Possible to do default argument for method?

Is it possible in JAVA to give default argument to method as in c++?
I have a method that I want to call with only part of the argument:
public String UpdateTrs(String amount, String RefNo1, String RefNo2=null)
so if I have RefNo1 and no RefNo2 I could call as UpdateTrs("333", "12222"),,,

Here's an example to elaborate:
// Here's your original method:
public String UpdateTrs(String amount, String RefNo1, String RefNo2) {
    // method implementation here
// This overloads it to add the "default" value.
public String UpdateTrs(String amount, String RefNo1) {
    UpdateTrs( amount, RefNo1, null);
}This accomplishes the same thing.
Namely, calling the method with two parameters results in the third parameter being null.
Hope that's helpful.

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    > this indicates that we can invoke a main method
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    [EDIT] Only in the case of varargs, which you can declare your methods with, if you wish.
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    I would think this would be a better example of default methods and constructors using this:
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    }I try to avoid default methods and such anyways. It's not hard to pass in regularly used values, better than hiding the implementation.

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    You can change the name in the Pages preferences > General. The time you have to delete each time.

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    Is there a way to always feed an application certain command line arguments when opening a certain file type.
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    the way to do that would be to make your own meta application. that's easy to do with automator. start automator and choose to make an application. the workflow itself should consist of the following single 'run shell script" action
    <pre style="
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    put the full path to the unix executable for mvim in the command. save the application. then choose a .vis file, in finder and enter command+i. in the resulting popup go to the open with section and change it to be open by the application you made. then click "change all".

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    Is this a bug?

    ryansun wrote:
    Hi, I have one page with a couple of reports. I have a time period filter on top. Its a select list with values 7 days, 3 months and 12 months. Default value is set to 3 (where return values of select list is 1,2,3 resp).
    Now in page 1 which has this select list, :P1_SELECT it has a report which shows counts of number of items purchased. When the user clicks on the count(hyperlinked column), it takes the user to another page which runs the details of the items and also uses the Page 1 select. It works fine when I change the time period. However, if I dont change the time period in the select list when I first login, althought I have set the default value to 3, the interactive report on page shows no data found, because the select list default value I guess it does not recognize.
    Is this a bug?NO.
    Default values is only populated on the clien side and NOT in the session.
    This has been discussed thousands of times in the forum..found this with a simple search {message:id=4440597}

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    Is something similar availble for Oracle text?
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    Barbara, thank you for your reply.
    The purpose was to satisfy certain requirements of arabic text search. These seem to be fulfilled by WORLD LEXER, so the case is closed.
    Note that BASIC and AUTO LEXER implement differently the lexing of arabic text, with result not to be candidates for such a solution.
    By the way, I tried to use skipjoins for setting an ignorable character but it did not work (auto lexer).

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    Is it possible to set default value for payment term and planning group when creating vendor master data of a specific account group?
    Thanks in advance.

    1, Create a vendor in your Account group as the reference vendor account
    2, By t-code:XK01, create new vendor with reference vendor of step 1,
       then the system will transfer the value from your reference vendor.
    Ravinagh Boni

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    Dear All,
    For some of our prominent customers  we have designed specific PLD of  Delivery Note document, but while taking print out we have to select that PLD and then take the print out.
    Can it be possible to set Default PLD for customer or let say customer group in such a way that once transaction takes against that customer it takes its default PLD and we can take a specific print out for that customer.

