I am trying to connect my Zen v plus to the computer, but i get no result. It used to work fine.
I did most of the following:
- reinstalling the program
- checking usb device
- checking forms for any help
- updates
this is the last option, please help

try thislink

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  • Video Playing problem (Zen Vision M 60

    I just got my 60gb zen vision M for christmas and i started transfering files right away to test out its playback quality etc
    When i get to video particularly my anime video it plays the first 5 or so seconds and then freezes... no sound and no video.
    The video is a naruto video from dattebayo fansubs. I think it is divx encoded (will double check to make sure)
    What should i do to solve this issue?
    I have not tried any other video's as yet but will do so soon

    **bleep** it looks like it's slight differences in the encoding of the files that determin whether or not they play
    I used Bleach episode coded by Lunar and that worked fine.
    If it is down to minor differences in encoding that's causing this problem, surely it should be fixed as soon as possible, because of the massi've amount of different ways of encoding the player isn't really fit for avi playback if it's this temperamental :/
    I've looked at the bleach file that works and the Naruto file that doesn't work in GSPOT.
    There are a few very minor differences that I don't really understand but the one that jumps out at me is the container:
    The naruto files that don't work have the container 'Multipart OpenDML AVI, "rec list" style DivX Style "packed bitstream" AVI (223 frames in first part, 639 frames follow)' and the bleach file that works is 'OpenDML (AVI v2.0) DivX Style "packed bitstream" AVI'
    I've bolded what I think the problem is, would those 223 frames (first part) be the 8/9 seconds before it freezes?
    Could this be the problem?
    The naruto file that has the line 'First part 223' lasts 9 seconds whereas another file that has the line '(205 frames in first part, 32998 frames follow)' lasts 8.
    I'm almost certain this is what the problem is.......any chance of a firmware fix for the avi playback not supporting multipart AVI files?
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  • Problem zen vision:m install

    when I all install from zen vision :m cd and when I connection player from usb nothing do. when I go too zen vision:M Media explorer and there write "please connect your Creative portable player "after I rewrite all but nothing.with my usb all good. I li've in Lithuania and my English speech very bad( if you know what me do write me too my skype Nick viktorasasas3333

    Oh, right, sorry.
    "OS Name: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition
    Version: 5..2600 Service Pack 2 Build 2600"
    Though currently, I'm installing Windows XP Service Pack 3 via Windows Automatic Updates.
    WMP Version: .0.572.5230
    Should I uninstall WMP entirely to eliminate it as a possible factor?
    (I have Winamp so I don't really need WMP.)
    Are you saying that once I rollback my WMP to WMP0, my computer will be capable of reading my Zen & thus, allowing me to download the firmware and restoring it's previous condition (minus the contents-music, video, pictures, etc.)
    Also, I tried to see if my Zen would try to connect to my laptop - I uninstalled the Zen program on it before connecting it, to see if anything would come up, allowing me to do anything, etc. But no, it just said "My Zen" but I couldn't do anything with that. And then I installed all of the software on the Creative Installation CD. After all of that, apparently my computer acknowledges that a device is connected via USB because it gives me an option as to what to do with it - open it, play it with wmp, explore, etc. The problem though was that the Creative program itself wouldn't acknowledge that it was connected. So I still had the "The player is not connected."
    Just thought this might make a difference -
    I also was looking for some kind of repair shops or sites that would be capable of repairing my Zen - the only thing I came across was - does anyone know anything about this site? If it's reliable, etc. (Just a back up option in case this situation isn't solveable by other Zen peers.)
    Also, thanks again for any help, effort, attempt, etc.

