Profit center balances transfer from old profit centers to new profit cente

Dear All,
My client wants to deactivate all cost centers and profit centers and create new cost centers and new profit centers for new fiscal year 2009.
So here my queries are
1. Putting an end date to the existing cost center and creating the New cost center now itself in the system with effective date as 1st April 09?
    I changed validity period in cost center but it does not accept.
2. How to restrict postings to profit center from April, 2009 ? even changed validity period and changed as inactive mode in profit center,
    It is allowing postings to profit center.
3. How the balances need to be transferred to New profit centers? I tried in 9KE0 T.code but in this T.code we can transfer profit center and GL A/C wise
    but here we have around 20 profit centers and 100 above Gls, so it will take so much of time, so kindly suggest me short way.
4. And When can we transfer balances to New profit centers i.e April 1st or after completions of Audit? because client wants to post pending transactions of 2008 FY
    to old profit centers in April and May months. So in this situation how can i proceed?
5. For mapping the Assets & Liabilities balances as on 31st Mar 2009 to New profit center the following need to be provided
    A. Profit center wise Trail balance
        ( For this i suggested S_PL0_86000030 t.code) is this correct?
    B. Profit center wise Balances of Subsidiary Ledgers i.e Vendors, Customers & Assets
6. On which date I can close 2008 FY& open 2009 fiscal year for Assets?
Please guide and provide me solutions above my queries.
This would be great help for me, Thanks in advance.
Thanks & Regards,

1.     You can block cost centers and profit centers and create new or can use same by changing analysis period  Eg: KS02 > Edit > Analysis period
2.     Select lock indicator in profit center master record
3.     Write LSMW to that
6.  At the end of you fiscal year close the asset period and do all year end transactions and open new asset period      
You can use S_PL0_86000030 check it

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    Some good support documents in Apple Support tell how to do this.
    In Firefox, you will have to rename the old folder of bookmarks to the
    same name as the existing new apps folder for them to be seen. I
    just replaced folders, carefully, so if that didn't work the first time, the
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    that would be +iPod Touch+
    purchased apps can be re-downloaded for free. i would recommend to either sync them back from your Touch to your iTunes library (or re-download them), then connect your son's Touch usinf the above method.
    any help ?

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    You need to save the files first.
    Step by step instructions:
    How to use Windows Easy Transfer to transfer files and settings in Windows 8
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