PDF exporting with thin black lines around some images

Hi there,
I have spent A LOT of time making a custom SAVE THE DATE card and I cannot find a solution to this problem. When I am working in the document, I do not see thin borders around any of the images but when I export to PDF they show up. I have NO BORDERS selected for all images in the document and cannot figure out why they keep showing up after export. 
I have attached a screen grab of what the document looks like when I am working on it, and another one of what it looks like after export. I am using Pages 5.2.2 and OS X version 10.9.5
I need to order these SAVE THE DATES by tomorrow to take advantage of the 60% off! Thanks so much for your help!

I am seeing this same problem in a family newsletter I've created.  The lines do not show up in Pages, but when I export to pdf (or print to pdf), the lines appear.  When I print the document, no lines appear.
Here's what the top of the newsletter looks like - the black lines show up on all the pages, and in the beige-covered overlay, crosshatching is visible.   The template I'm using was in existence two years ago, but doesn't seem to exist in Pages anymore.  Would that have anything to do with the lines showing up?
I also found this link, but can't apply any of the suggested fixes, since they apply to Adobe:  <http://helpx.adobe.com/indesign/kb/thin-white-dark-lines-stitching.html>.

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    Hi there.
    PS CS3 (10.0.1)
    Why does PS automatically make a thin black line around any new image and how can I set PS not to do this?
    You can please have a look here:
    I will really appreciate your help.

    Thank you for replying to my question.
    You are 100% right ... I have made the canvas a bit larger and there is no line.
    BUT, why is there a line around the image when viewing in a browser? I dont' want it there and this is the first time I have this problem.
    Thank you for your time & help.

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    My printed colors look wrong. | Mylenium's Error Code Database

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    I have placed video - when previewed there are sometimes heavy black lines around the image.
    If I place white rectangles in front, the black is hidden in Author, but when I preview the black lines are still there..
    How to use white rectangles to mask edges?

    Here's view in IBA you can see bounding boxes of white rectangles that
    form frame to block out black setions..
    Here's iBook preview image of same page, NO WHITE FRAME!

  • Thin black line around mask when placed in Final Cut Pro

    After upgrading all to the latest version of the Pro suite, I'm getting a thin--pixel-wide-black line around my Motion masks when placed back in Final cut pro. Is anyone else seeing this?

    Try this:
    Open you media bin (F5) click on the "Media" tab at the top and find the "offending file". Click on the file and go to your Inspector-->Media. Under the "Alpha Type" drop-down menu, select "Premultiplied - Black" (or white or color) and see if that fixes it. I was having a similar issue with a white line appearing and this fixed it.
    Good luck.

  • Mwaaaa! I just want a black line round my images!

    Not all these fancy borders and stuff!
    I've just installed PE9 (today, actually!) but already it's giving me a migraine! I'm creating a vBulletin moderator training manual and all I want to do it put a thin black line around an image for definition and neatness.
    For years I've used anAdobe PhotoDelux Home Edition v4 (yeah - really, really old! - just like me! ). It's served me well but is very basic and I wanted to do more. So as a starter, I thought I'd try something I've been doing for years but can I find it? No siree!
    Please give an old gal some help, folks! I want it to look like this

    With your image open in the Editor press ctrl+A to select all (you will see the marching ants)
    On the Menu click Edit >>Stroke
    Set the width to 1px and choose black as your color and select inside edge.
    Click OK.

  • Thin black borders around image (keyline)

    Does anybody know how to put a thin black border around an image in elements 4?

    [email protected] wrote:<br />> Hi,<br />> Does anybody know how to put a thin black border around an image in elements 4?<br />><br />> Thanks<br />>   <br />I know a few ways to do this.<br />(A)<br />1. Ctrl A to select the image<br />2.<Edit><Stroke (Outline) Selection..<br />3. On the resulting Dialog set out the width, colour and location (Inside)<br />4. Click OK<br /><br />(B)<br />1. <Image><Resize><Canvas Size..><br />2. Check the Relative CheckBox<br />3. Choose you Canvas Extension Colour (bottom of dialog)<br />4. Set the Anchor point to the Centre<br />5. Change Units to pixels<br />6. Set your pixel width<br />7. Click OK<br /><br />(C)<br />1. Ctrl A Selects all of image<br />2. <Select><Modify><Border..><br />3. Choose a border width click ok<br />4. Leave Selection Active<br />5. <Layer><New Fill Layer><Solid Colour> then OK (or whichever way you <br />are used to doing this)<br />6. Modify the Fill Layer for any colour Border you choose.<br /><br />Maurice

  • Thin black line across Indesign CS4 doc exported to PDF

    Hi ... am using Indesign CS4 on OS Windows XP and exporting docs to PDF (Acrobat 9 Professional) then printing on a HP Colour LaserJet CP2025.
    I'm getting a thin black line across the bottom of the page when printing - it doesn't show up on the screen though.  The line sits 5mm above the bottom edge of the page and prints whether I have bleed set or not in Indesign.
    Have tried toggling scaling, printer's marks settings, printer settings,Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional settings with no joy.
    Can anyone help? 