  • Shut Off problem / Zen Nano P

    After I bought my Zen Nano Plus it doesn?t work right anymore. It allways shut off after a while. Unfortunately it sometimes even won?t restart. So often I have to wait for hours before I can restart the player. I discovered that it works if I connect the player via USB-cable to pc. after diconnecting the cable, the player starts without any problems. I use alsmann-accus. And I haven?t any wma?s on the player. Just mp3?s!
    Tried the newest firmware-update .2.03e. But nothing is better now!
    I?ve heard about users with the .03.02 firmware, which havn?t any shut off-problems. I tried to flash my player with these fw, but its seems to be impossible. Is there any solution for flashing Zen with older firmware?
    Thanks in advance for any comments or solutions!

    lol you sound like you have decent tech knowledge by the description in your post but I have to ask anyway. You say it keeps turning off after a while, and only works once you plug it into your comp. Is the battery dead =P? I mean that would explain why it works when you plug it in... other than that, when it shuts down does it do it like you were turning it off, or just go blank.

  • Frozen on re-building library, plus connection problems (Zen Mic

    Yes, I read the FAQ :smileytongue: I JUST got my new Zen Micro and started putting songs on it. It started giving me trouble with the connection, but was ok for a little bit. After awhile I couldn't get a connection at all. My computer says there's no problem with the USB connection.
    Also, it's stuck on the "re-building library" screen. I did the clean-up and reboot, but it still gets stuck there and I left it on for hours. According the the FAQ, it says ["Next you should try [url=" =Nomad+Jukebox+Zen#23]reloading the firmware/OS[/url], but beware if you are having connection problems also with your PC you may end up with a player that has no firmware and cannot be reloaded."] But I'm having a connection problem, so I shouldn't do this?
    Ahh...someone help! I just got it and I haven't even been able to use it yet! This was after waiting a week for it to be deli'vered.

    Connection problems can be caused by numerous factors unfortunately.
    The best test if you're able to do it is check on another PC. To see if the problem is with your player/cable or the PC.
    There's a lot more advice here in the Zen FAQ at

  • Unusual start up problem - Zen Nomad freez

    Hi, dont know if anyone can help me.
    I have a Creative Zen Nomad and have not used it for about 5 months. Anyway, I decided today to see what MP3's I had left on it, and as the battery was flat I started recharging it.
    So, there I was waiting for it to recharge, and it showed the initial startup Creative message with the Copyright and All Rights Reserved page etc. But for some reason it just freezes on this page and I cannot get into the proper menu. I tried to reset using the reset+pause button, but it just resets and goes staight back to the Creative front page again, and freezes.
    Anyone know what this problem could be? Will it help if I take out the battery out for a while? Is it because I have not used it for such a long time? The machine has been sitting on a shelf all this time so I know it hasnt been dropped or anything.. I didnt hear the hard dri've spinning, but I thought that this may be because perhaps it only kicks in when it gets past the first screen?
    Hope someone may be able to help me......

    It chimes, then the screen lights up a very bright blue for about 3 seconds,
    So that's a good sign that the flyback is good. But also that there's a problem with the HV drive circuits.
    I also tried putting in the logic board from another machine (which is broken itself, so I cannot say if this logic board is ok) & it behaved just the same.
    I've worked on about 85 CRT slot iMacs and have yet to see a bad logic board.
    summer 2001 600mHz Kiva, which has power but doesnt even chime.
    When you say power does the screen light up?
    I got a reading of 1.9v instead of 3.3v at pin 14 of the logic board/down converter connector.
    The current theory on how the down converter works (since no one has seen a schematic) is that it receives a +- AC voltage from the PAV board and converts it (down) to logic board voltage. Again I've never seen a bad down converter it's always the PAV board. I have repaired these but only by replacing the flyback
    I've heard the high voltage capacitors go bad. (orange ones near the flyback) also I suspect that there are electolytics that go bad. I'm working on one right now showing HV problem symptoms.
    Oh and also try the inversion startup method. Try starting it up up side down. I also give it a good shake and bump. I have seen bad soldering on about 4 flybacks starting it upside down puts pressure on the solder joints and they conduct correctly. Another one I'm also working on shows this symptom.
    Do you have take apart instructions? Sounds like it.

