"No entry in table T589A for P" for HR Infotype

Does anyone knows why do I encounter this msg "No entry in table T589A for P" when I run HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION for a specific customised Infotype.  I am actually doing a Update operation that I encountered this problem.
Hope to hear from u soon.  Will Award points for solution provided.
Lawrence Boey

Hi lawrence,
1. For the paramter OPERATION
    in the FM,
   pass valid values like
2. For update, the value is MOD
3. All valid values are contained in table T589A.
amit m.

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  • Error "No entry in table T589A for P" while creating new Infotype

    I've created a new infotype (9605). All the tables, structures, screens etc. have been created using transaction PM01 successfully. But upon execution of Infotype from PA30, the infotype screen is displayed with the following error:
    "No entry in table T589A for P"
    Any input will be highly appreciated.
    Thank you,

    Hi Farooq,
    Untill and unless the the field PSYST-IOPER is cleared explicitly in the program MP960500 (in PBO modules), this error should not occur.
    Also is this error is coming only for 9605 infotype ? Also is any other info availaible in the error message such as entry in table t589a is not available for which value of OPERA (INS, MOD, DEL, LIS etc) ?

  • PM01 - Custom Infotype "No entry in table T589A for P"

    I created a custom PA Infotype with PM01 and now get error "No entry in table T589A for P". T589A is a table with function codes e.g. DIS, INS, LIS and also "P" & "Z". T589A is read when the dynamic PF-STATUS processing is done for Infotypes. I'm trying to do an insert with INS, but as the program tries to read from T589A, field PSYST-IOPER is blank. Any advice? Please assist. Thanks, Adrian

    Just had to regenerate

  • "No entry in the table T589A for P" in PPOME's custom Tab

    <u>requisites:</u><b> Add one custom Tab to transaction PPOME relative to Position (Object type S)</b>
    <u>problem:</u><b>"No entry in the table T589A for P" </b> when entering the transaction PPOME, and choose my new added Tab.</b>
    I get this error message <b>"No entry in the table T589A for P" </b> when entering the transaction PPOME, and choose my new added Tab.
    The thing is, if I comment the line "MODULE BEFORE_OUTPUT" in subscreen 7000 of the infotype (the tab is infotype specific) this error disappear. But then the data entered in the tab, which should be relative to one position (type S), is now displayed for all positions. When leaving the transaction, and entering again, in the same tab, the data has disappeared.
    I think I should not comment this:  "MODULE BEFORE_OUTPUT"
    Why is this error being raised, and what must I do do stop it?
    Thank you.

    The table T589A is a configuration table pertaining to the pf status of the infotype. I changed the pf status of the infotype i.e. added my own buttons on application tool bar. May be cos of that it is giving error. Not sure.......

  • Error message 'No entry in the table T589A for P 2'

    Hi all,
    I am updating the field of an infotype using the function module 'HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION'. But the function module is not updating the field. Instead the return key of the function module has the message
    'No entry in the table T589A for P2'. The function module is called as follows:
        infty                  = '9900'
        number                 = wf_pernr
        SUBTYPE                = P9900-SUBTY
      OBJECTID               =
      LOCKINDICATOR          =
        VALIDITYEND            = P9900-ENDDA
        VALIDITYBEGIN          = P9900-BEGDA
      RECORDNUMBER           =
        record                 = p9900
        operation              = 'MOD'
      TCLAS                  = 'A'
       DIALOG_MODE            = '0'
       NOCOMMIT               =
      VIEW_IDENTIFIER        =
      SECONDARY_RECORD       =
       RETURN                 = wf_return
       KEY                    = wf_key
    Please suggest.

    The table T589A is a configuration table pertaining to the pf status of the infotype. I changed the pf status of the infotype i.e. added my own buttons on application tool bar. May be cos of that it is giving error. Not sure.......

