Newbie Questions - Page 6 loads before page 1?

I'm pretty new to Flash.  I'm trying to help out the company I work for by updating the Flash website that was built in 2008.  Unfortuantly, the person who built it has exactly nothing documented or even labeled, so it's been rough and again, I'm pretty new.  I'm more used to creating new sites than picking through ones that are already up and running.
The problem I'm having is this:
The site is entirely in flash.  I was asked to add a page to the existing site that would contain images of our company's certifications.  Through a lot of trial and error, I was able to add this new page, but now the images on that page show up first when the website is loaded.  To explain it another way, the images on the new page (page 6) show up and then "fade out" when the site is first loaded.  The same problem does not occur one the site has been completeld loaded.  For instance, if I load the site and then click a link to the About Us page and then back to the first page, the images from the new page don't show up like they do when the website is first loaded.
I know that's not much to go on, but has anyone run into this problem before?
What additional information can I post that would make this issue easier for people to help diagnose?
Thank you for your input!

Thank you for the reply!  I'm pretty sure it's something I'm doing wrong, I just don't know what that is. 
As for my process, I copied an existing button and updated it new information.  Same with creating the page itself - I copied an existing one and then edited it with new content.
So the original menu had
Home | Services | Gallery | About Us | Contact Us
I added a 6th page to the end: Certifications
My menu action script looks like this (I bolded the stuff that I added):
#include ""
#include ""
midBox_mc.Img1_mc.words_mc.titleText = "Company Tagline";
midBox_mc.Img1_mc.words_mc.subText = "Description of our Company.";
var btnPos:Number = 1;
var secNumber:Number = 0;
otherHome_mc.home_btn.onPress = function() {
            btnPos = 1;
            secNumber = 0;
            fatNumber = 0;
            midBox_mc.white_mc.alphaTo(100, .5, "easeinSine", 0, sectionSwitch);
nav_mc.home_btn.onPress = function() {
            btnPos = 1;
            secNumber = 0;
            fatNumber = 0;
            midBox_mc.white_mc.alphaTo(100, .5, "easeinSine", 0, sectionSwitch);
nav_mc.services_btn.onPress = function() {
            btnPos = 2;
            btn2beBlocked = 0;
            secNumber = 1;
            fatNumber = 0;
            midBox_mc.white_mc.alphaTo(100, .5, "easeinSine", 0, sectionSwitch);
nav_mc.hserv_btn.onPress = function() {
            btn2beBlocked = 0;
            servNumber = 0;
            fatNumber = 0;
            midBox_mc.Img2_mc.white_mc.alphaTo(100, .5, "easeinSine", 0, servFill);
sub_mc.gsub1_btn.onPress = function() {
            btn2beBlocked = 1;
            servNumber = 1;
            fatNumber = 1;
            midBox_mc.Img2_mc.white_mc.alphaTo(100, .5, "easeinSine", 0, servFill);
sub_mc.gsub2_btn.onPress = function() {
            btn2beBlocked = 2;
            servNumber = 2;
            fatNumber = 2;
            midBox_mc.Img2_mc.white_mc.alphaTo(100, .5, "easeinSine", 0, servFill);
sub_mc.gsub3_btn.onPress = function() {
            btn2beBlocked = 3;
            servNumber = 3;
            fatNumber = 3;
            midBox_mc.Img2_mc.white_mc.alphaTo(100, .5, "easeinSine", 0, servFill);
sub_mc.gsub4_btn.onPress = function() {
            btn2beBlocked = 4;
            servNumber = 4;
            fatNumber = 4;
            midBox_mc.Img2_mc.white_mc.alphaTo(100, .5, "easeinSine", 0, servFill);
sub_mc.gsub5_btn.onPress = function() {
            btn2beBlocked = 5;
            servNumber = 5;
            fatNumber = 5;
            midBox_mc.Img2_mc.white_mc.alphaTo(100, .5, "easeinSine", 0, servFill);
sub_mc.gsub6_btn.onPress = function() {
            btn2beBlocked = 6;
            servNumber = 6;
            fatNumber = 6;
            midBox_mc.Img2_mc.white_mc.alphaTo(100, .5, "easeinSine", 0, servFill);
sub_mc.gsub7_btn.onPress = function() {
            btn2beBlocked = 7;
            servNumber = 7;
            fatNumber = 7;
