Pdf attachment from mail to ibooks?

hmm, how do you 'import' pdf attachment from mail into ibooks 1.1? i hit downloaded on iphone mail, it loaded with img, not even a pdf. flip back to ibooks, hit pdf tab, its not there. am i missing something here?
thanks guys
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I have the latest version of iTunes with iBooks, and it doesn't have anywhere to drag PDF files into iTunes. Where are you seeing this? I tried every imaginable PDF, include a text document, I printed to PDF from textedit, then dragging it into the pane of grayed out books in iTunes.
What gives?
Here's a screenshot:

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  • Error while Opening PDF attachment from Mail

    We two Output Types created ZNEU and ZAUF. Two Smartforms are created for the same Output Types. The Issue now is, When ZNEU triggers and send a mail the document is properly decoded and gets opened but for ZAUF it doesn't. It says File damaged.
    This is the code we have used for sending mail.
              co_pdf(3) TYPE c VALUE 'PDF',
              co_raw(3) TYPE c VALUE 'RAW'.
            it_objbin TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF solisti1,
            wa_objbin TYPE solisti1.
             lv_filesize TYPE i.
            it_lines TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF tline.
            wa_mail_body TYPE solisti1,
            wa_receipients TYPE somlreci1.
           document           TYPE REF TO cl_document_bcs,
           content            TYPE solix_tab,
           wa_content         TYPE solix,
           send_request       TYPE REF TO cl_bcs,
           sender             TYPE REF TO if_sender_bcs,
           recipient          TYPE REF TO if_recipient_bcs,
           requested_status   TYPE REF TO bcs_rqst,
           status_mail        TYPE bcs_stml,
           bcs_exception      TYPE REF TO cx_bcs,
           lv_rec             TYPE adr6-smtp_addr.
             wa_attachx TYPE solix,
             l_pdf_len TYPE i,
             l_con_len TYPE i,
             l_pdf_pos TYPE i,
             l_con_pos TYPE i.
      FIELD-SYMBOLS: <fs_con> TYPE x.
      CLASS cl_cam_address_bcs     DEFINITION LOAD.
      CLASS cl_abap_char_utilities DEFINITION LOAD.
    * Get the PDF version of the OTF
         format                      = 'PDF'
         bin_filesize                = lv_filesize
          otf                         = job_output_info-otfdata
          lines                       = it_lines
         err_max_linewidth           = 1
         err_format                  = 2
         err_conv_not_possible       = 3
         err_bad_otf                 = 4
         OTHERS                      = 5.
      IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    * Convert the PDF format to the table type required for the attachment.
          t_source_tab         = it_lines
          t_target_tab         = it_objbin
          convert_not_possible = 1
          OTHERS               = 2.
      IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    * Convert the data which is in text to binary
      l_con_pos = 0.
      DESCRIBE FIELD wa_objbin LENGTH l_pdf_len IN BYTE MODE.
      DESCRIBE FIELD wa_attachx LENGTH l_con_len IN BYTE MODE.
      LOOP AT it_objbin INTO wa_objbin.
        ASSIGN wa_objbin TO <fs_con> CASTING.
        CHECK sy-subrc EQ 0.
        DO l_pdf_len TIMES.
          l_pdf_pos = sy-index - 1.
          IF l_con_pos = l_con_len.
            APPEND wa_attachx TO content.
            FREE wa_attachx.
            l_con_pos = 0.
          MOVE <fs_con>+l_pdf_pos(1) TO wa_attachx-line+l_con_pos(1).
          ADD 1 TO l_con_pos.
      IF l_con_pos > 0.
        APPEND wa_attachx TO content.
      TRY .
    *     -------- create persistent send request ------------------------
          send_request = cl_bcs=>create_persistent( ).
    *     -------- create and set document with attachment ---------------
    *     create document from internal table with text
          document = cl_document_bcs=>create_document(
                        i_type    = 'RAW'
                        i_text    = mail_body_tab
                        i_subject = email_subject ).
    *     add attachment to document
          CALL METHOD document->add_attachment
              i_attachment_type    = 'PDF'
              i_attachment_subject = attachment_name
              i_att_content_hex    = content.
    *     add document to send request
          CALL METHOD send_request->set_document( document ).
    *    Set sender
          sender = cl_cam_address_bcs=>create_internet_address( sender_id ).
          CALL METHOD send_request->set_sender
              i_sender = sender.
    *     Receipients
          LOOP AT receipients_tab INTO wa_receipients .
            lv_rec = wa_receipients-receiver.
            recipient = cl_cam_address_bcs=>create_internet_address( lv_rec ).
    *       Add recipient with its respective attributes to send request
            CALL METHOD send_request->add_recipient
                i_recipient = recipient.
    * Set that you don't need a Return Status E-mail
          status_mail = 'N'.
          CALL METHOD send_request->set_status_attributes
              i_requested_status = 'N'
              i_status_mail      = status_mail.
    * set send immediately flag
          send_request->set_send_immediately( 'X' ).
    * Send document
          CALL METHOD send_request->send( ).
    *      COMMIT WORK.
        CATCH cx_bcs INTO bcs_exception.
          RAISE EXCEPTION bcs_exception.
    This is in a Class which is been used in the print program for both the Output Types.
    Can somebody throw light upon this.
    Note: I tried using
    but it is not working properly.
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    Please paste the part of code where you are getting error.
    And if you are not clear about where the error is, try searching sdn or google with the error message that you are getting as this issue has been discussed many times earlier.
    Check this link.
    Error while opening PDF in mail attachment
    Hope it helps.

