"Oracle 9iAS Release 2" Link not working

I want to download Oracle 9iAS Release 2(, but the problem is the link is not working
this is link which directed to "Oracle 9i Application Server Relase 2".
I need the 9iAS on urgent basis but ............
please solve my problem

I think you will have better luck on the 9iAS forum:
Oracle Application Server - General
Personally, I had a lot of difficulties getting the full install going on 512M (it is fine if you are running JDev and OC4J and DB) but a full 9iAS, even turning off services is tough. Given you are trying 392, I think it is even more problematic.

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  • Oracle 9iAS R2 - reports are not working  - JSP Error

    dear All
    We are having issue in our Oracle 9i AS R2, the reports are not working, this thing happend suddenly , while runing any report the following messages are coming
    500 Internal Server Error
    JSP Error:
    Request URI:/repdemo/examples/Tools/test.jsp
    org.omg.CORBA.OBJECT_NOT_EXIST: minor code: 0 completed: No
         at com.inprise.vbroker.ProtocolEngine.PortfolioImpl.getConnector(PortfolioImpl.java:79)
         at com.inprise.vbroker.ProtocolEngine.ManagerImpl.getConnector(ManagerImpl.java:147)
         at com.inprise.vbroker.orb.DelegateImpl._bind(DelegateImpl.java:196)
         at com.inprise.vbroker.orb.DelegateImpl.verifyConnection(DelegateImpl.java:365)
         at com.inprise.vbroker.orb.DelegateImpl.is_local(DelegateImpl.java:493)
         at org.omg.CORBA.portable.ObjectImpl._is_local(ObjectImpl.java:356)
         at oracle.reports.engine._EngineReportStub.doneReport(_EngineReportStub.java:36)
         at oracle.reports.definition.RWJspProxy.doneReport(RWJspProxy.java:261)
         at oracle.reports.definition.RWReport.done(RWReport.java:1087)
         at oracle.reports.jsp.ReportTag.release(ReportTag.java:398)
         at oracle.jsp.runtime.OracleJspRuntime.releaseTagHandler0(OracleJspRuntime.java:1109)
         at oracle.jsp.runtime.OracleJspRuntime.extraHandlePCFinally(OracleJspRuntime.java:1213)
         at examples.tools._test._jspService(_test.java:292)
         at com.orionserver.http.OrionHttpJspPage.service(OrionHttpJspPage.java:56)
         at oracle.jsp.runtimev2.JspPageTable.service(JspPageTable.java:302)
         at oracle.jsp.runtimev2.JspServlet.internalService(JspServlet.java:407)
         at oracle.jsp.runtimev2.JspServlet.service(JspServlet.java:330)
         at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(HttpServlet.java:336)
         at com.evermind.server.http.ResourceFilterChain.doFilter(ResourceFilterChain.java:59)
         at oracle.security.jazn.oc4j.JAZNFilter.doFilter(JAZNFilter.java:283)
         at com.evermind.server.http.ServletRequestDispatcher.invoke(ServletRequestDispatcher.java:523)
         at com.evermind.server.http.ServletRequestDispatcher.forwardInternal(ServletRequestDispatcher.java:269)
         at com.evermind.server.http.HttpRequestHandler.processRequest(HttpRequestHandler.java:735)
         at com.evermind.server.http.AJPRequestHandler.run(AJPRequestHandler.java:151)
         at com.evermind.util.ThreadPoolThread.run(ThreadPoolThread.java:64)
    please help to resolve this issue.
    thanks in advance.

    Dear All
    Just to share the solution of the problem.
    We restarted the XServer which is on the other machine then Oracle 9i AS Middle Tiere and Infra. Once we restarted the XServer machine, and restarted the reports server , every thing back to normal.

