Programatically set runtime menu to default

I am trying to set the Runtime menu from a custom menu back to the default menu.  I write a string using the RunTimeMenuPath property node when the VI is idle.  All the basic combinations failed: empty string, "default", "default.rm".  When I open the VI and verify the menu change, the string I specified cannot be found and the menu is then reset to default.
Is there another way to set the RunTime menu back to default other than the RunTimeMenuPath property?
I have LV2010 Professional.
Michael Munroe, ABCDEF
Certified LabVIEW Developer, MCP
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Found the solution to this problem.   The reference that I was using was generic Virtual Instrument and gave me at RunTime Menu Path as a string.  There was no way to clear the menu.  When I obtained a VI Refnum instead, setting the path to <Not a Path> changed the Run Time menu to the default.
Michael Munroe, ABCDEF
Certified LabVIEW Developer, MCP
Find and fix bad VI Properties with Property Inspector

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    In a first release, I put a Stop function at the dialog output (activated by the cancel button) but this function stop the complete application and my idea where to stop only the VI in which the dialog is running.
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    Instead of using the print at completion option, print the VI programatically if the user selects to a reference to the VI you want to print and use an invoke node to print vi to printer.
    Alternatively create another VI with a layout optimized for printout, set it to print at completion and run and load the data into that VI if and only if the user OKs the print...

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    [email protected]

    You do 0mean for Java, not from Java? (The latter would make absolutely no sense at all.) If so, pass it to the runtime using the -D switch (you've got SUN's java, right?):
    java -Dfile.encoding=the-encoding-i-like

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    thanks for your answer, but, if i understand well,
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    And, when create a VA in menu module isn't possibile set color but only font.
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    does anyone have a .REG file they can post that will set IE9 as the default browser on Windos 7 (x86) ?    GPO's don't see to solve this problem.   We have many users with Chrome and Chrome set itself as the default so we want to make sure
    everyone has IE as the default.

    If you open IE and change it in the settings or in control panel change the default programs.
    So changing the GPO here does not affect the machine? If you run a GPupdate /force what happens?
    1.     Open the Start menu, go into the "Administrative Tools" folder and select "Group Policy Management."
    2.     Right-click on your primary Group Policy Object from the list on the left side of the window and choose the "Edit"         option. This will launch the Group Policy Object Editor tool.
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    8.     Press "OK" twice to save the Group Policy Object settings. Now Internet Explorer will automatically be the default         browser for all computers on the local network.
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  • Handle runtime menu in subvi event

    I am passing the runtime menu reference to a subvi event structure for processing the top-level runtime menu in the event case. I already have a registered case to handle any change in the top level vi control values. Since, I'm passing a runtime menu reference to the subvi, I initially thought I can handle the runtime menu in the subvi event. When I add an event, runtime menu is not a choice when setting the event up. The event setup does show "shortcut menu" as a selection but this must be for a context menu or the like.
    Thx ahead of time,

    Hi Richjoh,
    what you should do is pass the VI-refnum into the sub-vi, and register there for menu events! A menu reference, does not cover a FP-object so LV has no events for it.
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  • STB # 7216 Set Up Menu Settings

     Verizon replaced my old STB # 6416 with a # 7216 due to problem I had with changing the hidden 'set up menu'. For my Marantz receiver (does not have HDMI slots) to use surround sound on my new Samsung 7100 series Smart TV, I need to change the 'additional HDMI settings' in the set up menu on the 7416. 
     When you can finally get to the hidden menu (must depress power-select-menu buttons 'quickly) you can change the additional HDMI settings to 'passthrough'. This will then allow me to change the Sound setting on the TV to Dolby from PCM (anyone know what that is?). Will work surround sound fine.
    If the STB is powered off and on again, it loses the setting change to passthrough and reverts to a default setting.
    Tv Sound setting reverts back to PCM and no surround sound again. I read in one blog to just don't turn off power to STB. 
    Last night I turned ogg TV and Receiver without using Verizon remote to leave STB power on. This am the STB had reverted back to defaults as the 'ligt' showing the STB up was not on. Must power itself down internally.
     Anyone know how to get the STB to maintain changes made in set up menu? Is there another box (7232)?
    Does Direvt TV have this issue?

