Oracle Reports Printing issue

I have multiple printing issues with Oracle Reports developed in 10g. Please help me to resolve the issue.
1. Even though i set ORIENTATION to landscape, it is printing Portrait .
I have tried the below options
1. I SET ORIENTATION AS landscape Under Data Model, System Parameters
2. I have tried to pass ORIENTATION=landscape from the Keymap File
3. I have tried to set ORIENTATION=landscape Under Paper layout Main,Header and Trailer Sections.
2. Always the report is trying to fit in a single page (Width wise) which is annoying the user. I want to set Scaling instead of fit to a single page. How will i achieve this?
i was trying to display the reports in SPREADSHEET Format.
Thanks for all your Help.

Hello Chris90909,
switch width an height properties as Inol mentioned.
If you have any question about the issue, let us know.
Don't forget to mark Correct or Helpful accordingly.

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  • Oracle Reports printer setup

    Hi Guys.
    I am an Oracle Applications DBA and I know how to setup printing in Oracle Applications.
    However, our client has got one installation of Oracle Application Server 10g and has deployed Oracle Forms and Reports Services.
    They have configured printing for Oracle Reports for their setup, which I am not aware of how they did or how it is done in Oracle Forms and Reports.
    The problems at hand are -
    Problem number 1 - Over here a line printer i.e. 132 column one has been attached to the 10g Application Server from the USb port. The Application server is on Windows 2003 server machine. When we fire reports we can see in print queue request being fired but no putput is coming. If we open Reports builder on a developer machine and from there we fire we do get print out but this time developers machine Print dialoag comes. On developer machine we have mapped to same printer which is attached to the 10g AS machine
    Problem number 2 - As mentioned earlier its a 132 column printer so what is the paper size to be picked. From articles it is Letter paper size or US Std Fanfold paper size.
    Problem Number 3 - Suppose we try Arabic report since its arabic in the report designer we change direction to Right To Left, if we fire this report some columns almost 20 characters are cut -off. If we fire same report with default direction set in designer, whole data comes
    Problem number 4 - If we give output to Excel or PDF i.e. Desformat Spreadsheet or PDF, the arabic data all come out rubbish junk.
    Apart from getting help on the above mentioned issues, I would request you guys to help me in finding out how to setup the printing for standalone application server forms and reports.

    submitting your report in the url using a key (yourKey) defined in the cgicmd.dat file would look like

  • Oracle Report Server Issue with Japanese Characters

    We are trying to setup a Oracle Report Server to print the Japanese characters in the PDF format.
    We have separate Oracle Report servers for printing English, Chinese and Vietnamese characters in PDF formats using Oracle Reports in the production which are running properly with Unix AIX version 5.3. Now we have a requirement to print the Japanese characters. Hence we tried to setup the new server for the same and the configurations are done as same as Chinese/Vietnamese report servers. But we are not able to print the Japanese characters.
    I am providing the details which we followed to configure this new server.
    1.     We have modified the to map the proper NLS_LANG (JAPANESE_AMERICA.UTF8) and other Admin folder settings.
    2.     We have configured the new report server via OPMN admin.
    3.     We have copied the arialuni.ttf to Printers folder and we have converted this same .ttf file in AFM format. This AFM file has been copied to $ORACLE_HOME/guicommon/gk/JP_Admin/AFM folder.
    4.     We have modified the uifont.ali (JP_admin folder) file for font subsetting.
    5.     We have put an entry in JP_admin/PPD/datap462.ppd as *Font ArialUnicodeMS: Standard "(Version 1.01)" Standard ROM
    6.     We have modified the Tk2Motif.rgb (JP_admin folder) file for character set mapping (Tk2Motif*fontMapCs: iso8859-1=UTF8) as we have enabled this one for other report servers as well.
    Environment Details:-
    Unix AIX version : 5300-07-05-0831
    Oracle Version :
    Font Mapping : Font Sub Setting in uifont.ali
    Font Used for Printing : arialuni.ttf (Font Name : Arial Unicode MS)
    The error thrown in the rwEng trace (rwEng-0.trc) file is as below
    [2011/9/7 8:11:4:488] Error 50103 (C Engine): 20:11:04 ERR REP-3000: Internal error starting Oracle Toolkit.
    The error thrown when trying to execute the reports is…
    REP-0177: Error while running in remote server
    Engine rwEng-0 crashed, job Id: 67
    Our investigations and findings…
    1.     We disabled the entry Tk2Motif*fontMapCs: iso8859-1=UTF8 in Tk2Motif.rgb then started the server. We found that no error is thrown in the rwEng trace file and we are able to print the report also in PDF format… (Please see the attached japarial.pdf for your verification) but we are able to see only junk characters. We verified the document settings in the PDF file for ensuring the font sub set. We are able to see the font sub setting is used.
    2.     If we enable the above entry then the rwEng trace throwing the above error (oracle toolkit error) and reports engine is crashed.
    It will be a great help from you if you can assist us to resolve this issue…

