Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra as Mass Storage Device?

I found an old Nomad Jukebox in my closet and seeing as its pretty obsolete im wondering if there are any firmwares that will allow this to function as a plain usb dri've instead of only being able to sync with specific software.

nosmokingbandit wrote:
Probably Windows 7 more than anything else, but the main reason i would like it to behave like a mass storage device is so i can plug it into my car stereo via usb and play music from it. Sure, i could use the auxillary plug, but i find it easier to navigate to a song using my headunit's controls than the Jukebox's.
Well since that is how you want to use it you could always remove the hardri've format it & use it in a portable hardri've enclosure.Your car stereo does it read an MTP device? What make & model is your car stereo? Do you have access to a XP/Service 2/WMP0 computer?

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  • Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra 60 GB can't be found through Mediasource Organizer

    I have been using the Creative Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra HDD Player since a few years and I have always been satisfied. But recently, I had a massi've computer problem, forcing me to do a complete re-install of Windows XP, without the chance to backup my old XP.
    So of course I also needed to reinstall the Nomad Player. However, since I can't find the CD-Rom with the driver, I had to download (almost) everything.
    At first I installed the drivers of the player and then I installed the Nomad Explorer (I still had that one on an old HDD). When I start the Nomad Explorer, the player connects and I can see the music that is stored on the player.
    However, in the past I never used the Nomad Explorer, I always used Media Source Organizer. I think in the past I had Version 3 and later I updated it to Version 5. So now I went for Version instantly. I downloaded it and installed it. But here it starts to get strange. I closed the Nomad Explorer and disconnected the player, then I installed the Organizer. During the installation, I was told that the organizer can't find any supported devices, I should connect and start the player and try again. So I did. This time, the installation finished itself - but when I startet Media Organizer, it couldn't find my player.
    I once read something like that you need at least Windows Media Player 0 or . Since I had 9, I installed 0, but that didn't change a thing.
    So, does anyone have an idea what I am doing wrong ? Or maybe I forgot to install some normal Windows stuff, that is required by Media Organizer ? For example, I haven't installed DirectX yet (but I tell you that just as an example, I don't think that it's DirectX related)

    You need the Creative Nomad Jukebox? plug-in 5.00.22 for Creative MediaSource5 found here.

  • Hooking a camera to Nomad jukebox Zen Xtra using a belkin USB bri

    Has anyone tried to transfer files from a digital camera to a Nomad jukebox Zen Xtra using a belkin USB bridge? Or any of the other Creative Mp3 players? If not does anyone know any other way to use the mp3 player as photo storage when traveling without use of computer?

    It certainly won't work with the Zen players because they use a non-standard format.
    There's the possibility that it should work with the MuVo players as they are just USB mass storage, but I've heard mention of someone that supposedly tried it and it doesn't. Am I right in thinking the Belkin USB bridge is for the iPod, or is it supposed to work for any USB mass storage player?

  • No driver found - Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra - WinXP

    I have used my Zen Xtra for over 2 years now, with the same PC I am currently having problems with. I recently had to do a complete reinstall of Windows (note that I have done at least 2 other complete reinstalls during the life of my Zen Xtra, with no problems). Windows Device Managers sees the NOMAD Jukebox Zen Xtra, but with the yellow question mark and exclamation point. Each attempt at driver installation results in the same problem. The driver ("JB3MV2_PCWDRV_US__30_03.EXE") installs completely, I'm told to reconnect my device so the driver can take effect. When I do, the device is still marked in Device Manager with exclamation point and yellow question mark, and Windows continues to ask if it can find and install the driver. I have told it not to (knowing that I just installed Creative's own driver), with no success, and other times let Windows try to install the driver (hoping it would find the Creative driver that was just installed). No luck. I have even done another complete reinstall of Windows, and tried to install the driver before any other program or hardware installations into my system. No luck. Note that there are no hardware changes between now and when I have done other complete Windows reinstallations. It just no longer accepts the Creative driver. I have also tried to install the driver in safe mode, with the same results. I have also completely removed the Zen Xtra (showing hidden devices in the Device Manager), and tried to reinstall. Firmware version of Zen Xtra was upgraded over a year ago to 2.0.03.
    Windows XP Pro SP2
    38GB free hard dri've space
    Zen Xtra firmware version: 2.0.03

    I have the same problem. But when i try to installl it it says he is missing an .nfo file.
    I removed WMP and reinstalled WM0 because is crap.
    I have Windows XP SP2
    I have the newst firmware on it.
    Can somebody help me with this because it's annoying not to put any new music on your mp3 player.
    I never experienced this before even after formatting my HD.
    Almost the same problem as fritzm but not completely because het gets an different error.
    I have installed the CD but that doesnt work either.
    I have installed the software from the website but that didnt help because he doesnt recognize my player.
    Please help!!

  • Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra connection probl

    Hello Everyone.
    First off, I am using Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra (30G) with Windows XP - SP2. A few days ago my Zen Xtra would connect to my pc but as of today it no longer does. After searching through similar posts I am assuming it's not a problem with my Zen but with my PC. None the less, I did do my best to troubleshoot myself. I downloaded all possible firmware/drivers from However - the firmware upgrade would not complete due to the fact that my device is not connected. I tried connecting my player to other USB ports on my PC - no luck. I used Nomad Explorer to do my transfers and as suggested in the FAQ, I tried downloading others (ie: MediaSource) however these wouldn't install because it could not detect any device. When I go to Device Manager/USB/ my Nomad isn't even listed. I have tried 3 different USB cables. The player isn't locked. Other devices work with the usb cables and port (ie: logitec clicksmart camera)
    So now assuming it is a PC problem, where do I go from now? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me

    Thank you for your response. The only thing that comes to mind is k-lite codec pack I downloaded and installed for the Indeo codec needed for my clicksmart 820. I'm not sure if that would have anything to do with the disruption of my device. The camera itself worked but wouldn't record videos until I installed the codec. Everything else to my knowledge is the same. No other new USB devices installed either.

  • Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra Firmware Update Issue

    My player does not get recognized after attempting to update firmware (ZenXtraP4SAudible_PCFW_LB_2_0_03.exe) according to website instructions.
    When turned on the player displays "Firmware Problem" for a fraction of a second, then it goes into Rescue Mode v., Boot v.4, HW v0.0., 4 items in the menu ( Clean Up; 2 Format All; 3 Reload OS; 4 Reboot)
    This is my setup:
    Kernel version: Microsoft Windows XP, Multiprocessor Free
    Product type: Professional
    Product version: 5.
    Service pack: 3
    Kernel build number: 2600
    IE version: 8.0000
    System root: C:\WINDOWS
    Processors: 2
    Processor speed: 2.6 GHz
    Processor type: AMD Athlon(tm) 7750 Dual-Core Processor
    Physical memory: 3072 MB
    Video driver: ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series
    Relevant Applications:
    Creative Jukebox Driver
    Creative MediaSource
    Creative NOMAD Jukebox Zen Xtra
    Windows Media Format Runtime
    Windows Media Player 0
    Please advise, thanks in advance,

    Problem solved!
    I did not follow the link you provided, thanks for the suggestion anyway. I read in another post that you advised to disable the device in Device Manager, although I took a different route. This is what I did after enabling Mediasource DETECTOR
    . Completely uninstall Windows Media Player , revert to WMP 0, inlcuding the Runtime
    2. Reboot the PC
    2. Once rebooted connect the player to the PC
    4. Under Windows Portable Devices right click NOMAD JUKEBOX ZEN XTRA, then select Update Drivers
    5. Navigate to "C:\Program Files\Creative\Jukebox 3 Drivers" to select the driver, OK all the windows
    6. Run ZenXtraP4SAudible_PCFW_LB_2_0_03.exe with the player connected
    7. I was prompted if I wanted to replace the Firmware with the same version (2.0.03) I said yes... within seconds the player came back to normal.
    I hope that the above can help people in my same situation. The culprit seems to be WMP and all the hidden software installed with it. Freakin Microsoft!
    Final question. Now that the firmware has been updated, am I safe by installing WMP ?

  • NOMAD JukeBox Zen Xtra driver will not inst

    I plug in my NOMAD JukeBox Zen Xtra 30GB into my computer and it shows up as USB\VID_04e&PID_428 but the driver shows the ZEN Xtra as USB\VID_04e&PID_40. I changed USB\VID_04e&PID_40?to USB\VID_04e&PID_428 but it still doesn't work. It come up with error code 0?Suggestions???

