Please tell me sap bw consultant roles and responsiblities in immp project?

this is shyam plz inform

Please go through the below link.
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  • Roles and responsiblities of FI-CO consultant in Testing.

    Can anyone explain to me what are the Roles and responsiblities of FI-CO consultant in Testing SAP FI-CO Modules, and what are the testing tools being used by FI-CO consultant.

    The role and respontibilty is........
    If oyu are in full implementaiton then you have to get the requirements from client and then youare desinging the system as per requiorements
    you have to come up with the unti test plant to test your design
    you have to come up with integration plant with FI/CO as well as other module like MM SD PP etc for inteegration testing
    then user training
    sign off from the client
    GAP analysis
    GOlive prepariton etc .......are part of responsibility and Role is based on your position in the might be team lead then your role is different then consultant
    For testing every client has different way to test so there is nospecific tool like every lcient used but SAP has procided the CATT tool then RWD for documnetation....
    hope this explain

  • SAP Functional consultant roles with S/4 HANA

    in the current scenario there is huge role for SAP functional consultants, along with ABAPers and BASIC guys, in implementations,
    with SAP S/4 HANA (both on premise and cloud) would there be similar roles available ?
    we can see there is some talk about ABAP in HANA on premise, but could not find much information about the SAP Functional consultants roles in SAP S4 HANA (both on-premise and cloud)
    what do you guys thing, would there still be a IMG in S4 HANA and there will be great needed for SAP functional consultants in new SAP Implements with S4HANA

    thanks Richard,
    for taking time to clear some doubts, it will help alot,
    so its the customer who will drive this....
    if every customer moves to cloud (both HEC or public cloud) - SAP Functional consultants will be obsolete by 2025
    even if there are some onPrem, due to pre-packaged S/4, there will be very less work
    so the 40K odd SAP Functional consultants careers would be ended by 2025

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    If the SIM is out of your phone, find my phone needs a data connection, so could use wifi - IF in range of a wifi and one that it can join (ie. a known network or one that is wholly open so no login required).  Your phone could also simple be turned off, so not findable, or it may have been restored (plugged into iTunes and restored as new) again, making it permanently unfindable.  Honestly, for someone stealing an iPhone, this is likely the first thing they do - restore as new and it is theirs forever.
    Find my iPhone is tied to the users iCloud account - the find function is part of the iCloud account's services and it communicates with the iCloud servers over a data connection - either wifi or 3G.
    Have you set up your iCloud account on your replacement phone, and is it working properly on that phone?

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    I would like to see the same mails in all my apple devices. Can someone please tell me how? My calendar and contacts sync but my mailboxes dont...

    I would like to see the same mails in all my apple devices.
    On iOS devices tap Settings > iCloud
    Make sure Mail is swtiched ON.
    Apple - iCloud - Learn how to set up iCloud on all your devices.

  • Roles and responsiblities of oracle dba in development team

    What should be the roles and responsiblities of oracle dba in development team?
    Does Application dba should have oracle user credentials on db box?

    Hi, Application DBA work as like production DBA, while resolving issue SLA would not apply for them . Apart from this developement team pressure will be there.
    These are points remembered.
    Creating test Db for testing environment,
    Schema Replication of POC
    replication the DB for interface setup .
    User , Space management.
    Roles and Security management
    Space Forecasting -this will be useful when you are estimating for storage
    need to give application set up to Production DBA with proper specification.
    maintaining the schema changes
    Ensure that right script shas to provide the Production DBA team .
    Deployment of the application.
    performance tuning..
    All environment memory /CPU statistisc need to check by regular interval.If any issues need to escalte to INFRASTRUCTURE team

  • Could you please tell me what are Firefox Aliases and why do have 9 of them?

    In my applications folder Firefox Alias keeps appearing, I now have 9 of them. Could you please tell me what they are? Also, when I go to open a new tab the screen fills with boxes of sites I have been to previously. I do not like this, how do I stop that from happening?

    Aliases are the same as shortcuts. You can remove the aliases without hurting anything.