    Maybe 7zip or another tool has workarounds for broken file names, you could try that.
    Or you could try to go over the files in the zip archive one-by-one and write it to files out-1, out-2, ..., out-$n without concerning yourself with the file names. You could get file endings back via the mimetype.
    This script might work:
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <zip.h>
    static const char *template = "./out-%04d.bin";
    int main(int argc, char**argv)
    int err = 0;
    zip_t *arc = zip_open((const char*)argv[1], ZIP_RDONLY, &err);
    if(arc == NULL)
    printf("Failed to open ZIP, error %d\n", err);
    return -1;
    zip_int64_t n = zip_get_num_entries(arc, 0);
    printf("%s: # of packed files: %d\n", argv[1], n);
    for(int i = 0; i < n; i++)
    zip_stat_t stat;
    zip_stat_index(arc, i, ZIP_FL_UNCHANGED, &stat);
    char buf[stat.size];
    char oname[sizeof(template)];
    zip_file_t *f = zip_fopen_index(arc, (zip_int64_t)i, ZIP_FL_UNCHANGED);
    zip_fread(f, (void*)&buf[0], stat.size);
    snprintf(&oname[0], sizeof(template), template, i);
    FILE *of = fopen(oname, "wb");
    fwrite(&buf[0], stat.size, 1, of);
    printf("%s: %s => %lu bytes\n", argv[1], oname, stat.size);
    return 0;
    Compile with
    gcc -std=gnu99 -O3 -o unzip unzip.c -lzip
    and run as
    ./unzip $funnyzipfile
    You should get template-named, numbered output files in the current directory.
    Last edited by 2ion (2015-05-21 23:09:29)

  • PDF Format Oracle Reports font issue

    My process is generating the batch oracle Reports.
    Their key map is:
    Key1: %* server=server1 userid=xxxs/[email protected] report=D:\sample.rdf destype=file desformat=PDF
    My process is calling IAS server to generate report. IAS ser is generating and saving the report in the specified location.Reports are running on the server locally and DESTYPE=FILE. So the Oracle Reports output is saved on the server itself. Whenever i open the report on my machine/server i have font issue. Some of the reports has very tiny font. It seems the reports generated by using oracle reports which is Arial Unicode font type is causing the problem. If any reports other then Arial Unicode font like Arial Westrn, those reports are fine. We have 1000s of reports. So we don't want to change each report font type. For me it seems the issue is with the font on the server. Is there anyway to ask App server use Arial Westrn if Arial Unicode not found. How to make these configuration changes in the server. Any suggestions please.

    Maybe this helps or at least points you in some direction ...
    Have a look at font aliasing when configuring Application Server :
    If your Application Server is located on Windows I would suggest to install the fonts there.
    In Unix, this a more complex task.

  • Report printing issue after upgrading from LV 8.2 to LV 2009

    I am upgrading an application from LabView 8.2 to LabView 2009. It uses the Report Generation Toolkit to create reports based on Word templates. The reports are pretty complicated, with a lot of bookmarks, tables, and graphs, but only one page long.
    The reports are generated correctly. However when sent to printing (using Print, the printer goes into spooling status and if you are patient enough you may get the report after at least 7 minutes. I tried changing the printer setting to "Print directly to the printer", as per an old KnowledgeBase article. No luck. I have installed a local printer. No luck again.
    If I close the LabView application while the printer is shown in spooling status, the report prints right away, every time.
    Never had this issue in LabView 8.2. On that machine I had Office XP. Now I have Office 2007...
    I do not get any error whatsoever, and I cannot figure out where the solution may be.
    I have one single report that prints right away every time I try. Coincidence or not, this is the only one that has no tables to print. It has graph though and plenty of bookmarks.
    I have exhausted all the ideas on how to deal with this situation, and I must find a solution ASAP. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for your input.
    Not sure how I can use it to narrow down the problem though. I ran it, and I see that the printers are correctly identified, the default one is correctly found, however absolutely nothing is being printed out (I typed a text in the string control, and the Print control was on).
    Everything runs with no errors. I would prefer to see a bunch of errors ...