  • Firmware problem, Zen to

    I tried to upgrade my Zen touch to the playforsure firmware, but it didn't take it, now I have a "firmware problem" message that doesn't go away, I did a cleanup, format with no luck, it only boots into recovery mode and if I try to flash it again I get a message that the player is not connected to the PC.
    Is there any way to fix it's or is it the end of it's
    Any help is greatly appreciated, I love my Zen Touch, especially the battery life
    Thnaks in advance and happy new year!!

    Hi there, I have the same Problem. Tried to update to firmware 2..0, followed the Instructions but then the Player was no more detected via usb, the update failed during the process "your player is beeing reeboted, please wait...", but nothing happened! When I tried do reconnect it in the recovery mode, my Computer didn't detect the player, the flash-tool said "player is not connectet, please connect the player"
    Same problem on another system! Both System with XP-pro SP2. What can I do? What "drivers" do I need? Please help me!

  • Vista problem (Zen V Plus 8

    Just bought a brand new Zen V Plus 8gb... stick the CD in my pc... install software... restart computer... plug in Zen.
    Windows Vista is having none of it. Cannot locate drivers, cannot install hardware, cannot find solution both off and online and simply cannot find the player. Windows media player cannot locate it, nor can the Creative software or Windows explorer
    Device manager lists the device but cannot find any drivers for it.
    Downloaded and installed all the software listed under support for Vista and my model.
    Surely there is something not right.
    Booted up my old pc with XP on it... installed CD, plugged in Zen and it worked fine. Creative cant be that in the past... is the Zen V Plus out of date already? If so let me know so I can get my money back asap!
    If someone has managed to fix this problem then please let me know... frankly Creative's knowledge base message of duel boot both XP and Vista is rubbish in my opinion.

    Hey. I was having the exact same issue with USB flash dri'ves. Windows Vista was just not taking any!I read somewhere a suggestion from someone on a forum suggesting to uninstall all USB controller devices in Device Manager and then "scan for hardware changes" to make them reinstall. Of course after trying this Windows Vista was not taking ANY sort of drivers for them again and I lost all USB functionality, requiring a good format, lol.. Straight after getting back to the desktop from Windows Vista's installation, I plugged in my USB flash dri've and it was recognized!It would seem that perhaps driver conflicts with other devices I installed (namely USB devices) was causing Windows Vista to not accept any more USB devices. This time after formating I was therefore very paranoid with what drivers I was using for USB devices like my webcam and Bluetooth dongle. I managed to get proper Windows Vista Bluetooth drivers this time round and managed to install the Bluetooth dongle fine and my USB flash dri've was still being recognized after. Moral of the very careful with what drivers you use for your USB devices. Namely if they're fully Windows Vista compatible, stamped as such by the manufacturer of the drivers and the device in question. Perhaps this is a Windows Vista bug because why should Windows Vista incompatible drivers for my webcam say, eliminate my ability to use further USB devices that have nothing to do with my webcam?Tell you what I didn't try...unplugging all USB devices prior to plugging in my USB flash dri've. Have you tried that for your MP3 player?
    I don't know if any of the above will help terribly, but at least I hope it gives you ideas. Just as a note, I plugged in my Zen V Plus (2GB) straight after booting up (without installing any software or drivers first) and it detected it properly, allowing me to transfer files. Later I installed all the software from the CD it came with, just to have the video converter and that. It's working fine!Message Edited by kayronjm on 04-24-2007:0 PM

  • Solution for "Firmware problem" Zen Touch with Media Player 11 and Windows XP

    Hello,?I like to share this information about my troubles with updating my Zen Touch. At first my Media Player would not detect my Zen Touch. As I hoped the update of the firmware would solve my problem I started a firmware update. Unfortunatly it went wrong as a result the Zen unit did not boot anymore an gave a "Firmware problem". Due to this problem I could not reinstall the firmware as Windows XP did not detect my Zen. I was ready to trow the unit out of the window when I found this solution. And it really worked for me. I hope it wil solve your problems too. And many thanks to DG? Answer - Chosen by Asker
    I had the same problem. You don't have to call Creative. You don't have to spend any money. Here's how I fixed it:
    1. If you have Windows Media Player uninstall it and reboot
    2. Uninstall the WMP Runtime format from add/remove programs ( you may have to check the "show updates" box) and reboot
    3. With the Zen Touch connected, go to Device Manager and uninstall it and then unplug the USB cable.
    4. Uninstall ALL Creative software including the Zen drivers and then Reboot
    5. From Device Manager, uninstall ALL USB root hubs and reboot
    6. Plug in the Zen and wait for windows to detect it. In my case windows showed it as "Creative Zen" and then changed it to "MTP Device."
    7. Run the firmware update again. It should go ahead and update now.
    You can reinstall WMP if you want after this. Be sure to get the latest version from microsoft's website.
    Hope this hel

