Payment Wizard error: 'No matching records found  'Bank Codes' (ODSC) (ODBC -2028)'

Hi Experts,
I am running a Payment Wizard for a Bank Transfer for a certain vendor, however I get the error "No matching records found  'Bank Codes' (ODSC) (ODBC -2028)".
I already checked my Bank settings and payment method settings but I still get the error.
I checked SAP Note 1980507 but the scenario should be without bank details in the BP payment terms tab. But in my case, its defined yet I get the same error as reported.
Any help would be appreciated.

Please check whether following setup done for payment wizard.
- Definitions necessary for the payment wizard
Thanks & Regards,

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  • Payment wizard -No matching records found  'Bank Codes' (ODSC) (ODBC -2028)

    Hello dear experts,
    I'm trying to execute the payment wizard to receive a payment from a vendor
    The invoice appears in the recommendation report but the payment isn't added when i execute the payment run.
    It appears after that in the Non-Included transactions with the following error message :
    No matching records found  'Bank Codes' (ODSC) (ODBC -2028)
    Can you solve this problem?
    Thank you

    Could you find the followings regarding bank information and check if all the settings are correctly defined
    1. Define payment run defaults > Payment method
       Check payment method details from Administration > Setup > Banking
       > Define payment methods
       Payment method which is linked to BP > payment means - Bank transfer
    2. ODSC table, Bank Code (just to check bank codes are stored well)
    3. BP master data > Payment terms > BP Bank accounts
    4. BP master data > Payment system > House bank.
    Also Check Note no [971105|].
    SAP Business One Forums Team

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    I have setup our approval templates.   When I try to add a new purchase order, I am getting the following error: No matching records found  'Alerts Template' (OALT) (ODBC -2028)  [Message 131-183].
    Can you please let me know what is causing this error and what I should do to fix it.

    I think I am getting close to resolving this issue.  When I compare the alerts management, I have found that all of the predefined alerts are missing.  How do I get them back into the system?

  • No matching records found 'Loading Factors'(OOCR)(ODBC-2028) in A/R Invoice

    Hello everyone,
    We are adding an A/R Invoice and we're getting this error:
    No matching records found 'Loading Factors' (OOCR) (ODBC-2028)
    The invoice can be successfully added, however, the quantity of the items is not being deducted from the warehouse. Hence, we manually change the quantity in the warehouse inventory. This is true for all customer codes and all item codes.
    Need help in here. Thanks.

    1. is your company having perpetual inventory system?
    > check under company details>Basic intialization
    2. is your item a inventory item?
    > check in item master.
    3. is your warehouse a nettable one?
    > check in warehouse master.
    These are the possible cases which doesn't affect inventories.
    Thanga Raj.K

  • [OACT] 'No matching records found - 'G/L Accounts' '(ODBC 2028)'

    Hi Gurus!
    I`m trying to create a Document Marketing (A / P Invoice), but I get the following error ...
    [OACT] 'No matching records found - 'G/L Accounts' '(ODBC 2028)'
    I looked into the G / L Account Determination but not encounter the error.
    Does anyone can help me with this problem?
    I read  the  SAP Note  # 669935, 771489 and 1034643 but i can't resolve the problem.
    Best Greetings.
    P.D. See the image in this link.
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    Hi all,
    I also got the error message when i doing SO.
    Sales Tax Group (Service) was not set. Added. Error still persists. Sales Tax Group (Sales) was already there.
    Down Payment Tax Offset Acct wasnu2019t there. I added. Error still persists.
    We found that if we change the Country of the BP Master to Thailand, then the SQ / SO all can be created. It only happens when the address is not the local country. As reported in the original email, we have done transactions with the same BP before. We upgraded from 2004 SP1 to 2005 SP1 in Apr 2008. We started getting problems since then.
    I have checked and ensure the following are done:
    1.      Rounding Account
    2.      Tax Groups / Tax
    3.      Purchase Foreign / Sales Foreign / all other Foreign accounts
    I looking a solution.
    Thank you.
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  • No matching records found  'Alerts Template' (OALT) (ODBC -2028)

