My  iphone 3gs with version 4.0 not works for apple  TV should i need to download  any app or any other thng

my  iphone 3gs with version 4.0 not works for apple  TV  what should  i do?

Welcome to the Apple community.
You should update your iPhone software.

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    iPhone 5 with ipodcable/30pins adapter not working after update IOS 7. The car radio is not responding when I connect the iPhone. iPhone 4s with IOS7 without the 30 pin adapter is working. So I think that the 30 pin adapter is the problem.

    No no dear this is not my problem
    My problem that i mean i say when i on my
    Cellural data my gprs not working and not work my internet

  • I have an Iphone 4 and my internet has not worked for a good 10 months, why wont it work? my dad pays for my data plan, so its not that i dont pay my bill. I've even tried to reset my net work settings, and that did not work

    i have an iphone 4 and my internet has not worked for a good 10 months, why wont it work? My dad pays for my data plan, so its not that i dont pay the bill. I've even tried to rest my net work settings, and that did not work. I went to AT&T and they said that the only way to fix it was to buy a new phone, and im not going to buy a new phone with out my upgrade. someone, please help!

    Hey lilmissindian!
    I have an article for you here that will help you troubleshoot this issue:
    iPhone: Troubleshooting a cellular data connection
    Thanks for coming to the Apple Support Communities!

  • HT4623 iTunes is not working on my computer do I need to download another on ?

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    Just in case, let's first try updating your QuickTime Player to the most recent version. Does that clear up the iTunes launch errors?

  • Reset password will not work for apple store

    Reset password will not work for apple store?

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    Where have you reset your password.

  • Hi my iphone 3gs wifi, bluetooth and imei not working

    hi my iphone 3gs wifi, bluetooth and imei not working

    Do you have modified software installed on your device?
    If not, try to set it up as new device, explained here, without using the latest backup afterwards, in case it is containing corrupt data.
    How to back up your data and set up as a new device
    If this does not help, you'll have to get it serviced, there might be a hardware problem.

  • Credie card  in not work for apple store

    Hello!My credit card is not work in apple store. I can`t downlowd any application, I don`t why, becouse
    Two months ago I used an old credit card with which there were no problems but it had a term and to me have made new since then the new doesn't work.
    I called in the bank to me have told that with a card all normally.
    When I try to change card parameters for the new data to me writes :
    Your method of payment isn't confirmed. Please enter other information on a method of payment
    Please, help me , my id [email protected]  

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    Where have you reset your password.

  • Iphone 3GS with latest software upgrade -  Not fully functional ?

    I have recently upgraded the operating system on my iphone 3GS to the latest software, although some of the new functions work like the home screen files it seems that the new function of additional incoming text alerts (some 17 new ones) are not on the phone, I have tried to re-install the upgrade but itunes will not allow this to be done as it says its already running the latest version, any help would be greatly appriciated.

    gteps wrote:
    Thank you for letting me know, shame Apple cant be bothered to post that on their website under that particular section, it just states, for iphone only, doesn't mention iphone 4 only
    Yeah, just like it's a shame the people cannot be bothered to do a search prior to posting a thread.
    This subject has been brought up dozens of times, there are literally dozens of postings about this same issue.

  • My iPhone 3GS bluetooth audio transmission does not work

    My iPhone 3GS used to work well with a Motorola H700 headset and the bluetooh in my Lexus.  All of a sudden, I could connect with the H700 or the Lexus and place a call but there was no audio received or sent even though the screen in the Lexus said it was being sent/received.  I have checked all settings; I have removed and re-setup the iPhone on both devices and to no avail.  Is there something I am missing?  I know the bluetooth system in the Lexus works because i can connect my Morotola SLVR to it and get audio both ways.

    Thanks a bunch.  I had already disabled/enabled Bluetooth but did not know about resetting the network.  I did that and eveerything is working fine.  Wow!  Thanks.

  • 3GS with TomTom W. Europe NOT working well after 3.1.3 OS update

    tomtom was working fine but it now freezes, goes from color to black and white and if it works for a few seconds it is very inacurate, this started to happen after the 3.1.3 os update, HELP PLEASE, THANKS

    What does having broadband have to do with deleting and re-installing the app?
    The app should be in your iTunes library on your computer. Under the Applications tab for your iPhone sync preferences with iTunes, you can deselect the app followed by a sync to remove the app and reselect the app followed by a sync to re-install the app.
    If you deleted and re-installed the app with your iPhone, try doing this with iTunes and syncing.
    Apple is not responsible for a problem with a 3rd party app. TomTom is responsible for a problem with their app.