            midBox_mc.Img2_mc.white_mc.alphaTo(100, .5, "easeinSine", 0, servFill);
sub_mc.asub1_btn.onPress = function() {
            btn2beBlocked = 8;
            aboutNumber = 1;
            fatNumber = 8
            midBox_mc.Img4_mc.white_mc.alphaTo(100, .5, "easeinSine", 0, aboutFill);
sub_mc.asub2_btn.onPress = function() {
            btn2beBlocked = 9;
            aboutNumber = 2;
            fatNumber = 9;
            midBox_mc.Img4_mc.white_mc.alphaTo(100, .5, "easeinSine", 0, aboutFill);
sub_mc.asub3_btn.onPress = function() {
            btn2beBlocked = 10;
            aboutNumber = 3;
            fatNumber = 10;
            midBox_mc.Img4_mc.white_mc.alphaTo(100, .5, "easeinSine", 0, aboutFill);
nav_mc.habout_btn.onPress = function() {
            btn2beBlocked = 0;
            aboutNumber = 0;
            fatNumber = 0;
            midBox_mc.Img4_mc.white_mc.alphaTo(100, .5, "easeinSine", 0, aboutFill);
function looseWeight () {
                                    case 0:
                                    case 1:
                                    case 2:
                                    case 3:
                                    case 4:
                                    case 5:
                                    case 6:
                                    case 7:
                                    case 8:
                                    case 9:
                                    case 10:
//gallery btn
nav_mc.gallery_btn.onPress = function() {
            btn2beBlocked2 = 0;
            secNumber = 2;
            btnPos = 3;
            fatNumber = 0;
            midBox_mc.white_mc.alphaTo(100, .5, "easeinSine", 0, sectionSwitch);
//gallery sub nav
nav_mc.hgallery_btn.onPress = function() {
            btn2beBlocked2 = 0;
            galleryNumber = 0;
            midBox_mc.Img3_mc.white_mc.alphaTo(100, .5, "easeinSine", 0, galleryFill);
nav_mc.about_btn.onPress = function() {
            btnPos = 4;
            btn2beBlocked = 0;
            secNumber = 3;
            fatNumber = 0;
            midBox_mc.white_mc.alphaTo(100, .5, "easeinSine", 0, sectionSwitch);
nav_mc.contact_btn.onPress = function() {
            btnPos = 5;
            secNumber = 4;
            fatNumber = 0;
            midBox_mc.white_mc.alphaTo(100, .5, "easeinSine", 0, sectionSwitch);
nav_mc.certs_btn.onPress = function() {
            btnPos = 6;
            secNumber = 5;
            fatNumber = 0;
            midBox_mc.white_mc.alphaTo(100, .5, "easeinSine", 0, sectionSwitch);
bottom_nav.bigS_btn.onPress = function() {
            btnPos = 2;
            btn2beBlocked = 0;
            secNumber = 1;
            midBox_mc.white_mc.alphaTo(100, .5, "easeinSine", 0, sectionSwitch);
bottom_nav.bigG_btn.onPress = function() {
            btnPos = 3;
            btn2beBlocked2 = 0;
            secNumber = 2;
            midBox_mc.white_mc.alphaTo(100, .5, "easeinSine", 0, sectionSwitch);
            midBox_mc.Img3_mc.galleryText = "";
bottom_nav.bigA_btn.onPress = function() {
            btnPos = 4;
            btn2beBlocked = 0;
            secNumber = 3;
            midBox_mc.white_mc.alphaTo(100, .5, "easeinSine", 0, sectionSwitch);
midBox_mc.Img2_mc.dl_btn.onPress = function() {
function moveBtns() {
            otherHome_mc._y = 75;
            nav_mc.home_btn._y = 0;
            nav_mc.picked1_mc._y = -50;
            nav_mc.services_btn._y = 0;
            nav_mc.picked2_mc._y = -50;
            nav_mc.gallery_btn._y = 0;
            nav_mc.picked3_mc._y = -50;
            nav_mc.about_btn._y = 0;
            nav_mc.picked4_mc._y = -50;
            nav_mc.contact_btn._y = 0;
            nav_mc.picked5_mc._y = -50;
            nav_mc.certs_btn._y = 0;
            nav_mc.picked6_mc._y = -50;
            nav_mc.hserv_btn._y = -85;
            nav_mc.hgallery_btn._y = -85;
            nav_mc.habout_btn._y = -85;
            midBox_mc.Img4_mc.play_btn._x = 657.8;
            bottom_nav.bigS_btn.ySlideTo(120, .3, "easeoutSine");
            bottom_nav.bigG_btn.ySlideTo(120, .3, "easeoutSine", .1);
            bottom_nav.bigA_btn.ySlideTo(120, .3, "easeoutSine", .2);
            sub_mc.gsub1_btn.ySlideTo(-28, .3, "easeoutSine", .35);
