Picklist icon missing/not available

I have a customer on 2007A PL38 where one user does not have the picklist icon available/appear in the AR Invoice. For Item invoices, it doesn't appear in the Item Code field; for Service invoices, it's missing from the GL Account field. Same applies to the Tax Code field.
We've been able to determine it relates to a specific user. But it's sporadic that this happens - one day it will be okay, the next it may not.
In the meantime when it is missing, I have them use the "*" to get the selection list.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thank you,

I believe the current patch level is 41.  Perhaps upgrading might take care of this since you say it is sporadic.

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    I have bought Ipad retina from UAE (Dubai). I could not find Facetime Icon. can you please help me. How I will get this function on my Ipad Retina. I am using OS 7.0.3

    FaceTime is not available in UAE models.

  • Home Screen icon "image not available"

    This is a weird one, and I couldn't find it addressed on the discussions.
    All of my webclips on my home screen auto-created their own icons based on the webpages except for one.
    In the case of "Pop Candy" from USA Today (http://blogs.usatoday.com/popcandy/) the icon is simply a long horizontal graphic that says "image not available."
    Is anyone else getting this weird icon? Is this a USA Today server issue or an iPhone issue?

    Popcandy is apparently set up to redirect any failed image call (in this case "apple-touch-icon.jpg") to a typepad generic "image not available" gif, which is what you're getting. What is interesting is that iPhone is not supposed to load a gif and is supposed to crop images.
    Basically you've discovered a bug which will forever be known as the FUG Bug, the Fenlyn Unauthorized GIF Bug. Congratulations on your discovery.

  • N73 Sudoku gone missing / not available

    I have recently purchased the N73 and have been suitably impressed, however somehow Sudoku is not available or present on my phone anymore. Possibly I may have accidentally deleted it.
    I have restored original settings, however still no Sudoku.
    Can anyone please help?

    03:07 PM
    t_yanping wrote:
    Hi, What's the solution?
    03:07 PM
    t_yanping wrote:
    Hi, What's the solution?
    Load your original NOKIA 128MB card (hope you have formatted it or at least kept a backup)
    Insert your original N 128MB into your N73
    Go to your N73, under Tools, go to data cable and select mass storage
    Plug your N73 to your computer via Nokia supplied USB cable
    Copy the following folders from your N73 to a folder in your My documents (Name this folder Sudoku)
    (Nb. be sure to enable view hidden folders in your options menu or you won't see some folders)
    * resource
    * sys
    * private (copy only the folders called 1003a3f, 10202dce, and 2000C10 since these are the ones where Sudoku resides)
    Now reinsert your new memory card back into your N73
    Copy the above to your new memory card
    Disconnect your USB
    Shut down your N73 and turn it back on
    You should see your favourite Sudoku again.
    One last thing...if you're reformatted and didn't back up the original 128MB files with the above names, you'll have to get it from someone else N73 or drop me a quick note!
    By the way, playing Sudoku may delay onset of dementia (don't know for sure but my neurologist friend said anything that keeps on firing your brain neurons does that... so it's at least you don't feel guilty playing this...) Enjoy!

  • Using the Camera Raw Filter from photoshop cc 2014, I dont get all the tools, e.g. crop icon is not available. Are some features restricted?

    I only seem to have 10 icons (features) available to use, for example the crop or straighten features are missing. Are these features restricted by some settings?

    The faulting module is photoshop. Report below.
    Adobe Photoshop CC 2014
    Stopped working
    2/2/2015 4:54 PM
    Report sent
    Faulting Application Path: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2014\Photoshop.exe
    Problem signature
    Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
    Application Name: Photoshop.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 5480338c
    Fault Module Name: Photoshop.exe
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 5480338c
    Exception Code: c000001d
    Exception Offset: 00000000049de322
    OS Version: 6.3.9600.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: 8db4
    Additional Information 2: 8db473619c10c0c8b85ce99afe676ed8
    Additional Information 3: f06d
    Additional Information 4: f06da704bdd5338df2a8d09bde2244bb
    Extra information about the problem
    Bucket ID: 1fe6d1d4e5765bd348843b981b8ec4d2 (85990875000)

  • The Air Drop Icon is not available.  Cannot send or receive messages from anyone not using Messenger.