    I am upgrading a client from SAP 2007A PL42 to SAP 8.8 PL17.  i am also removing FourthShift Edition.  When I upgrade the database to 8.8PL17,  I receive a RED BAR message "No matching records found  'Alerts Template' (OALT) (ODBC -2028)  [Message 131-183] " whenever I try to commit ANY marketing document information. I have looked for left-over Formatted Searches and can find none. 
    I require some guidance.
    kevin walker

    I had the same issue in 8.81 PL03 in a database I built using Copy Express.
    I notice my problem is caused by system alerts missing in OATL table, I do not find the system alerts in Alerts window.
    I notice if I copy the system alerts from other working database, the error does not appear anymore.

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    A user is getting this message when trying to access the BP master data;
    No matching records found " Business Partners " (OCRD ODBC-2028) [131-183]
    The user has authorisation to find business partners just not add them.
    So what does this mean?

    Is he able to navigate Next and Previous Record ?

  • No Matching Records found 'Contact Person'(OCPR)(ODBC-2028) when adding AR Credit Note

    Hi all,
    I'm trying to add the AR Credit Memo, but when adding No Matching Records found 'Contact Person'(OCPR)(ODBC-2028) is occuring...
    What is the issue ?

    ADD in BP Master data under Contact Person tab update contact person details
    then will not occur problem ..

  • No Matching Record Found 'WithHolding Tax' (OWHT) ODBC-2028

    Hello Experts,
    while making a PO I am getting this error mentioned above.
    Help Required ...

    Hi Shazad Nazir,
    There is a known issue on 2005 version when the two conditions are met:
    Manage Stock by Warehouse is checked and there is no default warehouse(Both under Item Master Data -> Stock tab).
    Please check if you are in the same scenario.
    This issue cannot be reproduced in 2007 version.
    Ivy Zhang
    SAP Business One Forums Team

  • Error: No matching record found 'G/L Account (OACT)(ODBC -2028)

    This is the error that I got while trying to update the Sales Order with my add-ons.
    All the required details were filled in the columns including the delivery date.
    Thank You

    Hi Sudatta,
    It seems to be a error relating to Rounding Account as per the note I read.
    Check link <a href=""></a>
    In case you are not able to login to read the Note.
    When attempting to add a marketing document with rounding, the following error message appears: "No matching record found 'G/L Accounts' [ODBC 2028]"
    Other terms
    Rounding, G/L account, error message, marketing documents, matching record, account, missing, SAP Business One
    Reason and Prerequisites
    There is no rounding account defined.
    Define a rounding account under:
    'Administration' > 'System Initialization' ->'G/L Account Determination' -> 'General' tab page under "RoundingAccount" field.

  • Incoming Payments Error No matching records found G/L Accounts.

    I have a client that uses foreign currency. It appears that when I enter an incoming payment with VEF currency get this error. This only happens to some customers.
    When I make a partial payment and Do Not change the Total Payment on the line I get the error
    No matching records found 'G/L Accounts' (OACT)
    For example I have an invoice for VEF1000.00. I do not change the Total Payment. I go to the Payment Means and enter a Bank Transfer for VEF600.00. When I try to add I get the error.
    However, if I first change the Total Payment amount to VEF600.00, and then enter the payment means Bank Transfer for VEF600.00 I can add the incoming payment without the error.
    Any suggestions

    Can you please confirm whether the issue is happening even after the Rounding Account is defined in the G\L Determination window under the Administration > Setup > Financials?
    Kind Regards,
    SAP Business One Forum Team

  • Error: No matching records found 'G/L Accounts' (OACT) ( ODBC-2028)'

