Problem accessing /config_general/null/Default.action   Reason:There is no Action mapped for namespace/ config_general and action name default

in use:
vRO 5.1
eclipse 3.7.2
vRo plug-sdk 5.1
1.create a plug-in project from samples(choose solar system)
2.find the dar package and upload it by vRo configuration
3.vRo configuration said upload successfully,but the solar system configuration is not properly configued..
Problem accessing /config_general/null/Default.action   Reason:There is no Action mapped for namespace/ config_general and action name default
How to solve it??
Thanks so much!!

There was problem from crm side...its working now..

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    Ukraine is there. It's been there for a while. I even see it now.

  • Is there a setting that allows for simultaneous downloading and watching of a rental movie on ATV?

    Is there a setting that allows for simultaneous downloading and watching of a rental movie on ATV?

    Apple TV has no storage, it is caching the movie and needs to load a portion before playback starts. The time it takes is dependent on your network.
    What is your current connection via
    Make sure DNS is set to auto (settings - general - network)
    If on wifi try ethernet

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    Welcome to Adobe Forums.
    Adobe Captivate 6 won't be able to do this workflow, you can use Adobe Flash Pro CS6.

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    I have an iMac with OSX 10.6.8 & I mistakenly added Safari for OSX 10.9 on it and now I can't use Safari.  Is there any way to uninstall the newer Safari and leave my older version with its bookmarks, etc. or do I have to delete it and reinstall the proper update ?

    Let it go... these DL's take forever, depending on the spped of your connection and the traffic on the servers.
    If by morning it is still sitting there restart and the DL should pick up from where it left off.

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    i am writing notes and summaries for my exams and am wondering if there is a program that specialises in it
    atm for my exams i am using microsoft word but have heard there maybe programs
    i think i have heard of something called 'evernote' or something
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    Tons. Look on the App Store or at MacUpdate or CNET Downloads

  • Is there pre-configured message mapping for SRM Content?

    My requirement is to do a message mapping between the SRM Message "Purchase Order Request" and the R/3 Idoc Orders01. Is there a preconfigured message mapping in SRM content or will I have to do it?
    I see the generated proxy class from the outbound message interfacePurchaseOrderRequest_Out which will carry the message to XI and my requirement is to map it to the Interface ORDRSP.Orders01 Please let me know if there is a pre-configured message mapping for this ? or is the message mapping between the message "Purchase Order Request" and the R/3 IDOC ORDERS01 to be done by the developer himself?

    There are mappings available in the predelivered SRM content from SAP.
    Did you import  the SRM content into the repository? If so , you can find this. -> Integrated Business Content for mySAP SRM->
    Hope this helps,
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            Krishna Moorthy P

  • Is there any impact analysis tool for Oracle Forms and Reports

    Hi All
    We are curretly looking at tools available to do impact analysis in Oracle Forms and Reports. This is for the maintainance of a large Oracle application developed using forms and reports 10g. We use Oracle Designer but only to maintain the db structure and not for forms and reports generation. Our intension is to find out the impact of db model changes, stored procedure changes in Oracle Forms and Reports. Please suggest any tools that are currently used for this purpose.
    I remember manually maintaining the CRUD matrix for Oracle Forms and Reports for maintainance purpose. CRUD matrix will have the list of all the tables which are affected by the module. But this is a manual activity and hence the responsibility is with the dev team to keep the document updated. Please suggest if there is any alternative to this way which can be more effecient and less error prone...
    I also wonder how these are done in Oracle ERP? how the apps team in oracle is maintaining the forms and reports?
    Thnaks in Advance
    Mahesh Mathew

    Quest (the makers of TOAD) have a tool called SQL Impact which gathers data from forms, reports, triggers, packages etc.
    FormsMate is a simple, cheap alternative for comparing or searching in forms.
    Alternatively, you can export forms to xml (with iff2xml90.bat) and reports to jsp (with rwconverter) and simply grep those and your sql scripts. There are grep tools for windows if you need.

  • Should n't there be a separate forum for JDev 10g and another for 11g?

    Dear experts,
    Since there are still long and ongoing projects using JDev 10g, it would be convenient to split this forum into two ,
    so that searches would be faster and finding the right solution for the correct version of JDev would be easier and quicker .
    Besides, Oracle would have a more precise adoption rate of the newer version 11g and adapt its resources accordingly.
    Hoping for your feedback and adoption,
    Edited by: Nick Aiva on Dec 22, 2009 10:37 AM

    Oh really?
    Please take a look at this recent question of mine:
    Re: How do I prevent reset() function of shuttle from executing?
    Re: How do I prevent reset() function of shuttle from executing?
    How do I prevent reset() function of shuttle from executing?
    only to get the answer of two links for the 11g version library!
    Thank you anyway for replying!

  • Why aren't there any English GPS maps for Japan?