    I have checked to see that my iPad is using the latest software available and it is.  I have followed on-line directions to access Air Drop, but I do not have the Icon for it anywhere.
    I am not able to send or receive messages to anyone not using Messenger.  Thee Apple page says I should be able to.
    Any help appreciated.

    Yes, it is 2 questions. 
    My iPad is Model MC763LL/A - I hope that is the answer!  I do have Blue Tooth on.  I am not connected to WiFi, but am on Cellular Data here.  That should not have a bearing on the icon being loaded, should it?

  • Macintosh HD icon missing / not showing up on desktop

    Suddenly my boot drive HD (Macintosh HD) icon is missing. In Volumes I can find an alias of my HD but not on my desktop.
    I switched the option for "show HD icons on desktop" off and on in Finder options but boot drive not visible while other volumes visibility is switching fine off and on.
    I repaired disk permissions but no change.
    Thanks for hints.

    HD icon was hidden by another icon on my desktop. I thought I was a pro but...

  • The picture icon is not available on my iCloud account

    My phone is set up for photo streaming and the photo folders on my phone list iCloud but when I log into iCloud.com there is not a photo icon for me to click on and manage.

    Are you certain they are both connected to the same Wi-Fi?

  • Applications are installer but icons are not available in iphone 5S

    The above image gives all the details about the problem I am facing. All those applications without name are successfully installed but not shown on the device. If you go to settings->general->usage, you can see the above screen. I tried deleting all those apps and reinstalling same but still same problem. I even connected device to itunes and tried searching these missing applications in app store, but the status is shown as 'downloaded'. This problem is really annoying and I am not able to use most of the applications. I really appriciate you help here. Thank you.

    You're using the same Apple ID to access the App Store that you used to purchase the apps?

  • Personalise value icon not available when query executed from portal

    The personalise value icon is not available when the query is executed from the portal.
    Is this the norm or is there anything i must change?

    Since you have not given us much information to go on, I will start with the basics...
    Have you activated the Personalization DSOs (0PERS_WTE, 0PERS_BOD & 0PERS_VAR)? 
    If not, you will need to do so in tcode SPRO (SAP Reference IMG --> SAP NetWeaver --> Business Intelligence --> Settings for Reporting and Analysis --> General Settings for Reporting and Analysis --> Activate Personalization in BEx)
    Are you running a BW 3.5 query or a BI 7.0 query?
    If BI 7.0, the way to set personalization values has changed. You have to open the personalization section of the variables refresh screen by clicking on "Show Personalization Values" at the top of the screen, then move the desired variables down to that section.
    Hope some of this helps...

  • Passing data to the Smart Forms - incert icon missing

    Hi Abapers,
    To add a field, i need to click on u201CInsert Fieldu201D. but  the insert icon is not available menubar.
    Please anyone let me know, how to bring that under 'general attributes' tab.?
    Thanks in advance,

    Instead of going for the insert field just click the EDITOR button available in the left hand side of the editor and you get the SAP SCRIPT editor there you can directly enter the variables,
    Go for the FIELDLIST ON/OFF button which will be beside the FORM PAINTER button so you will get the list of import , export , global , system-fields data from there you can just drag and drop the fields you want.
    this will resolve the issue.

  • Apps store icon no longer available, book shelf will no longer access the store, and my mac pro will not sinc apps with my iPad.  What's up??  How do I correct?  This is after upgrading to iOS6 and Mountain Lion.

    Apps store icon no longer available, book shelf will no longer access the store, and my mac pro will not sinc apps with my iPad.  What's up??  How do I correct?  This is after upgrading to iOS6 and Mountain Lion.

