Playing FLV files on the timeline in a secondary scene?

I'm currently working on a project where I mix animation sequences with short videos. My project also has two scenes and the FLV will be placed on the main time line of the second scene. The problem I am having is, if the movie is previewed from the first scene, or exported, the FLV on scene 2 won't load. the timeline on the playhead will just spin. I'm currently using "Load external video with playback component" as the method for importing the flv file.
I have already worked with this video multiple times in other flash files and have never had a problem loading the video. Is there a limitation to FLV playback in multiple scene movies?

The first scene doesn't contain a video just graphic animation. The second scene contains an flv video on the main timeline. When I preview, publish or export the video in the second scene won't load. And if I make the playhead visible it appears as if the video is trying to load but won't.
If I just preview the second scene the video will play immediately with no problem, but it won't play at all when if the second scene starts after the first. The way I have it set up is, on the main timeline of the first scene there is actionscript in a frame at the end of the animation that tells flash to gotoAndPlay the second scene.

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  • How to see an imported FLV file on the timeline

    I have a feeling this is a really basic question, but I am pretty new to Flash. I've imported an FLV file. This file is a slideshow of photographs with a Ken Burns effect already applied. I was hoping that I would be able to see the video frames on a timeline. What I then want to be able to do is jump to different frames (approximately where the photo changes) as a result of clicking buttons.
    I thought this would be a good project to do in Flash as a way to learning.
    Lots of help needed

    If you imported it, embedded it as an MC, you should be able to scrub the timeline and see the video change - assuming your timline is the length of the video. Double check the frame rate of your video and the frame rate on your timeline for an accurate match.
    Try importing to a fresh flash file too, to make sure nothing in your other flash file is hindering your progress.

  • Safari shows "The network connection was lost" for all flv files on the internet.  Firefox plays all

    I upgraded to the lastest version of Flash to fix what I thought was a problem in Firefox.  That problem turned out to be something else but now Safari will not play ANY flash content.  I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times.  I have even installed an older version.  All of these have the exact same result.  Flash works in Firefox but not in Safari.  I have cleared the cache.  I have gone into the flash securty settings and deleted all content.  Nothing seems to change this.  Anyone have any ideas?

    Plug-Ins are installedand keep in mindthis problem affects all 3 browsers i am using IE9, Safari5 & Firefox 19NOT a SPECIFIC browser issuewhich is why i think it's either "Flash" (Adobe) or streaming web-site (Freedocast) issue.
    Date: Mon, 1 Apr 2013 01:25:24 -0700
    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]
    Subject: Safari shows "The network connection was lost" for all flv files on the internet.  Firefox plays all
        Re: Safari shows "The network connection was lost" for all flv files on the internet.  Firefox plays all
        created by Sunil_Bhaskaran in Installing Flash Player - View the full discussion
    Have you enabled plug-ins in Safari?Could you please go through the last question of Mac section in the following URL: text1 Thanks,Sunil
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  • Playing a FLV file on the browser

    I've made and extensive research on the forum  about this one  but couldnt resolve it here, so i've came up with my  own case.
    I can only make a swf video to work on a DW  page using the insert/media procedure.  The flv file shows as a blank  window not even the player is showing.
    Here is a testing version of the page:
    The script folder  (swfobject_modified.js and expressInstall.swf) as well as the flv file  itself, the skin file and the flvplayer progressive file are all there  in the root directory at exactely the same level as the testing page.
    I've  also checked that there is no space whatsoever in the files  names...also the flv file is tested successfly using Adobe media player.
    the swf file is working but loops endelessely so i  want to add controls for the user ..and obviousely the flv format is the  way to go.
    Help please.

    I apologize if u can not load the page, its a hosting company issue, their server goes up and down randomnly so please to retry 15mn later, it will be available.  Thanks.

