOTE:  We have edited your post. Please refrain from posting irrelevant characters. Posting with a brief and concise concern would be enough to gather solution.

    I have been able to restore everything....except the Ovi Music Widget after a hardreset.
    This might help -

  • Can't see TV shows purchased from Music Store in Full Screen Mode

    Prior to the release of iTunes 7.0, I had been purchasing episodes of LOST from the iTunes Music Store and watching the episodes on my Mac in Full Screen viewing mode.
    Since downloading iTunes 7.0, I have been unable to watch any television shows purchased from the Music Store from that date forward in Full Screen mode. When I select iTunes>View>Full Screen I can hear the audio, but I cannot see the image. Instead, my monitor goes totally black. If I select iTunes>View>Fit to Screen, I am able to see the video, however, the video does not fill up my screen...instead, I have about two inches of desktop showing on either side of the image. Does anyone know how to solve this problem so that I can once again watch purchased television shows in Full Screen mode?
    By the way, I am now running iTunes 7.0.2.
    Power Mac G4 Tower   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    Alan, I just checked and I don't see a section for TV shows in the Canadian store. As the initial deal was made with ABC, I doubt that there is any content available yet for you. I do see the pixar section and the music video section, however.
    Similarly, a visit to the Apple Canada site shows no mention of being able to download TV shows.
    As with the music, it is going to take a separate lisence to bring TV content to each store. If and when that is going to happen, no one around here would be able to say.

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    Bought a new iPod Touch on Friday and connected it instantly and without any problems to my MacBook. Later that evening, I attempted to connect it also to my iMac running Leopard and this did not work. I have since re-installed Tiger on my iMac but i

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