  • Can't open big PDF attachment from Mail

    hi, guys:
    We have this issue with both iPad and iPad2.
    I have setup EXchange account and be able to download and read Emails.
    However, we found when we try to open big size (more than 1MB ) PDF.
    As matter of fact, we can't even download the size of file.
    We click the attachment, then, arrow starts to spin and spin and none stop.
    Any ideas why? and how do we resolve this issue?
    Thank you very much.

    This looks like a Launch Services issue. The following article describes how to manually reset Launch Services. The notes at the bottom of the article also provide information about the side effects of deleting each of the files involved.
    Resetting Launch Services
    The following article also describes the side effects of cache cleaning:
    Side effects of System cache cleaning
    The following article provides links to some utilities that can be used for troubleshooting and cache cleaning:
    Resolving Disk, Permission, and Cache Corruption
    It seems that the most appropriate utility for solving this particular problem is Tiger Cache Cleaner.
    In addition to the utilities mentioned above, you may also consider OnyX, which is free. If you want to try OnyX, after installing it, do this (be sure to read the articles about the side effects of cache cleaning first):
    1. Quit all applications.
    2. Launch OnyX and enter your administrator password.
    3. Click Maintenance. In the Reset section, check LaunchServices database.
    4. You may uncheck any other pre-checked options if you've already done them using other utilities.
    5. Click the Execute button.
    6. Restart.
    If that doesn't solve the problem, you may try again checking the Links between documents and applications option in step 3 instead.
    And yet another free cache cleaning utility is Cache Out X.
    Please, let me know whether you were able to solve the problem, what worked for you and what didn't.

  • Can't open pdf documents from mail attachments

    Have Adobe Reader free version installed. IPAD2 using latest IOS 7
    When trying to open a pdf attachment from mail attachments, there is a quick flash screen that displays and the attachment doesn't open.
    Is there a fix for this?

    Will it open other PDF attachments?  Perhaps that particular attachment is corrupt?
    A few things to try...
    1. Remove apps from the Recently Used (multi-tasking) list...
    - From any Home Screen, double tap the home button to bring up the Recents List
    - Swipe up on the app preview card to remove it from the list
    - Press the home button when done.
    2. Restart by pressing the sleep/lock button until you see the slider.  Slide to power off.  Restart by pressing the sleep/lock button until you see the Apple logo.
    3. Reset by pressing the home and sleep buttons until you see the Apple logo. Takes about 5-15 secs of button holding and you won't lose any data or settings.

  • Since downloading the iOS on my iPad, I cannot download more than one pdf from mail to iBooks.  I have to shut down y iPad and start again.  Any suggestions?

    Since downloading iOS on my new iPad, I cannot downlaod more than one pdf from mail into iBooks.  I have to shut down my iPad and restart it to save a second pdf. Wasn't a problem with the old operating system.  Any suggestions?

    It seems that I have solved my issue by performing a full factory reset (erasing all content, something which I had hoped to avoid) restoring from an iCloud backup did not alleviate the issue, I had to set up as a new iPad.
    Hopefully anyone else else who has this issue in the future will be able to find this.

  • Reading an PDF Attachment  From Sender Mail Adapter

    Hi All,
                   i am able to get a mail  from my Mail Server, But my aim is need to Read an PDF attachment from the mail, in SXMB Moni i am getting the Payload with attachment, I have a created a module to convert that PDF to XML(Module is working fine in file to file sceneraio) .
    In adapter should i need to use Payload Swap Bean Module also , because in sap help said that i need  Select Keep Attachments. I want to know how that how to Push the PDF attachment to My Custom Module which is used to convert the PDF To XML.
    If Payload Swap Bean Module needs to be Used , please tell me the Key Names and Key Values to be used.(swap.keyName,swap.keyValues)
    Thanks and Regards,
    Note: Points will be awarded

    See if this helps
    [Module Name]
    [Module Parameters]
    The following parameters are used for this module
      swap.keyName          the name of a supported attribute.
      swap.keyValue         the value of a partial string that is required
                            to appear.
    The supported attributes (swap.keyName) include the payload attributes
    such as payload-name, payload-description and any content attributes
    such as content-type, content-disposition, content-description, etc.
    Ravi Raman

  • When I open a word document attachment in mail for IOS 7.1.1 the previous jpeg is showing on the first page. When I open the attachment from mail in mac OS X the jpeg does not appear. Can anyone help?

