Photo Booth Effects have vertical green lines

Can anybody explain why some of my photo booth effects have vertical green lines running through them and how it can be corrected/removed?!
Looking at the files they all begin with "dts"
/Users/audio3/Desktop/Photo 7.jpg

This question is shown as answered, did you find a solution??? I have the same problem, but not with the original effects. Just with the ones that I uploaded from apples website.

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  • Vertical Green Lines

    I am having a VERY annoying problem in final cut. All of my footage now has green vertical lines running through it.
    Here is a picture of what it looks like:[email protected]/4731527252/
    When I open the source footage from the browser, everything looks fine, but the same clips in the timeline do not. If I do "replace edits" on all of the cuts, it fixes the problem temporarily, but soon it comes back. Exporting the video sometimes seems to help (i exported it once as prores from FCP and it was fine, I exported it once as H.264 through compressor and it had the lines).
    I have also tried using a preferences manager to backup, delete, and restore my preferences but that didn't help.
    Making a new sequence or even project and copying the cut over didnt help.
    For the record this only seems to have affected this one project so far that I have noticed. I have opened the project on another mac and it worked fine.
    Any ideas?? I am stumped. It sounds like it is my final cut, computer, or maybe video card? Im not sure and could use any advice you have.
    Thank you

    Called apple care today and they suggested I try the exported files on another comp to see if they work. They also suggested I make a new user account and try to run FCP there.
    I don't have immediate access to another computer, BUT I did try the new account. Opening the exported H.264 file that I made in my main account still showed the green lines, but when I started FCP the problem didn't seem to be there (although since the problem was sometimes spotty that doesn't necessarily mean its fixed but I played with it for a while and seemed to be working). Also, I was able to export a copy of the film that did NOT have the green lines on it (when viewed from either account). So this leads me to believe it is a software based issue of some kind, although I can't really think of what to do.
    Any suggestions?

  • Photo Booth Effect not working

    I upgraded to 10.4.8 and 75% of my Photo Booth effects stopped working. There is only a blank screen instead of a camera image. Has anyone else experienced this problem. Photo Booth worked great before the upgrade. I have a 20" iMac intel. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
    iMac   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    Hi OH~IO,
    Welcome to the Apple Discussions
    First try Repairing Permissions, with the Disk Utility in Applications/Utilities. This will read your Receipts folder for the latest Permissions based on the Updates.
    Next, if that does not work try deleting for your Home/library/Preferences Folder and restarting Photo Booth.
    6:25 PM Wednesday; November 22, 2006

  • Use Photo Booth effects in FaceTime?

    Can you use Photo Booth effects in FaceTime?
    Thanks in advance.

    Not with just FaceTime on it's own. However if you would like to get technical you can use a 3rd party app such as CamTwist you can use special effects. If you would like help with that or have any other questions let me know. :-)

  • Photo booth effects with Imovie HD?

    I was having a ball with the weird effects of phone booth and thought it would be fun to have those real time effects in Imovie HD so I can record a short video clip instead of just a simple snapshot. Is this possible?

    No. I don't think you can.
    Here's something I did as a kind of workaround.
    Take a series of stills using whatever Photo Booth effect you like.
    Now bring those stills into iMovie. Next record a voice over and then click the Editing Button and choose Audio FX. You can then use the Pitch Changer to alter the pitch of your voice.
    Moving the slider towards Chipmunk goes particularly well with some of the crazy Photo Booth effects.

  • Photo Booth Effects While Recording

    Is there a way to record video in iMovie with Photo Booth effects? Is there a program, a hack, or just something I have to do in order to have effects if I want to record with iSight?
    Thanks in advance,

    Well, I don't want to use software fors screen capture because the frames end up being very slow. And I'm definately not going to aim a camera at my monitor because it will have very bad quality. Also, the only camera I use is the built in i-Sight so I can't move it. But, anymore suggestions? I saw, in the package contents of Photo Booth, a quarts movie that has all the different effects for photo booth. Is there a simple quartz plug-in I can get for iMovie?

  • Get back old Photo Booth effects?

    Is there anyway to change the given effects in Photo Booth and get some old ones back? Or do I just downgrade PB in general?

    If you are not running Lion, you probably won't have these new effects. Lion comes with some cool new features like full screen Photo Booth, or new Photo Booth effects. If the person who posted the pic was your friend or family member, just ask them how they got those effects.

  • More Photo Booth effects

    Hey there!
    Just wondering if there are there any other effects to add to photo booth out there? I haven't found any on a quick google search. Thank you for the information!

    Welcome to Apple Discussions, enigma2118
    I don't know of any Photo Booth effects you can add to the ones that are part of the application.
    If you need more or different effects and are willing to use a different application, you can check Funny Photographer and WebcamTweaker to see if either offer any different ones you like.
    If you cannot find any other way to get the additional effects that you need, you can edit existing images by using an image editor app. PhotoShop Elements or any other real image editor application can apply effects to images that you already have in your computer, whether you captured them with your digital camera or with an OS X application and your iSight. In PSE, you use the "Filters" menu commands to distort, blur, color, or otherwise modify images. Other image editors may use different commands.
    EZ Jim
    PowerBook 1.67 GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.10)    G5 DP 1.8  External iSight

  • Lion Photo booth effects dizzy and lovestruck are broken.