  • Flash CS5 unable to play .FLV files on Macbook Pro

    I have a colleague who is trying to put together a Flash package for me  on her macbook pro.  It needs to play an flv file. She is unable to play  flv files on her computer either in Flash or using the Adobe Media  Player. I have no problem playing the same files on my macbook pro,  we're both running the latest OS and have version 1.8 of Adobe Media  Player.
    She went to the Adobe site to download the latest version of Adobe  Media Player, hoping that might include whatever component is missing on  her system. Because of Adobe's decision not to distribute AMP that  didn't help.  She has Flash Professional CS5 11.0.2 on her system.  When  she imports an flv video into a Flash project and tries to play it she  gets an error message saying it can't stream the video. Note that the  video is on her hard drive, it is NOT on the internet so no streaming  should be required.
    The actual error message is: "the video player is in the connection  error state. It enters this state when a video stream attempted to load  but was unsuccessful. There are two possible reasons for the error: no  connection to the server or the stream was not found."
    Since it's a file on her hard drive, and she has loaded the file  into the Adobe development environment successfully, the one thing we  know for certain is that neither of these reasons is correct. Something  is obviously missing on her system, what is it and what can we do to fix  it?

    I'm getting error too (Error #2044: Unhandled NetStatusEvent:. level=error, code=NetStream.Play.StreamNotFound). I'm getting this with CS5. This file was previously made in CS4 and never got this error.
    Everything (fla and flv too) is on external hard disk.
    As this work requires to be exported to mov, I've found out that everything needs to be on the mac (don't know for pc), like on desktop.
    So, let me wrap up disadvantages I got with Flash CS5:
    - TextField.embedFont makes the font disappear in CS5, so I can't use it, so I can't "play" with text in a comfortable way (in CS4, with embedFont = true, I was able to rotate and stuff). Now I have to make a bitmap out of it. It means 3 lines of code and a new variable, instead of just an easy one.
    - I have to rebuild my entire source path structure for AS classes, as my old one (that took me years of effort to be reasonable and used to work just fine in CS4).
    - I have to move stuff from my hard drive to the desktop, to make flv be played and to make a mov out of my animation.
    CS5 is making my job harder and making me lose a lot of time to find out errors that have no good reason to exist (it was not error. just "place CS5 doesn't like").

  • Flash Player won't play FLV file

    I seem to be having similar problems to several others here.
    I am running Windows XP, SP3, 32 bit on Dell Pentium 4, 2Gigs of RAM, 3.0Gig HD.
    Since the March 8, 2011 update I have not been able to play FLV files.  Previous to the upgrade, I was able to play these same files.
    I have checked - Shockwave Flash Object (VS is apparently installed and enabled, although it DOES NOT show up in the file list (that I can tell at least) in the System32/Macromedia folder.  It may be called something else perhaps?  These are the files that show as updated on March 8, 2011.
    Flash10n.ocx - Active X Control
    FlashInstall - text file
    FlashUtil10n_ActiveX - application
    FlashUtil10n_ActiveX.dll - application extension
    Files with previous dates are:
    flashplayer.xpt - XPT file, install - text document - dated Feb 17, 2010, NPSWF32.dll - dated Nov. 20, 2007, and NPSWF32_FlashUtil - also dated Nov. 20, 2007.
    I can play stuff from YouTube.  I am able to see the Flashy thing turn on the link you supplied to others here.
    My security is set to "Medium".  I have had NO virus issues, and run a VERY tight anti-virus protocol with AVG, AdAware and SpyBot all active, updated either daily (automatically) or weekly (manually).
    Should I uninstall and then re-install, so the SFO will be included, or is there a way to retrieve the (apparently) missing Shockwave Flash Object file on its own?  This issue has now taken up my entire evening, and I am ready to PERMANENTLY delete Flash from my life!

    Hi, you don't need to scream at me. I've been on the Forum 12 hours today and 12 hours yesterday helping users with their problems. This past week I had over 1,000 email notifications in my email account and 90% were from the Flash Player Forum.
    And this:Let's try again..........arrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!
    Please don't insult me and act like I don't know what I'm doing or talking about.
    The Shockwave Flash Object is not supposed to be in the System32 ...Flash file location. It is never there. It is always in the addons of the browser, it must be since it is the Flash Player Control. Without it and without it being the correct version(which yours is not) Flash Player cannot work! I repeat, Flash Player is a browser plugin and works thru the browser.
    The fact that you have a 32bit OS doesn't tell me anything about what browsers you use. I have a 32bit OS, but I use IE6 on one and the other PC I use IE8.
    I know you checked some of my posts, I'm not so dumb that I don't recognize my own writing.
    Yes, you need to Uninstall and Install again, that is the only way you are going to have the correct SFO Installed.
    If you'd tone it down some, I may give you the best way to do that in order to be successful in that.
    However, it won't be tonight. Maybe you'll be in a better mood tomorrow.

