Open Lotus Notes from R/3 transaction

Hi ,
I have a requirement to add a button in an ALV report to send a mail. But when the user press that button the lotus notes must be opened with the information displayed on the screen.
How do I achieve this request?

I did find transaction RSRR in the OLTP.  Anyone have any experience or comments?

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  • Can't open lotus notes links with acrobat reader XI

    We had acrobat reader 9 a few month ago. We did an upgrade to XI. Since the upgrade, we can't open lotus notes link in PDF. I receve a message : Could not open the file 'Notes://<server>/85256E990056A5F7/428FA5DA3ED9D82485256E6D005FA7AB/ED916EF56E1CC50B85257 545005AB67B'. (<server> is the name of my server)
    The path is working. I can paste it in run and it's working. If I downgrade to reader 9, the link work with the same PDF.
    I did some trace with procmon and I can see acrobat trying to open C:\WINDOWS\system32\Notes:\<server>\85256E990056A5F7\428FA5DA3ED9D82485256E6D005FA7AB\ED9 16EF56E1CC50B85257545005AB67B
    I can't find anything about this issue...
    anybody has an idea?

    Having the same issue, Any hint ? Is Adobe aware of this problem ?

  • Out of office message when sending mail to Lotus Notes from SAP

    Is it possible to have an 'out of office' message when sending mail to Lotus Notes from SAP?
    I'm sending account statements by mail via a modified version of function FI_OPT_ARCHIVE_CORRESPONDENCE. The SAP username is send as a parameter, and later converted to the e-mail saved in the user profile. This works, - but I would like to have an out of office reply if the user I send to is out of office.
    Hope someone can help...

    As Thomas pointed out, you can use regular SMTP mail to send the contents to Lotus Notes. You can use the function module SO_OBJECT_SEND or any of the SAP Office function modules to do this.
    Only thing to remember is that the SMTP may have been disabled by your basis team due to security risks involved. An alternative could be a lotus notes connector available from IBM.

  • I can no longer open lotus notes with firefox 4.0 -- how do I revert to the previous version?

    Lotus notes is my work email system. I can still open it on safari on my Mac, but I get a message that an error may have occurred that causes the application to fail.
    NOT helpful!

    Look in your Applications folder.  If your system behaved as expected, you should have an iMovie 9.0 folder in your Applications folder.  Apple moved the old version there as even they suspected the new versions was a train wreck.

  • Since downloading Firefox 4, I am unable to open attachments in my Lotus notes e-mail account, but not if I open Lotus notes via Internet Explorer.

    I recently downloaded the latest version of Firefox (I have been using older versions for the last two years). However, when using my Lotus Notes e-mail account (through the University of Dayton), I immediately was unable to open e-mail attachments (both new e-mails and older, saved e-mails with attachments that had previously been opened. The word "attachment" appears at the end of the message (in light grey), but does not respond to the cursor. I have delayed working on this problem, because if I open Internet Explorer instead of Firefox, my Lotus Notes account will allow me to view new and past attachments. It seems that the new Firefox has changed some security setting that does not relay attachments with my incoming or stored e-mails. Suggestions--or should I continue to just always open with Internet Explorer?

    Maybe the "Remote XUL Manager" add-on mentioned in these threads will help?
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  • Accessing Lotus Notes from SAP

    I'm trying to access data of Lotus Notes databases from an ABAP using OLE.
    If the Lotus Notes Class returns a "common" variable (string, number or another object), there is no problem, but when it returns an "stringArray" or a "valueArray" variable I cannot get the value.
    For example, it happens when trying to get the value of a field from a document:
    CALL METHOD OF w_document 'GetItemValue' = w_value
      EXPORTING #1 = 'FieldName'.
    this method returns a "valueArray" value and defining the w_value as string or character in ABAP is does not crash but the content of w_value after having executed this method is always blank.
    Any idea on how to solve it?

    check out this ypu will find relevant materials for this query..
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  • Adobe form can be able to open lotus note

    Hi Experts,
    I have an requirement:
    Adobe layout: Radio button for survey and push buttons.
    Layout is completed and I can able to download PDF at my local desktop.
    Same pdf I am sending to external system (non SAP) person via email attachment (which I am doing using outlook - Manual process).
    Now the my requirement/query is once the external system person revive the mail, He will open the pdf document and clicks on the one of the push button "Approved" and a lotus note (IBM LOTUS) mail need to be opened with default Subject line and with mail Id "[email protected]".
    Then external system person will add some line in the mail body and send it to the mail Id which is defaulted.
    Please help me how can be achived?
    Same set of function is happeing with Excel document and set of VB code.

