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Hi Guys,
Ne help would be appreciated I am designing a website in
Dreamweaver, I need to know how to create a custom drop down menu.
Is there anyway that instead of using the standard drop down menu,
you can customize them e.g use an image instead. For example, when
you rollover lets say Home a drop down appears but the menu is
customised e.g colour, text and any other small details.
Even when using the standard drop down menu, how can you have
a particular text, whenever I go to edit font list it does not show
the typeface, although it is activated in suitcase.
Secondly, how can I create a custom pop up window?
I would really appreciate any help for either of these
Many Thanks

Creator does not recognize (or whatever you say) characters like '<'. You can import js file which includes your script or change these characters for example put "<" instead of "<".

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    CS6 Bridge suddenly no longer opens jpeg images. Double click and drop-down menu do nothing. No new installation or changes. Any ideas?

    Consider resetting Bridge Preferences.
    Close Bridge
    Cmd+Opt+Shift held down, Open Bridge.
    Choose Reset Preferences

  • Thanks to the super-users, and questions on backgrounds and drop-down menu

    Hi all.
    I've spent a fair amount of time perusing the archives, so I don't have to bother you all with the basic questions. Great thanks to Wyodor, Old Toad, Ethmoid and Cyclosaurus for their excellent and oft-repeated tutorials.
    With your help, I've figured out how to set up a personal domain name, modify my background image, and create a drop-down menu. (These were major accomplishments for a neophyte like me.) My primitive template can be seen here:
    And I am pretty happy with it. I have one problem, and one minor element that I'd like to fix.
    The drop-down menu was created following the excellent tutorial from the iWebfaq but I notice that although it looks perfect there is one malfunction. If you hover and try to select an element where there is no underlying content, it works fine. When you try to select a list item with underlying content, however, the drop-down disappears. Any idea why that happens or how I can fix it? I suppose I could just add a space buffer, but that is an inelegant solution.
    On a more trivial note, the background was actually supposed to be composed of two images. The top row was supposed to be a horizontal set of tiles (slightly darker in color) and the rest of the background was tiled in a second image, giving a gradient effect. I used the script Wyodor described here with repeat set to yes which gave me single-image tiling. Looks OK, but if I could get both sets of tiles used it would add substantial richness to the visual effect. Ideas?
    Thanks again for all your help to date, and thanks in advance for considering this issue!

    I appreciate your reply but those arrows were not the ones I was trying to describe. In the same box where you would type your web address on the far right is a small star and then next to it an arrow pointing down. If you click on this arrow, it normally drops down a list of the websites you commonly use. Or, if you are on a website ordering something, there might be a similar arrow that you need to select in order to choose which shipping you might want such as ground, next day air, etc., these are the kinds of arrows that are not working correctly now. Any ideas on these? Thanks for trying to help me.

  • Email form script with custom text field and drop-down menu?

    Hey, I'm building a website in iWeb - http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19707357/Website/craftpackage.html
    And I was looking for a script that could possibly send an email to me with the info a user chooses from/puts in 1. dropdown menu 2. text field 3. another text field. I'd be awesome if the fields could have a custom background or a transparent background.The drop-down menu could have any background, but it would be awesome if it could be made with custom images !

    Basic question.
    What have you yourself done to find out?
    Start here :
    Unfortunately, it has no dropdown menu :
    Btw, dropdown menus in forms at select menus. These are not the same.
    So start practicing and once everything works the way it should, display it in a html snippet.

  • Help with jsp  and drop down menu

    hi, im tryin to put a drop down menu using javascript, is the example in the page:
    but creator detects a error:
    The content of elements must consist of well-formed character data or markup.
    int creator and when i deply the proyect, here is the code:
    <script type="text/javascript">
    function show(id) {
    var d = document.getElementById(id);
         for (var i = 1; i<=10; i++) {        -------------------------------------- Here is the error -----------------
              if (document.getElementById('smenu'+i)) {document.getElementById('smenu'+i).style.display='none';}
    if (d) {d.style.display='block';}
    Can anybody tell me what im doing wrong?

