No journal created after clearing

Dear Experts,
I have new account which has been assigned in OB09- for valuation.
After the gl account was cleared using F-03, we have had an accounting document number xxxx.
While the document number checked through FB03, there was no journal created  there(message: the list contain no data).
Why is this happen?
Kindly advice.
Thank you

Hi Dianne,
The new account type is balance sheet account
in OB 09, I have changed the acoount for loss and gain from account xxx to yyy
Before changed account to YYY for exchange rate differences the gl account could be cleared and the journal created successfully.
But after changed no journal created.
please advice

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    Please adjust the date time. Make sure it is in the correct format.
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    Thanks in advance! Jim
    Sorry if I wasn't as clear as I could have been.  I'm trying to clean out the Journal mailbox after exporting the messages to a .PST file.  I've tried formatting the date different ways and when I check it the format seems OK. For some reason I'm
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    Thanks,  Jim

    Thank You Yan Li!   I ran commands both ways and still received errors.  Here's the first command and the error message: 
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  • BPC 10.0 NW - Journal data when clearing the data

    Hej Gurus,
    I have a quite simple question:
    When a journal i created and posted in the system, the journal is stored in a specific table for the model, and the data is stored in the cube. What is going to happen with the journals, if we clear the cube for all data, both journal and non-journal data. Will the journals still be posted in the journal table?
    The reason is, we have some scattered bad data that we would like to have cleared, and we want to know, if we can delete all data and import everything again without the journal postings are gone.
    Best regards,
    Mikkel Kristensen

    Hi Mikkel
    Journal stored in Journal Table along with BP Cube. Any point of time you want to delete due to Bad data. First you have to Unpost Journals that means No Effect in Journals or No Financials update. Then you can clear BPC Cube data.
    When you are ready for Journals  just simply Post from Unpost Journals. This process will ensure your data integrity.
    Otherwise you will have to face again bad data issue.
    In Short :
    When you decide to Delete Data from Cube:
    1. Unpost Journals from Post
    2. Delete Data from BPC Cube( from Backend)
    3,  Re-load Transactional Data
    4. Post Journals from Unpost
    Hope this will help you

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    I've used Project Web App on Sharepoint 2013. After clear job queue about force check-in then I've got this error. This made me can't access some pages in PWA anymore e.g. Project center, Resoure center, PWA setting, etc.  Who have ever found this problem,
    pls. help.
    The pop up error msg. is "Sorry, you don't have access to this page"

    According to your description, after you cleared job queue about force check-in then you can't access some pages in PWA.
    Maybe you need to check in the pages which has been checked out.
    If you have administrative rights, it is possible to override the check-out via the View All Site Content page:
    Site Actions->View All Site Content->Pages->Hover the item you want to check in, and from the context-menu (arrow-down next to the filename), choose "Discard Check Out"
    Besides, to troubleshooting the error “Sorry, you don't have access to this page”, refer to the following articles:
    In addition, as this issue is related to project server, I suggest you create a new thread on project server, more experts will assist you:
    Best Regards,
    Lisa Chen
    Lisa Chen
    TechNet Community Support

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    It tells you to go to Error 13 and 14 if you receive error (-50).
    Here is what I have tried...
    Error 13 and 14: These errors are typically resolved by performing one or more of the steps listed below:
    Perform USB isolation troubleshooting, including trying a different USB port directly on the computer. See the advanced steps below for USB troubleshooting. I have moved it around to different ports.
    Put a USB 2.0 hub between the device and the computer. Didn't change anything.
    Try a different USB 30-pin dock-connector cable.
    Eliminate third-party security software conflicts. Removed all virus protection and firewall.
    There may be third-party software installed that modifies your default packet size in Windows by inserting one or more TcpWindowSize entries into your registry. Your default packet size being set incorrectly can cause this error. Contact the manufacturer of the software that installed the packet-size modification for assistance. Or, follow this article by Microsoft: How to reset Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) to reset the packet size back to the default for Windows.Used the Microsoft fix it.
    Connect your computer directly to your Internet source, bypassing any routers, hubs, or switches. You may need to restart your computer and modem to get online. Doesn't matter.
    Try to restore from another known-good computer and network. I do not know how to do this or how to find the correct/full/complete restore point. There should be more information for this.

  • Is there a way to create a clear stroke?

    Is there a way to create a clear stroke?

    Stroke a path with the eraser tool perhaps is what your looking for...

  • Is it still possible to downgrade from ios 6 to ios 5.1.1 on my ipod touch 4th gen as of Sept.24?Also, if I use a backup created AFTER updating to ios 6 when I restore/downgrade to ios 5.1.1, does it become ios 6 again because of the backup?