  • Oracle to POstgresql db link not working (error diagnosed by Net8)

    [[email protected] ~]$ cat /home/oracle/temp/psqlodbc-09.02.0100/test/odbc.ini
    Description             = psqlodbc regression test DSN
    Driver                                  = /usr/lib64/psqlodbcw.so
    Trace                       = Yes
    TraceFile                       = /home/oracle/tmp/sql.log
    Database                = mywlduser
    Servername              = devpgres.office.corp
    Username                = postgres
    Password                = ********
    Port                    = 5432
    Protocol                = 6.4
    ReadOnly                = No
    RowVersioning           = No
    ShowSystemTable         = No
    ShowOidColumn           = No
    FakeOidIndex            = No
    ConnSettings            =
    [[email protected] ~]$

    To begin with there is a problem with your listener.ora.
    You have -
    (SID_LIST =
            (SID_DESC =
                    (SID_NAME = postgresql)
                    (ORACLE_HOME = /oracle/database/
                    (PROGRAM = /oracle/product/11.2.0/grid/bin/dg4odbc)
            (ENV = "LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/oracle/product/11.2.0/grid/lib:/usr/lib64")
    but the ORACLE_HOME directory and the path used for the PROGRAM do not match.
    Where did you install the gateway software ?
    If it was in /oracle/product/11.2.0/grid then change the listener to -
    (SID_LIST =
            (SID_DESC =
                    (SID_NAME = postgresql)
                    (ORACLE_HOME = /oracle/product/11.2.0/grid)
                    (PROGRAM =dg4odbc)
            (ENV = "LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/oracle/product/11.2.0/grid/lib:/usr/lib64")
    You do not need to add the path to the gateway excutable and doing so cause problems.
    If you installed the gateway software in /oracle/database/ then you need to have a listener.ora in the directory -
    and start the listener using the lsnrctl executable in /oracle/database/
    The gateway init<sid>.ora file should then be in /oracle/database/

  • Fresh Install HCM 9.1 but Links not working. Help please

    Dear All,
    I'm trying to make a switch from SAP to PeopleSoft. I tought it easier to install PSFT since the number of source to install is much less than SAP. However, I kept getting same error where the links not working no matter which environment I tried to install.
    I downloaded all software from eDelivery.
    HCM 9.1, PTOOLS 8.52, Oracle 11g 64 bit, Oracle Client 32 bit.
    First Try:
    Install on windows 7 64bit. Everything works fine until first login to the PSFT and all links not working.
    Suggestion from Hakan is to apply the patch and gave me a link to the old FTP site. I downloaded the 85209 patch but got password.
    Finally I managed to get a customer ID from a friend and downloaded Patch 85211 and applied. But got java error so I scrapped it.
    Anyway, Gasparotto said the environment is not certified and will not fix my problem with the patch.
    Second Try:
    Installed Virtual Box.
    Installed Windows 2008 R2 and applied the SP1.
    Installed everything all over again.
    Ensured the PTWEBSERVER password similar the username.
    Everything works fine but when login to PSFT, again..... links not working and see on the bottom left corner there are some javascript error where they cannot find certain peoplesoft objects..
    Just upgraded to IE 9 because I read somewhere IE 8 is not certified.
    Tried to login again, no error message and everything looks fine but... links not working.
    Logs also looks normal to me.
    Does anyone ever encountered similar issues before?
    Does this is a normal behaviour before tools patch 85211 being applied ?
    My APPSRV Log:
    PSSAMSRV.12 (0) [11/03/12 09:04:46](0) PeopleTools Release 8.52 (WinX86) starting. Tuxedo server is APPSRV(99)/100
    PSSAMSRV.12 (0) [11/03/12 09:04:46](0) Cache Directory being used: C:\APPSRV_CONFIG\appserv\HCDMO\CACHE\PSSAMSRV_100\
    PSSAMSRV.12 (0) [11/03/12 09:04:46](0) Server started
    PSRENSRV.2808 [11/03/12 09:04:49](0) PeopleTools Release 8.52 (WinX86) starting. Tuxedo server is RENGRP(92)/101
    PSRENSRV.2808 [11/03/12 09:04:49](3) Switching to new log file C:\APPSRV_CONFIG\appserv\HCDMO\LOGS\PSRENSRV_1103.LOG
    PSADMIN.2124 (0) [11/03/12 09:04:52](0) End boot attempt on domain HCDMO
    PSAPPSRV.1488 (3) [11/03/12 09:13:16 GetCertificate](3) Returning context. ID=PTWEBSERVER, Lang=ENG, UStreamId=091316_1488.3, Token=PSFT_HR/2012-11-03-
    PSAPPSRV.1488 (5) [11/03/12 09:13:21 GetCertificate](3) Returning context. ID=PTWEBSERVER, Lang=ENG, UStreamId=091321_1488.5, Token=PSFT_HR/2012-11-03-
    PSAPPSRV.1488 (7) [11/03/12 09:13:29 GetCertificate](3) Returning context. ID=PS, Lang=ENG, UStreamId=091329_1488.7, Token=PSFT_HR/2012-11-03-
    PSAPPSRV.1488 (34) [11/03/12 09:18:47 GetCertificate](3) Returning context. ID=PS, Lang=ENG, UStreamId=091847_1488.34, Token=PSFT_HR/2012-11-03-