  • Oracle Reports -- printing 1/3 the way down the second page.

    I modifying an Oracle Report that outputs a rtf-formmated word doc. When things go to the second page (because things on the first page have fully occupied the first page), they always appear 1/3 down the page. I would like them to be close to the top of the page as possible. Does anybody have any suggestions or ideas on how this should work?

    Hi Dan,
    I modifying an Oracle Report that outputs a rtf-formmated word doc. I did not get your above point
    When things go to the second page (because things on the first page have fully occupied the first page), they always appear 1/3 down the page. I would like them to be close to the top of the page as possible. Does anybody have any suggestions or ideas on how this should work?As for this case there might be frames or Items displayed (Print Object On - First Page) at the top of the page which are not being displayed on the second page for all such frames and Items set the Vertical Elasticity to Variable.
    Hope this helps.
    Best Regards
    Arif Khadas

  • Oracle Reports: Print HTML tags

    I am reading data from DB that contains HTML tags and would like the tags to be interpreted when the PDF report is displayed. Currently, the HTML tags are being displayed in the report.
    When I output the report as a HTML is tags are interpreted and looks ok.
    How do I convert the HTML tags in the report is displayed as PDF?
    Thanks for your response.

    Ramakrishnan Srinivasan (guest) wrote:
    : I have a requirement to transport a print file created by
    : Reports to a print shop and print the document at this
    : I know the type of printer this shop has.
    : The print file I like to create is a Form Letter. I will like
    : know how to achieve this using Oracle Reports.
    : The letter I like to print is a standard letter with some
    : information on it. I will also like to know if I can create a
    : file consisting of Name, address and other specific information
    : that I want in the letter and merge it at the other end with
    : Word/Word perfect Letter using a WINDOWS 95 supplied batch
    : program.
    : Any other feasible solutions are also welcome.
    : Ram
    Hi Ram,
    You can create a postscript file or a PDF file and give that
    to the print shop for printing. It's pretty easy. Go to the File
    menu, choose Generate to File, and then choose Postscript or PDF.
    Note that Reports will use the driver for the printer to which
    you are connected at the time you generate the file. You may have
    to do some tests to make sure that that printer driver is
    compatible with that of the print shop. I would generate a test
    file from Reports and see if it works with their printer.
    The Oracle Reports Team

  • Wide Report printing issue

    Hello everyone,
    I have a wide report in pdf and spreadsheet format. It has too many columns. It does not even fit on a legal size paper. I am using reports 10g to develop this report.
    When I print the pdf format on legal paper, the report is shrunk to fit the page and the fonts are really small. Do you know of anyway to print this report on 2 separate pages side by side instead of one page? Or do you have any ideas on how to make this report print better with a font that is easily readable?

    Thanks for your input.
    Not sure how I can use it to narrow down the problem though. I ran it, and I see that the printers are correctly identified, the default one is correctly found, however absolutely nothing is being printed out (I typed a text in the string control, and the Print control was on).
    Everything runs with no errors. I would prefer to see a bunch of errors ...