    Saw this on another post.
    Applecare Senior Advisor Txx Bxxx (I have his contact info in an email he just sent) just confirmed with me that the problem people are having with the App Store not loading is an apple issue with there servers, ITS NOT YOUR IPAD so don't go restoring it!   It's not happening to everyone however but they are looking into it, its really hit or miss.
    In the meantime ...........
    The Complete Guide to Using the iTunes Store
    http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/articles/comments/the-complete-guide-to-using-t he-itunes-store/
    Can't connect to the iTunes Store
    iTunes: Advanced iTunes Store troubleshooting
    Best Fixes for ‘Cannot Connect to iTunes Store’ Errors
    http://ipadinsight.com/ipad-tips-tricks/best-fixes-for-cannot-connect-to-itunes- store-errors/
    Try this first - Reset the iPad by holding down on the sleep and home buttons at the same time for about 10-15 seconds until the Apple Logo appears - ignore the red slider - let go of the buttons.
    This works for some users. Not sure why.
    Go to Settings>General>Date and Time> Set Automatically>Off. Set the date ahead by about a year.Then see if you can connect to the store.
     Cheers, Tom

  • Iphone 6 tells me that "Item not available" in my country UK, when i click on the itunes store icon for the app to open the music, movies or tv shows section of the app. is this a bug?

    I am based in the UK and have just got a new iphone 6, everything works well except when i try to turn on the itunes store app -  i can do a search and buy music etc that way, within the app, however, if i go to Music, Movies or the TV shows section within the Store app, i get a message come up saying "Item Not Available" - This item you've requested is not currently available in the UK Store, but it is available in the US store. Tap Change Store to view this item".   I therefore cannot browse the music, movies or tv shows sections at all, nothing shows up except that message.  All my previous itunes purchases have downloaded ok, and i can access them. My apple ID works fine and restrictions on the iphone are turned OFF. The App Store app works normally. Connection etc is all fine and I can access itunes  in the normal way on my ipad and laptop, so this is just an iphone problem. Any ideas? is this a bug? I cant find anyone else with exactly the same problem. By the way, the same message comes up when i click on the red Music icon, on the iphone (situated next to the Safari icon) and then go to the "Store" via that app.  my playlists are in tact, but as soon as i click that Store button, I am told that the Item is unavailable - not that i have chosen any Item lol, I just want to access the store in the normal way. Thank you in advance for any suggestions you can give

    It is working now. I no longer get the message about the item not being available in the US and I can access the store.

  • Have made a rebbot from Time Machine, and now I lack a lot of pictures. Can see icons, but not enlarge them. Especially pictures where 2009 is included in the date is missing? When I set up my desktop, I can find some of the pictures. Where do They hide,

    Missing Pictures.
    Have made a rebbot from Time Machine, and now I lack a lot of pictures. Can see icons, but not enlarge them. Especially pictures where 2009 is included in the date is missing?
    When I set up my desktop, I can find some of the pictures. Where do They hide, and what shall I do.
    Have made back up, but unfortunately a little too late. What to do?
    MacBook Pro 15 "late 2008, Processor 2.53 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo, Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB, Software Mac OS X 10.7.4 Lion (11E53).

    1. You did not get an error message telling you that your iPhoto library was getting full. You got a message telling you that your HD was getting full, right?
    OS X needs about 10 gigs of hard drive space for normal OS operations - things like virtual memory, temporary files and so on.
    Without this space your Mac will slow down as the OS hunts for space on the disk, files will be fragmented, also slowing things down, apps will crash and the risk of data corruption - that is damage to your files, photos, music - increases exponentially.
    Your first priority is to make more space on that HD. Nothing else can be done until you do.
    Purchase an external HD and move your Photos and Music to it. Both iPhoto and iTunes can run perfectly well with the Library on an external disk.
    Your Library has been damaged from being run on an overfull disk.
    How much free space on it now?

  • Most of my music is not available on my library, there is an astrick infront of the checked box on my missing songs. does anybody know what that means

    My I tunes show all my music, but its not available, when I go to play it pops up locate and about 12 files of past dates of Itunes show up, but no music. In front of my music that is missing there is an astrick designating that there isn't anything there. My I pads still have the music, but my Itunes don't can anybody help me figure this out?

    Good question Limnos, you're so thorough.

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