    Same problem here. Also tried editing the drivers with error code 0 "device cannot be started"
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  • Nomad jukebox zen xtra driver for use with Vista 32 b

    I just registered in an attempt to find a solution to using my Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra player with Windows Vista 32 bit operating system. Unfortunately, my old computer died and all was lost so when I purchased a new computer I naturally went with the most recent operating system, it never occured to me that my wonderful MP3 player would be considered obsolete (my various printers are all much older than my mp3 player and they all work just fine, my multiple?digital cameras too) anyway, I am running around in circles and I would not consider myself highly technical. I cannot download the latest creative firmware because without a driver my device is not recognized, and thus, creative will not complete the download since my device is not recognized...... when I go to microsoft to look for "nati've drivers" as suggested by Creative somewhere in the maze I have been stumbling through, the link I found in a search on Microsoft's website sends me to a creative labs link longer exists.... I sent an email to customer support, but they happily sent me a form letter stating that my warranty is out of date so they have no assistance to offer unless I pay for a half hour of their time in advance, and I find it odd that I should pay money to risk being told that they have chosen not to support this device, because if I pay money to hear that I will immediately hate this company, and I don't want to throw in the towel just yet, anyway, another option stated in the form letter was to use this forum, so I am trying really hard to state the circumstances of my dilemma in a fair and open way. It seems to me that with all the energy that was put into that form letter, they could have written a letter that would address this issue directly as I cannot fathome that I am the only one with this problem. So, per the suggestion of the form letter, I am here to ask if anyone knows of a solution to making a Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra work with Windows Vista 32 bit operating system.....if there is none, then at least I will hear about it without paying Creative money to tell me so. If I should post my request to a different thread/topic area?on the forum, that information would be greatly appreciated too as I have never used a forum before and alot of the information on this site is more technical than I am used to. Thank you to anyone that can offer some guidance or a clear solution. Signed by a baffled Creative customer....Dani

    Try reading this thread. I had the same problem and the solution worked for me.

  • Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra 60GB not playing correctly anymore, help!!

    Thanks. I keep getting directed to that knowledge base page, but it is not addressing my problem. My computer immediately tells me that the device has "malfunctioned" and the computer does not recognize it. I only have the usb cord that came with the zen, so I don't have another one to try. I love my zen and have staunchly defended it over the years vs. an i-pod. However, this is my 2nd onI've had my Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra 60GB for over 5+ years. It has worked great, with minimal problems. I had a firmware update issue quite a while back. I'm not sure how to resolve this problem. Here is the situation:
    Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra 60GB is fully charged and ready to use.
    I tried loading a set playlist but it won't load. So I tried another, and it doesn't load. Not sure what to do, I go to the menu. This time I choose an artist/band. The music loads, but it doesn't play. I try again, then it starts to play. So I load a few other artists that way. It seems like I had a issue to work out later. Being away from my computer that was going to have to wait. After some time the Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra 60GB started to start N stop diferent songs. A few times it froze while playing a song. Then would unfreeze to play another, then suddenly start playing the previous one. After about 0-5 minutes of this I decided I had enough. So I planned to empty the playlist, and turn it off. It took me atleast three attempts to empty the playlist and turn it off.
    Are these problems fixable What are they hardware or software
    Would an OS or firmware update fix these problems Is my Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra 60GB hard dri've going Can I get a replacement Or do I need to buy a new player
    Please help me get my player working. I really like this model, I'd hate to have to replace it.
    in 5 years. (The first one fried itself, but fortunately was still under warrantly.) Sadly, I, too, am considering moving on. I onlyreceived generic help fromthe Creative SupportTeam (who ultimately told me my zen is "unrepairable" when their one-size-fits-all solutions didn't work).Since there seems to be an overwhelming # of people experiencing similar problems, maybe the time is right to make the change, especially since an iPod classic 60 GB (7th Generation) is quite affordable these days.