  • Iphone 5 with iOS 7 sms not working.

    I just bought a new iphone 5 yesterday and I'm not able to sent/receive any sms. I got iOS 6 preloaded with my phone which I upgraded to iOS 7.0.2 with a hope to get this problem solved but still I'm not able to sent/receive sms.
    I've my sms service enabled from carrier provider and all the settings are correct. I've been searching over the internet for solutions and tried almost everything but no luck so far.
    FYI, I'm from Mumbai, India and using Airtel. 

    Hey BilalBudhani,
    Thanks for the question. I understand you are experiencing issues sending/receiving SMS messages. The following article may help to resolve your issue:
    iOS: Troubleshooting Messages
    If you can't send or receive messages
    - Restart your device.
    - Update to the latest iOS Software.
    - If you are trying to send a message to multiple recipients and you type in each contact manually instead of using the contacts list, make sure you tap return instead of space to separate each one.
    If you still can't send or receive SMS or MMS messages
    1. See the iPhone Troubleshooting Assistant.
    2. Verify that every phone number in your contacts list includes an area code.
    3. When sending to existing contacts, ensure that your contacts include the full phone number, and not just the information needed to dial locally.
    4. If you have recently ported your number from another carrier, please contact your current carrier to verify that the porting process has completed successfully.
    Matt M.

  • My iphone 3gs on off button does not work.  Is there another way to reset the phone?

    The on/off button on my iphone 3gs does not work.  I cannot shut the phone down to reboot and it is stuck in a no service.  I cannot get cell or internet service.  Is there another way to reboot the phone?  Possibly a soft reset?

    The screen goes to voice control.  It only recognises the home button not the on/off button.  Is there a way to soft reset the phone?

  • IPhone 3Gs & OS4: internet and email not working

    Hi all,
    I upgraded my 3Gs to OS4 without hassle, and everything is still working, besides some of the apps (which I assume are awaiting updates).
    However, my wife had a 3G which she broke and was given a new 3Gs as an insurance replacement. I restored her file from backup I made of her 3G. I then updated firmware to OS4.
    Now for some reason it's not accepting the details for the outlook exchange she had setup (work email) and yahoo mail is playing up too. Safari doesn't seem to work with either wifi or 3G.
    Is anything I can do to sort this out? I've tried the restore to factory settings,but that doesn't seem to reset the OS on the handset just all the user details.
    Any suggestinons appreciated.

    called AT&T to check if they have any issue on the 3G data network, then they suggested me to backup the phone and restore as new, it worked for me although it's a long process

  • IPhone 3GS Belkin Tunebase multifunction button not working

    Hi I have an iPhone 3GS OS 6.0.1 and a Belkin Tunebase. It has been working fine up till I think I upgraded my iPhone. While the music still works the multifunction button has stopped working. This means I cannot receive calls hands free or toggle on and off music except by using the iPhone interface which is dangerous when driving. I tested the tunebase on my friends 3G iphone and it worked so I know the Tunebase is not at fault. Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution? I have cleaned all the dust out of the connection but to no avail

    Sorted - although I had cleaned the contact points I obviously hadn't done it properly - lesson learned!

  • I have a MacBookPro running 10.6.8. I use Bluetooth to link to devices including keyboard and magic trackpad. I bought a Bose Wave III stereo and a bluetooth device. No problem with iPhone, iPad, wife's MacBook. Not working for me. Thoughts?

    I keep receiving an errror message that "there was an error with the device." I use bluetooth for all sorts of things, no problem. Anyone have any suggestions?Because the stereo is connecting no problem to every other device, I'm assuming there's an issue between my laptop and the stereo. Thanks.

    Apple might fix the problem with SL; they did release the 10.6.8 Supplemental Update, which fixed an HDMI problem. So we might get a fix.
    Don't know if this problem affects Lion. I haven't read much about it, since I'm not upgrading for another few months.

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