            sub_mc.gsub2_btn.ySlideTo(-28, .3, "easeoutSine", .3);
            sub_mc.gsub3_btn.ySlideTo(-28, .3, "easeoutSine", .25);
            sub_mc.gsub4_btn.ySlideTo(-28, .3, "easeoutSine", .15);
            sub_mc.gsub5_btn.ySlideTo(-28, .3, "easeoutSine", .1);
            sub_mc.gsub6_btn.ySlideTo(-28, .3, "easeoutSine");
            sub_mc.gsub7_btn.ySlideTo(-28, .3, "easeoutSine", .2);
            sub_mc.asub1_btn.ySlideTo(-28, .3, "easeoutSine", .15);
            sub_mc.asub2_btn.ySlideTo(-28, .3, "easeoutSine", .1);
            sub_mc.asub3_btn.ySlideTo(-28, .3, "easeoutSine");
            switch (btnPos) {
                        case 0 :
                                    nav_mc.home_btn._y = 0;
                                    nav_mc.picked1_mc._y = -50;
                        case 1 :
                                    nav_mc.home_btn._y = -50;
                                    nav_mc.picked1_mc._y = 0;
                                    otherHome_mc._y = -175;
                                    bottom_nav.bigS_btn.ySlideTo(0, .3, "easeinSine");
                                    bottom_nav.bigG_btn.ySlideTo(0, .3, "easeinSine", .1);
                                    bottom_nav.bigA_btn.ySlideTo(0, .3, "easeinSine", .2);
                        case 2 :
                                    nav_mc.services_btn._y = -50;
                                    nav_mc.picked2_mc._y = 0;
                                    sub_mc.gsub1_btn.ySlideTo(0, .3, "easeinSine");
                                    sub_mc.gsub2_btn.ySlideTo(0, .3, "easeinSine", .1);
                                    sub_mc.gsub3_btn.ySlideTo(0, .3, "easeinSine", .2);
                                    sub_mc.gsub7_btn.ySlideTo(0, .3, "easeinSine", .3);
                                    sub_mc.gsub4_btn.ySlideTo(0, .3, "easeinSine", .4);
                                    sub_mc.gsub5_btn.ySlideTo(0, .3, "easeinSine", .5);
                                    sub_mc.gsub6_btn.ySlideTo(0, .3, "easeinSine", .6);
                        case 3 :
                                    nav_mc.gallery_btn._y = -50;
                                    nav_mc.picked3_mc._y = 0;
                        case 4 :
                                    nav_mc.about_btn._y = -50;
                                    nav_mc.picked4_mc._y = 0;
                                    sub_mc.asub1_btn.ySlideTo(0, .3, "easeinSine");
                                    sub_mc.asub2_btn.ySlideTo(0, .3, "easeinSine", .1);
                                    sub_mc.asub3_btn.ySlideTo(0, .3, "easeinSine", .15);
                        case 5 :
                                    nav_mc.contact_btn._y = -50;
                                    nav_mc.picked5_mc._y = 0;
                        case 6 :
                                    nav_mc.certs_btn._y = -50;
                                    nav_mc.picked6_mc._y = 0;
function btnBlocker() {
            sub_mc.bb1_mc._y = -33;
            sub_mc.bb2_mc._y = -33;
            sub_mc.bb3_mc._y = -33;
            sub_mc.bb4_mc._y = -33;
            sub_mc.bb5_mc._y = -33;
            sub_mc.bb6_mc._y = -33;
            sub_mc.bb7_mc._y = -33;
            sub_mc.bb8_mc._y = -33;
            sub_mc.bb9_mc._y = -33;
            sub_mc.bb10_mc._y = -33;
            nav_mc.hserv_btn._y = -85;
            sub_mc.gsub1_btn.btn_text.colorTo(0x7E95A3, .3, "easeinSine");
            sub_mc.gsub2_btn.btn_text.colorTo(0x7E95A3, .3, "easeinSine");
            sub_mc.gsub3_btn.btn_text.colorTo(0x7E95A3, .3, "easeinSine");
            sub_mc.gsub4_btn.btn_text.colorTo(0x7E95A3, .3, "easeinSine");
            sub_mc.gsub5_btn.btn_text.colorTo(0x7E95A3, .3, "easeinSine");
            sub_mc.gsub6_btn.btn_text.colorTo(0x7E95A3, .3, "easeinSine");
            sub_mc.gsub7_btn.btn_text.colorTo(0x7E95A3, .3, "easeinSine");
            sub_mc.asub1_btn.btn_text.colorTo(0x4F6877, .3, "easeinSine");
            sub_mc.asub2_btn.btn_text.colorTo(0x4F6877, .3, "easeinSine");
            sub_mc.asub3_btn.btn_text.colorTo(0x4F6877, .3, "easeinSine");
                        case 0:
                                    nav_mc.hserv_btn._y = -85;