    alunwawa wrote:
    Does anyone ever encountered similar issues before? Yes, I did already see the same, that was when installed the same with 8.52.00 (without Peopletools patch) or without applying the patch project...
    Does this is a normal behaviour before tools patch 85211 being applied ?Without patch, you have the error you mentioned. How many time I told that 8.52.03 min. is required, I did not go further, but there was some bugs before which make it not working.
    I understand that's rather frustrating for people who wants to jump to Peoplesoft. I don't know SAP, but here you go, Peoplesoft is not a simple toy.
    Unfortunately, if you have no access to My Oracle Support to get the Peoplesoft patches, you have no way but work on Peoplesoft OVM (free of use), and to use them on VirtualBox, the Jim's articles are worth to follow.
    PS: @Jim, thanks for the kind words.
    My last install guide is quite old now (PT8.50/Linux), even though it did not change very much within the last tools 8.52. But seeing the number of time such questions have asked over here (PT8.52 on Windows), I'm thinking to write one more, that time on Windows.

  • 9iAS  java functions are not working

    Dear All.
    I’m using oracle 9iAS Release and JServer Release I’m using java functions (eg. Array, pop, push method and trim function) in my JavaScript section.
    But these functions are not working. When run the page it work up to that function and stuck. Functions are written properly.
    I would be much-appreciated .if you could help me to solve this problem..

    Are you sure you uncommented and changed jvm.include.CLASSPATH=1
    in the jvm12.conf when you added your classpath there?
    The preferred way to do this would be to create a .war and deploy it instead. Then you can put your beans in the WEB-INF/classes directory and the application wont have conflict problems if you decide to create virtual servers later.

  • Adobe Edge links not working

    Yeah I have also experienced links not working when I import my .oam file from Adobe Edge Animate also. Is there anything the Muse team is doing to fix this issue? I need a response from you guys by the end of the week. my company website is malfunctioning due to issues with your software. If there is some sort of hotfix please let us know.

    When you install the software illegally, using a volume license, there is a script you can run that will enter all of the adobe servers into your local DNS hosts file so the software can be activated. This makes accessing those domains impossible. This scenario fits the description of your issue, not suggesting anything beyond that.
    The hosts file is in /private/etc/hosts and can be accessed through the terminal:
    sudo nano /private/etc/hosts
    If you see a bunch of adobe servers in there, that is your problem.

  • Add new document link not working in upgraded sharepoint 2013?

    Hello there,
    Upgraded SharePoint team sites from 2010 to 2013. add new document link not working for shared document in upgraded sharepoint 2013?. it is specially not working on machine where Office web apps set up with this sharePoint server and it
    is working fine with environment  Office web apps not configured with Sharepoint.
    Looking resoluion /suggestion, thanks in advance.