    Follow these steps to assign as default layout
    1)open the form(like PO,GRPO,etc) for which u need to assign the layout  as default click on print layout designer u can see 3 layouts from this 2 are system layout and one is layout designed by u and select  the layout which u need to make as default  and click on set as default then u wiil be getting a default template select set as Defaults for specified user then that layout vil appear for those whom u have assigned k
    thanks and this vil solve ur prob
    Edited by: Jennifer Anderson on Mar 30, 2010 12:18 PM

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    Hi everybody
    I am Raghu working in EBP2.0 & I have come across a difficlty and that is of creating a new tab and also the fields 'GL a/c', 'cost centre' or 'internal order' in this new tab.
    First of all please let me know whether is it possible to create a new tab for these fields.
    The purpose of this new tab is to default the cost centre and GL account with reference to shopping cart.
    As per current scenario, user has to enter the cost centre & the GL code as many times as the number of items in a shopping cart. I mean, if you have 10 items in your shopping cart then 10 times user has to input the cost centre & GL account. To avoid this we are required to add new tab so that per shopping cart we can enter the GL account & cost centre only once.
    Your immediate response would be very much apprecited.

    hi Ram & Sreenivas
    Thanks for your immediate response.
    Ram, we can default GL a/c & cost centre in org structure since client wants to us to keep the option of entering these for every shopping cart.
    Sreenivas, I checked the 'copy to clipboard' option & its not there in EBP2 and I feel what you meant as cost centre tab is account assignment tab.
    Let me explain you more clearly about this requirement.
    Current Scenario
    1.Say a user has added 5 items to his SC.
    2.User has to enter cost centre & GL code 5 times & then he can order
    Required scenrio
    1.Say a user has added 5 items to his SC.
    2.As per the proposed functionality, user will click on 'Default settings for items' button. Three tabs will appear-->Basic data, Internal note & Delivery Address.
    We have to provide a new tab here where in user will default his GL & cost centre for this shopping cart & then order. This will help user to avoid entering GL & cost centre 5 times.
    For some reasons our client is not interested in defaulting this data.
    Please help in this regard if time permits.

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    I'm trying to do the following to allow the caller to pass in a ref cursor arg or a SrcTextID (internal). Anyway, I'm just trying to use defaults, rather than overloading the routine, but I can't figure out how to default a ref cursor variable.
    FUNCTION f_execute_query_and_build_file(
         bn_debug_mode_in                              IN           common_func.BOOLEAN_NUMBER,
         n_ahs_file_definition_id_in          IN           AHS_FILE_DEFINITION.AHS_FILE_DEFINITION_ID%TYPE,
         lst_ordered_column_names               IN           common_func.STRING_TABLE,
         s_file_directory_in                         IN           VARCHAR2 := null,
         s_file_name_in                                   IN           VARCHAR2 := null,
         n_src_text_query_id_in                    IN           SRC_TEXT.SRC_TEXT_ID%TYPE := Null,
         refcur_query_in                              IN           sys_refcursor := Null,
         s_error_msg_out                                   OUT      common_func.T_ERROR_MSG )
    RETURN NUMBERThis causes a "PLS-00382 expression is of wrong type" msg. Okay, so fine. Then I thought that I would declare a package level "empty" ref cursor to act as "empty" default...which causes a "PLS-00994 Cursor Variables cannot be declared as part of a package" msg.
    Any ideas?