  • Oracle reports having issue with high volume

    We are facing problems when generating the oracle reports with 100 000 records to be written into pdf/text format generated through Oracle report.
    The error we are getting is
    Unexpected Signal : 11 occurred at PC=0xFEDCD524
    Function=[Unknown. Nearest: JVM_GetCPFieldClassNameUTF+0x4B30]
    Dynamic libraries:
    0x10000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/bin/rwrun
    0xfec00000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/jdk/jre/lib/sparc/
    0xfe000000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xff100000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xff0d0000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xff080000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfdd80000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfebc0000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfeb90000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfeb30000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfeb10000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfead0000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xff060000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfea90000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfdfc0000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfdfa0000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfdd60000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfdd20000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfdc00000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfdd00000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfdb90000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfdb20000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfd900000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfdae0000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfd8a0000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfd820000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfd800000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfd7d0000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfd790000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfdac0000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfd750000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfd720000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfd6f0000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfd6c0000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfd690000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfd670000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfd650000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfd630000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfd5f0000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfd5d0000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfcc00000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfd480000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfd5b0000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfcb00000      /usr/lib/
    0xfd460000      /usr/lib/
    0xfd440000      /usr/lib/
    0xff3fa000      /usr/lib/
    0xfcbe0000      /usr/lib/
    0xfca00000      /usr/lib/
    0xfcbc0000      /usr/lib/
    0xfc9b0000      /usr/lib/
    0xfc980000      /usr/lib/
    0xfc700000      /usr/lib/
    0xfc690000      /usr/openwin/lib/
    0xfc580000      /usr/openwin/lib/
    0xff3a0000      /usr/lib/
    0xfcad0000      /usr/lib/
    0xfc400000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfc960000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xfc940000      /usr/lib/
    0xfc670000      /usr/lib/
    0xfc640000      /usr/openwin/lib/
    0xfc560000      /usr/openwin/lib/
    0xfc530000      /usr/openwin/lib/
    0xfc3e0000      /usr/lib/
    0xfdcf0000      /usr/platform/SUNW,Sun-Fire-V440/lib/
    0xfc3a0000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/jdk/jre/lib/sparc/native_threads/
    0xfc370000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/jdk/jre/lib/sparc/
    0xfc330000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/jdk/jre/lib/sparc/
    0xfc310000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/jdk/jre/lib/sparc/
    0xe3420000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/jdk/jre/lib/sparc/
    0xe3550000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/jdk/jre/lib/sparc/
    0xe24e0000      /usr/lib/
    0xe2610000      /usr/lib/
    0xe24b0000      /usr/cluster/lib/
    0xe23d0000      /usr/lib/
    0xe23b0000      /usr/lib/
    0xe0b00000      /usr/lib/
    0xe2260000      /usr/lib/
    0xe2220000      /usr/lib/cpu/sparcv8plus/
    0xe2390000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/lib/
    0xe1f30000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/jdk/jre/lib/sparc/
    0xe15b0000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/jdk/jre/lib/sparc/
    0xe0600000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/jdk/jre/lib/sparc/
    0xe0580000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/jdk/jre/lib/sparc/
    0xe20d0000      /orarep/asuser/product/9.0.4/Reports/jdk/jre/lib/sparc/headless/
    Local Time = Thu Feb 2 18:08:09 2006
    Elapsed Time = 222
    # HotSpot Virtual Machine Error : 11
    # Error ID : 4F530E43505002E6 01
    # Please report this error at
    # Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (1.4.1_03-b02 mixed mode)
    # An error report file has been saved as /tmp/hs_err_pid31802.log.
    # Please refer to the file for further information.
    Could anybody help us to findout the solution.

    how many pages of the file are generated? also was it being written to a file or displayed on the screen? try also to check the log file for any possible solutions.

  • Discoverer report print issues

    I have a peculiar issue in printing the Disco reports (plus).
    version is Oracle Business Intelligence Discoverer Plus 10g (
    when i do a print preview it shows me a single page, but when i give a print it is printing in 2 pages and the font size is getting changed.
    i tried with my logins on one my colleagues machine and it works fine for him.
    can anyone please help me out with this.

    Sounds like you have sometihng messed up on your PC. This is probably something you need to create a service request for with Oracle support. They would have the ability to look at your PC and your Discoverer install setup, which we cannot do in this forum. I have not had any problem printing myself. The fact that you print okay on another PC indicates something is messed up/conflicting on your PC.
    John Dickey

  • Report Printing Issue ,. Please help

    I have report query and when testing the report I get the following error. Can someone please help with necessary steps.
    ORA-20001: The printing engine could not be reached because either the URL specified is incorrect or a proxy URL needs to be specified.

    I think there are now a number of issues discussed in this thread, so here are a few clarifications:
    - If you use BI Publisher as the print server, then you can access BI Publisher through a URL, this URL along with the configured port was supplied during the install. It is also listed in the documentation. It's typically something like this:
    - If you use another print server (Apache FOP, Cocoon, etc), then it depends on that server whether or not there's a browser accessible configuration utility, e.g when using Apache FOP along with Oracle OC4J, then the URL would be something like this:
    This takes you to the "Enterprise Manager" for OC4J from where you can deploy the war file and also review the log files to diagnose potential issues.
    - Regarding the RTF vs XSL-FO question, for new users I would recommend using report regions along with the burned in generic, configurable report layouts first, and see how far that gets you and only if you need further customization I would recommend using XSL-FO templates. And when doing so, start with the generic XSL-FO templates, because they are being pre-populated, so you won't have to start from scratch but can modify existing templates.