    Else Is that possible to generate/open outlook?

  • Accessing Lotus Notes from Crystal Reports in AIX

    Hi BO world
    We've installed the BO Enterprise Server  on an AIX 5.3 platform and we want to connect this BO server to a Lotus Domino Server (version 8 on a Windows Server Platform ) to show the data on Crystal Reports. The problem is that we can't find any information about how to make this connection to use the Crystal Report INSIDE the InfoView (of course we can export the RPT file and use it with the Crystal Report Viewer but the idea is run the report inside the InfoView).
      In our PC's we have installed the Lotus Notes Client and the corresponding ODBC client (Lotus Notes SQL) and the crystal reports work correctly (accessing to the LNotes Server) BUT, when we start looking for any ODBC for AIX to connect to the Lotus Notes and we can't find any tool to do this.
    Could you give any idea o "something" to solve this problem? Let's say
       - Which is the version of ODBC/JDBC driver we have to install in the AIX server to access the L.Notes on the Windows Platform?
       - Should we install the Crystal Report Server in another server (let's say a Windows Server with the corresponding ODBC)
       - Others?
    Any help will be great  !
    Kindly Regards, gdmon.

    Moved this to the BOE forum.
    If AIX and Lotus do not have an ODBC driver then I suspect your only option would be to have a Windows BOE install to process those reports so you can use the Windows ODBC driver.
    This is a requirement for Crystal reports to connect. If Lotus doesn't support AIX connectivity then we can't either.
    Possibly the BOE forum has some configuration options for you...
    Thank you

  • "Read" status of e-mail will not sync wirelessly between Lotus Notes and 8520??

    This is my first post and I realize that this might not be the right area to post this question but my question did not seem to fit anywhere else.
    I was recently issued a BB 8520 at my new company and we work in a Lotus Notes environment and I believe it is version 7.
    This is not happening to anyone else that I know of in our company but when I read an e-mail in Lotus Notes from my desktop, wireless sync will not mark it read on my Blackberry. Also when I read an e-mail on my BB, it will not mark it read in Lotus Notes. However if I delete an e-mail in Lotus Notes, it will delete it from my BB via wireless sync. Finally, when my BB is attached to my desktop via USB, and I do a manual sync from Blackberry Desktop Manager, it will sync the "read" status of my e-mails between Lotus Notes and my BB.
    So I guess my question is why are most sync functions working via wireless sync between my e-mail in Lotus Notes and my BB, but not the "read" status of an e-mail? And I know that it works for other users in our company so it's really bothering as it is a whipping to have check e-mails that are still marked as unread (in both Lotus Notes and my BB) when I have already read them.
    Thank you and I would really appreciate any help or information that I could provide to our IT Admin at work to help him solve my problem.
    Thank you,

    Hi and welcome to the forums!
    Looks like you posted in the right device forum and your post is very clear!
    First open the main message queue, menu key options, email reconciliation, is wireless reconcile on?
    Some "light reading" that may address the issue as well is attached below.
    Let us know how it goes!
    Unread marks synchronization is inconsistent between BlackBerry smartphone and IBM Lotus Notes
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  • Using Applets in Lotus Notes R5

    I was wondering whether anyone has successfully used Java applets in Notes Client applications (not web applications).
    Specifically, what JDK version can I assume to work. I would think JDK 1.1.6 from the documentation of the R5 Domino Server, but I couldn't find an explicit statement about which JRE version the R5 Client supports.
    What I am trying to do is:
    (a) Use Java to implement things with NotesUI-Objects one would traditionally do using LotusScript, like putting "Hello World" into a field on a freshly opened Lotus Notes Form. People seem to be more willing to learn Java than LotusScript these days. :-)
    (b) Use custom Java Applets to display eg a barchart depending on data inside Notes and external data sources, instead of using eg Excel through OLE/ActiveX as I and others traditionally did and still are doing.
    Anyone can help here?

    You probably want to stick to the lotus developer domain for answers to this kind of stuff.
    The Notes/Domino Gold Release Forum is full of stuff, and the sandbox should have some samples.
    JDK 1.1.6 is fine. The biggest thing you need to do is make sure you extend AppletBase in Notes.jar not Applet.

  • Offline Approval Problem-format of email in lotus notes is not poplulationg

    Hi Gurus,
      I am working on a support project now i have a problem in Offline approval .
    the email in the approver  inbox is not populating the correct values and i checked in the workflow side
    in SWI1 it is populating correct values but in the lotus notes the email  format is not good .it some filed s are filled with zeros.and i don't know how to get the link from SAP to lotus notes .
    what are the transaction i can check?
    and i also checked is  they are using badi BBP_OFFLINE_APP_BADI but they are not using this badi and no implementation for this badi.can any one suggest me how to go foreword.
    Channu Sajjan

    Use this Report



    Another work around: in the new message tab change the "format" from rich text to plain text... then the send button works...