    Creator does not recognize (or whatever you say) characters like '<'. You can import js file which includes your script or change these characters for example put "<" instead of "<".

  • JavaScript and Drop down menu help?

    I'm having trouble trying to get options in my drop down menu to update in another section. I have the below script in a hidden field and everything seems to be working but it keeps picking up the last line only when doing calculations (i.e 48) when I change it in the drop down menu to say "HBZ-200" which has the value of 200 it is still only picking up the last line and value of 48.
    So to put a little perspective on things the below script is in a hidden field called stndwatt, I then want to calculate that in another hidden field called calc which has the following calculations - (Qty3+ballconsump)-stndwatt, this should then update my visible field called ElectYear1 which then has the calculations of - (Qty1+Qty2)*(Qty4*Qty5*Qtycost*calcs*weeksinyear)/1000, as far as I can work out my stndwatt field is only picking up the last line below which is 48.
    I'm sorry if this is vague I'm not very familar with JavaScript or PDF forms and have been scratching my head all day with this.
    var v = this.getField("ProductLineOne").value;
    if (v=="T101221W-30 (3000K T10 LED Tube)") event.value = "21";
    else if (v=="T101221W-40 (4000K T10 LED Tube)") event.value = "21";
    else if (v=="T101221W-50 (5000K T10 LED Tube)") event.value = "21";
    else if (v=="T101221W-60 (6000K T10 LED Tube)") event.value = "21";
    else if (v=="HBZ-100 (100W LED High Bay)") event.value = "100";
    else if (v=="HBZ-150 (150W LED High Bay)") event.value = "150";
    else if (v=="HBZ-200 (200W LED High Bay)") event.value = "200";
    else if (v=="ZSL-48W (48W LED Shop Light)") event.value = "48";

    Are you sure the code you posted here is EXACTLY the same as the code in
    your file? Did you copy&paste it?
    If so, can you share the file in question?

  • Problem with checkbox and drop down menu

    I am using DW8 with PHP/MySQL.
    I made a insertion form and a couple of the fields are
    checkboxes and another is a drop down menu. Everything works fine,
    however, when I create an update form and the recordset calls the
    data it doesn't retain its values on those items.
    For example, if I checked a box when inserting the record and
    then call the data up for the update form, the box is not checked,
    making the user believe it was never checked in the first place.
    The same thing goes for the drop down menu. If I have 3
    options in the menu and someone selects the third one, when the
    update form is used it defaults to the first option automatically
    instead of actually calling up the original value selected.

    The fact that two scripts do not work together does not mean
    there is a bug in the RH script. It is simply that they were not
    designed by their respective developers to work together. This
    happens with multiple scripts in any html file.
    Try creating a new project and then importing just this topic
    into it. Does it still have the problem?

  • I'm using Mac with OS 10.9.4 and Photoshop CC. I am unable to access "Focus Area Selection". When I go to "Select" on menu its simply not there in the drop down menu. Any help?

    How do I access "Focus Area Selection" in Photoshop CC on a Mac? It's not showing in the "Select" drop-down menu.

    Select > Focus area is in Photoshop CC 2014, not Photoshop CC.  So you must download and install CC 2014 to have access to this new feature.

  • Selection Box and some repeats in drop down menu problems, please help

    I'm not quite sure what i have managed to turn on but everytime i click anything on my mac it gets a black box around it... I have no idea how to turn it off... can someone help me?
    Also my restart, Log out and Shut down seem to be repeating themselves in my apple drop down menu... is the normal? I don't remember it before. I'm working on a Mac Pro using Mac OS X 10.4.7.
    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Ahh thank you so much!
    I don't know how I managed it but it was really annoying me and now its gone. Wonderful.
    Thank you again.