    I have 4 different models of Samsung Smart tv's (all plasma rather than LCD) and have no problem.  Must be specific models.
    PCM is uncompressed digital.  Most new HDTV's will handle that even if they don't handle dolby.  It includes surround sound.  Your receiver may or may not.  I believe Verizon sends PCM for most SD channels as they are not sent in Dolby.
    Not heard of the setting getting lost. 

  • Programatically setting the IP address of a 8234 ethernet port in a specific PXI slot

    Hi, I have a system with multiple 8234 ethernet cards in a PXIe chassis.  Each port has its own subnet and IP address.  I need to ensure that the user never has to swap ethernet cables from port to port after a 8234 card is replaced.  I.e., how do I programatically set the IP address and subnet of a specific port in a specific slot?
    Any comments welcome.

    Hi ROgelio,
    You are right there is no way to assign IP address to physical interface.
    ace-4710-1/Admin(config)# int gigabitEthernet 1/1
    ace-4710-1/Admin(config-if)# ip ?
    % invalid command
    cdn-ace-4710-1/Admin(config-if)# ?
    Interface config commands:
      carrier-delay  Set port up delay value
      channel-group  Map physical port to port channel
      description    Interface specific description
      do             EXEC command
      duplex         Configure duplex operation
      end            Exit from configure mode
      exit           Exit from this submode
      ft-port        Make physical port specific for Fault Tolerance(FT)
      no             Negate a command or set its defaults
      qos            Configure QoS operation
      shutdown       Shut down the interface
      speed          Configure speed operation
      switchport     Set switching mode characteristics
    So there is no option to configure an IP address on physical interface.
    Ajay Kumar

  • Horozontal menu widget defaults to last tab when live

    How do I set the menu widget to default to the first tab in the menu? At the moment it goes to the last tab when going to
    I have tried saving it with the first menu active but no joy.

    That appears to be a Tabbed Panel widget. The selected tab in Design view for the Tabbed panel widget will be selected/active when previewing, exporting or publishing the site to Business Catalyst. This feature was introduced with Muse 4.0 as a Widget improvement. If it doesn't work for you, please check if you're using the latest version of Muse. If its the latest and still doesn't work, please try re-inserting the widget.

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    Under my mail tab, it shows that I have a specific email account set up as a default account. That is the account I would like for me emails to be sent from. But when I actually send out an email such as a picture, it is being sent from one of my different email accounts that is not set up as the default. How can I change this so that future messages will be sent from the default account? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!!

    All photo attachments received or sent with the iPhone's Mail app appear inline or viewed in place within the body of the message when viewed with the iPhone's Mail app which is the same with the on a Mac. A photo attachment that appears inline or viewed in place does not mean the photo was not sent as a true attachment to the message. A photo attached to a message with the iPhone's Mail app is sent as a true attachment to the message. How an inline or viewed in place attachment appears on the recipient's end depends on the recipient's email client. If the recipient's email client does not support viewing an attached photo inline or viewed in place within the body of the message, the attached file must be manually selected and opened to viewed.
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    With which email client?

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    I have a problem with setting runtime parameters in jre v1.6.0_07. I have an XP computer with multiple users and to use the application eavery user must set the runtime parameter once by going to java control panel -> Java -> Java applet runtime settings -> view. How can i automate this? I have multiple users and there may be more users logging in so manually sending the C:\<userProfileDirectory>\Application Data\Sun\Java\Deployment\ file to all profiles is not a solution. Same question here but no solution. Every user must get this parameter when they log in, they may be new users or existing users. The software I'm trying to use is browser based, we don't trigger an exe or something from local to run the software.
    In C:\<userProfileDirectory>\Application Data\Sun\Java\Deployment\ file there is a line like this;
    This works for a single user. I've read the instructions in [deployment guide|] but the properties file we put in C:\WINDOWS\Sun\Java\Deployment does not support ".args=" command. Anyone encountered or have a solution for this problem?

    got solution for this problem? I am also having the same problem.

  • How can I get the default value of a particular preference programatically. I know I can see the default value for some of the preferences in about:config but, I need a programatic way to get the default value.