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    Hi again
    Odd, when I click the link I supplied I get this:
    13. I'm linking to a PDF, URL or a Word Document and  when I click the Button or Click Box, the movie continues. How do I  keep it paused?
    Look to the immediate right of where you  type the URL or File Name. You should see a button with a down arrow on  it. Click this button and you should be able to choose "New". You have  probably already found this option.
    What you likely missed (and it's  super easy to miss) is another option that isn't available until you  choose New. The opton is "Continue Playing Project". You need to click  the button with the down arrow a second time, then click this option to  turn it off.
    You said the links weren't opening in a new window. The information I linked to was intended to be twofold:
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    Coax you into learning how to deal with your Captivate project remaining paused when you open links in new windows.
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    You can use a utility called HTTP watch to measure the page performance. You can also see which files are cached and which are not etc etc.
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    Sorry, the "#" shouldn't appear in the attribute selector. There's probably a theme CSS rule with a higher specificity on the labels, so add an !important directive to the rule:
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    Always state which theme and template(s) you are using in a question about visual formatting or layout. Theme HTML/CSS is not always—historically never—consistent, so we need to know this information in order to determine which selectors to use.

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    Thanks in advance,
    Property Inspector
    Object Navigator
    Report Editor
    Template Editor
    General layout
    Page Break Before
    Page Break After
    Page Protect
    Advance Layout
    Print Obeject On

    the picture worth a thousand wordsDon't you think it would be better to tell us what your problem is? So you changed the property to 1. And now? Does it work? Does it not?

  • Slow page loads over LAN with 500GB TC

    Forgive me if this has already been touched on, I tried to run through the first six pages and didn't see anything that I thought matched my problem. I saw that there were reports of slow wireless speeds, but I have been experiencing problems over the wired connection to my TC
    I have a MBP connected to the TC wirelessly and a Mac Pro with a wired connection to the TC. They both render similar speeds in a speed test ~4Mbits down, but on my Mac Pro, I get excruciatingly slow page loads. Pages often take, on average, 15-20 seconds to come up at all, and some more time to finish loading completely. Meanwhile, I can load the same pages in a few seconds with my MBP over the wireless network.
    My cable coming from the TC to my Mac Pro is brand new, its at least CAT5e, and should be able to handle my down speeds without a problem. So I'm at a loss for what could be causing this. Could it be something with the computer and not the TC at all?

    Well, creating a test user put me on the right path. Deleting the systemconfiguration folder did not help, but I deleted the following files out of the $user/library/preferences folder:
    Basically any preference with "Network" or "Internet" in it and everything sped up immediately. Thanks for the help.