  • 6300 & Lotus Notes V7 (Synch problems with Calenda...

    Trying to synch my calendar on a 6300 with Lotus Notes v7 HF277 L-GHUS-5RWNHM with PC Sync v
    When trying to Synch the process fails with following error message :
    Calendar Incomplete. Unable to process all items.
    The calendar sycn was working fine for several days and all of a sudden the synch started to fail. No updates to phone or Lotus Notes occurred during this period.
    Can you advise how I can force replication from Lotus Notes to my 6300 phone or overcome the problem above ?

    Hello, I am meeting a similar problem with my N95 and Notes V7 Calendar.
    The feature used to work with my N95 until very recently.
    Synchronization of the list of contacts does work but the calendar stopped working.
    Here are the problem symptoms  
    Nokia PC Suite opens Lotus Notes V7 and seems to be scrolling entries while displaying a counter being incremented against a total number - in my case the total number is 779.
    When the first counter reaches 760, the dialog stops resulting into the 2 following synchronization msgs:
    PC Sync has encountered a problem and has terminated the synchronisat
    The synchronisation has been aborted.
    I observed that  
    Deleting one calendar entry reduces the total number from 779 to 778 - unfortunately the the scrolling still aborts before reaching the 778 number.
    Reducing the  calendar synchronisation window to the bare minimum (1 day before / 1 day after) does not change the scrolling process (ie. the whole 778/779 entries seem to be scrolled) and the process keeps aborting.
    I have the following software configuration: 
    Nokia PC Suite is
    Lotus Notes is 7.0
    and I updated the phone software with latest firmware available on the Nokia site
    I have been a very happy user of the N95 Calendar function until now.
    Would anybody help here ?
    Kind regards.

  • Re: Forte & Lotus Notes

    Has anyone developed an interface between Forte and email systems,
    specifically Lotus Notes? We want to, among other things, send email
    messages to named users from within a Forte application. We are running
    AIX on our Forte servers. Our client machines are mainly Windows 95.
    Any help or hints to point us in the right direction would be appreciated.
    Also, if you have any information on directly accessing Lotus Notes from
    Forte without going through email it would be appreciated.We wrote a OLE Automation server which raps the Notes API. We partition
    service object on the Notes Mail server and send mail. We have the method
    get the address book and use it to send the mail. If all you want to do is
    send mail
    then this is a great solution.
    Hope this helps
    Kamran Amin

    I am presently investigating implementing a Forte' Shared Library using
    Lotus Notes Hitest C API (ver. 4.5).
    You can download Hitest API Toolkit from the Lotus Notes Application
    Development Tools's WEB Site:
    The Lotus Notes HiTest C API is an alternative higher level C interface
    to the standard Lotus Notes C API. Program development is significantly
    faster and requires a fraction of the API code needed with other APIs.
    The Hitest API are available for all the platforms supported by Forte'
    (except for Apple Macintosh).
    Hope this helps.
    Giuseppe Sorce
    Cso Unione Sovietica 216
    10134 Torino ITALY
    tel: +39 11 4618515
    fax: +39 11 4618212
    e-mail: [email protected]
    David Wilbur wrote:
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Forte & Lotus Notes
    Has anyone developed an interface between Forte and email systems,
    specifically Lotus Notes? We want to, among other things, send email
    messages to named users from within a Forte application. We are running
    AIX on our Forte servers. Our client machines are mainly Windows 95.
    Any help or hints to point us in the right direction would be appreciated.
    Also, if you have any information on directly accessing Lotus Notes from
    Forte without going through email it would be appreciated.
    David Wilbur email: [email protected]
    University of Windsor phone: 519-253-3000 ext. 2779
    Windsor, Ontario Canada

  • Workflow - Lotus Notes Integration

    Hi All,
    I am working on 4.6 C. My requirenment is to send the workitems to lotus notes, from where he can click and executes the workitem.
    I checked the tcode SWNCONFIG in 4.6 C ,but this tcode is not there.
    Please advise me on the possibility of this integration...
    Thanaks in advance

    Talk to your BASIS to configure SCOT settings.
    You need to schedule a report RSWUWFML2 in background which sends the workitem to Outlook.
    Also look at below useful links:
    <i>*Reward each useful answer</i>
    Raja T

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