Purchase Requisition Date before SC Creation Date

We have a odd situation with a shopping Cart where Purchase Requisition Date (REL_DATE = March 11 2009) before SC Creation Date (March 31 2009).
Any comments/suggestions?

I think this is an backend PO, the shopping cart created with reference to this PO.  Becase of that this may happen.
tell me one think it is a production order.

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  • MRP Put Purchase Requisition date one day before the Independant Req

    Hi Experts,
    There one  Independant Req per month dated the 1st day of the month.  When I run the MD02, the Purchase Requisition is placed the 1st day of the month. we do not maintain Planned delivery time. We would to have as Purchase Requisition date ; the last date of the previous month.
    We have :
    01.12.2010     PurRqs     0010011236/00010
    01.12.2010     IndReq     ZLS1
    We would like to have
    30.11.2010     PurRqs     0010011236/00010
    01.12.2010     IndReq     ZLS1
    Pl explain me what to do!
    Thank you for your help!

    The easiest way to offset the date of the supply element from the date of the demand element by one day is to put one day into "Goods receipt processing time" in the Material master of each material.  (purchasing tab or MRP2 tab).

  • User Exit/BADI to change the Purchase Requisition date,creating threw MD02

    I've a requirement to change the Purchase Requisition creation date.
    I'm using MD02 to create Purchase Requisition.
    Based on the requirement if the available qty is less than the required quantity,we can change Purchase requisition date.
    Please let me know if any BADI's/User Exits we can use for this purpose.
    I've checked EXIT_SAPLMEREQ_010. I've kept debugging point nad i run MD02, but it is not stopping in the exit.
    we are using SAP 4.6c.

    Hi Experts,
    Could you please give me a suggestion for the above problem???

  • Assign document date to purchase requisition date

    Hi All,
    I have a question regarding purchase requisition. I have a requirement where i have to change the purchase requisition date based on certain condition. I tried to change it in the user exit "MV45AFZZ" when the sales order is released, but at this point the purchase requisition number is not yet created in the database though it is available in this internal table "XVBEP-BANFN" in the include "FV45EFMA_BESCHAFFUNG_SICHERN" of "SAPFV45E". Can anyone tell me when will EBAN table get updated and when should i change the requisition date? I hope the doubt is clear, otherwise let me know.
    Thanks and have a nice day.

    Hi Ashley
       I have tried on my system and itz working, Can you
    place a break-point in MV45AFZB and see if the flow is
    reaching the place at the point where you need.
       Coming to the Customer Function in
    FV45EFMA_BESCHAFFUNG_SICHERN, have you checked as per
    the documentation of it:
    FU EXIT_SAPFV45E_001
    Update Purchase Order from Sales Order
    With this customer exit the standard system behavior
    regarding updating order data from the sales order can
    be expanded or restricted.
    The module is called up when the sales order is changed,
    as long as the conditions for changing the order have
    been filled. It transfers the document number, the
    purchase requisition number and a table for the fields
    to be changed in the order (T_PURCHASE_DATA). <b>This
    can be expanded or restricted in the existing
    <b>The rule is: To change a field with the name
    FIELDNAME, a subprogram (form routine) with the name
    POSITION_CHANGE_FIELDNAME must exist in the program SAPMM06E.</b>
    Try to find if POSITION_CHANGE_BADAT exists in
    SAPMM06E. If not found ask you functional consultant to
    expand it for purchase requistion date and see if it
    Hope your problem resolves.
    Kind Regards

  • Purchase requisition date in SNP planning book and product view not in sync

    Hello Experts,
    We have an issue with display of purchase requisition date in SNP planning book.
    We are manually entering the PR's for a perticular week from Monday - Sunday(01.09.2014- 07.09.2014), when the last PR is entered on 07.09.2014, it does not appear on the same day in planning book(cell becomes empty) and moves to 06.09.2014, thus quantity on 06.09.2014 is the summation of the quantities present on 06th and 07th.
    The PR dates are appearing correct when we click on display details in planning book and they are correct in product view, MD04 as well.
    Additionally, this is the same date on which daylight saving time comes  into effect.
    Kindly advise if anyone has faced similar situation earlier.
    Many thanks,

    Hi Aditi,
    Check the time zone that you have in your location in ECC and APO.
    Also note it is recommended that you maintain the same system time zone in APO and in ECC. (check tcode STZAC in both systems).
    Different time zones should generate this kind of inconsistencies.
    Kind Regards,

  • Purchase Requisition Date is not updated with Scheduleline Delivery Date

      This is a third part Sales Scenario. The Delivery date on the schedule line is passed on to purchase requisition as the delivery date of that item. Due to some business requirement, the delivery date of the schedule line is changed just before saving the sales order in the BADI called through the userexit userexit_save_document_prepare. Now on saving the sales order, the purchase requsition is also created.The delivery date of the schedule line is changed but has not reflected on the Purchase Requision.
    If the Sales Order is opened in VA02 and the schedule line delivery date is modified, the Purchase Requisition delivery date is also getting modified.
    Why did it not happen at the time of saving the Sales Order.
    What is the structure into which the purchase requsition information is stored, so that on processing the sales order, this information is utilized to create the purchase requsition.
    Please help.

    Check the following table for the mentioned fields EBAN-BADAT and EBAT-FRGDT
    Thanksk and Regards,
    Hari Challa.

  • Purchase requisition date

    Hi all
    I have remove from the factory calendar one week becuse the procution is stopped, but when I run the MPS the system doesn't planned purchase requisition on this week.
    Is there any way to differenciate both process, because althought the plant is not produccing, the deliveries have to be receipt and planned on these dates.