    Formatting will erase all the files on the player,Cleanup scans the disc & corrects file system errors,broken links (from when you delete things)ect. but does NOT repair bad sectors,Reboot then rebuilds the file system. I'd do the Cleanup>Reboot first to see if that solves the you will find how to open the player to see what dri've is in there. You can then search Ebay or Google the model number to find another one.

  • Windows 7 Support Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra

    I have a Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra MP3 player. The hard dri've crashed on my old computer ( which used the wiindows XP operating system). I bought a laptop which uses Windows 7. I don't seem to be able to find a way to access the MP3 player with the windows 7 computer. I don't need?a lot of functionality. I would be happy to put tags on MP3 files with some other software, if only there was a way to get this laptop to talk to the MP3 player. Any suggestions?

    If you can find a PC running Windows XP with Windows Media Player 0 installed you can install the?Creative Zen Xtra PlaysForSure Firmware 2.0.03 - this will turn the player into an MTP device so you will not need to install any special drivers/software to copy music or other files to it (as long as the computer has Windows Media Player 0 or later installed - so Vista or 7 will be fine, as will up-to-date versions of XP).
    I could not get the firmware installer to work with Windows Media Player installed on XP (it claims the player is not plugged in) but Windows Media Player 0 works reliably. As Windows Vista comes with WMP and Windows 7 with WMP 2 you'll need to find an XP machine to install the firmware, though once installed you can use the player with any modern OS.
    As I run Vista on my PC I had to resort to installing XP in VirtualBox to run the firmware installer but I would strongly recommend trying to find a real PC before resorting to emulators!
    Edit: If possible, back up your files before updating the firmware - if I remember correctly updating to the PlaysForSure firmware does delete all of your existing files, but even if I haven't remembered correctly it's worth doing just in case..!

  • Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra won't turn

    My problem is exactly as the title states. I have a Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra (40 gig HD) and I cannot get it to power on. This problem has been occuring since yesterday evening. I try to plug it into the computer via the USB cable, but this does nothing. The same is true of plugging it into a wall outlet with the charger that came with it. I can't tell you what the firmware on it is, as I have no ability to view that.
    Any suggestions as to what I can try next?

    I have (and left it out for fi've minutes, per another suggestion in another thread). Thanks to both of you for your help, I'm in contact with Creative's customer support via email now (thankfully it's within the 90 day warranty period)

  • Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra VS Winows Media Player - Help?

    I have a 40gig Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra - a computer crash a year ago resulted in a replacement by the computer company - and it came with Windows Media Player.... when I tried to run it and had already installed the Creative software/Music library - Media Player crashed my computer every time - had to uninstal...,. now - that computer is defecti've and has just been replaced again by the maker - and before I load the Creatai've Software wondered if this is what is interfering with Media Player? Does anyone know? When I buy music it looks for Windows Media Player I believe - and I can play it and transfer the music in Creative program - BUT - it no longer lists my music library as single songs but as folders - and I have to go specifically into a remote folder to try to find the downloaded music and transfer to the Nomad....
    Any help is appreciated..... I'm lost!

    The firmware update only works on a windows XP machine.
    you also need to have Windows media player 0 installed
    you must not have windows media player or windows media player runtime lurking in your windows XP add/remove programmes bit on the control panel.
    if you do have WMP first remove it ( roll back) then re-boot, then remove windows media player runtime ( rioll back) and re-boot.
    open windows media player, if it is windows media player 0 then you should be OK, if its windows media player 9 you need ot download and install windows media player 0.
    Check again to make sure that windows media player and windows media player runtime are not in the add/rmove programs.
    Back up everything on the player, all music, playlists and data files.
    update the firmware.
    if it stalls part way, like it did for me the last time i updated a Zen Xtra ( last weekend -installing a new motherboard ) dont panic.
    it will go to rescue mode, close the firmware update, the player will go to rescue mode, then re-satart the update, on the zen xtra, slect re-load OS then on the firmware update click on English. then slect re-load os on the player.
    make sure that the player is fully charged, and that the mains charger is also attached.
    just out of interest, when you remove the front panel on your zen xtra to get to the battery, does the headphone jack ( visable through a hole in the top right) have a blob of red paint on

  • Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra: Nomad Explorer says Not connected ... first time u