  • How can i  add entry in table BSP_DL_XMLSTRX2 for creating a copy of a view

    i want to copy in a CRM_UI component view the configuration of the view and want to save the copy with a
    different object type. But F4 value help only provides ( in crm_ui component workbench) me the value <DEFAULT> as for that view there is only one entry in table
    BSP_DL_XMLSTRX2 and for object type = <DEFAULT> and when i enter something different i get the error that this object type does not exist.
          ET_CONFIG_INFO     = LT_CONF_INFO.
    ---> result in only one line but i want to add another
    *so my questioin:
    where can i enter a new object type for a existing crm_ui view configuration

    Hello Britta,
    Its useful program to copy a view configuration.
    Best Regards,
    Edited by: Zafer Kuru on Dec 5, 2011 3:51 PM
    REPORT  z_copy.
    TABLES bsp_dcls_conf_semantic_key.
    PARAMETERS     fr_comp  TYPE bsp_wd_component_name OBLIGATORY.
    PARAMETERS     fr_view  TYPE o2pageext OBLIGATORY.
    PARAMETERS     fr_role  TYPE bsp_dlc_role_key OBLIGATORY.
    PARAMETERS     fr_couse TYPE bsp_dlc_component_usage OBLIGATORY.
    PARAMETERS     fr_obty  TYPE bsp_dlc_object_type OBLIGATORY.
    PARAMETERS     fr_obsty TYPE bsp_dlc_object_sub_type OBLIGATORY.
    PARAMETERS     to_comp  TYPE bsp_wd_component_name OBLIGATORY.
    PARAMETERS     to_view  TYPE o2pageext OBLIGATORY.
    PARAMETERS     to_role  TYPE bsp_dlc_role_key OBLIGATORY.
    PARAMETERS     to_couse TYPE bsp_dlc_component_usage OBLIGATORY.
    PARAMETERS     to_obty  TYPE bsp_dlc_object_type OBLIGATORY.
    PARAMETERS     to_obsty TYPE bsp_dlc_object_sub_type OBLIGATORY.
    PARAMETERS     request   TYPE trkorr OBLIGATORY.
    PARAMETERS     d_mode    TYPE flag.
    DATA :  iv_from_component         TYPE  bsp_wd_component_name,
            iv_from_viewname          TYPE  o2pageext,
            iv_from_role_key          TYPE  bsp_dlc_role_key,
            iv_from_component_usage   TYPE  bsp_dlc_component_usage,
            iv_from_object_type       TYPE  bsp_dlc_object_type,
            iv_from_object_sub_type   TYPE  bsp_dlc_object_sub_type,
            iv_to_component           TYPE  bsp_wd_component_name,
            iv_to_viewname            TYPE  o2pageext,
            iv_to_role_key            TYPE  bsp_dlc_role_key,
            iv_to_component_usage     TYPE  bsp_dlc_component_usage,
            iv_to_object_type         TYPE  bsp_dlc_object_type,
            iv_to_object_sub_type     TYPE  bsp_dlc_object_sub_type,
            is_transport_data         TYPE  bsp_dlc_config_transport_data.
      ls_from_config_data   TYPE bsp_dlcs_conf_data,
      lr_from_text_rep      TYPE REF TO cl_bsp_dlc_stext_repository2,
      lr_to_text_rep        TYPE REF TO cl_bsp_dlc_stext_repository2,
      lt_from_text          TYPE bsp_dlt_stxtrep2,
      ls_from_text          TYPE bsp_dl_stxtrep2,
      lv_to_context_id      TYPE bsp_dlc_context_id,
      lv_config_data_origin TYPE bsp_dlc_config_data_origin.
    DATA lt_xmlconf TYPE TABLE OF bspc_dl_xmlstrx2.
    DATA ls_xmlconf TYPE bspc_dl_xmlstrx2.
    DATA ls_xmlconf_check TYPE bspc_dl_xmlstrx2.
    is_transport_data-request = request.
    is_transport_data-display_mode = d_mode.
    SELECT SINGLE * FROM bspc_dl_xmlstrx2 INTO ls_xmlconf_check
                                          WHERE component = fr_comp
                                            AND viewname = fr_view
                                            AND role_key = fr_role
                                            AND component_usage = fr_couse
                                            AND object_type = fr_obty
                                            AND object_sub_type = fr_obsty.
    CHECK sy-subrc EQ 0.
        CALL METHOD cl_bsp_dlc_xml_storage2=>get_config_data
            iv_component           = fr_comp
            iv_viewname            = fr_view
            iv_role_key            = fr_role
            iv_component_usage     = fr_couse
            iv_object_type         = fr_obty
            iv_object_sub_type     = fr_obsty
            iv_only_spec_parameter = abap_true
            es_config_data         = ls_from_config_data
            ev_config_data_origin  = lv_config_data_origin.
      CATCH cx_bsp_dlc_config_not_found.
        RAISE config_not_found.
    lr_from_text_rep = cl_bsp_dlc_stext_repository2=>get_instance(
                                             iv_component = fr_comp
                                             iv_viewname  = fr_view
                                             iv_role_key        = fr_role
                                             iv_component_usage = fr_couse
                                             iv_object_type     = fr_obty
                                             iv_object_sub_type = fr_obsty
    CASE lv_config_data_origin.
      WHEN cl_bsp_dlc_xml_storage2=>config_data_origin_c.
        CALL METHOD lr_from_text_rep->get_texts_c_for_context_id
            iv_all_langu = 'X'
            et_text      = lt_from_text.
      WHEN cl_bsp_dlc_xml_storage2=>config_data_origin_s.
        CALL METHOD lr_from_text_rep->get_texts_s_for_context_id
            iv_all_langu = 'X'
            et_text      = lt_from_text.
    Edited by: Zafer Kuru on Dec 5, 2011 3:54 PM