  • Copy text fields and drop down menu fields

    Using LiveCycle Designer ES, I am making a simple form with some text fields and along with some drop-down menu fields.  With the resulting pdf, I need for one to be able to select the appropriate selection in the drop-down menus.  Then using cntl-a to select everything and then cntl-v to copy it into a text document.  This approach will only copy the text fields and not what is showing in the drop-down menu field.  Is there any way to solve this problem?  The end users computer has limited tools and software cannot be installed on it.
    Thank you for considering this issue and any help you may provide,

    I don't really know if the text field can be selected using Ctl+a, but if that is possible how about adding extra text field that is linked to pulldown menu?
    If the usage of the PDF is only for copying, then I would make a formcalc or javascript to combine all the text into one text field so that user only need to copy paste one field.

  • Rollover Button + Drop-down menu = I need HELP!

    I'm fairly new to this whole Flash thing, but i seem to be
    doing really well so far. I have created a website that is in
    functional, working order - all of my buttons, actions, links, etc.
    are working, (which i'm quite proud of), but i'm now at a loss. I'm
    trying to create a rollover button/dropdown menu effect for two of
    my galleries, and although i've successfully created the pop-up
    effect of the menu by utilizing the "Over" and "Down" states inside
    of the button itself, when i render out the file and test it, the
    drop-down text flickers. Placing the mouse over the original
    button, everything seems to work fine, but as soon as i move the
    pointer down over the pop-up/drop-down text, it flickers! i've
    tried creating this is separate layers, i've tried increasing my
    Hit state, i've even tried a stop action, but nothing works, and
    i'm out of ideas. Help!?

    If you are hoping to make linkable buttons for the drop down
    portions, then they need to be separate buttons. If they are
    internal to the main button, then they are the main button and will
    only link where it links (if they don't totally throw it out of
    whack--I forget what one of my client's doing that resulted in, but
    the bottom line is... buttons inside buttons are bad news.).
    My suggestion: Google "AS2 drop down menu tutorials" and see
    what you can find. Googling is a great resource for finding things.
    There will likely be a number to choose from, so read thru them and
    see which ones match what you're trying to create and are easy to
    follow (some may not explain things well... everybody and their
    uncles apparently want to try to teach the world what they know,
    regardless of their ability to explain things (or lack thereof)).
    Some, if not many, will provide source files you can build

  • Made a drop down menu. How can I get the drop down to fade in and out? !

    Hi guys!
    I've created a drop down menu (with the help of you legends on here! )...Now I just need it to animate so when the user hovers over the main menu item, the drop down fades in.
    Here's the HTML I have...
        <ul id="nav">
            <li><a href="#">Nav 1</a></li>
            <li><a href="#">Nav 2</a></li>
            <li><a href="#">Nav 3</a>
                    <li><a href="#">&raquo; Sub Menu 1</a></li>
                    <li><a href="#">&raquo; Sub Menu 2</a></li>
                    <li><a href="#">&raquo; Sub Menu 3</a></li>
                    <li><a href="#">&raquo; Sub Menu 4</a></li>
            <li><a href="#">Nav 5</a></li>
            <li><a href="#">Nav 6</a></li>
    ...and here's my CSS...
    ul#nav {width:920px; height:35px; list-style:none; padding:0; margin:0; background:url(navBg.jpg) repeat-x; z-index:999;}
    ul#nav li a:hover, #nav li a:active {background:url(navOn.jpg) repeat-x; text-decoration:none;}
    ul#nav li a {color:#E0E2E7; display:inline-block; float:left; margin:0; padding:10px 19px; width:auto; text-decoration:none;}
    * html #nav li {display:inline; float:left; }  /* for IE 6 */
    * + html #nav li {display:inline; float:left; }  /* for IE 7 */
    #nav ul {width:208px; left:-9999em; list-style:none; margin:35px 0; padding:0; position:absolute; z-index:999;}
    #nav li:hover ul {left:auto;}
    #nav li {float:left;}
    #nav li li a {width:190px; background-color:#efefef; color:#2e2e2e; padding:8px; margin:0; }
    #nav li li a:hover {background-color:#000; background-image:none; color:#FFF;}
    #nav li:hover {background:url(assets/images/frame/navOn.jpg);}
    From what I can make out, I assume I need either Javascript or JQuery...
    Does anyone know how I can get the drop down to fade in and out?
    Thank you very much and I hope to hear from you.