    When I open a word document attachment in mail for IOS 7.1.1 the previous jpeg is showing on the first page. When I open the attachment from mail in mac OS X the jpeg does not appear. Can anyone help?

    gonsa47 wrote:
    When I open it in pages or word the correct company logo appears.
    Does the mail app display whatever is in the document without the ability to differentiate between hidden or non hidden images?
    The mail app will not display fillable form fields in PDF files that can be seen in real PDF apps. I say real PDF apps because the form fields in PDF apps will not appear in the iBooks app either. IMO, iBooks is not a real PDF app.
    So, I would say that the mail app cannot differentiate between hidden and non hidden items

  • How to download PDF attachment from gmail on iphone 5S

    How to download PDF attachment from gmail on iphone 5S

    Hello Ram2910
    You should be able to view them natively within iOS. If you can view them in safari and want to save them, then download iBooks or search for other apps that can view and save them.
    iBooks: Viewing, syncing, saving, and printing PDFs on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
    -Norm G.

  • I am unable to open my PDF attachment in mail.

    I cannot open my PDF attachment in mail. I am able to on all of my other apple products but not my air. Is there a setting that i might have wrong?

    If it is your own pdf and you are unsure of your password, you are out of luck. You will need to create a new file from the original documents. I suggest using password managers, if you need to create many different documents with different passwords.

  • Sending SAP Script output as a PDF attachment through mail

    Dear Guru,
    I am using SAP 4.0B version, DATABASE Oracle 8i, OS is sun solaris 7.5.
    I want to send SAP script output as a
    PDF attachement through mail.Please suggest a solution.

    Hi Rajesh,
    In your print program, while calling OPEN_FORM, pass options-TDGETOTF = 'X'. This is used for returning print output in OTF format.
    Then in CLOSE_FORM, get the table OTFDATA returned from the function module. for example
            RESULT  = RESULT
            OTFDATA = OTF_DATA.
    now you can convert this OTF data to PDF using function module CONVERT_OTF
    Then send this data as attachment to a mail using function module SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1

  • Cannot forward one page PDF files from mail app

    My earlier topic had incorrect problem report so I've created a new topic.
    The problem is i cannot forward one page PDF file from mail apps. I use imap set up for my work email.
    Multi page PDFs, photos, docs, numbers, all forward OK for both windows and Mac formats.

    Update: I hade had a reply from the Good Reader app developer saying this is a known issue even for them. However, they don't know if Apple will fix this or not.
    Basically mail app treats all one page PDF as if it's an image and will forward it the same as it would an image. Any non-apple based mail programs will have issues viewing this file..

  • PDF attachment in mail, can not open, getting black screen all time

    I am checking my gmail account in firefox and when there is PDF attachmant with mail and I click on same PDF documents I am not able to see that documents and my firefox get hang for some time and I remove that tab and again it works fine
    When I try to open any PDF documents from mail, I get whole screen black.

    I am checking my gmail account in firefox and when there is PDF attachmant with mail and I click on same PDF documents I am not able to see that documents and my firefox get hang for some time and I remove that tab and again it works fine
    When I try to open any PDF documents from mail, I get whole screen black.

  • Sending Cheque as PDF attachment in Mail using F110.

    Hi all,
    We have a requirement to send the cheque as as PDF attachment in Mail while printing it through transaction F110.Mail has to be triggered when the payment run is done through F110.Is there any config setting to do this without doing any changes to Print program RFFOUS_C.
    Thanks and Regards

    check below link

  • How to send pdf attachment through mail using Webdynpro-Java

    How can i send the Adobe Interactive Form with data involved as a PDF attachment to mail? using Webdynpro-Java.
    Is there any Adobe API or jar file for generating pdf?
    Helpful answer is highly appreciable and rewarded with points.!

    Hi Sankar,
    try [Offline Interactive PDF Form Using E-Mail|/docs/DOC-8061#49]


    Hi all,
    can any one tell me the FM's used to read the pdf attachment from the sap inbox.
    Thanks& Regards,

    Hi Arun
    See this [PDF|https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/scn/go/portal/prtroot/docs/library/uuid/2c678dc3-0401-0010-3c80-8ef48f450491] of SCN
    [email protected]

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