  • Corresponding entry in table SRRELROLES for Idoc

    Can anybody please help me how to find the corresponding table entry in table SRRELROLES if I know the Idoc number created in inbound process in SAP R/3 system?
    What should be the OBJKEY for the Idoc no?
    Thanks & regards,

    Hi Yogita,
    Check these posts, Which has been answered.
    Re: Purchase order IDOC relationship
    Re: Need help in Conversion

  • IndVal of wage type 1BA0: No entry in table T7INA9 for key 40TL101BA0A on 2

    I have configure  allowance grouping,wage type model,Pay scale type,Pay scale Level, employee group,Employee subgroup,Level.After that I hire one employee useing "T-CODE PA40".But same time system has giving following error message :- "IndVal of wage type 1BA0: No entry in table T7INA9 for key 40TL101BA0A on 20070824" so I am unable to update infotype 8.Please give me reply as early as possiable.
    Subhedar B.

    table t510
    100   IQ    01    01    1     GRADE 13 1            31.12.9999 01.01.2012              0.00
    100   IQ    01    01    3     GRADE 13 1            31.12.9999 01.01.2012              0.00
    MANDT    100
    MOLGA    IQ
    LGART    1019
    ENDDA    31.12.9999
    BEGDA    01.01.1992
    ABTYZ       1
    WKTYZ     11
    ZEINH    030
    KOMBI    2
    BTMIN    0
    BTMAX    0
    ADSUM    X
    RUDIV    0
    MOD01    1
    MOD03    A
    ANMIN    0.00
    ANMAX    0.00
    Wage Type       1019 Bonus Percentage                  01.01.1992 31.12.9999
    EE Subgroup grouping   Personal subarea
    0  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9     0  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9
              1                          1  1

  • Problem with No entry in table T591B for 0015 08 E101

    Hi all,
    This is our first year using SAP and we're approaching our first Year End and so want to make the E Wage Types available for us in IT0015, E121 is already OK and I can enter data in IT0015 for that WT no problem. I've added WT E101 to the 0015 Additional Payments in the IMG and it shows as being allowed for IT0015, this has created entries in the Permissability, etc. in the IMG and I've updated permisability for the ESG to allow for all ESG / PS, etc. - so all looks fine when I work through the steps for Additional Payments in the IMG, but when I try to save E101 in IT0015 I get a message about 'No entry in table T591B for 0015 08 E101' .
    When I look at this table it's called 'WT dependent retroactive accounting trigger' and I've not seen it before despite setting up many Wage Types and I can see E121 is in this table but E101 isn't - but I can't see how I can add or copy anything in this table - there are no options. So I'm assuming this is usually auto updated by creating an entry in another table but I have no idea how to find where and can't find any documentation or other forum messages for this table.
    Has anyone else come accross this before or know anything about this table - has anyone else had trouble when wanting to allow E Wage Types to be used for Year End adjustments?
    Thanks in advance for any advice anyone can give me

    Olnly wt configured to be permissibled on a few infotypes (e.g. 0014, 0015, 0267) would need to be configured in V_T591B. The purpose of this is to control whether these wt are allowed to be changed after payroll is already run for the ee.
    All you need to do is maintain this entry through view V_T591B - add entry for wt 'E101'  for infotype 0015 / country '08'. The indicator (V5591B-ABWRU) can be '' (allow change to wt after proll is run), 'X' (warning if change after proll is run), 'E' (hard-error if change after payroll is run) .

