New tab strip for PO header data

for a customer project there is the need to add a new customer individual tab strip to PO and contract header data. Is there an User Exit or any other predefined way to do this in a most efficient way with minimum changes in SAP standard?

Hi Norbert,
You can add th new custom tab to the PO and contract header data  using the below mentioned Enhancement.
Enhancement        MM06E005
Short text         Customer fields in purchasing document
Create a project in the Tcode CMOD and assign the above mentioned enhancement.
Add new fields in include structure CI_EKKODB.
Design your screen for the new fields in SAPLXM06        0101.
Put your logic in the corresponding function module exit as provided in the enhancement.

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  • Reg: How to add new tab strip in MIGO transaction

    Hi Experts,
    I need to add a new tab strip(Inside one selection screen, If the user clicks the new tab strip, New selection screen should populate) in MIGO transaction after pressing enter for the movement type '122'.
    I tried with the BADI MB_MIGO_BADI, Simply i called the module pool program inside that BADI, But it is not giving any solution.
    Please guide me to find the solution for this requirement.

    You may also try the exits available with the MIGO transaction. To find exits you can use the fillowing code by giving tranasaction code as input.
    REPORT  zrmexitfinder                               .
    TABLES: modsap, modact, tstc.
    PARAMETERS: input1 LIKE tstc-tcode DEFAULT ' ',
                input2 LIKE modsap-typ DEFAULT ' '.
    DATA: search1(6),
          search3 LIKE modsap-member.
    DATA : first_row VALUE 'Y'.
    CONCATENATE: '%' input1 '%' INTO search1,
    '%' input2 INTO search2.
    SELECT * FROM tstc WHERE tcode LIKE search1.
      first_row = 'Y'.
      CHECK tstc-pgmna NE space.
      CONCATENATE '%' tstc-pgmna '%' INTO search3.
      SELECT * FROM modsap WHERE typ LIKE search2
      AND member LIKE search3.
        SELECT SINGLE * FROM modact WHERE member = modsap-name.
        IF first_row EQ 'Y'.
          WRITE: /0 tstc-tcode, 6 tstc-pgmna, 16 modsap-name, 32 modsap-typ,
                 45 modsap-member, 70 modact-name.
          first_row = 'N'.
          WRITE: /16 modsap-name, 32 modsap-typ, 45 modsap-member, 70 modact-name.
        CLEAR : modsap, modact.
      IF sy-subrc NE 0.
        WRITE : /0 tstc-tcode, 6 tstc-pgmna, 30 'No exits found'.
      CLEAR tstc.
      CLEAR: search1, search2, search3.
    Renjith Michael.

  • BADI ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST for changing header data

    Hello Experts,
    I'm using Method PROCESS_HEADER in Badi ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST in order to change some header data.
    I want to change header data depending on the partner data which are on header level.
    It works fine as long as there are data changed in the header or item level and not only on the partner screen.
    The method in this Badi isn't processed if only partner data are changed. But for me it is necessary to set a special field on the header depending on the partner data.

    Firstly, for changing Header data without any INSERT/UPDATE?MODIFY statement, badi - ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST  will not be useful.
    As method you mentioned has no header parameters under CHANGING / EXPORTING clause.
    You can use the badi which has the parametrs you want in either change/ Export mode. It can be defined under table also.
    Below is the list of important badis gettign called, however none of them contains header values in change/export clause.
    Instead you can use enhacement MM06E005  Customer fields in purchasing document.
    Create a project under Transaction CMOD.
    Assign enhancement as Project component.
    You'll find Exit 012. At time of save you can change header im_ekko based on you parterner data tab.

  • Add new tab under 'Sales Area view/Data' of Customer Master TransactionXD01

    I want to add a new tab under 'Sales Area view/Data' of Customer Master Transaction XD01.
    Is there any screen exit for XD01/XD02/XD03?
    Or will I have to go and change SAP screens?
    Thanks in advance.
    Srinivas P

    I want to add a new tab under 'Sales Area view/Data' of Customer Master Transaction XD01.
    Is there any screen exit for XD01/XD02/XD03?
    Or will I have to go and change SAP screens?
    Thanks in advance.
    Srinivas P

  • How to add a new tab to sales order header level

    Hello Experts,
    I have to add a new tab 'Billing Plan' at sales order header level.
    As per my functional person, If I modify TVAK-FPART field with some value than tab will be come.
    I tried to modify TVAK-FPART field in debug mode and was able to see the tab, BUT when I again came back to
    VA03/VA03 transaction then that tab was not there.
    Pls help me to resolve this problem..

    Hello Rock,
    I have the similar requirement, to add a new tab at the sales order item level. there are already two customer tabs but i dont want to use them, instead i want to use a new tab to be created. i searched BADIs but the BADI BADI_SD_TAB_CUST_I is for SAP Internal use only.
    Kindly suggest whay way you used to create a new tab. thanks in advance.

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    Seems to be an adblock plus issue in my case. When I disable adblock it never happens. When I enable it this occurs on most links on google, twitter or reddit. Somehow seems them as pop ups I guess. Probably will have to fiddle with adblock plus.

  • Setup tables for invoices header data (2LIS_13_VDHDR)

    Hi experts,
    I am using 2LIS_13_VAHDR and 2LIS_13_VAITM to transfer data to SAP BW.  Through the t-code SBIW, I I run the job to fill setup tables with invoices data. the job is completed succefully. when I check the extractors in RSA3, the extractor 2LIS_13_VAHDR doesn't bring any data while 2LIS_13_VAITM bring a set of items !!
    I m wondering why I dont get invoices header data!
    Thank's a lot for your help.