  • What are the consultant roles in Upgradation or migration project

    Hello ,
    Would you please any dody help me to provide the role & responsibilities of consultant in SAP upgradation or migration project.Thanks.

    Dear Sampally,
    SAP defined a roadmap for upgrade.
    1) Project Preparation
    Analyze the actual situation
    Define the objectives
    Create the project plan
    Carry out organizational preparation for example identify the project team
    2)Upgrade Blueprint
    The system and components affected
    The mapped business processes
    The requirements regarding business data
    3)Upgrade Realization -- In this phase the solution described in the design phase is implemented in a test environment. This creates a pilot system landscape, in which the processes and all their interfaces can be mapped individually and tested on the functional basis.
    4)Final Preparation for Cutover -- Testing, Training, Minimizing upgrade risks, Detailed upgrade planning
    5)Production Cutover and Support
    The production solution upgrade
    Startup of the solutions in the new release
    Post processing activities
    Solving typical problems during the initial operation phase.
    SAP expects at least 2 to 3 months for Upgrade and that again depends on project scope and complexity and various other factors.
    • Basis Team will do the prepare activities. (UNIX, BASIS, DBA).
    • Developer need to run the Transaction SPDD which provides the details of SAP Standard Dictionary objects that have been modified by the client. Users need to take a decision to keep the changes or revert back to the SAP Standard Structure. More often decision is to keep the change. This is mandatory activity in upgrade and avoids data loses in new system.
    • After completing SPDD transaction, we need to run SPAU Transaction to get the list of Standard SAP programs that have been modified. This activity can be done in phases even after the upgrade. Generally this will be done in same go so that your testing results are consistent and have more confident in upgrade.
    • Run SPUMG Transaction for Unicode Conversion in non-Unicode system. SPUM4 in 4.6c.
    • Then we need to move Z/Y Objects. Need to do Extended programming check, SQL trace, Unit testing, Integration testing, Final testing, Regression Testing, Acceptance Testing etc.,
    The main Category of Objects that needs to be Upgraded is –
    • Includes
    • Function Groups / Function Modules
    • Programs / Reports
    • OSS Notes
    • SAP Repository Objects
    • SAP Data Dictionary Objects
    • Domains, Data Elements
    • Tables, Structures and Views
    • Module Pools, Sub Routine pools
    • BDC Programs
    • Print Programs
    • SAP Scripts, Screens
    • User Exits
    Also refer to the links -
    Hope this helps you. Please let me know in case of any specific queries.

  • SAP HR Consultant Role in LSO Module

    Hi Friendz,
    Its been long time that I had logged into SDN.
    Our Client wants to Implement LSO module, As I dont have any info abt the LSO module apart from the info that its Web enabled portal wherein Employee or applicant can register themselves and take the online course by using internet or intranet.
    Kindly anybody do guide me in detail what is the role of a HR Consulant from Functional perspective in LSO module. If u can kindly list down the information abt the role in detail, would be highly appreciated.
    Thanks in Advance
    Pavani G

    Learning Management
    System    Learning Management System provides you with the following modules: Training Management, Personnel Development, HR Master Data, and Organizational Management. Training Management stores all application data and business functions. This includes, among others, course participantsu2019 master data, learner account, course catalog, qualification catalog, and detailed data on the individual courses.
    u2022     Learner Portal     
    Learner Portal is a web-based portal that provides learners with personalized access to information about courses. Learners can launch web based courses from the portal. Learners can also enter virtual learning rooms and collaboration rooms from the portal.
    u2022     Instructor and Tutor Portal             
    A portal role dedicated to support the needs of instructors and tutors is integrated into the Enterprise Portal. Instructors need information to perform their tasks when they are preparing a course, teaching a course or following-up a course. Tutors need information to take care of their learners.
    u2022     Content Player    
    Content Player enables learners to view web based courses. The learner account is read to determine the course status before the learner starts with the learning unit. When the learner has finished playing the learning unit, Content Player saves the current course status in the learner account.
    u2022     Authoring Environment    
    Authoring Environment is used to publish courses and develop simple assessments. It combines several tools that provide the functions for structuring (Instructional Design Editor), editing (Test Author), and testing (integrated Content Player) course content. It is installed locally on a personal computer.
    u2022     Offline Content Player       
    The Offline Player enables learners to download Web-based courses from the Learning Portal and play them locally. Locally stored courses are listed in the course list. An icon indicates the status of each course. The learner can, at any point in time, re-synchronize his offline learning progress with the Learning Portal and either continue learning online or set the course to a completed status. The offline course still remains locked on the PC, until such time that the learner decides to either delete the course or indicates through the Learning Portal that the course will be played offline again.
    u2022     Virtual Learning Room      
    A Virtual Learning Room is provided as part of the solution. The Virtual Learning Room is integrated with the Learning Portal and the Instructor Portal. Learners can enter the Virtual Learning Room, to attend learning events conducted there, from the Learner Portal. Instructors can create, manage and enter Virtual Learning Rooms from the Instructor Portal. Information about user participation in learning events conducted in the Virtual Learning Room is automatically stored in SAP Enterprise Learning. Users need the Adobe Flash Plug-In installed in their browser to use the Virtual Learning room.
    This is all about LSO