    I just bought a Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra. I used the installation CD to install everything and Windows automatically tried to locate a driver for it but it was not successful, so I downloaded the driver for the Zen Xtra from this website and installed it.
    However, when I open "Nomad Explorer" it shows the player's logo with a red X and says "Not connected". How do I get the player to connect to the computer?
    This is my first time using a Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra and I have limited computer knowledge, but I know all my USB ports are working.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    Hi!?I'm having the same problem. I bought the player, but after a couple of weeks I've exchanged it, because of some hardware problem. The original player worked all right, but the new one is not recognized by NOMAD Explorer ("not connected"), and?I also?can't copy files via Windows Explorer. The strange thing is I managed to copy a couple of albums, but then it'sstarted to hang the Explorer. The firmware version is 2.0.03. I reinstalled the drivers and NOMAD Explorer - didn't help. PS: You've got to help me, 'cause my iPod-loving friends laugh at me, so it's my and Creative's reputation we're talking about

  • Nomad jukebox zen xtra firrmware version 1.03

    i own a nomad jukebox zen xtra 30gb which has been running in excellent condition for three years..i want to make a database of all driver and firmware versions on my pc..
    i've tried locating this firmware version(.03.02)?everywhere(creative downloads page included)..but haven't met with success..i would appreciate if anyone would tell me where to look for it..thanks in advance

    First you must install the driver on the computer. Have a battery that is charged. What you did is you erased the firmware(reload O.S.)so the player has none. That is why you got the message you got. You are going to lose all the files(music) on the player because when you install the firmware? you are going to format the dri've before you do that.
    Download & install the driver first. The version 2.0.00 driver Then check to see if player is recognized(plug it into a rear usb port if using a desktop NO USB HUBS) Download the firmware file to your desktop on the computer
    <div class="DownloadBriefBox"><div class="DownloadNameBox"> ascending&page= <span class="DownloadSizeBox">

  • Nomad jukebox zen xtra - cannot create file w message when trying totransfer fi

    My 30G nomad jukebox zen xtra was working great until recently. Now when I power my player up after a day of no use, it takes 0-5 minutes to rebuild the library. When I begin to transfer files using Media source after a few transfers I get the "unable to create file" message and can no longer transfer. I have tried disk clean up and re-booting to no avail. I tried installing the new firmware and this worked for about 80 songs and then I began getting the same problems. I have completely cleaned my PC of adware and spyware and this has no effect. I love my player but am becoming a little frustrated. Would anyone have any ideas? This all started when I turned on my player one day and all of the music was gone. I re-transfereed everything back and later noticed that I had two of everything. I deleted all of the duplicates and from that point on it began to take 5 minutes to rebuild the library but I could still transfer files with no problems. One last thing, when I run disk cleanup in rescue mode, once it gets to 99% done it stalls there for about 0-5 minutes before going back to the rescue mode menu.

    i experienced the same problem. until 2 weks ago it worked fine. but a visited the support site and found out that all the software was new. so i downloaded the new versions. even the new firmware with the e at the end. i was at the edge to smash my monitor when i found out that after the firmware update the sound was hearing so quiet. after rebuil os and searching 2 hour on the net for the previous firmware release, prior to E release, i solve the sound problem.
    but another appeard. cannot copy files on the player. if i choose to delete them, they disappear. i turn off the zen nx, turn back on and the files were still there. practically all the copy/delete/new folder/paste function were blocked. and the same problem on WIN XP and win 2000. all this because i installed the new versions for nomad explorer, nomad mediacenter, nomad plugin for media center.
    solution: uninstalled all the creative software. put the original cd in the dri've. installed all the original software. it was running perfect. so, i could operate again in the data files on the player.
    so i thought it was the driver problem since the media library i could access just fine. so i kept the original driver but installed all the new software (mediasource, nomad explorer, nomad zen plugin for mediasource).
    guess what? the accesing proble appeard again. i think that the better solution is to stick to the original software.
    and one last find. after the E firmware adveture, i experince what other are and was praing not to happen to me. the battery is lasting much much short period. and the green light if you look carefully is fluctuating in intensity. this was not happening until i burn the new E firmware. .0.02e. now after the rebuild os and writng a firmware it displays .0.02 without the E. the sound is like before. 24 damages your ears but the battery problem stills persit. it driving me crazy.

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