    Thanks for sharing this with us!

  • Software problems Zen Moz

    i'm havin issues with my new Mozaic i just bought, it's the 8 gig version (doesn't have a fm-radio also..), the firmware version is the one standard from the installation cd that comes with the mozaic.
    everytime i start up the software program that you use to put music on the player, it gives me a weird error, "abnormal program termination" . And i cant drag n drop music to my plugged-in-player cause it says "the device is not responding" , so basically i cant add any music to my player... Anybody have any clue ,and also there seems to be a problem with the library integrating with my music before it fails and gives the error...
    here is a link to a screenshot... SORRY for the crappy input but i dont have an other site atm to upload things. (just changed provider)
    Plz feedback would be welcome,

    I also have a Zen Sleek Photo. Except one or two little dust particles I don't have any problems with it. It never crashed and the screen also never was weird.
    It can happen to players of other companies, too, that they are not recognized by the PC. My player never had that problem.
    BTW: Almost all the reviews I read about this player said that it's a good mp3 player (and I read lots of them before I bought it). Some review sites say that one maybe needs a little time to get used to the touch pad / touch stripe. I would agree to that.
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  • Scrolling problem Zen it magnetiz

    I went on vacation last week and put my Zen Xtra in our little hotel safe (which turned out to be an electronic safe). Let me start by saying that it has worked great for the past 8 months since I got it. We went away for the afternoon, and when I came back my player turned on fine, but when I scrolled down on my black scroller, it scrolled continuously. And one week later it still does that. Has anyone had this problem? Do you think it's been "magnetized" by the electronic safe it was in? I had one in an electronic safe on a different trip -year previously and there wasn't any problem.
    The thing is that all the buttons work fine...i can press "play" and it'll play the 40-song mix I had on there last, the "volume", "track", "back" and "power" buttons work fine, AND I can press the black scroller "in" without problem, it's just when I move the scroller down or up that it scrolls continuously and can only be stopped by either taking out the battery, or pressing-in the "reset" hole.
    I decided to try and just erase the whole thing because I thought I might be able to solve it by re-installing the firmware, but when I open it in safety mode, I have to scroll down to "re-load" and as soon as I scroll down, it again scrolls continuously to a point where I can't do anything else.
    If anyone has had this problem and fixed it, i'd love to hear about how. Or if anyone knows someplace I can go to get it fixed, i'd definitely do that. Help!

    I'm thinking that it has nothing to do with putting it in the safe. I think it might just be a coincidence and it just happened to go bad just then. I'd be more concerned about magnets near a hard dri've. As those two things don't mix very well. I think you might be able to get it fixed through Creative, but you'll probably have to pay for it since it'll be out of warranty.

  • Charging problem (Zen Micro Pho

    I am using one of those generic AC adapters from ebay to charge my Zen Micro Photo, and it doesn't seem to be working. The little graphic of the battery will show that it is charging, but the blue backlight doesn't pulse. I let it charge overnight and the battery is still half-full. However, it charges with the usb cord connected to my compter. I've upgraded to the latest firmware, too.
    I actually ordered two chargers, and the company gave me another two for free, and I've tried all four AC adapters - none of them causes the blue backlight to pulse.
    Any ideas as to why this is happening? Maybe the chargers are crappy? I'd want to know if the player itself has problems before shelling out 30 bucks + shipping for the Creative charger... Thanks.