  • Playing flv files

    i'm trying to play a flv file in the jmstudio player. I've added the jffmpeg, and followed the instructions, but i just keep getting these error messages saying that it can't create a player.
    Anyone done this before?

    "Have never really had the time to access the YouTube site"
    You better hurry up before Google fully takes over. They bought it.
    The party is over folks!!!!!!

  • C7: How to play .FLV files on Nokia C7

    Can I ask how do you play .FLV files on Nokia C7? I searched for FLV player in the Ovi Store and nothing is returned, whereas on Android Market loads of FLV players are available.

    I couldn't find an FLV player either. But you can download freemake video converter from internet. Its really a very good converter and I transfer my vids to C7 only after converting to C7 resolution because it makes the processor to do less work. If you transfer an HD vid directly to phone it will play fine but will cost u battery life. (more processor usage)

  • How to create a .f4m manifest files to play .FLV files

    I typically use .f4v files for my on demand playback media files, however I converted a .mov to a .flv file...  How do I create a .f4m and .m3u8 manifest file that plays .flv files?  Below is the code I normally use for the .f4m and .m3u8 files.  This works great with .f4v files.  I also included my player code.  What am I doing wrong?  The only difference is I'm using a .flv that I didn't use the f4vpp cleaner on..  That shouldn't give me the parse error I'm getting.
    022714.f4m is the name of my .f4m Flash manifest file.  Below are the contents.
    <manifest xmlns="">
      <media href="02-27-14-640-480.f4v.f4m" bitrate="1000"/>
      <media href="02-27-14-320-240.f4v.f4m" bitrate="450"/>
    022714.m3u8 is the name of my HTML 5 manifest.  Below are the contents.
    Flash multi bit rate player
    <object width="448" height="336">
    <param value="http://IPADDRESS/strobeplayer/StrobeMediaPlayback.swf" name="movie">
    <param value="src=http%3A%2F%2FIPADDRESS%2Fvod%2F022714.f4m&amp;streamType=recorded&amp;autoPlay =false" name="flashvars">
    <param value="true" name="allowFullScreen">
    <param value="always" name="allowscriptaccess">
    <param value="direct" name="wmode"><embed src="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" flashvars="src=http%3A%2F%2FIPADDRESS%2Fvod%2F022714.f4m&amp;streamType=recorded&amp;auto Play=false" wmode="direct" allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" height="336" width="448"></object>
    HTML5 player
    <p style="text-align: center;"><a href="http://IPaddress/vod/022714.m3u8"><img alt="" src="/portals/0/Silver-Play-Button.jpg" style="width: 150px; height: 151px;" />

    to create a file in appl server you have to use open dataset and close data set..
    see the sample code
    REPORT zanid_test MESSAGE-ID zz .
    parameters:  FULLPATH(128) obligatory lower case
                          default 'E:\usr\sap\put\file.txt'.
    *you change the appl sever path as per your config.
    DATA : BEGIN OF list_asc OCCURS 0,
            msg(300) TYPE c,
           END OF list_asc.
    *---populating data
    list_asc-msg = 'abcdefghijkl'. "your sample data
    append list_asc.
    list_asc-msg = 'faagoaagiagig'. "your sample data
    append list_asc.
          TRANSFER  LIST_ASC-MSG TO fullpath.
    CLOSE DATASET fullpath.
    now if you go to appl server , you will find that file in that specified path..
    to create a directory yu can go to transaction AL11 and click the 'konfigurieren'button, you then you can specify the directory attibutes to create a directory
    and to load a file from your loacl pc to appl server you can use transaction CG3Y also, instead of the abap code.
    plz rewrad points if it helps you.

  • Nokia 5800 won't play flv files

    I've had my 5800 for about half a year. My Software version is V31.2.101 (this is the most up-to-date version I can have according to my Nokia Software Updater)
    For some reason when I try to play flv files (approx. 30-100mb), a completely white screen shows up with a "broken" flashplayer symbol in the upper left corner.
    What's wrong? How do I play flv files on my Nokia?
    I've read in lots of places before that the 5800 can play flv files straight out of the box. =/ mine can't
    btw, I can play mp4 files, but it's a pain because I have to convert the flv files first
    and I have Adobe Flash Lite 3.1 installed. (atleast that's what it says when I select a video and go to "Options" - "About application")

    As far as I was aware, the 5800 didn't play FLC - it certainly isn't listed here:
    However, even if it was possible, it may depend on the way the FLVs were encoded - things like the frame rate could cause playback incompatibilities.