  • Firefox not reloading page. Same page reloads w/o problem in other browsers.

    I do the graphics layout for three full color magazines and recently found a great program to create flip books for the online viewing of these magazines called Flip Builder. After creating the flip books and posting online, we, along with clients who use Firefox browser have found the flip books will open the first time with no problem. However, if the Refresh/Reload button is hit, the pages will not reload. The round, rotating icon that indicates the load progress simply spins with nothing happening, just a blank screen. The only way to reload the page is by completely closing out Firefox, reopening and re-entering the flip book URL again. Not very convenient for our clients.
    This issue only exists with Firefox. Reloading the pages is no problem with Internet Explorer (sorry, had to mention it!) or Opera.
    Naturally, our clients use various types of computers, so there is no consistency among users. I am using the most current version of Firefox and noticed this problem immediately.
    I've also contacted the makers of Flip Builder and made them aware of this issue.

    I have a similar problem. I am building maps using GeoExt. These maps come up fine in all the browsers we've tested (FF, Chrome, IE, Safari), but when the user clicks the reload button in FF, the page tries to load but fails to load components of GeoExt, ones that loaded fine the page load before. If the user hits the reload button again, the page may load correctly or it may not. It appears to be random.
    However, if the user places their cursor in the address bar and hits enter, the page loads every time with no problem. This behavior, both the reload button and loading the page from the address bar, is consistent in FF version 5.0 and 9.0.1.

  • Flash video on web page takes long very time to load before it starts playback

    I just created a basic flash file to play a video on my web page and it's taking several minutes to load before it starts playback.
    I'm using progressive downlaod and the file is in *.mov format and is 84MB in size. At first that seemed large to me for web play back, but I thought it could handle it since I thought the way progressive download works is that it would start playing the first frame right away and progressively play other frames as they download. However, this seems to be downloading the whole file first (or a major part of it) before starting any playback at all.
    Is there some kind of setting I'm missing or is my understanding of the download incorrect and the file size is too large?
    Some vitals:
    - I'm using Flash Pro CS5
    - To create my flash file, I used the standard import video wizard and selected the a file that is "on my computer" and "load external video with playback component" and then, I selected one of the standard skins.
    - To deploy the vidoe on my webiste I have three files:
    1) swf file containing the FLV component
    2) the swf file related to skin
    3) the actual video (84MB, mov file)
    - Web page includes/embeds reference to swf file

    Thanks for your response again. Looks like things have changed a bit to complicate this a little more.
    adninjastrator wrote:
    Are you saying that if I wait long enough it will start to play .... from the link you posted?
    What you are implying here is correct. The file won't play no matter how long you wait.  Looks like it's because of the "source" file settings in the Import Wizard may now be incorrrect. This is why it's not playing in the new file. 
    When I created my original Flash Video using a MOV file, during the import wizard, when asked "Where is your video file?" I selected the option "Already deployed to a web server...". Here I entered the url to where the video file is located on my production server.
    When I created the new Flash Video using F4V file, during the import wizard, when asked "Where is your video file?" I selected the option "On your computer". Here I selected the file from my local drive.
    Sorry for not pointing out the inconsistency earlier - I didn't think it mattered and plus I couldn't get the F4V file to import from the web server.
    Anyway, I've changed my object tag using the acutal published html that flash generates and have uploaded all source files to same location.
    To sum up the problem(s) I need help with:
    Issue #1 - When trying to import F4V file using import wizard, I cannot use "Already deployed to a web server..." as an option for the file location. I believe this is creating issue #2
    Issue #2 - For some reason, the F4V file will not load into the SWF file when it's published to my production server. 
    It works when viewing locally through browser as c:\inetpub\wwwroot\mywebsite\video-intro.html
    It doesn't work when viewing on development server through browser as http://localhost/mywebsite/video-intro.html
    It doesn't work when viewing on production server through browser as
    Issue #3 - When the above are resolved, I'm not certain if my orignal question/issue will be resolved...  browser tries to downlaod full file before any playback.  

Maybe you are looking for

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