    Yes, you'll need a client-side script to do fade-in/fade-out fx.  Look at jQuery Superfish.
    Nancy O.

  • Can anyone tell me how to increase the text size in my menu bar and drop down menus?

    Just bought a new 27" screen iMac.  The menu bar and drop down menu text is much to small for me to see without leaning close to the screen.  Does anyone know how to customize the text to a larger size.  This is an issue for any program I open.

    Once upon a time Apple displays packed in 72 dots to an inch (making their resolution 72 DPI). That meant that what we saw on screen at 100% scale was exactly what was printed on a printer - not to mention quite comfortable to read. However that advantage was eclipsed by the fact that photopgraphs and video were pixelated and the only solution to that was to increase the resolution - to pack in more dots per inch - which has the side effect of shrinking the size of text. Where I once used Word at 100% scale I now find it most comfortable at 150% scale.
    There are several solutions. One, as Lex gave you, was to reduce the resolution of the LCD display. But unlike CRT displays, an LCD is tuned to a specific resolution and when you change it the results tend to be blurry. Another is to keep the resolution as it is and to adjust each program (if the program allows it). This makes Word usable and your browser can be set to use no font smaller than a size you set (which has some unpleasant side affects at some Web sites), but some programs and some parts of programs cannot be changed. The menubar and menus are among them. The third solution is one that Apple promised several years ago but has not yet provided - a resolution independant GUI. We can only hope that comes soon. And there's another partial solution - look in System Preferences under Accessibility.

  • In the new Pages 5.0, what is the page break shortcut key. I cannot find the key as indicated on the drop down menu.

    in the new Pages 5.0, what is the page break shortcut key (it used to be the Fn + enter). I cannot find the (new) key as indicated on the drop down menu. Please help.

    Hi Bruce and fruhulda,
    ok, I found the keyboard viewer, it only shows the traditional symbol 'return'.  something like a sideway u-turn continued with the arrow under.  This is the Canadian or US keyboard. 
    btw thanks for your suggestion.

  • TS3276 the images (attachments) are automatically resized (smaller) when I send them to a customer. My email screen does not show a drop down menu box where you can leave as actual size. Is there a setting elsewhere that can be set.

    Any suggestions on problem I have. I receive images, say a file that is 3 mgs through email on Safari mail and when I try to resend it or forward it or any other larger file, when it sends the file is reduced by about 1/3. My screen does not show and drop down menu with a feature to keep actual size or reduce that is suggested when I looked up solutions to the problem.  I can't find a setting anywhere in mail that I can change to make sure my files are kept at actual size. I figure a setting got changed -don't know how - but it happened about a month ago. Caused problems as I work in graphics can't send files to clients as they come out too small. Any suggestions on how to fix.

    What email program are you using? And what do you mean by "Safari mail"?

Maybe you are looking for

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    We have a client's edit log on Excel, including reel no, in/out, scene, description, log note etc. Usually we import this batch list to FCP, then batch capture from DVCAM tapes, so all clips have all their info - great. In this case, the material is

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    Dear Friends, How do I configure credit card details for processing through fb70 without linking SD. Thanks Sivaram Edited by: vedulasivaram on Jan 11, 2012 10:35 AM

  • TinyMCE in WPC

    Hi, i would like to know if anyone managed to integrate the tinyMCE in WPC in such depth that you don´t have to copy the KM links when you e.g. insert a picture from KM or when you insert a link to a KM document. In more detail...does anyone manage t

  • Error using Excel as a DataSource for Report Builder 3.0 - ODBC connection

    Hi, I'm getting this error message below while trying to use excel as a datasource within Report Builder 3.0.  I can see the columns and rows but unable to display/run the report.  Using Excel 32 bit and have the driver and user dsn created under c:/

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