  • Text created in Premiere showing other text files in the timeline and exports.

    I'm creating slates with text generated in Premiere. For each new slate I am duplicating a text layer, Option + Dragging the duplicate file over the text I'd like to replace, then opening the new text layer in the text editor and updating the information.
    Things seem fine at first and then randomly text layers in the timeline will show text from other files in the timeline. If I open the text file up in the text editor I see the correct info but not in the timeline.
    The only fix I have found is to delete render files, move the text layer around in the timeline, quit and re-open. But still, sometimes when I export, the export preview window will show the wrong text and when I export the file I create shows the wrong text as well.
    It seems like Premiere is getting confused by multiple text files in the timeline and is pointing to the wrong cache files.
    Thoughts would be a huge help!

    Thanks for the tip Kevin. Anything I can do to avoid this in the future?
    I've had this happen on a number of projects. My media and project files are on a SAN, cache and previews are local.
    Mike Brown
    P: (401) 743-7452

  • Latest iTunes no longer plays .0gg files with the Xiph Quicktime fix - any solution?

    Latest iTunes no longer plays .ogg files with the Xiph Quicktime fix - any solution?

    New version (.42) plays ogg files again so Apple have fixed the problem hooray

  • Playing Audio Files in the Finder-any tips?

    Something I've been meaning to ask for ages... and hopefully an easy one to answer!
    When playing audio files in the Finder (in 10.5.8), it's really annoying when the file stops playing when you click on another window or application (or even just the Desktop). Is there any way around this?
    Someone recommended Snapper, but it's the same story - file stops playing when you click on any other area. Is this problem confined to Leopard (ie. has it been fixed in Snow Leopard?) - never used to be like this in Tiger.
    Some of us like to multi-task when listening to audio. The only solution I can see is importing the file into itunes. Any other suggestions?

    I assume you're talking about QuickLook?
    That's not the Finder, that's QuickLook.
    QuickLook is a function that can only work with the foremost selected item, and that makes sense, as you can, for example, QL a PDF within, as well.
    Why not just use column view (doesn't everybody?) and play it in the Preview pane at the right?
    It will keep playing until you close the window or select another object within it.
    I use QuickLook when I want to give an audio file a quick once-over - skip here and there, but for actually playing it through, I use the column view preview.
    Message was edited by: spheric

  • How to play flv files on n8 belle

    is there any trick or video player to play flv file on n8 belle

    Hopefully Belle Refresh should shortly be available to you.
    Happy to have helped forum with a Support Ratio = 42.5

  • How to play Swf files on the iPad??

    Just as the title sated, how to play sef files on the iPad, since the iPad lack of flash support, and I don't find any program to handle with the swf files to playing on my iPad

    Depending on what sites you are trying to access, you might find that some of them (probably more so if they are news sites) have their own apps in the App Store which might let you get some of the content that you want (and there is the built-in YouTube app). Also there are browsers such as Skyfire which 'work' on some sites - but judging by the reviews not all sites. If you want to play flash games then you are out of luck if you want to play on-line (unless something like the iSwiffter app work with it), but again some of them have app versions in the store.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Random print jobs showing up in print queue when printing...

    Whenever I print something, one or two other random files will show up in the print queue.  The printer will not try and print these additional jobs, and it does not prevent another print job from printing, but each time more random files will show u

  • Help me choose my laptop please

    Afternoon guys, Im after a little advice. I have used PC for 12 years and have decided to try mac for my next laptop. It will mainly be used to create YouTube videos and photo editing using Final Cut Pro X and Photoshop. This is just as a hobby, it i

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    Hi ABAPper, I am currently working in an upgrade project. The Basis guys have used client copy for moving the data of T007A table from one client to other by using SAP ALL. But the data are some how deleted in new client which is the testing client.

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    I realize this is a redundant post - I want to make sure someone at Adobe notices.   Adjustment brush previews are turning off when you hover the cursor over the edit pin, and stay off until off until you hover cursor over another pin.  Neil Carboni

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    Is that possible to add an "intermal" link onto a word in Stickies? Internal link = a link to a file or folder inside my HD, for it to open. I use the "add link" function but always get the  "cannot do" bip.