  • Can please tell me how to implement expand and collapse table row data?

    i am trying implement expand and collapse table row data but i do not get any ideas..can please any one help me its an urgent requirement

    Yes, we can.   
    I think the best place for you to start for this is the NI Developer Zone.  I recommend beginning with these tutorials I found by searching on "data log rio".  There were more than just these few that might be relevant to your project but I'll leave that for you to decide.
    NI Compact RIO Setup and Services ->
    Getting Started with CompactRIO - Logging Data to Disk  ->
    Getting Started with CompactRIO - Performing Basic Control ->
    These will probably give you links to more topics/tutorials/examples that can help you design and implement your target system.
    Wire Warrior
    Behold the power of LabVIEW as my army of Roomba minions streaks across the floor!

  • Firefox crashed and will not open again, I did not upgrade to 5.0 - is a mac 10.7 Please tell me how to fix this and I don't want complicted.

    my computer upgraded from 3.6 to 5 and crashed and will not now open any pages with firefox. I have tried to reinstall many times with same result. What is the problem? I do not beleive I am alone in this. I had not idea that the upgrade occured on the 15th of June but it opened on the a.m of the 28th and then shut down immediately and will not access my home page or any other page again.

    Try going to the Tools menu item, and choose Options.
    In the popup, select the Advanced screen (cog icon) and under that, the Update sub-tab. On that tab, uncheck the various boxes for checking for updates, and see if that helps?

  • Can someone please tell me the difference in syncing and transferring?

    Not sure how all this works. . . my first time here.  Trying to get back in my ipad after being locked out.  Is it possiable to save my stuff thats on it when I have to restore?

    If you previously synced your iPad to a computer the Sync process should have saved a backup of your iPad on your computer. A lot of stuff will be in that backup. Photos and music can be synced again from the computer as long as they still reside there.
    If you took photos with your iPad and did not copy them to your computer then they will be lost when you restore.

  • Please tell me part numbers for ASA and VPN licence order

    Hi all
    I wish to order a ASA 5515-X firewall with 250 vpn ssl licences plus the licences for mobile devices
    Can anyone tell me the part numebers for this ?

    I was expecting pooch pooch's recommendation to be the cheaper, but I get a slightly lower price this way, BUT check with your own in-country Cisco partner first!
    ASA 5515-X with SW 6GE Data   1GE Mgmt AC 3DES/AES
    ASA 5500 SSL VPN 250 Premium User License
    AnyConnect Mobile - ASA 5515-X (req. Essentials   or Premium)
    ASA5525VPN-PM250K9 is a VPN bundle for the 5525-X that might be worth a look. As you probably realise, there isn't a 5515-X VPN bundle for 250 connections.