    Hi all,
    EUREKA!   Looks like it's finally fixed ...
    One of my printer (HP Colour Laser Jet CP2025) has an advanced printer property, under printer features, called "Print Data Optimization" - this was set to "Auto" - I changed it to "Optimise for Text and Vector" and voila!  Thin black line has disappeared and I'm happily reprinting a bunch of documents ...
    Thanks everyone for your advice and input - saved my sanity

  • IPhone 3G screen goes white with thin black moving lines.

    iPhone 3G screen goes white with thin black moving lines.What gives?

    The two crashes iPhone suddenly does not work never
    It does not work and is the connection between the device and iTunes
    What is the solution?

  • My iphone 4 randomly froze while i was face timing and now its just a black screen with thin grey lines on it. it wount turn on even if i press the lockscreen or home screen button. ive tried chargingit but that wont work either.

    my iphone 4 randomly froze while i was face timing and now its just a black screen with thin grey lines on it. it wount turn on even if i press the lockscreen or home screen button. ive tried chargingit but that wont work either. It's been like this for about two hours now.

    Hold down the Home and Power button for 20 seconds. And try to update again.
    Also read and follow this:

  • Thin black line appears when applying transition to material

    Im editing in PremProCC and have a problem with the video transitions especially the wipe effect. When I apply the wipe to a cropped jpg and play it back a thin black line seems to appear around the edges of the jpg. I thought it might have something to do with rendering but the render bar reminds yellow when I apply the effect. It also in the exported version too. Any help I've never seen this before?

    Hope you can see the thin black line  its more noticeable when it's playing back. Its just after the Bes/sy letters on the left had screen.

  • Whats the easiest way to put a thin line around an image?

    Can anyone tell me the easiest way to put a thin line around
    an image? I'm also interested in the use of thin lines as part of
    the graphic design on a page, how are they generated?

    >In Dreamweaver, you can set a border for each image but
    be aware that some
    >versions of some browsers may not display it.
    This shouldn't be an issue in any used browser today.
    >If it is a consistent look you're
    >after, I'd say the most permanent thing to do would be to
    edit the image in
    >Photoshop or Fireworks. In Photoshop, e.g, I'd create a
    background fill with
    >the color I wanted the border, then add the image,
    centered, in a new layer on
    >top of that. Merge the layers, then save optimized for
    the web.
    Way too complicated. If you want to change the color or style
    of the
    border, you have to modify the image. With CSS you can
    directly change
    the line style in a much easier and faster way.

  • Acrobat printing certain PDF's with 8 - 9 lines across the pages.

    A few Acrobat user's are seeing thin black lines on the printed pages.  We do not see the lines on the PDF on the computer screen.  I am unable to reproduce the issue with Acrobat Pro 10.1.3, I upgraded the user that brought this to my attention to Acrobat Pro 10.1.3 and she is still seeing the Black Lines on her printed pages.  I had another user test to the same printer and we did not see the lines on the printed pages.  She is using Acrobat Pro 10.0.2. 
    At this point I think it's a user setting?  Any ideas or suggestions?
    I attempted to upload examples in PDF format, PDF's are not allowed????

    Please share the files.
    Are you facing this problem on particular machines?? And is this problem reproducible with every PDF document on these machines?
    Also provide the information about which OS are you using on the machines where this problem is occurring.

  • After importing pictures they became grey with doted white line around

    I have imported pictures (RAW CR2 format) from my camera hundreds of times and they all went well. But this time the only the import worked well (I saw the preview when each picture was imported). Then Iphoto asked if i would like to delete the pictures on the camera after import. I deleted them. But then when I should take a look at the pictures they were grey with doted white lines around all of them. When I chose a picture and check the properties I can see that the pictures use normal space. I tried to drag one picture to a directory in the finder but this didn´t work either. The export doesn't work either. When I scroll fast among the pictures I can see them for a short period but when I stop scrolling they will turn grey with doted white line around. Whats wrong? and how to solve?
    system: iPhoto11 and Lion.

    The ! turns up when iPhoto loses the connection between the thumbnail in the iPhoto Window and the file it represents.
    Option 1
    Back Up and try rebuild the library: hold down the command and option (or alt) keys while launching iPhoto. Use the resulting dialogue to rebuild. Choose to Rebuild iPhoto Library Database from automatic backup.
    If that fails:
    Option 2
    Download iPhoto Library Manager and use its rebuild function. This will create a new library based on data in the albumdata.xml file. Not everything will be brought over - no slideshows, books or calendars, for instance - but it should get all your albums and keywords back.
    Because this process creates an entirely new library and leaves your old one untouched, it is non-destructive, and if you're not happy with the results you can simply return to your old one. .

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    Just did latest update and noticed on the reboot a thin black line running down the left hand side of the screen 8cm in apex.
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    Sounds like a problem with the display. Contact your local Apple Store or AASP and make an appointment to have the display looked at. > Apple - Support - iMac - Service FAQ

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  • Help on finding a brush set once installed using Adobe Exchange in Photoshop

    Hi, I've installed brushes before  not with Adobe Exchange. I was in Photoshop and used the Extensions to download a brush set. This brush set was installed butto add it to Photoshop I can't find it. Anyone know where to gos  to add thisbruh set??

  • Application Manager keeps crashing

    i was trying to add another application (premier pro) but the application manager keeps crashing, it keeps saying application manager quit unexpectedly, and wants to send a report