  • No Entry in Table T702Q for key EN

    Dear Consultants,
    In first attempt to customize Travel Management, I copied Trip Provision Variant 99 to my TPV as TF. Then I confirmed all other entries being maintained in the process. When I tried to create Infotype 17 for any employee, it says, "No Entry in table T702Q in Key EN". I visited T702Q but did not find EN anywhere.
    Also the system says the Vehicle Type & Vehicle class do not match.

    This should be easily fixed by your customising in PE03
    The feature PE03 is differing the assignment to the trip provision variants based on the company code.If the trip provision that you created is assigned to entry " " (or blank) then when checking the entry in PA30-travel privileges for IT17  the system is looking for an entry with morei ' ' in the table T702Q and this does not exist.
    This should fix it!
    Edited by: Sally Redmond on Jan 19, 2011 1:50 PM

  • No entry in table T503 for "D"

    Hello Experts,
    while trying to hire an employee on the IDES server, the message "No entry in table T503 for (EEgroup) " ... i checked the T503 table (T503K, and V_T503Z via TCode SM30) ... and found my EE groups and subgroups !! (as assigned through IMG) ... but still I get the same error message and i don't know why.
    FYI : I was told that the IDES server is not configurable !! that is , I may not find the expected results that i make on IMG (I may create EEgroups and subgroups, assign them, but still I may not find them as expected!!)
      when I choose an employee group (while hiring) and then i try to select EE subgroups, the status bar says that "No Values Found" though i had assigned EEsubgroups to the EEgroups!!
    please tell me what is going on, i am really confused !!
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Create the Emp Group if required through SM30 table T501. If not atleast check your EG.
    2. Create the ESG if required thorugh SM30 table T503K. If already created check your ESG here.
    3. For the combination of your EG and ESG make sure that country 99 (other countries) is ticked in V_T503Z via SM30.
    4. Maintain the Employee attributes in V_503_C via SM30
    In case if your EG or ESG is 01 then make sure that it is ZERO ONE and not O(letter) ONE.
    hope this helps.

  • No entry in table T001P for key - PT60

    Hi Folks,
    I´ve got the same error people have reported since some time in this forum, but I didn't find a clear reason or way to fix the issue.
    The error "No entry in table T001P for key" is displayed for only 1 employee during time evaluation.I've checked table T001P, IT 0001, IT 0007, and everything seems tom be OK. I have other employee in same Work Schedule and other guy with same information in IT0001, but only this guy has the issue.
    In other thread someone put "Make a blank entry in table and this fixes the issue", but it's not clear in how to do it or why this fixes the issue.
    Thanks for any help.
    (rewarded with points)

    Check IT 2006 and IT0001. A valid record must exist in IT 0001 for the last 2006 record. Check BEGDA of IT2006 and review that is greater than BEGDA and lesser than ENDDA of any valid record in IT0001
    If this is not happening, then RPTIME program returns empty values in table T001P and this causes the "no entry in table" message.

  • No entry in table T71ADM10 for key 'X'

    While uploading data from R/3, I get this error message:
    'No entry in table T71ADM10 for key "X"'
    But when I look in the R/3 table T71ADM10, then I am able to find entries for the key 'X'.
    Additionaly in the BI DataSource Monitor, if I click the 'Maintain PSA' button, all records are shown as updated successfully. No erronous records are returned.
    Under the 'Details' tab, 'Extraction' shows error; but 'Transfer' and 'Processing' Steps are shown successful.
    Please advice.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hello Labanya,
    As  you telling data is available  in PSA . So  there is need to do update from fro PSA. So Just select that request number  goto RSA1--> PSA. Then find your Request number. Check whether  it has with red mark. Then right click on mouse and select  "start the update immediately". And check  whether you are getting same error or not.

  • No entry in table T527X for E

    The HR IDOCs are ending in error in our production system with the error:
    No entry in table T527X for E
    Message no. RP301
    The entry values must be stored in table T527X. The "   E" value(s) are not in this table.
    When the IDOC is reprocessed manually or by the standard program, the IDOC has OK status.
    The error just started from today and we do not know as to what is causing this error.
    I have checked in the FM that is processing the IDOC and I could not find nay reference to the table T527X or that message number.
    Can anyone please help?