    Hi all
    While adding outgoing excise invoice from Delivery the system gives the foll error:
    No matching records found 'G/L Accounts' (OACT) ( ODBC-2028)'
    Please note that
    1. I have already mapped cenvat accounts in outgoing/incoming in general tab of G/L account determination.
    2. I have two fiscal years 09-10 and 10-11. Both are unlock. Im working on 09-10 fiscal year and cenvat accounts are mapped for both fiscal years.
    3. For rounding i have also mapped rounding account.
    4. I am easily able to create incoming excise invoice.
    5. I am able to  add some of outgoing excise invoice but in the accounting tab there is no transaction.
    6. My excise tax codes are BED+VAT in which BED is of 0 rate and VAT is of 12.5% or 4% rate, the reason for taking BED as 0 is the comapany is trading and we have to pass excise to customer by taking item as batch.
    This is whole scenario.
    Plz solve my problem considering all these points. Waiting.
    Edited by: Malhotra Saurabh on May 11, 2010 7:13 AM

    I have managed item by groups and warehouse is excisable as i have done GRPO in that warehouse.
    I have already given cenvat accounts in Warehouse too.
    Edited by: Malhotra Saurabh on May 11, 2010 7:55 AM
    Edited by: Malhotra Saurabh on May 11, 2010 7:57 AM

  • Drag&Relate with error 'no matching records found'  when adding UDF columns

    in SBO 2007A I added a large amount of UDF fields to marketing documents title section. Then I tried Drag&Relate, as result i got only the error 'no matching record found ....'.
    I removed some of the UDF Fields and Drag&Relate works correct. It seems to be a length problem of the table row. But I have no information about such a restriction and the error message dont say anything about length problem.
    Does anybody know about this behavior and the maximum length of table rows, or is there any other solution to fix this problem?

    there are approximatly 170 fields and most of them are alphanumeric (internaly nvarchar(max)) - when i remove 2 fields it works.
    Best regards
    Edited by: Klaus Steinkellner on Jan 13, 2011 4:27 PM

  • Print sequence error - No matching records found

    Hi experts,
    We are facing an issue when choosing to print a sequence of two documents. These two documents can be printed individually without any error, but when we try to print the sequence, we are getting the error "No matching records found".
    This issue occurs in both SAP 9.0 (pl5) in Inventory Movement document and in SAP 8.82 (pl5) in all purchase and sales documents.
    Has anyone faced the same issue?
    Thank you in advance.
    Kind Regards,
    Vassilis Korolis

    It is an application error in 8.82 & 9.0 versions.
    Please check SAP note:
    1981583 - An error appears when you use Print Sequences for a Stock
    Transfer document.
    Thanks & Regards,

  • -2028 Error: No Matching Records Found

    Good Day
    I am using the oPurchaseOrder object to build a PurchaseOrder from an approved Material Requisition. I am getting an error: -2028 No Matching Records Found.  This error number is not in the list.  Does anyone have experience with what it means?

    Hey There
    Here is the code.  I thought I saw somewhere that there are requirements for what needs to be passed to the object.  However, I cannot recall where that is at...Forum, Notes here or in the Help files.  What again is required to be passed to the oPurchaseOrder object? I seem to think CardCode, Item and Date maybe. 
    Dim vPurchaseOrder As SAPbobsCOM.Documents
    vPurchaseOrder = g_B1Connection.Company.GetBusinessObject(SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oPurchaseOrders)
    vPurchaseOrder.DocObjectCode = SAPbobsCOM.BoObjectTypes.oPurchaseOrders
    vPurchaseOrder.Lines.ItemCode = Item
    vPurchaseOrder.Lines.ItemDescription = Description
    vPurchaseOrder.Lines.Quantity = Qty
    vPurchaseOrder.Lines.Price = EaCost 
    vPurchaseOrder.Lines.WarehouseCode = "STOCK"                     
    vPurchaseOrder.Lines.ShipDate = ReqDate
    vPurchaseOrder.CardCode = Supplier
    vPurchaseOrder.SalesPersonCode = SalesPersonCode
    vPurchaseOrder.DocumentsOwner = OwnerCode
    retVal = vPurchaseOrder.Add

Maybe you are looking for