    Hi  Sushil,
    According to your description, my understanding is that the add new document link was not working on machine where Office web apps set up with this SharePoint server after you upgraded SharePoint team sites
    from 2010 to 2013.
    For your issue, it can be caused by integrating Office Web Apps with upgraded SharePoint Site.
    Firstly please make sure claims-based authentication is used by the SharePoint web application that is used to create the new document. Only web applications that use claims-based authentication can open
    files in Office Web Apps. To determine the authentication provider for a web application, follow these steps:
    1.In SharePoint 2013 Central Administration, click Manage web applications.
    2.Select the web application that you want to check, and click Authentication Providers on the ribbon.
    The authentication provider must be displayed as Claims Based Authentication for Office Web Apps to work correctly with the web application. To resolve this issue, you can delete the web application and recreate
    it using claims-based authentication, or you can change the authentication method of the web application.
    Secondly, make sure the WOPI zones match on the SharePoint 2013 and the Office Web Apps Server farm.
    To do this, run the following command on the SharePoint Server:
    The result will be one of the following:.
    Next, run the following command on the SharePoint Server.
    In the output, look for WopiZone: zone. If the results from Get-SPWopiZone don’t match the zone that is returned by Get-SPWOPIBinding, run the Set-SPWOPIZone -Zone cmdlet on the SharePoint Server to change
    the WOPI zone to match the result from Get-SPWOPIBinding.
    If not work, you can try to disconnect SharePoint 2013 from Office Web Apps Server and re-configure Office Web Apps for SharePoint 2013.
    For more information, please refer to the article:
    Best Regards,
    Eric Tao
    TechNet Community Support

  • Purchased Lightroom 5 and Download link not working. Please advise

    I have Purchased Lightroom 5 followed the download instructions and Download link not working.
    I get a dialog box stating that I have Explorer 4 and I need a later version.
    I am in fact running Explorer 10.
    Please advise.
    Bob Spree

    Please see http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1229333 where this topic has been discussed.

  • Links not working correctly in PCUI for CRM

    Hi All,
    We are implementing mySAP CRM 4.0 through PCUI on Portal
    EP6 SP14.
    I have integrated the CRM Business Package 60.2 in Portal.
    Proper User has been created in the backend and assigned Sales Manager Role both in the portal and in the CRM backend.
    We are facing problem of links not working in the CRM Contents. When we click on the links in the CRM Portal Contents ( BSPs) we don’t get the desired application opening.
    When we click any links in the BSP's ( Activity Links in Opportunity Management BSP ) we get a blank page popped up.
    I have the screen shots with me. Any one responding can get the screen shots from me.
    Thanks in Advance

    Have you maintained configuration in (transaction CRMC_BLUEPRINT_C --> Navigation (URL Generation) --> Assign Object Method to Role)? Be sure that the role that you are using is present and ID Page/Service field correctly points to the pcd url for your portal.
    When testing, it may be helpful to set parameter CRM_URL_BUFFER_OFF = X on the user profile (SU01) to turn off the url buffer. That way changes made above are immediate.
    Best Regards,

  • Debug version works well, but release version does not work with simulator

    I use iOS 7.0.3 and Xcode 5.0.2.
    I developped one application and I tested with simulator-ipad retina. The debug version works well and release version did not work at all.
    The basic configuraton is like this:
    cocos2d: cocos2d-iphone v2.1
    cocos2d: compiled with Profiling Support: NO
    cocos2d: OS version: 7.0.3 (0x07000300)
    cocos2d: GL_VENDOR:   Apple Computer, Inc.
    cocos2d: GL_RENDERER: Apple Software Renderer
    cocos2d: GL_VERSION:  OpenGL ES 2.0 APPLE-9.2.1
    cocos2d: GL_MAX_TEXTURE_SIZE: 4096
    cocos2d: GL_MAX_TEXTURE_UNITS: 8
    cocos2d: GL_MAX_SAMPLES: 4
    cocos2d: GL supports PVRTC: YES
    cocos2d: GL supports BGRA8888 textures: YES
    cocos2d: GL supports NPOT textures: YES
    cocos2d: GL supports discard_framebuffer: YES
    cocos2d: GL supports shareable VAO: NO
    What is the reason and how to fix it?

