Oracle SQL Developer 1.0 is easy to install and use, and is portable

I have tried the latest version of Oracle SQL Developer 1.0 and would like to share my experience of using it.
Installation of Oracle SQL Developer 1.0
Download from
Unzip the Oracle SQL Developer for Windows (55.8 MB) to C:\sqldeveloper (103MB)
Advantages: The unzip folder can be your removable disk and you can access Oracle
anywhere provided that there is an Internet connection to Oracle Server.
Unzip to C:\ with folder name;
double-click on sqldeveloper.exe in c:\sqldeveloper
Click on [No]
Tick all check boxes
Click on [OK]
Right-click on Connections, New
Database Connection…
Enter User name: SCOTT
Password: TIGER
Hostname: (or IP of your Oracle Server on the Internet)
SID: orcl
If you want to connect to local Oracle user SYS,
Enter User name: sys
Password: ora10g_manager_password
SID: orcl
Select Role: SYSDBA
Click on [Connect]
Right-click on Tables, Create Table
Click on [Add Column]
Select Type: NUMBER for COLUMN2
Click on [OK]
Table1 is created
Click on TABLE1, click on “Data” tab
Click on the “Green Plus” icon to insert record
Click on “Commit Changes” icon
Click on “DBConnection1” tab
Enter: select * from table1;
Click on “Execute Statement (F9)” icon
To exit: Click on File, Exit

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  • Problem in deploying Java Extension to ORacle SQL Developer

    Hi all,
    I have developed a simple Java extension using Oracle Jdeveloper. This extension creates a preference in Tools->Preferences.
    I have deployed it on Jdeveloper and it works fine. But when I deploy it on Oracle SQL Developer its functionality does not work
    I am using JDeveloper
    and Oracle SQL Developer (Latest Version).

    You are giving few informations. Is the extension listed in the extensions tab in the 'About' tab? Are you able to deploy any extension to SQLD?

  • Oracle SQL Developer needs some work

    I just downloaded a copy today (1557) for Oracle 9.2i / Windows XP Pro
    Oracle SQL Developer has a few glitches...
    A compiled and working package (compiled in SQL*Plus and TOAD) opens and shows 2 errors in a SQL Query involving a CASE statement. Invalid CASE clause on an ELSE and unexpected token on an alias at the end of the case.
    Compiling a package should display a message saying successfully compiled and the state of a package should always be on display!
    Opened an SQL script but could not execute it as the icon's didn't become active.
    Couldn't then run the script.
    These basic problems would put any serious developer off using Oracle SQL Developer.
    Also background color scheme should be gray and NOT white. White is hard on the eyes. This is just basic UI stuff.
    Oracle, you need more senoir developers!

    Justified to the top left of the sql window, you see the execute buttons. On the top right, you will see a drop down list box. After opening a file, this drop down list box is not selected. Select your connection and the execute buttons on the top left will enable.
    For PL/SQL use a slash / at the end for it to execute.

  • Oracle Sql Developer

    i, I’m using Oracle Sql Developer write some queries in the PoepleSoft data base, and I need to count number of guests ( Field name: NA_GUEST_USER_SEEL) attended in the event and extracts from the record( table name: NA_CR_TEST_SEEL ).
    Also, please suggest me a query to write that can pull the data from the metrics. All guests are brought in by each seater. The fields are as follows...
    Table name: NA_CR_TEST_SEEL
    Seater’s filed name: NA_RAE_SEATING_CHR
    Guest Field name: NA_GUEST_USER_SEEL
    PeopelSoft Campus Solutions, CRM
    An early response would help me to take it forward the work

    Hi, I would like to send an attachement that has screens of PeopleSoft Campus Solutions CRM for a). Participants for an Event that has the fileds like Seating, Guest User
    and other screen b). Performance Metrics screen
    1. We need to find out the ‘Total Guests registered for the Events.
    2. Total Guests registered for Roll-up
    please assit me how I can send you the document that I'm facing the problem.

  • Non-Geeky name for "Oracle SQL Developer"

    At my work place people (mostly non-developers) are using MS-Query to access Oracle database to query and analyses data.
    I asked them to use "Oracle SQL Developer", then their response is "It may be complicated, and we are not Developer".
    Current name implies user need to be developer, and need to know SQL etc.
    Cant we have a non-geeky name?
    "SQL Server Management Studio", "MS-Query", "DBDesigner", "TOAD" all sounds non-geeky.
    May be "Oracle Data Studio" is better.