    Is it still possible to downgrade from ios 6 to ios 5.1.1 on my ipod touch 4th gen as of Sept.24? Also, if I use a backup created AFTER updating to ios 6, when I restore/downgrade to ios 5.1.1, does it become ios 6 again because of the version of ios 6 that I created the backup on?

    There has never been a legit way to downgrade.
    It will always restore to the latest available software.

  • Planned order created after mrp run instead of purchase req

    Hi All,
    I am facing a strange problem about planned order being created after mrp run jobs runs in background instead of purchase req. This is happening randomly. In the material master MRP view 2 procurement type is F and in the varient for the MRP job the in Purchase requisition control parmater 1 is marked that is purchase requisition. Also planning file is having the entry once there is shortage and hence MRP run is there always if there is shortage of material.
    With Regards

    Hi Tarun,
    Please maintain the control parameters as
    Processing Key                                       NETCH
    Create Purchase Requisition                          1
    Sched. Agreement Schedule Line                   3
    Create MRP List                                            1
    Planning Mode                                               1
    Scheduling                                                     1
    Please let me know the results.

  • New GP Task Items do not appear in UWL after clear item cache of GP System

    HI, SDN Expert.
    After I made some minor change in the GP configuration xml (changing the "createdate" format from "date" to "datetime"), I went to the Cache Administration Page to clear the item cache of my GPSystem. I went to register the item types for all system in the UWL Configuration Page.
    After clearing the cache and register the item types, I started initiate some GP tasks, but now all the GP tasks are not appearing in the UWL any more.
    I remembered last time the same thing has happened, but the GP tasks started appearing only after a few hours.
    Now, it has been two hours wait, I still don't see my GP tasks re-appear.
    I wonder any of you know whether this situation is normal? What is the root cause for this situation? And how do I fix this?
    Thanks for advise,

    Issue resolved.

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    That data is called Form History
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  • How do I remove the security password created after the upgrade?

    How do I remove the security password created after the upgrade?

    you mean passcode?
    settings>general>passcode lock
    and Turn passcode off

  • Hi there  all the new playlist i create after the i os7 in my i tune can t be view in my i phone playlist i have 65 playlist in my i tune only 58 show up in my i phone i sync and try hard i even drag and drop file in some existing playlist i had won't see

    hi there all the playlist i create after upgrading to i phone 5s on my i tune can t be vew on my i phone playlist i sync many time i even try to drag and drap to the playlist that i see in my i phone those file is not showing up to the existing playlist on my i phone but the playlist that is in my itune the file is there that is something apple should take care imediately this is very importan thank you

    Yes, you can sync podcasts. Except in this case it's's song-a-day podcast that are just songs. I want them to work the same way as any song in my library from any other source. I do not want to manage them as podcasts. And for whatever reason it won't send them to my iphone as songs unless I right click and convert to mp3. And yes, they already are mp3s. Before I convert them, they don't ever show up in iTunes DJ or in Music either. I don't know... ask Apple.

  • F-03 : Doc generated after clearing

    When i clear a G/L Account with Tcode F-03 the system create a clearing Document  with 2 items !!!
    As i know the Clearing Document doesn't have any item !
    Please how to make clearing document without items ? (IMG points perhaps....)

    fb03 Menu >goto> Display as list
    please refer the notes.
    491822, 413836,409904,389794,382301,314971,313344,84523
    Madhu M

  • PR not created after MRP

    Hello SAP Gurus!
    We are having a problem regarding PR creation.
    No PR is created after running MRP and we have a lot of requirements.
    What do you think is the problem?
    How to check?
    Thanks in advance

    Hi again,
    Kindly let me know have you check these 3 steps below for you
    1) Requirement Planning for the corresponding plant must be activated in customizing for material management under consumption based planning -
    >Planning------>Activate Material Requirement Planning
    2)The Plant parameters for the corresponding plant must be activated in customizing for material management under consumption based planning->Plant Parameters-->Carryout overall maintenance of plant parameters
    3) In the material master record, you have to maintain the MRP data of the materials that are subject to automatic plannning
    Viz , MRP TYPE, MRP GROUP...Etc
    If tthe above steps are ok then check the material master record of material of which MRP run is resulting in no Purchase requistion, Kindly check the MRP Views and see whether field of MRP Type is showing ND i.e. No Planning.
    Change the same to consumption based planning and get your reults.
    I hope this will solve your problem.
    Tushar Patankar

  • QI Info record created after PO....

    Dear ALl,
    QI info record created after PO for the material. SO i wan to know whether system will give error in this case?
    Kaushal Rai

    Dear Shyamal,
    There is no ponit of date. Its correct that PO will not be created for that material which is having procurement key active.
    PO created before or after QI record doesn't matter. Only thing QI info record should be there at the time of creation of PO.
    But i don't know why in PO still I am getting the same error even after creation QI record. Material, Vendor, Plant, PR all are same.
    Kaushal Rai

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