Problems with iTunes 8 for Windows, 1G iPod Nano

i'm running iTunes on my Windows XP Pro SP3 desktop, using it to manage my 1G iPod Nano 4GB software version 1.3.1.
ever since upgrading to iTunes 8, i've had a few issues with the way it syncs (or doesn't sync, in my view) with the iPod:
1: podcasts.
prior to iTunes 8, the two most recent unplayed episodes would sync and delete after play - "play" being defined as starting to play the podcast. i didn't have to listen to the entire podcast for it to be removed. this worked for me, because many of the podcasts i listen to are news highlight shows (some run almost 2 hours). i'm usually only listening to specific parts of the show, not the whole thing.
now, if i haven't listened to the entire thing, it doesn't delete. not only that, iTunes doesn't even automatically throw away listened podcasts from the computer anymore. not so big a deal on the computer (it's got plenty of disc space), but on the teeny-tiny iPod, it's a problem.
so now i don't listen to podcasts on my iPod anymore. is there a fix so i can take my news with me again?
2: music playlists.
prior to iTunes 8, when i synced a playlist to the iPod, it synced the playlist's +current order+. in other words, if it was shuffled in iTunes, it was synced to play in the shuffled order.
not any more. now, it only passes the "base" order of the playlist; i.e., whatever order it was "built" or manually arranged in. this is bloody aggravating. i don't want to listen to the same ten songs every time i hit play.
adding insult to injury, iTunes also no longer passes whether the playlist is set to repeat. so it stops playing after the last song. also extremely aggravating.
i realize that i can select "Shuffle Songs" in the iPod's menu. but since this shuffles all the songs on the device, it somewhat defeats the purpose of having bleeding playlists, doesn't it?
i realize Apple wants me to buy the newest, bestest hardware every time it comes out. but i like my old iPod, and it did exactly what i wanted and expected. until iTunes 8. so, any fixes for these issues out there?

This is a well-known issue. Apple changed the internal file names used with iTunes 8, which makes the ordering on 2nd generation Shuffles behave differently. There is no good workaround, apart from moving the files with a hand-crafted AppleScript program.
Apple has been silent on the issue, so nobody knows if we'll ever have a fix for it or not.

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    I'm asking why iTunes does not work on Windows ME. Don't delete my question, that's just plain rude. =/
    Answer me.

    Moving along: Windows ME may be obsolete but there
    are still large numbers of people using it. This is a
    total guess but more than 10,000 would be about
    Maybe some people can afford an iPod but can't afford
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    You might want to try Winamp; they just added iPod support.
    I don't know how WELL it works with WinME, but the website does say it will. Here are the latest Winamp minimum system requirements:
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    * 15MB Hard Disk Space
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    Regarding iTunes WinME support, I'm not surprised Apple doesn't want to open that bag of snakes. WinME has always been the red-headed stepchild of the Win9x series. XP is substantially different under the hood than Win9x; Apple would have quite a project to back-port their code to the 9x OS, and it's really not worth it for them given the small and dwindling installed base.
    Of course, they also want you to buy a Mac if your current Windows machine won't do what you want, which may have something to do with it too.

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    We have reinstalled, reformatted,etc, several times. Has successfully synced a couple of times, then error reccurs. Have taken iPod to Mac store, butnoproblem found with device.
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    Hi sarahdavis0_o,
    Welcome to the Apple Support Communities!
    If neither your iPod or iPhone are being recognized by iTunes when connected, I would recommend the steps in the following article.
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    Have a great day,

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    From the OP: "My old computer got a virus and when that happened all my music was lost. "
    They don't have the music on their computer so they cannot transfer the iTunes folder, from the computer to their iPod and then to the new computer. And if they try to enable disk use on the iPod it will erase all the music that is on it. The method you cited is moving the files in a data format using the iPod as a flash drive. It doesn't work if they are in music format. That is why I suggested Yamipod.

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    Try this,
    Close your iTunes,
    Go to command Prompt -
    (Win 7/Vista) - START/ALL PROGRAMS/ACCESSORIES, right mouse click "Command Prompt", choose "Run as Administrator".
    (Win XP SP2 & above) - START/ALL PROGRAMS/ACCESSORIES/Command Prompt
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    Restart your computer.
    Now launch your iTunes and see if it is working now.

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    I cannot sync my iPhone with iTunes for Windows. Even if the computer is authorized, it keeps on displaying an error message that tells that this computer is not authorized. I already tried to do the resolutions you have given in case this situation happens.

    It's an endless circle.
    See if these instructions help: iTunes repeatedly prompts to authorize computer to play iTunes Store purchases

  • Problem with iTunes in Windows XP

    I am having a problem loading iTunes in Windows XP service pack 2. Every time I click on it, it seems to load for a little while, and then a window pops up saying "iTunes has encountered a problem and needs to close". When I clicked on the details tab, it showed me a bunch of stuff I couldn't understand. Here's what it said:
    AppName: itunes.exe
    ModName: unknown
    Offset: 00000000
    How do I get iTunes to work right?

