My computer crashed-how do I reset my iTunes?

My computer crashed/froze/died. We reformatted, and I want to reset my library again. I reinstalled iTunes, but everything I read says that I cannot transfer the songs from my mini into a new library. I have to have it saved into a folder on my mini, then copy that into a new computer/folder. Since I wasn't prepared for a total crash, I didn't do that. Is there any way I can save my songs-many that are bought through iTunes?

Check out the instructions/suggestions here.
Music from iPod to computer.
There's also another method I've seen posted. I've successfully tested this across several different Windows PCs.
Open iTunes and select edit/preferences/advanced/general. Put a check mark in the box marked "copy files to iTunes music folder when adding to library" and also "keep iTunes music folder organized", then click 'ok'.
Connect the iPod whilst holding down the shift/ctrl keys to prevent any auto sync, and if you see the dialogue window asking if you want to sync to this itunes library, click 'no'.
Then go to file/add folder, open 'my computer', select your iPod and click 'ok'.
The music files should transfer to your iTunes.
However it appears that no playlists or any other info such as ratings/last played etc will transfer.
If this is important to you, you may want to use other options.
There's Yamipod. This is a free program that transfers music and playlists etc from iPod back to the computer.

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    Hello, venicefromriverside. 
    Thank you for visiting Apple Support Communities. 
    Here is an article that you may find helpful with recovering missing iTunes media. 
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    Jason H. 

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    Where is your backup?
    You need to use your backup to put the music back on the computer.

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    It has always been very basic to always maintain a abckup copy of your computer.  Have you failed to do this?

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    Use the form on this page to request a free redownload, or use the Transfer Purchases feature if applicable. If neither of these works, you will need to purchase the content again to get them back; Apple needs to pay the copyright holders for each download from the iTunes Store other than podcasts, album artwork, and iPod touch/iPhone applications.

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    A quick search on the forums could have answered this for you, but oh well:
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    You should transfer the song files from your iPod to your current computer, add them to the iTunes library, and sync your iPod to that library (after confirming all of those songs are there now).
    Any songs purchased from the iTunes Store can be re-downloaded, at no cost, using the Purchased screen in the iTunes Store.
    For other songs, you can't transfer from iPod to computer using iTunes.  However, there are third-party methods and utilities that can transfer from iPod to computer.  If you do a Google search on "ipod transfer," you should get some links.  Add "mac" to the search if you use a Mac.
    That would be the safest way to proceed, because you will then have a backup of the iPod's songs on the computer (in case the iPod breaks, gets lost, or needs a "Restore").  However, if you decline to sync when you first connect the iPod, it should get set to "Manually manage music."  When it is set that way, you should be able to add new songs to it manually (by dragging songs to it in iTunes).  But again, it would be safest to have ALL the songs (on the iPod) in the iTunes library on the computer first.

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    See this older post from another forum member Zevoneer covering the different methods and software available to assist you with the task of copying content from your iPod back to your PC and into iTunes.

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    See Recover your iTunes library from your iPod or iOS device.

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    Copy everything from your backup copy of your computer.

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    Hi CarlaFranklin,
    Thanks for visiting Apple Support Communities.
    This article has the steps to sync your iPhone with a new computer:
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    iDevices are not and have never been backup devices.
    Restore the media from the backup of the computer.

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    You can only transfer purchased music from an I Pod.  When in I tunes go to files, and click transferring purchases.  All other music is lost.

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