    Did you delete the old initialization request from BW and also delete old setup table.
    Because the issue is strange, If you are able to see entries in item then header should also fetch data.
    Repeat the steps again if you have time.
    Use T-Code LBWG to delete setup table.
    Delete MCXE13 entries in LBWQ.
    Use T-Code OLI9BW to fillup setup table for 2lis_13.
    Shakthi Raj Natarajan.

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    I can not seem to figure out why every time I open a new tab firefox prompts me for an LDAP login requested directly from Each and every time I open a new tab I must close out of this as I do not have these credentials and it really puts a hiccup in what I'm trying to do, every single ctrl+t. Please help me solve this problem for good. Thank you.

    Well, I took another look at the tab screen and saw, so I shifted through and unpinned everything mozilla as the LDAP login is requested from our browsing developers. It appears after replacing all items with other websites I visit, the problem has disappeared. For me, I can verify that is indeed the solution, simply removing anything mozilla.
    Support.mozilla was the only page related to firefox pinned at the time of this problem but I also made sure non of the other firefox links were pinned. Will add them to the bookmarks bar if needed. Thank you for your replay and help in this matter. A long overdue annoyance is finally fixed.

  • New SAP Tools for faster Master Data Upload?

    Hi All!
    I am interested in getting some detailed information on different tools that are used for faster master data upload. Please let me know about the tools apart from LSMW, BAPI, eCATT and BDC.
    We basically want to know the following things:
    1.Which are the tools available for this master data upload?
    for eg. SAP MDM, Info Shuttle, other available new age tools etc........
    2. Their performance / feature comparions?
    Please provide performance / feature comparison for different new age tools in detail.
    Thanking you in advance.

    Hi Amar,
    regarding SAP MDM you can read advantages and characteristics here:
    Hope this help you,

  • Search help for VA01 Header Data Partners

    Hello Team,
    I have a requirement in va01/02/03 ,  where i will need to create/enhance a search help for one of the partner functions under SO header data.
    and values will need to be extracted from a customer Z-Table., taking into consideration the sales area of the SO
    Right now, I am not sure, but it looks like it has a search help attached to it, but when i press F4, nothing comes up.
    Is there a way i can check if there is any standard search help associated with those screen field?

    thankyou suresh.
    As i have created this search help and in the view i have given the join conditions as
    and in search help parameters :
    I took the Hotkey as 1.
    Please guide me what are selection conditions that i need to give in my VIEW.
    Here iam using 4 tables.
    Edited by: vinay raj on Jun 12, 2009 6:42 AM
    Edited by: vinay raj on Jun 12, 2009 7:18 AM

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    Do a malware check with some malware scanning programs on the Windows computer.<br>
    Please scan with all programs because each program detects different malware.<br>
    All these programs have free versions.
    Make sure that you update each program to get the latest version of their databases before doing a scan.
    *Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware:<br>
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    *Kasperky Free Security Scan:<br>
    You can also do a check for a rootkit infection with TDSSKiller.
    *Anti-rootkit utility TDSSKiller:<br>
    See also:
    *"Spyware on Windows":

  • Posting header data for MIGO thru badi

    I'm using badi  ' MB_MIGO_BADI ' for posting header data for the T-Code MIGO.
    I have created an extra tab for supplier details for header data. The details from dis tab should be stored in a ztable.
    I have written the code for the same in the METHOD  'POST DOCUMENT'  of the badi, but m unable to store the data in the ztable. niether is the code for display working.
    kindly help.

    you need to create an attribute where you will store data from your additional screen. In example there is an attribute GS_EXDATA_HEADER with structure MBLNR, MJAHR, BADI_NUMMER. So obviously the point is to enter some number on additional header tab screen. You can see that in the method PAI_HEADER that all data from screen are transferred to this structure and in the method PBO_HEADER are data transferred from internal structure to the screen. So in this internal structure you store the current values of the fields from your additional header tab.  Now when you store material document you want to also store your additional data into database. Until this point you store it only in memory. Hence you prepare a new FM which will store this data to DB and you will call this FM in UPDATE TASK. Here is an example
          is_migo_badi_header_fields = gs_exdata_header.
    Once again to summarize it:
    1) Define your own structure to keep additional data as an attribute of BADI implementation class
    2) Pass data from memory to screen and back using methods PBO_HEADER and PAI_HEADER
    3) Store additional data into DB using FM called in UPDATE TASK from method POST_DOCUMENT

  • Change Heading of the New Tab added through EEWB

    I am working on transaction 'CRM_DNO_MONITOR' (this is the display business transaction from CRMD_ORDER).
    I added a field to the transaction by EEWB. The name of the last tab was 'CUSTOMER FIELDS'. A new tab is added and the same name 'CUSTOMER FIELDS' is shown on it. (so now there are 2 tabs with the same name)
    I modified the BADI 'ZEEW_CUSTOMER_H02' in the method 'CRM_CUSTOMER_H_SET_TITLE'. The title was set as 'DETAILS'. Now both the new tab and the last tab present previously have the NEW Title 'DETAILS.
    Can you please guide me how to change the NEW TAB TITLE for this transaction. Thanks.

    Hi Fs
    I have same problem. Can you please exactly let me know how did you fix the issue.

  • Blocking Status Tab strip in VA02 for Certain users

           I have to block the status tab strip for certain users in VA02 tcode .
    this tab strip is shown when user double cick the line item.points will be rewarded
    Thanks and regards
    Prakash B.

    You can set the desired screen fields to inactive.

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