    I mean, why? There are GPS maps for almost every developed country, but for Japan there are none that i know of (neither Navteq nor Teleatlas, which are the two major cartography companies out there).
    I've seen several Japanese GPS solutions, but they unfortunately don't have an English option. I've never seen a major company like TomTom or Garmin (among many others), offering a solution for that market.
    So, what company does the cartography out there (Navteq or Teleatlas like), and why doesn't TomTom or Garmin use their data in order to develop an English GPS solution? There has to be some kind of logical explanation.
    Kind Regards.

    psychomania wrote:
    Can you provide an official link for Garmin XT for the N8 and for Japan Road Navi 2.1? 
    As no doubt you were aware when posting Garmin Mobile Xt is now no longer available:
    Since this is the only way of getting navigation for Japan, Pakistan and Cyprus which Nokia have choosen to avoid providing for with Nokia Maps, presumably you would rather OP was left in ignorance of technical feasibility of it's use upon Symbian devices.
    Whereas under your profile it says "Please do not contact me asking for assistance in a personal message (that includes bringing posts to my attention), you will not receive help from me in that way" I have always been happy to provide further guidance should user so request under such situations.
    Happy to have helped forum with a Support Ratio = 42.5

  • Is there a way to test for network connectivity (and a way to simulate it)

    Is there a way to test for network connectivity, which API to look into? Also, is there a way to test that code in the simulator, that is, to turn off the network in the simulator.

    A peek in the docs would help- there is a TON of information there.
    You might also try the Reachability sample app for ideas:

  • HT1386 I updated my daughters iPod Touch and now the music states is it now stored on iCloud and can be accessed on WiFi or cellular.  There is no music stored on the iPod and she listens to it outside of the home without WiFi.  I will not let me sync.

    I updated my daughter iPod touch.   Now the music states that it is on iCloud and can be accessed using WiFi or cellular.   I need to move the music back on the iPod so that she can listen to it without WiFi.   I tried to Restore backup but still does not work.   I tried to sync, still does not work.

    Is the music in your iTunes library?
    Why can't you sync?
    You said "Now the music states that it is on iCloud and can be accessed using WiFi or cellular."
    where does it state that?
    Just redownload them from iCloud to the computer and the iPod by:
    Downloading past purchases from the App Store, iBookstore, and iTunes Store

  • I just allowed firefox to update to 6.0 and now none of my links can resolve, possibly because there is no Norton toolbar for this version and it's blocking? (My other browsers are still working)

    I have the Norton Security Suite provided with Comcast subscription (cable network)
    I have a Dell Inspiron with VISTA, but hopefully that's not a problem, as I've had Firefox on it for 4 years now.

    I have a similar problem; but I think the cause of the "already running" message is that my computer crashed.
    I rebooted before I learned to look for the parent lock file, but even when I knew to look for it, I found my original profile folder to be empty.
    So I created another profile folder, and FF works, but I cannot access my old profile folder. When I open the location where it should be, nothing's there. But if I go to profile manager, I see my original profile is still there (and it has a location, it's where it should be - and where it's invisible, but even if I type in this location, nothing comes up).
    I tried making all folders visible (I run Windows 7), but this did not make my old profile visible.
    I want to find it because of the bookmarks I bookmarked recently.

  • I have two libraries on the same computer but different logins, there is my user account for the computer and then there is my grandma's, how do i get my music without having to resync on both libraries?

    this computer has two logins, my grandma's (which is the administrator) and mine, itunes is on both logins but on my login i have some music there and hers i have my other music.. i want to be able to redownload my music on my ipod touch with out having to resync back and forth between libraries.. how do i combine the libraries because if i go with one or the other i lose my music i have purchased, on both libaries the music belongs to me not my grandma,
    Also, a few weeks ago, I loaned the IPOD to somebody and they told me that evidently the IPOD had been hacked and that it had lost all the music.  When I got it back, I re-synced it and got some of the music back.  After talking to other people, I now suspect that my "friend" tried to do something he wasn't suppose to to and the IPOD shut down or that he was trying to create an Apple ID of his own without paying for it.  Now that I have it back, I just want to get the music back that I paid for that is already associated with my ID and that is in my two libraries.  I can see them in there (on the computer), I just can't access them to download  them on the IPOD.  Can you help?

    There are actually a few methods for using more than one iPod on a single computer: How To Use Multiple iPods with One Computer
    Just to summarise what's in the link above:
    Method one is to have two Mac or Windows user accounts which by definition would give you two completely separate libraries.
    Method two is to set your preferences so that either one or both iPods get updated with only certain playlists within one library. If you've had no success with this you can have a look through the guide on this page: Loading songs onto iPod automatically
    Another option when using a single library is to set one or both of the iPods to manual update: Managing content manually on iPod
    You can read about Windows user accounts here: Using Windows XP User Accounts

  • I bought used ipad the previous owner told me that he has already removed the device from his account...the problem is i still cannot activate the still asking for Apple ID and password which the owner didn't want to give me.what should i do

    Hello everyone!i got a problem about this used ipad2 that i had bought  from a friend of my friend.the problem is i cannot activate it i asked my friend to contact the previous owner..according to my friend the previous owner had already removed the device from his account..but still it keeps on asking me to enter the email and password..what should i do now?maybe the previous owner didn't want to give me his Email add ppassword for his own personal reason..please help me this ipad has been in here since April 2014..thank you

    The person who sold you the device can remove the ID without giving it to you. Follow the steos in "What to do if you no longer have the device." In the artcle below. If you can't find the person or they won't do it you're stuck with a unusable device.
    What to do before selling or giving away your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch - Apple Support

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  • Solve my odd iPhone 4S iOS 5.1.1 battery problem, please...

    I have a 64gb iPhone 4S on AT&T.  If I charge the phone to 100% and let it sit overnight for 8 hours, the battery only drains to 97%.  Good, right?  Well here's the rub: via casual use throughout the day at work (some texting, Words With Friends, ope

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    hi, i am having cisco WLC with 7.4.121 version and i am having remote side access points to be connected to this controller and remote access point will have different vlan on the remote side itself. my question is i am having  Radius authentication

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