  • Role sap fico consultant

    i have a problem, please give the answer anybody, i want know about login information, where we have to login on system, tell me about soluation manage, if thereis no solution manger where we have to loging, and what is sap fico consultant role day to day and project delivery, everyday where we have to update what we  have done,where the mange will assign the work, and how we can identify, and after what we haveto do
    please tell me the answers about these

    Solution manager is used for recording issue logs if any user face issue in production client. This will enable to maintain record of each & every issue log in proper manner.
    As regards login into SAP, we require to install SAP GUI & also fill client's system details like Description, System number, Id, Server number, Router (for remote login) in new item in SAP logon pad.
    As regards SAP FICO Consultant, the main role is in creation of GL account master data & other configuration activities. All other module integration takes place by specifying GL accounts in their config. For ex: In MM, in OBYC, we specify GL accounts for inventory postings. While configuring SAP FICO Steps, it may so happen, we may forget some steps to configure. These steps can be done if some error comes in end user cycle.

  • SAP EHS Functional Consultant Role

    Hi All SAP Experts!!!
    Seeking help from all of you for enlighten me with inputs for enabling me to take next step as a SAP EHS Functional Consultant Role.
    Quick information about myself, I am 43 year young guy, have done my Masters in Chem, Post Graduate Diploma in Safety Health and Environment, Certification in NEBOSH-International General Occupational Health & Safety, Lead Auditor of ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 with 20+ years of industrial experience of implementation of Safety Health and Environmental Management in various industries (Engineering, Oil & Gas, Automobile, Automotive, Chemical, Facility Management & Infrastructure at India, Middle East, South Africa & US) by working and auditing them for respective EHS Standards.
    As I have personally used and witnessed usage of many of the EHS related software which were ERP/ SAP based and found them very useful for making an fool-proof arrangement for effective EHS implementation. I did found some of the functional improvements areas during usage of the same i.e. by deploying EHS best practices I have witnessed at other industries directly or through software which will finally benefit the end-user and hence for the society too.
    Following are my queries -
    1. What can be the career path for person like me, who is having EHS functional knowledge & experience but does not have direct SAP implementation related experience and certification?
    2. What are the minimal certification and qualification I will be requiring before switching to SAP Functional Consultant Role?
    3. Who can be some of the best employer for me start this role?
    Any other information, suggestions and inputs in this regards are more than welcome.
    Thanking you all for the help and guidance you are going to provide.
    Sameer Saxena

    Dear Sameer
    your questions are discussed very often in this FORUM. Hi, is such an example, but you will a lot of more similar examples.
    sap - ehs career guidence
    SAP PLM: Career outlook of EHS
    EHS- for Oil & Gas
    What is the Job Market for SAP EHS in India
    SAP-EHS for Safety Officer (Oil&Gas) with BSc.Computer Science graduation
    Expectations from freshers (SAP-EHS) Consultant,Basic Interview Questions?
    Need Career Advice
    SAP EHS Professional
    Need Expert Advise
    Need Suggestions...
    SAP niche domains with better future prospects
    To All The SAP Mentors
    Looking forward for your valuable suggestions please !!
    Future  Scope of SD for an abaper.
    Therefore these are my hints:
    Check first: SAP EHS Management for Beginners
    Try to understand what SAP is doing (what means which solution exists and which solution is the right one to start with etc.).
    To act a functional guy in SAP area you need basic understanding about SAP solutions.
    1.) Shortly: there is no SAP certification in place for the SAP EHS solutions.
    2.) Career: normally you ned first some basic SAP and SAP EHS training. The SAP training is available nearly worldwide. SAP EHS training is limited. E.g. there seems to be no  good training option available in India (has been discussed as well in this FORUM).
    Based on you "starter package" (know how) the "SAP EHS end user" option may be is the best. If you know about legal aspects/regulations etc. then by working on that in a company using SAP EHS solutions you will get closer to "technique" For work in EHS environment you need to have knowledge at least in the area (as called by SAP): product safety, dangerous goods management; as these are the "core" topics to cover in a company handling chemistry. On the top: if you have knowledge in the area of "Label Management" or "Waste" topics then you are in good starting position.
    PLease check this FORUM. A lot of more threads can be found easily may be helping you to decide to go on.
    PS: please check first any SCN forum; it took me only "10" seconds (Ok less then one minute; but it was very easy)  to generate the list of threads as part of this thread.

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