    According to You .one week is excluded from your factory calender .so for that particular week system is baehaving like as there will no work in the particular week so no plant level activities will be taken place in this week .As far as my knowledge its in not right approach to block the production in SAP.In your factory calender the week is unavailable so the system is not giving PR in that particular week.
    If you are working with PM module then make the maintenance order for that particular week for tha plant/work center thenthe system will show the production is stopped and other plant related activities will be as like other days
    Plz confirm at your end
    Anupam Sharma

  • Purchase Requisition data need to be filled while using BAPI

          I am using a BAPI for uploading open sales order and i have fields in the flat file.
    Sales Document Type     
    Sales Organisation     
    Distribution Channel     
    Sold to Party,P.O.Number,
    Req. Delivery Date,
    Payment Terms,
    Inco Terms,
    Inco Terms(Part2),
    Line Item No.     
    Material Code
    Material Description
    Order Quantity
    Item Category
    WBS Element
    Base Price
    Tracking Number
    Value Price
    Desired Vendor
    I found a BAPI called 'bapi_salesorder_createfromdat2' which fills the requirement with fields which is not highlighted. And let me know which BAPI can be used so that we can use the remaining 4 fields which is highlighted.
    The Non highlighted fields are belongs to Sales Order and the remaining highlighted fields belong to Purchase Requisition.

    I'm not sure you're taking the best approch.
    Usually when you need to migrate ISU contracts into an ISU-CRM integrated system, you first migrate everything you need in ISU through the VERY powerful migration workbench available (transaction code EMIGALL), and then you replicate your data to CRM via INITIAL download.
    That's definitely the strategy that will give you the best performance, and less work.
    Kind regards,
    Nicolas Busson.

  • Send a purchase requisition data From APO to SNC

    Hi ,
    Is it possible to send requisition data from APO  to SNC and any  internal integration is there.
    Any Standard way or method or FM  to send the Purchase requisition details from APO to SNC.

    Hi ,
    Is it possible to send requisition data from APO  to SNC and any  internal integration is there.
    Any Standard way or method or FM  to send the Purchase requisition details from APO to SNC.

  • Purchase requisition generated before service order release

    Dear Experts,
    We're testing the Logistics Integration Scenario for the Procurement of materials.
    When we enter a spare parts item(which is configured to create a purchase requisition in ERP)
    and just save the service order,
    the purchase requisition is created in ERP as soon as the order is saved even though the order is not Released.
    Is this a standard behavior?
    We expect that the purchase requisition should not be created until the service order is released.
    This symptom happens not only with purchase requisition scenario but also with the purchase order, reservation, too.
    Does anyone have an information on this? Any information would be highly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    As far as I know the standard behaviour is that the PR is created upon order save and not upon the status of the order or items changing to released.
    To get around this you can set user status and use status management to prevent the PR getting created or use the BADI CRM_SRV_FIND_LOG_SC to supress creation of the PR.
    Hope this helps.

  • Block Plan Order and Purchase Requisition in Sales order creation.

    Please tell me, how to block Plan Order and Purchase Requisition while creating Sales Order. When we create a sales order, plan order and purchase requisitions are also created by their own, please tell me, how can we block them while creating sales order. Please do let me know as soon as possible.

    generally thy wil not be created automatically.
    may be som configuration or exit is used in ur system.
    check in debugging mode while saving ur salesorder.

  • Purchase Requisition Date in MM

    Hi guys,
    i want the standard infosource to get this PR date,
    it exists in EBAN however is there any business logic
    or some extractor which has it.

    You will get this from the standard infosources
    else if you are not using these datasources/infosources, you can go for generic one based on the table mentioned by you EBAN

  • Check purchase requisition accounting before to send it to SRM using BAPI

    Dear Sirs, in our system when a PREQ has been transferred to SRM
    the system cheks he pur.requisition and in case of accounting errors the only source of messages is the application log
    in SRM
    We would build a custom preventive check on the backend for the pur.requisition ,before the transfer
    to SRM so we think to use the BAPI
    Could you suggest some examples of code for the BAPI_ACC_PURCHASE_REQUI_CHECK ?
    The system needs some obligatory informations.
    Riccardo Galli - Hera

    Obsolete question

  • No Release without Purchase Requisition in Process Order(subcon)

    Hi All,
    We have one requirement :
    The creation of purchase requisition happens during the creation of process order which is basically governed by control key.
    But in case the creation of purchase requisition didn't happen , because of any issue with master data set up in recipe
    or say wrong data .
    We DO NOT want  , the system should allow the release of that process order.
    Is there any standard way to achieve the above requirement.
    Thanks in Advance!!!!!!

    You can implement your own logic to check the purchase requisition during the release using BAdI WORKORDER_UPDATE. There is a method specific for checks during the release.

  • SNP Heuristic recreation and adding of Purchase requisition

    Dear All
    Thanking In advance,
    Critical Issue
    We have scheduled a heuristic run for 7 FERT materials,
    Run was successful in simulation version, When we take a re-run
    (heuristic) on the same data,It is adding the quantities of the
    forecast to the same purchase requisition for only two FERTS, for
    others it is deleting and recreating purchase requisition same as the
    forecast requirement. This in turn is leading to doubling of
    requirement for these two FERTS at the lower BOM materials.
    e.g.If demand is 10 and we run heuristic in first run it will create 10
    purchase requisitions, if we Re-run heuristic on the same data it is
    adding 10 more quantity for same purchase requisition.
    Before generating the requisitios it will show the message Invalid order and help of which shows "Order does not exist in Live-Cache"
    What could be the reason for this?

    Dear all,
    problem solved by upgarding Support Pack to 15.0
    Edited by: Amol Chavan on Jan 21, 2008 4:08 PM

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