    in 10g you can...Unfortunately 9i doesn't like it:
    [email protected]> DECLARE
      2    variable_name SYS_REFCURSOR := NULL;
      3  BEGIN
      4    NULL;
      5  END;
      6  /
      variable_name SYS_REFCURSOR := NULL;
    ERROR at line 2:
    ORA-06550: line 2, column 34:
    PLS-00382: expression is of wrong type
    ORA-06550: line 2, column 17:
    PL/SQL: Item ignored
    [email protected]> DECLARE
      2    PROCEDURE procedure_name (
      3        parameter_name IN SYS_REFCURSOR := NULL)
      4    IS
      5    BEGIN
      6        NULL;
      7    END;
      8  BEGIN
      9    procedure_name;
    10  END;
    11  /
        parameter_name IN SYS_REFCURSOR := NULL)
    ERROR at line 3:
    ORA-06550: line 3, column 40:
    PLS-00382: expression is of wrong type
    ORA-06550: line 2, column 3:
    PL/SQL: Item ignored
    ORA-06550: line 9, column 3:
    PLS-00306: wrong number or types of arguments in call to 'PROCEDURE_NAME'
    ORA-06550: line 9, column 3:
    PL/SQL: Statement ignored
    Barbara what is the difference between 'DEFAULT' and
    ':=' in parameter declarations?Apparently there is no difference. My mistake. I have always used default. Somewhere along the way I obtained the misimpression that using := would overwrite a passed value, similar to the way it would when used between is/as and begin, whereas default would only use the default value if another value was not passed. I don't recall where I got that idea. The test below shows that my presumption was wrong:
    [email protected]> CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE test
      2    (p_1 IN VARCHAR2 DEFAULT 'default value for p_1',
      3       p_2 IN VARCHAR2 := 'defualt value for p_2')
      4  AS
      5  BEGIN
      6    DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE (p_1);
      7    DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE (p_2);
      8  END test;
      9  /
    Procedure created.
    [email protected]> SHOW ERRORS
    No errors.
    [email protected]> SET SERVEROUTPUT ON
    [email protected]> EXECUTE test ('passed value for p_1', 'passed value for p_2')
    passed value for p_1
    passed value for p_2
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
    [email protected]>

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    I tried using the XMLTYPE.createXML but it gives me the same error.
    XMLSCHEMA "http://localhost/samplepeak4.xsd" ELEMENT "SAMPLE"
    WITH OBJECT ID (ExtractValue(sys_nc_rowinfo$, '/SAMPLES/SAMPLE/SAMPLE_ID')) AS
    SELECT sample_t(s.sample_id, s.patient_info, s.process_info, s.lims_sample_id,
    cast (multiset(
    SELECT peak_t(p.peak_id, p.mass_charge, p.intensity, p.retention_time,
    p.cleavage_type, p.search_id, p.match_id, p.mass_observed,
    p.mass_expected, p.delta, p.miss, p.rank, p.mass_calculated,
    FROM peak p
    WHERE s.sample_id = p.sample_id) AS PEAK107_COLL))
    FROM sample s;
    Can someone help me.

    This example runs without any problems on Which version are you running? And which statement causes the error message?

  • Maximum # of arguments for a method

    Is there a maximum # of arguments for a method?
    I have the following signature for a method:
    void process_l1_queue(int processnum, Scheduler level1[], Scheduler[] level2[], Scheduler[] level3[],Scheduler[] level4[],int index,int l2,int l3,int l4)when I call it with the following statement,
    level1.process_l1_queue(process_count, level1,level2,level3,level4,l1ptr, l2ptr, l3ptr,l4ptr);
    I get a cannot resolve symbol error pointing at the comma after l3ptr.
    I've deleted the l4ptr and the same error points to the ).

    wow. People can often be a bit too inflammatory with their replies here, but, at the risk of sounding like so, I would fire you on the spot if you develop an application class with that signature. There is no defense for such a signature- put some of those arguments in the constructor (this instance will always be of a certain calendar type, dollar currency), subclass- divide the functionality into smaller units. That signature is too complex and it will make every thing more difficult, particularly if some one else has to manage the code in the future. I would say, as a general rule, if you find yourself asking, will java let me put some thing this mammoth in it the way I intend, you're often using a poor design. All things being equal, you shouldn't normally have to test the limits of the JLS.

  • Is it possible to change the default settings for the slideshow?

    The default settings for any new slideshow use the dreaded Ken Burns effect and some awful background music from a standard library. Having to turn these things off for every new slideshow I start is driving me nuts. Perhaps preferring no music accompaniment and a static photo on the screen is for some people rather boring - but I would prefer it, at least as a starting point. If anyone can help, I'd be very grateful. Thanks
    MacBook Pro   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   iPhoto 6

    Choose "Export" and then the QuickTime option.
    It will make a 4 track video with a simple "fade" effect between photos. You can set the dimensions and the duration of your photos. You can also remove the music or add your own from your iTunes Library (no purchased music if you intend to share these movies).

Maybe you are looking for

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