    It has been named "Raptor" before it became SQL-Developer. Just rename the link for your co-workers if they think they cannot use a tool because of its name.

  • Displaying line numbers in oracle Sql developer

    hi guys, can someone tell me how to display line numbers in oracle sql developer Version

    I absolutely didn't know where it was, so I had to look for it, and it appears easy to find.
    Hit Tools
    Hit Preferences
    Expand Code Editor
    Navigate to line gutter
    Now click 'Show line numbers'
    And, oh yes, there is a separate sql developer forum. Please keep sql developer issues in that forum.
    Sybrand Bakker
    Senior Oracle DBA

  • Differences between TOAD for Oracle and Oracle SQL Developer?

    Does someone know the advantages and disadvantages of using TOAD for Oracle and Oracle SQL Developer?
    I work making reports with TOAD, but in a few days I will have to use the SQL Developer (because it´s free) unless I justify the necessity of using TOAD.
    Could some that used both compare them?

    Hello Facundo,
    since we are rolling out new client PCs we switch from Toad to SQL Developer. Therefore I'm doing some training for the "normal" users and our developers.
    Most users simply want to have access to the data in tables and views. For those there are 2 main issues:
    - Filters get lost when exiting table while sorting is still applied. Since there is no way to apply filtering before entering the data tab this can become a great performance issue because sorting is applied to many many rows. For views it is sometimes impossible to open the data tab.
    - Exporting date values to Excel needs some know how if you want to sort by this column in Excel, because the date is formatted as "Standard" meaning that the sorting is done as for a text column: 01.01.2009 is less than 02.01.2008. Here you have to use a workaround column with a formula (=1*<datecolumn>)
    The greatest Pro is the easy sharing of connections and reports by XML files.
    Our developers like the easy debugging in SQL Developer. Though they miss the feature that the source is compiled for debug automatically as in Toad. For this we have distributed a script that compiles any PL/SQL object for debugging.
    There are only some Toads installed for DBAs and for users that need access to tables protected by policies that require authentification by OS user since this information is not passed under every circumstance.

  • PLSQL Developer 与 Oracle SQL Developer 哪个更好?

    一直都是使用 PLSQL Developer 做一些开发, 想知道它与 Oracle SQL Developer 有什么不一样, 哪个更好用?

    我想对于这两个产品,哪个更好众说纷纭。我觉得各自有各自的优缺点。当然相对于PLSQL Developer 来说Oracle SQL Developer 的最大优点之一就是它的免费吧,当然它的很多细节上的功能还没有那么丰富。^_^
    你可以通过以下链接下载 Oracle SQL Developer
    We’ve given up all of our licenses for other tools. We simply don’t need them anymore. Oracle SQL Developer does it all for us. We’ve saved a lot of money because it’s free. It’s also given our development staff a standard tool and they love it. It’s made training and support easier.

  • How to print a something in oracle sql developer

    Hello all
    Do you know How to print a something in oracle sql developer? i mean for example in the query we write something, (offcourse i dont mean comments)
    thank u in advance.

    1003209 wrote:
    Hello all
    Do you know How to print a something in oracle sql developer? i mean for example in the query we write something, (offcourse i dont mean comments)
    thank u in advance.

  • Copying from Oracle SQL Developer to Microsoft Word doesn't retain formatting (Font,colors etc)

    Copying from Oracle SQL Developer Worksheet doesn't retain formatting (font,color etc...)in Microsoft Word but copying from other programs such as
    visual studio, chrome browser etc works fine. This doesn't work even after changed the setting to Keep Source formatting of Options-> Copy and Paste Settings

    I notice that you have cross posted in Answers forum and Oracle forum. Have you tried Mr. Peter's suggestion?
    Then, I recommend we check the Word settings:
    1. Go to: Options > Advanced > Cut, Copy and Paste
    2.  Make sure that Use smart cut and paste is ticked. 
    3. Click the Settings button next to this option
    4. Make sure that Smart Style
    Behavior is checked.
    If the issue still exists, please upload a sample through One Drive, I want to test.
    George Zhao
    TechNet Community Support