    GlenZEN wrote:
    No pulsing would mean that the current is insufficient. But not to worry, the battery still gets charged, probably at a much slower rate.
    Typically it means the player isn't being charged, at least several other Micro users have stated that the player won't charge when the faceplate isn't pulsing.
    The Zen Micro is a lot more easygoing about which charger you use, particularly if you lock it or put it in USB storage mode (with the newer firmware). Worth trying with the ZMP, although I'm not sure if they added these features.

  • Mp3 Tag Tools 1.2 Problems Zen Mi

    So i just recently download mp3 Tag Tools .2 seems to work great! So i was going to tag and organize all my songs on my computer then download them to my Zen Micro so they would be organized. So i opened up my directory which was my music folder on my computer. I Put tags on them organized them and everything. I opened up the Zen explore to upload them to my aen micro, and they hadnt changed at all they stayed the same. Ive heard checking for read only so i right clicked on a song in my music folder went to properties and read only wasnt checked so i dont think thats they problem. Can anybody help me? i just want to make organizing all my songs faster!!

    mtb-sam wrote:
    Ive tried playing around with the tags to get both to work or copying v2 to v or vice versa but it wouldnt copy the tags? Am i missing something? or is there another free program that i can use that works better.
    I find MP3 Library really straightforward and easy to get to grips with. It's a pretty no nonsense program, but makes light work of v > v2 transfer, as well as other various automated functions.
    I've never had an issue with tags while using this.

  • Problem (ZEN MIC

    first of all i'd like to sorry of my english but i hope somebody wiil understand it. i have a problem with my zen micro. when i turn it on on the screen shows a short welcome logo,next there's ,on the middle of the screen , a caption 'CREATIVE' and that's the end. nothing is happens,nothing is works. i tried a recovery mode but i think it doesn't help.i ask you for help

    unfortunately i tried cleanup and remove the firmware but it didn't work.i have written to support yet,thanks for help a lot

  • Internal problem zen mi

    my problem was the sound didn't work and speakers work... i open my zen micro and repair it, but, i dont know why, now, usb dont work any more, i checked so much and i don't see where the probleme can be... i touched only the sound...
    any one may be can help me? or tell me where i can buy this piece (it not all zen, only litle part where is usb, power on and jack sound)Message Edited by creack on 0-03-2005 2:58 AM

    i know, but i'm in france and its 2:00 am here and can't call suport now... tomorow i go to school for all the week and come back only friday night, i canot w8 all this time, i need it this week... so, if u can help me, that should be good for me, or tell me if it's possible to buy the piece who it broke

  • Problem:ZEN Micro-no connection after update from v1 to v2 firmw

    my system: win XP, SP2; ZEN Micro firmware: version 2.2.02
    i tried to update the firmware (because of the battery problem) on my pc (described above) - firmware update wasn?t possible (some flash program error). because of that i updated the Zen on my Notebook (XP, SP2).
    the update worked out without any problems - i was able to restore/re-sync my songs with WMP on the notebook.
    BUT: when i plugged the ZEN back on my PC - it wasn't detected anymore. from this point on i tried several driver installations, de-installed all creative software, installed it again - everything without any effect, i did read all recent post about alike issues and tried all given help-solutions -> without success.
    SO what can i do now?
    thx to all

    joemck wrote:The new firmware doesn't require ANY Creative software to be installed on the computer. In fact, the ond Creative drivers might interfere with the player being detected.
    I doubt it will interfere.
    freeskier8 wrote:hi!thx for your answer BUT: i?ve now de-installed anything that has creative in it'ss name.after restarting the pc and than plugging on the ZEN - it says: new hardwear found "creative ZEN.." but then a window opens with an "assistant to search for new hardwear" - it trys to find new software...but it does not find any and the player stays non-detected.thx
    The drivers are provided by Windows Media Player 0, and located in the C:\WINDOWS\INF folder. Try pointing the device there to see if it picks up on the drivers. Also have a look here in the Zen FAQ at for more advice on troubleshooting MTP connections.

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