  • Reports printing issue

    We have a report which prints fine when it is previewed and printed. But when we run it in batch, it prints portrait instead of landscape. Any known issues around this.
    ver: forms 9i, reports 9i
    app server: 9ias

    Please try using this command line parameter (Also just see what is the default value of the system parameter "orientation" for that particular report)
    For details on this cmd line param pls see [  Publishing reports to web    ] - link below
    [    All Docs for all versions    ]
    [     Publishing reports to web  - 10G  ] (html) (pdf)
    [   Building reports  - 10G ] (pdf) (html)
    [   Forms Reports Integration whitepaper  9i ]

  • ALV report - Print issues

    When trying to print an ALV report (Ctrl+P), printer has issues due to the shading (backgound colors) of the report.
    So here is my question,
    Is there a way to supress the report formatting while printing?
    Can you convert an ALV into an unfomatted basic report?

    In the output screen
    to get other basic format for the alv output.

  • Oracle Report Printing problem

    Dear All,
    i m using below code on button in oracle forms 6i problem is that when i click on button report should be print
    on network printer but it's print blank page however network printer is not my default printer when i set default printer
    to this network printer its working fine.
    and also its working when i set mode=character and network printer is not default printer but when i set mode=default or bitmap and notwork printer is not default then its print blank page.
              p_list     PARAMLIST;
         p_list := get_parameter_list('importdata');
         IF NOT Id_Null(p_list) THEN
         END IF;
              p_list := Create_Parameter_List('importdata');
              Add_Parameter(p_list, 'PARAMFORM', TEXT_PARAMETER, 'NO');

    i have made one oracle 6i reports. its is quite wide.when i run the report it shrink into too small font.
    and i increse it font size it by pressing + button on menu bar it looks okay.
    The + button only causes a zoom in on the screen. It is not affecting the actual layout.
    but the problem is that when i take print out of it ,it's printout comes in its intial format(in small font) evenif i choose different type of paper size or different orientation . it's printout is coming in too small font.
    pl tell me how to overcome this problem>
    The report rendering engine tries to fit the report page into the physical page size. This results in shrinking of font size,etc.
    To fix
    a) reduce the content on the report to something reasonable for printing.(Std paper sizes and orientation)
    b) change the page size selection. Of course, you will need a printer and paper of the size you set.

  • ACCENT Symbol in Oracle Reports printing using 10g Application server

    Some of the report with names containing ACCENT symbol are printing like upside-down comma. But the report used to printing certified copy and the client requiring to print the ACCENT symbol as it is. Oracle support recommend us to use PDFPrint destination, which is third-party utility that converting the post-script output to printer for ACCENT symbol. Please provide the link and instruction to download the PDFprint utility and installation requirement for the below environment:
    Oracle Application Server Version=
    SUN SPARC - 64 bit

    By the looks of it you used 9i which also used an Application Server so your knowledge should be up to date. The Default URL has changed a little as has the port. Look in the installation guide for the default URL and port.
    If you mena the development side you can use the one-button-run functionality which makes it possible to run am form without the full App Server just by hitting the run button in the builder. You do need to start the local OC4J but that is easy. On Windows there is a start menu item to do that. On Linux you run a shell script I think.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Deployment issue in NWDS while deploying BPM

    Hi Experts, I m getting following deployment error in NWDS (SAP Enhancement Package 1 for SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio 7.3 SP11 PAT0002) while deploying BPM. can u plz revert back if you have encountered similar issue.

  • 10.4.11 and No Safari 3.0

    I installed 10.4.11 and things are working fine. However, Safari is still 2.0.4. Why didn't 3.0 install? But from what I'm hearing about issues, I'm glad it didn't. Joe D

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    How do I get iBooks to use the scroll wheel on my Logitech mouse to turn pages in iBooks. Seems like it should be an option but I can't seem to find an answer anywhere. It's getting frustrating.

  • Quicktext or Shorthand text in mail

    Are there any applications anyone knows to create shorthand or quick text responses in mail? I would like to be able to do quick replies like Example: "Hi [name of sender] thanks for the tip!" (etc..) Thanks! McBook   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   2GHz