    Well, yes...you need to upgrade to OS X Server 4.0 ($19.99)...I already did it also!

  • Web links not working in iPhone calendar notes. Used to work. Ideas?

    Web links not working in iPhone calendar notes. Used to work. Ideas?

    Basic troubleshooting from the User's Guide is reset, restart, restore (first from backup then as new).  Has any of this been tried?

  • Why Does Dynamic Link Not Work

    I purchased the CS5 Adobe Production Premium.  I have been working in Premiere and I have been learning about how to use Dynamic Link. I want to be able to alter clips in After Effects and bring them back and forth into Premiere.  When I go to File/ Adobe Dynamic Link/New After Effect Composition, I get this message:
    Adobe Dynamic Link Requires Adobe Production Premium.
    Since I own production premium, I do not know why I am getting this message.  I have reinstalled the CS5 Production Premium Software twice and it still gives me the same message.  What can I do to get Dynamic Link Working.

    Thank you for the tip.  Could you possibly tell me how to deactivate and
    then reactivate the suite.  I am using a Macbook Pro laptop running OS
    10.6.4.  I do not even know where to start.
    From:   Colin Brougham <[email protected]>
    To:     Dan Seanor <[email protected]>
    Date:   03/15/2011 09:55 AM
    Subject:        Why Does Dynamic Link Not Work
    Deactivate the software (not uninstall), and then reactivate the suite.
    This often fixes this. You can opt to leave the serial number on the
    system; no need to clear it and re-enter it.

  • Verizon Access Manager Download link not working

              Verizon Access Manager Download link not working, Following Links
    plz help to download verizon five spot access manager.

        Hi karthirocks! I'm sorry to see you're having any difficulties using these links. I've clicked on both, but had no problems getting pages to launch or in getting the application to download. If this is still a problem for you, please describe the issue you're experiencing. Also, please share the browser version you're using, and if you've enabled any security feature that prevents access to certain secure sites or services. Thanks!
    Follow us on Twitter www.twitter.com/vzwsupport

  • Flash Global Security & Links Not Working?

    Hi all,
    I am absolutely near some sort of breakdown with my Flash website....I really hope someone can help!
    I am building my portfolio website; I'm using Dreamweaver CS3 (on Mac) and inserting Flash animations in the centre of a table in each Dreamweaver page. All was working fine until I built the Contact page animation on Flash last night. I linked in some external websites to my Blog, Flickr and Twitter and also need a button to launch the user's default mail client.
    When I tested the animation (CMD+ENTR) in Flash the links appeared to be working, if after a few clicks. I then inserted the Contact animation into the Contact.html page on Dreamweaver and tested it in Safari. A dialogue box came up regarding something about security settings and Flash 8 (makes no sense as I am using Flash 9); and I ended up on the Global Security Setttings panel page on the Adobe website. I selected the entire folder the website is in on my hard drive under "Trust Files in these Locations". Now the ENTIRE website's flash animations are not working. There are links to internal pages of the site (i.e. a link to the "Contact" page in the animaiton on the Home page) which are now not working either. No error messages come up when I test the movie in CS3 either. I have refreshed Safari, restarted the Mac and redone the folder on the Global Security Settings panel. Also loaded the entire website onto a PC this morning, all links not working either.
    Actionscript 3 on the Contact page looks like this:
    import flash.events.MouseEvent;
    //---Blog Button---\\
    var getBlog: URLRequest = new URLRequest("http://www.myblogsdomain.com");
    Blg_Btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, eClick);
    function eClick(event:MouseEvent):void{
    navigateToURL(getBlog, "_self");
    //---Twitter Button---\\
    var getTwitter: URLRequest = new URLRequest("http://www.twitter.com/mydomain");
    Twt_Btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, eClick1);
    function eClick1(event:MouseEvent):void{
    navigateToURL(getTwitter, "_self");
    //---Flickr Button---\\
    var getFlickr: URLRequest = new URLRequest("http://www.flickr.com/photos/mydomain");
    Flkr_Btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, eClick2);
    function eClick2(event:MouseEvent):void{
    navigateToURL(getFlickr, "_self");
    //---Email Button---\\
    var getMail: URLRequest = new URLRequest("mailto:[email protected]");
    Eml_Btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, eClick3);
    function eClick3(event:MouseEvent):void{
    navigateToURL(getMail, "_self");
    I'm not 100% sure if the e-mail AS3 I set up is correct, but as none of the links are working I can't test it. I cannot provide a link to the website as it isn't uploaded yet, and I don't really want to upload it not working properly.
    Any help at all would be gratefully received, I'm really, really on the brink of some sort of breakdown. Thanks.