    <blockquote>Locked by Moderator as a duplicate/re-post.
    Please continue the discussion in this thread: [tiki-view_forum_thread.php?comments_parentId=702631&forumId=1]
    Thanks - c</blockquote>
    == Issue
    I have a problem with my bookmarks, cookies, history or settings
    == Description
    How can I get the default value of a particular preference in FireFox?.
    I know I can see the default value for some of the preferences in about:config but, I need a programatic way to get the default value.
    I see some that there are values for preferences in firefox.cs but I am not certain that these are being used as the default values for preferences. prefs.js in user's profile only has the updated values and not the default values.
    Any help towards acheiving this programtically is greatly appreciated.
    If the default values are stored in a file, kindly let me know the format in which it is stored for me to parse it programatically.
    == User Agent
    Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64; Trident/4.0; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; SLCC2; .NET CLR 3.5.30729; .NET CLR 3.0.30729; Media Center PC 6.0)

    Dear Friend,
    Here when you have the callableSattement as ?=proc(?), the first ? is an output parameter. So you should register it as out parameter using registeroutparameter.
    Then you can get the value from the outparameter using callablestatement.getXXX().
    Try that way.
    For free tral versions of JDBC Drivers go to

  • I have a brand new macbook with microsoft office loaded. I set outlook as the default mail. i would rather go back to mac mail but can't figure out how to do it. any ideas?

    I have a brand new macbook with microsoft office loaded. I set outlook as the default mail. i would rather go back to mac mail but can't figure out how to do it. any ideas?
    Thanks for any help

    I have a similar problem: I switched from mac mail to Outlook 2011 as the default client, and want to switch back. Mailto links (eg from browser etc) default to Mail.  However, when I try to email a Word document as an attachment, it continues to open Outlook.  Outlook has a button in its prefs for making it the default client, but I don't see a way to turn this pref off in either Outlook or in Word.  

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    All of a sudden my printer has set to landscape printing of emails; how to set it portrait as default for printing?

    Hi there @OB1214 , welcome to the forums
    I understand your emails are printing in landscape. If the issue is only when printing emails, there may be a setting within your email settings to change the print settings.
    If all of your programs are printing in landscape, check the print settings on your computer.
    Changing Print Settings in Mac OS X
    Changing Print Settings in Windows 7
    I hope that helps!
    If the problem continues, please let me know the details and also which OS you are running.
    Thank you
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  • I have 10.6.8 and have installed two new printers HP 8610 and an Epson 7880 and can not find the Page Set-up menu anywhere in the applications I a trying to print from. There are no page sizes, paper types, appearsto be locked on a 13x19 size but It.

    Hi to the Mac Folks,
    I have 10.6.8 and have installed two new printers HP 8610 and an Epson 7880 and can not find the Page Set-up menu anywhere in the applications I a trying to print from. This is regardless of either printer selected.
    I primarily print photos from Photoshop CS5.  The term Page Set-up has gone missing in the file pull down menu. Can't make any choices  There are no page sizes, paper types, appearsto be locked on a 13x19 size paper format. Either being too large or too small.
    Saw a 2008 locked issue about this however none of the help fit my situation, options discussed are not available to me.
    Preview has no "Page Setup" - or does it?
    Does the constant struggle with computer compatability weirdness issues ever end or is it a enslavement scheme?

    if you know the name(s) of the root folder(s) you want to access (eg. by making a note on the Windows side) then you can make them appear by just doing Shift-Command-G in Finder ("Go to Folder…"), and entering the full path to the required folders.  You can then navigate all the contents as normal.

Maybe you are looking for

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    Is FCE capable of capturing/importing video at an improved quality level than iMovie 6? I understand the superior editing & functionality aspects of FCE, but am trying to see if using FCE also gives you the ability to produce a higher quality video.

  • IPhoto 9.2.3 crashes when importing jpeg files in OS 10.6.8

    iPhoto 9.2.3 crashes when importing jpeg files in OS 10.6.8. Has worked perfectly until recently. Camera: Sony. Help! Thanks

  • DI Server xml schemas

    I am using the xml schema for various Business Objects provided to us in the schema folder as a reference, but I was wondering if I needed to include all of the xml tags in the schema if some of the values will be set to null.  Thanks.