  • Unable to connect to Oracle Database using Oracle Sql developer

    Hi Everyone,
    I am searching for some help regarding my problem with Oracle connectivity. I have installed Oracle 11g release 2 on my Windows XP Professional Laptop. For a few days after installation i could connect to the Oracle database with the SYSTEM account using Oracle SQL developer ( installed on the same Laptop) but now i am unable to do so.It gives me this annoying message:
    An error was encountered performing the required operation  Got a minus one from read call .Vendor code 0
    However i am able to connect using Sql Plus by supplying the username SYSTEM and the corresponding password.
    My TNSNAMES .ora file is as follows:
    ORACLE =
    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST =localhost)(PORT = 1521))
    (SID = CLRExtProc)
    My Listener.ora file is as follows:
    (SID_LIST =
    (SID_DESC =
    (SID_NAME = CLRExtProc)
    (ORACLE_HOME = D:\app\product\11.2.0\dbhome_1)
    (PROGRAM = extproc)
    (ENVS = "EXTPROC_DLLS=ONLY:D:\app\product\11.2.0\dbhome_1\bin\oraclr11.dll")
    (SID_DESC =
    (GLOBAL_DBNAME = Oracle)
    (ORACLE_HOME = D:\app\product\11.2.0\dbhome_1)
    (SID_NAME = Oracle)
    (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST = localhost)(PORT = 1521))
    My Sqlnet.ora file is as follows:
    I am new to Oracle and so i need someone in this forum who can help me resolve this problem. Also i even tried connecting to the database using Toad It give me the following error:
    ORA 12537 : TNS Connection closed
    Thanks for your patience and help in advance.

    Hello Irian and Sue,
    I can connect to the Oracle database using SQL Plus. Now when i TNSPING ORACLE from command line i get the following message :
    Used parameter files:
    Used TNSNAMES adapter to resolve the alias
    Attempting to contact (DESCRIPTION = (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = TCP)(HOST =localhost
    TNS-12537: TNS:connection closed
    Thanks for your response to my initial post.Do u have any other methods to resolve this?

  • Oracle SQL Developer  error - "The file-based source procedure Name is not present in the database."

    I recently started working on the Oracle SQL developer. I have 'select' privileges on the QA schema and when tried to execute proc in QA. It is giving the error as 'The file-based source <procedure Name>  is not present in the database.  Was it compiled?'
    instead 'you do not have sufficient privileges to execute this procedure'. Did research on internet but with no luck.What configuration changes needed to be done to make it work.Guide me.

    Sounds like you do not have the correct privileges.  What should have been granted to you by the QA user, or some other user with appropriate privileges, is...
    Note that a grant of execute on a procedure has nothing to do with grants of select on some or all of QA's tables and views.
    So, as Vadim suggests, from your connection node in SQL Developer's Connections view, if you expand the Other Users node, then expand QA and look in the Procedures node, do you see the procedure of interest?  If not, you cannot expect to be able to execute it from your userid's connection. And even if you do see it, you may have some other privilege that permits viewing but not executing, like...
    The system privilege SELECT ANY DICTIONARY
    And even if you do not see it there, then having certain other privileges granted to you could permit executing it in general, like...
    The system privilege EXECUTE ANY PROCEDURE
    Also, note that the 3.0 release is a bit dated nowadays. Upgrading to 4.0.3 production or even the 4.1 EA2 (early adopter) release will, in general, give you a better experience.
    Best wishes,

  • How to change the password of a schema using Oracle SQL Developer

    Hi need to change the password of a schema using Oracle SQL Developer how do i do it?

    alter user username identified by password

  • How to get all tables in oracle sql developer with MS SQLServer

    Hi All,
    I am using microsoft SQL server 2000. For displaying the tables and other stuff i am using oracle SQL developer tool. The problem is when i connect to sql developer with oracle database i can see all the tables in that database. But when i connect to MS SQL server database it is not showing all the tables in that database. I don't know why?.
    i tried doing the samething using another tool called Aqua Data Studio , there i can able to see all the tables in microsoft SQL server 2000.
    do you have any knowledge regarding this, why i am not getting all the tables in oracle sql developer when i connect to microsoft SQL server 2000.

    Same issue here. Haven't found the answer yet..

  • How to see job section in "Oracle SQL Developer"

    I am using oracle SQL developer to connect to oracle instance unlike procedure,tables,views i am not able to see job section (we have can see in toad as job section) please help me to get locate the same.

    There's no support for jobs yet. Vote on the existing feature requests at the SQL Developer Exchange if you want to add weight for future implementation.
    If you have trouble handling them manually, you can always ask help on the SQL And PL/SQL forum...
    Edited by: -K- on 20/05/2009 12:27:
    BTW, there are some job reports (Reports - All Reports - Data Dictionary Reports - Jobs), but those will list only DBMS_JOB stuff, not the DBMS_SCHEDULER ones.
    You can also create your own reports and/or User Defined Extensions to add a Jobs node inside the connection navigator, but that's for more advanced users...

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