    Thanks Samuel.Wong and Ned Murphy for the information.
    I'm not actually sure what happened but my website suddenly started working again today, I think possibly by selecting "Always Allow" on the Global Security Page as well as inserting every individual file as well as the folder under "Trusted Locations" has also done the trick.
    The external links appear to work when I test the movie in Flash CS3, but the same warning comes up once the movie is inserted into a Dreamweaver html page and tested in Safari. However I think when the links (all except the email ) appear to be working in Flash then it should be just fine once uploaded onto the server. Many thanks for your advice once again.

  • Timemachine and link not work property...

    At home I have 10.4.2 and no digidesign hardware.
    Timemachine and link not work property...
    I send them: when I use ol algorythm- they caclulating 1 mono file (3 min lengh) about 15 min at dual G5. It is normal? And when I use new algorytm- nothign happen whith file. No result. (1 week it work fine).
    Link in matrix not work
    And what system I shood to use at studio whith PT?

    CRash when change lengh of region whith new algoruthm
    Date/Time: 2005-08-24 12:11:29.752 +0400
    OS Version: 10.4.2 (Build 8C46)
    Report Version: 3
    Command: Logic Pro
    Path: /Applications/Logic Pro.app/Contents/MacOS/Logic Pro
    Parent: WindowServer [91]
    Version: 7.1.0 (7.1.0(877))
    Build Version: 1A73
    Project Name: LogicPro710_ApplicationData
    Source Version: 900001
    PID: 288
    Thread: 0
    Exception: EXCBADACCESS (0x0001)
    Codes: KERNPROTECTIONFAILURE (0x0002) at 0x0000007e
    Thread 0 Crashed:
    0 com.apple.logic.pro      0x0059a8c8 0x1000 + 5871816
    1 com.apple.logic.pro      0x0037183c 0x1000 + 3606588
    2 com.apple.logic.pro      0x00370000 0x1000 + 3600384
    3 com.apple.logic.pro      0x002983b4 0x1000 + 2716596
    4 com.apple.logic.pro      0x00298a84 0x1000 + 2718340
    5 com.apple.logic.pro      0x00298c28 0x1000 + 2718760
    6 com.apple.logic.pro      0x0005e264 0x1000 + 381540
    7 com.apple.logic.pro      0x0005c6e0 0x1000 + 374496
    8 com.apple.logic.pro      0x002aa538 0x1000 + 2790712
    9 com.apple.logic.pro      0x00571e10 0x1000 + 5705232
    10 com.apple.logic.pro      0x0016c090 0x1000 + 1486992
    11 com.apple.logic.pro      0x0017864c 0x1000 + 1537612
    12 com.apple.logic.pro      0x00178ad8 0x1000 + 1538776
    13 com.apple.logic.pro      0x0016c150 0x1000 + 1487184
    14 com.apple.logic.pro      0x0018e388 0x1000 + 1627016
    15 com.apple.logic.pro      0x0018e588 0x1000 + 1627528
    16 com.apple.logic.pro      0x0017d0cc 0x1000 + 1556684
    17 com.apple.logic.pro      0x00124170 0x1000 + 1192304
    18 com.apple.logic.pro      0x002fed40 0x1000 + 3136832
    19 com.apple.logic.pro      0x003026a8 0x1000 + 3151528
    20 com.apple.logic.pro      0x00300a94 0x1000 + 3144340