    The IDOC is being processed by a custom Function module but this program was modified
    and the changes were moved to the system last week.
    If IDOC was getting processes Successfully till last week, Customization done recently is the Culprit
    I am thinking about the complexity of the Standard Function (which almost processes all
    types of HR master data and how developer must have managed to write Custom code for all of this.
    Quite Complex I think.
    The main change was that in some updation BDC is now used to update the screens
    directly and then PA41 tcode is being called. Do you think this might cause the issue?
    But then it works in reprocessing - strange.
    In some places, the standard function module is used (code not changed for this) -HR_MASTER_MAINTAIN -
    (i think).
    Well what all I can say is track the error message while running the IDOC for first time and
    that will only give you the solution.

  • Entries in table BWOM_SETTINGS for PARAM_NAME = 'OBJSELSIZE '

    Hello All,
    The entries in table BWOM_SETTINGS for PARAM_NAME = 'OBJSELSIZE ' in our ECC system were as follows originally:
    At that point we started using delta extarctor 0PM_OM_OPA_2 and it had a very poor performance.
    SAP asked us to implement note 1040072.
    As a result of applying that note, the BWOM_SETTINGS table has 2 entries for PARAM_NAME = OBJSELSIZE.
    1. OLTPSOURCE = ''
    2. OLTPSOURCE = '0PM_OM_OPA_2'
    Things were fine until we added more init selections to another CO extractor, 0CO_OM_OPA_6.
    0CO_OM_OPA_6 deltas were taking around 2 hours for original init selections:
    Fiscal year / period 2007001 2007012
    Fiscal year / period 2008001 2020012
    Controlling Area 3000
    Recently we added more init selections and now selections are :
    Fiscal year / period 2007001 2007012
    Fiscal year / period 2007001 2020012
    Fiscal year / period 2008001 2020012
    Controlling Area 3000
    Controlling Area 4000
    Controlling Area 5000
    The extraction is now taking unacceptably long time, about 15 hours.
    I am not sure if it is because adding more inits.
    I have a feeling the entries in BWOM_SETTINGS for OBJSELSIZE are incorrect.
    According to note 836740 should they be as below?
    One more question. If we change the BWOM_SETTINGS entries to as above, will that affect other CO extractors?
    For instance, we use 0CO_OM_CCA_9 very widely and it runs very fast currently. I just want to make sure we dont mess up its performance by modifying the entries in BWOM_SETTINGS. May be add one more entry in BWOM_SETTINGS for 0CO_OM_CCA_9 too?
    Sorry about the lengthy post.
    Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Thank you.

    As stated in [OSS Note 836740 - Delta extractors CO: OBJSELSIZE DataSource specific|https://websmp130.sap-ag.de/sap(bD1lbiZjPTAwMQ==)/bc/bsp/spn/sapnotes/index2.htm?numm=836740], there should be parameter OBJSELSIZE entries, with a value of X for the following CO DataSources:
    The independent entry, where the DataSource is blank, should also be prsent for the OBJSELSIZE parameter with a value of X. [OSS Note 1040072 - 0PM_OM_OPA_2: Poor performance|https://websmp130.sap-ag.de/sap(bD1lbiZjPTAwMQ==)/bc/bsp/spn/sapnotes/index2.htm?numm=1040072] shows that it's also needed for the 0PM_OM_OPA_2 DataSource.
    Your entries for 0CO_OM_OPA6 and 0PM_OM_OPA_2 are correct. You should add 0CO_OM_CCA_9 and any other DataSource in the list above. If they're not listed, they are supposed to be taken care of by the independent entry (DataSource is blank).

Maybe you are looking for

  • Text effect where it has a pointer that motion tracks on the subject and anchors to the text?

    I've tried many different search terms and had very little luck. I found one video where they use the beam but I think he was using a different version of after effects and I couldn't complete certain steps. I'm using after effects 2014 cc. Thanks!

  • How to get the last location of a iphone?

    I need the last location (Find my iphone) of my iPhone 5 because it was stolen . Now can I get? Help me please! I bought it just 14 days. Thanks.

  • 11i General Ledger : Translation and Revaluation issue.

    Hi, I'll post the problem as descriptively as i can. * The client has an Equity account under the natural code of 7341. He has not defined the GL : Owner's Equity Translation rule. * The currency rate table shows that the rate type used for this natu

  • Credit card error in bdoc for ecc to crm

    I am getting an error R11 144, No credit card details found, when an ECC customer master record has a credit card on it and it is flowing to CRM 7.  If you have encountered this error, how did you fix it?  I have searched with no success.

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