    I just got lion and I think it is really cool. But when I go to photobooth the dizzy and lovestruck effects have black boxes around the birds and hearts. I have the more photo booth effects pack installed, but one of my friends who also has lion does and It works fine for him. I also have lion on another one of my older macs and the effects work fine  on it. I havent done anything to photobooth It was just like that after I got lion. Any help will be apreciated.

    Has anyone found a solution to this? The problem seems to not only affect Photo Booth, as some of the themes in iMovie that also use alpha channel masking do not work for me

  • Junk photo booth effects left behind by some software

    hi. there are a lof of photo booth effects left behind by some software i had installed ( i dont remember which it was). i deleted the application but it left behind the effects. i want to get rid of them as all of them have a watermark which can be only removed once paid for. please tell me where to remove it from.

    See if trashing & restarting the computer helps.

  • Applying Photo Booth effects to photos taken in another application?

    Is it possible to apply the Photo Booth effects to photos that were taken outside of the Photo Booth application? For example, I have some shots in my iPhoto library that I'd love to apply one of the Photo Booth effects to. I can't see an option for doing this in the Photo Booth menus or help section.

    I do not have a new iMac G5 (iSight), so I do not have Photo Booth either. However, looking at Apple's new iMac pages and the Photo Booth 1.0 Help info leads me to believe that Photo Booth is an application for making snapshots rather than for editing existing images.
    Check Photo Booth > Help on your iMac. If it does not tell you about editing existing images, you likely cannot do so.
    Depending upon your experience level, image editor apps like PhotoShop or PhotoShop Elements can add the effects to your existing photos. Adding effects to existing images will require some effort, but it can be done. Unless your version of iPhoto is one of the very early ones, you can even set your iPhoto > General preferences to open your existing iPhoto images in your image editor app for easy access and editing from within iPhoto.
    Because Photo Booth is only available with the iMac G5 (iSight) computer, you may find more help from Photo Booth users in iMac Discussions.

  • Fix cost for 1 pixel vertical green line

    How much would it cost to fix a monitor with 1 pixel width vertical green line down the screen?

    I have a similar issue since this morning.... MacBook Air 13"  C02GM1ASDJWV
    And also 3 months after the warranty is over....Strange.....
    In general, i'm starting to be disapointed with apple products as like my iphone, i had issue juste after the one year warranty was finished. I'm wondering why?
    Please notice that i'm a user since a long time of mac products and didn't had any issue before. It was the reason i was staying a mac user. But now things seems different.
    I'll have a look if i can change my computer screen my self or for  a sheap price somewhere. But no way that i spend 500euros for that....

  • All my Photo Booth images have gone - after power cut!!

    OK, I was on my iMac when a power cut effected the whole street. I don't know if I had Photo Booth open at the time but now I've noticed after I logged back in that all 50+ images in my Photo Booth timeline have gone. It now says 'no images' at the bottom.
    Where the **** could these have gone? Also, I was silly enough not to back any of them up...gutted

    I've just looked in my Photo Booth folder where the images are kept and they are all there!! It would be nice to get these back into the 'timeline' at the botom of the PB app, does anyone know of this can be done at all?

  • Thin vertical green lines on 30" Apple Display

    I am occasionally getting patches of short vertical green lines on my 30" display
    using Nvidia GF8800GT 512MB
    If I put system to sleep when it awakes it's ok
    is this indicative of pending failure
    this is the second graphics card in my new two month old Mac Pro, original card just stopped working.

    Not yet resolved it is erratic when it occurs but lasts for the session and is apparent in any graphics irrespective of application. I had a feeling it was a graphics card problem but may be wrong. I will have to try a stress test when I get chance.

  • Vertical green line on Qosmio's G20 LCD Screen

    (Sorry for my bad English)
    Hi all,
    my laptop have a vertical green line on the right side of the screen.this line is visible in BIOS screen also. so i think it is a hardware related issue.but one good thing is that it is not visible in a white background.i don't know why;
    Is there any thing i can do other than replacing the screen(i don't have any warranty on the LAPTOP :( )
    The problem occurred after installing windows 7 beta edition,it changed my resolution to 1400 * 900 and i think which may cause an overheat on graphics card which may lead to my problem.
    Please help me.

    > Is there any thing i can do other than replacing the screen (i don't have any warranty on the LAPTOP )
    I would not replace the screen before you would not know whats exactly wrong.
    I mean there could be also a graphic card issue and not screen issue.
    In your case I would recommend connecting the machine to the external monitor to check if the same vertical line would appears on a second monitor.
    If the same lines are visible on both screens then its definitely not a screen issue but GPU issue and in such case the mobo must be replaced :(

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