    The first question, Have you installed any of the following:
    ACE & K-Lite mega codecs package, QT alternative, Storm codec, WinAVI video converter
    These are know to cause troubel with Quicktime and must be uninstalled before proceding.
    It is also a good idea to go to your Control Panel and try to launch QUicktime preferences - you need to be in classic view to see it.
    Post any error message in full. This error message can give a clue to the presence of problem codecs if you are not sure.
    Next do a removal of Quicktime with installer cleanup, followed by an install of the latest version.
    I will give a method for complete removal, cleanup and reinstall of iTunes, Quicktime and related components, but in your case it may be possible to just do the QUicktime part. Don't forget to delete the recommended files from your system32 folder.
    == uninstall with cleanup ==
    Download a fresh copy of iTunes and the stand alone version of Quicktime
    Download and install Microsoft Installer cleanup utility, there are instructions on the page as well as the download. Note that what you download is the installer not the program – you have to run it to install the program
    Now use the following method to remove iTunes and its components:
    If you hit a problem with one of the uninstalls don't worry, carry on with the deleting of files and folders as directed in the method.
    Restart your PC.
    Run the Microsoft Installer Cleanup Utility. (Start > All Programs > Windows Install Clean Up)
    Remove any references you find to the programs you removed - strictly speaking you only need to worry about those programs where the uninstall failed.
    restart your PC
    Install the stand alone Quicktime and check that it works.
    If it does, install iTunes.

  • HT1296 When synching Outlook Contacts and calendars with iTunes for Windows, I do not get the option to "Synch Contacts with". It says, and cannot be changed, that it is synching with iCloud.  How do I get iTunes to give me an option other than iCloud?

    Using iTunes for Windows to synch my Outlook Contacts and Calendars into my iPhone 5, with the iPhone Device designated and in the Info tab, I do not have the option to "Synch Contacts with", but have an unchangeable message that it is synching with iCloud. How do I create that option to synch with Outlook?

    Hi there,
    I would recommend taking a look at some of the troubleshooting steps found in the article below.
    iPhone, iPad, iPod touch: Troubleshooting contact and calendar syncing via USB on Windows
    -Griff W.

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    Let's try the following user tip with that one:
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    This forum is for questions from those managing sites on iTunes U, Apple's service for colleges and universities to post educational material in the iTunes Store. You'll be most likely to get help with this issue if you ask in the general iTunes for Windows forum.

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    Options given are Abort, Retry or Ignore.
    Both Retry or Ignore give error message 'iTunes was not installed correctly. Error 7 (Windows error 14001).
    iTunes will not open.
    Please help !

    Hello Paul,
    Sorry to hear that iTunes is not installing on your computer.  I found a couple of articles I think may help with the error messages you are seeing. 
    I recommend starting with these steps:
    Remove and reinstall iTunes and AMDS
    If the issue continues after restarting AMDS, then you'll need to remove and reinstall AMDS and iTunes.
    Completely uninstall AMDS, iTunes, and all Apple software. Click the appropriate links below for steps:
    Windows XP
    Windows Vista or Windows 7
    Restart the computer.
    Download and install (or reinstall) the latest version of iTunes from Installing iTunes will also install AMDS.
    Restart the computer.
    Start iTunes and connect the device. It should be recognized properly in Windows.
    You can find the full article here:
    How to restart the Apple Mobile Device Service (AMDS) on Windows
    If you are still getting "Error 7" when trying to do this, I recommend following the steps in this article:
    iTunes for Windows: "Error 7" message when opening iTunes
    Thank you for using Apple Support Communities.
    Sheila M.

  • Problems with Itunes and my mini Ipod

    My itunes skips songs, playing them for one second, usually skipping about 4 or 5 before playing anything fully. Is this an Itunes 5.0 problem? I'm using windows XP.
    Will I have to uninstall itunes 5 and replace with 4.9?
    The problem has also manifested itself onto my ipod, it does exactly the same thing, skipping songs. And now, my ipod won't charge properly. It says it's fully charged and then the battery lasts for about half an hour.
    Does anyone know what is wrong?/Have any helpful suggestions?

    Read this:
    This may or may not be at the core of your issues, but I would say the chances are good.
    I have been told by the moderator here that I don't know what I am talking about regarding these problems, but I beg to differ.
    None of these issues were present in 4.9 for Windows. I am seeing some strange behavior in the Mac version too, but not as bad as the Windows version.

  • HT1692 I just upgraded my pc to Windows 8.  How can I sync my iPhone 5 and iPad using a USB cable with iTunes for Windows 8 ?

    How do I sync my iPhone 5 and iPad using iTunes with my new Windows 8 computer?  Windows support community implies it's an Apple problem.

    chateaudrive wrote:
    Windows Support says you cannot sync Calendar function for  iPhones with Windows 8
    You did not mention this in your 1st post.
    Did you try the troubleshooting steps on the page you came from?

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