    21 com.apple.HIToolbox      0x931229f4 DispatchEventToHandlers(EventTargetRec*, OpaqueEventRef*, HandlerCallRec*) + 692
    22 com.apple.HIToolbox      0x9312214c SendEventToEventTargetInternal(OpaqueEventRef*, OpaqueEventTargetRef*, HandlerCallRec*) + 372
    23 com.apple.HIToolbox      0x93128ed0 SendEventToEventTarget + 40
    24 com.apple.HIToolbox      0x93229ffc SendEventFromMouseDown + 156
    25 com.apple.HIToolbox      0x93205998 HandleClickInContent + 368
    26 com.apple.HIToolbox      0x93155d6c HandleWindowEvent + 1584
    27 com.apple.HIToolbox      0x931655c8 StandardWindowEventHandler + 160
    28 com.apple.HIToolbox      0x931229f4 DispatchEventToHandlers(EventTargetRec*, OpaqueEventRef*, HandlerCallRec*) + 692
    29 com.apple.HIToolbox      0x9312214c SendEventToEventTargetInternal(OpaqueEventRef*, OpaqueEventTargetRef*, HandlerCallRec*) + 372
    30 com.apple.HIToolbox      0x93128ed0 SendEventToEventTarget + 40
    31 com.apple.HIToolbox      0x93229ffc SendEventFromMouseDown + 156
    32 com.apple.HIToolbox      0x931b6b08 HandleWindowClick + 572
    33 com.apple.HIToolbox      0x931b6560 HandleMouseEvent + 456
    34 com.apple.HIToolbox      0x931655bc StandardWindowEventHandler + 148
    35 com.apple.HIToolbox      0x931229f4 DispatchEventToHandlers(EventTargetRec*, OpaqueEventRef*, HandlerCallRec*) + 692
    36 com.apple.HIToolbox      0x9312214c SendEventToEventTargetInternal(OpaqueEventRef*, OpaqueEventTargetRef*, HandlerCallRec*) + 372
    37 com.apple.HIToolbox      0x93128ed0 SendEventToEventTarget + 40
    38 com.apple.HIToolbox      0x931b5530 HandleMouseEventForWindow(OpaqueWindowPtr*, OpaqueEventRef*, unsigned short) + 236
    39 com.apple.HIToolbox      0x931b4aa8 HandleMouseEvent(OpaqueEventRef*) + 368
    40 com.apple.HIToolbox      0x9312923c ToolboxEventDispatcherHandler(OpaqueEventHandlerCallRef*, OpaqueEventRef*, void*) + 496
    41 com.apple.HIToolbox      0x93122c44 DispatchEventToHandlers(EventTargetR

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    thanks to everyone on here. I was having all the same problems as most people. spent all week trying to get videos on. talked to apple probably like 6 times and they couldn't help me. found this site and answered all my questions and have had no more

  • Network issues in Openstack deployment

    I've recently had success following the Oracle document at http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/server-storage/openstack/linux/documentation/oracle-openstack-user-guide-2296176.pdf I've configured a controller node and a compute node and can deploy inst

  • Problem in updating the GR processing time using BAPI 'BAPI_SAG_CHANGE'

    Hi, I am using the BAPI 'BAPI_SAG_CHANGE' for uopdating the GR processing time(BAPIMEOUTITEM-GR_PR_TIME) of the scheduling agreements. Issue: when there is no value maintained for GR processing time for a particular scheduling agreemnet the BAPI upda