Purpose of Cash Discount field in Material Master

what is the purpose of Cash Discount field in Material Master. what does it control. do it link to SKTO anywhere?
please explain

Cash discount is applicable for this material or not..
This is for Sales only..
Pricing Procedure (RVAA01) and if you activate SKTV and SKTO Condition types
Cash Discount can calculate before tax or after tax
Condition Type- SKTV(Statistical Condition Type)---If you check requirement is "14" which says Discount before Tax( This will calculate from the Filed Material master "Cash Discount Indicator" ie "SKTOF"
Condition Type-SKTO-(Statistical Condition Type)--
>Requirement "9" Discount After tax - here also it will consider filed "SKTOF" ie "Cash discount indicator in material master.

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    I am trying to understand the purpose of Control Code(MARC-STEUC) field in Material master- Foreign Trade imports tab. I am also interested in knowing where does this field appear in our PO.
    Please help..

    Normally control code specifies the norm to follow by the supply plant for a sale of exposrts. each contry will have a set of rules to get follow as a stuatory . this code specifies the rules or certificates.
    may be comes in a sale order.

  • Purpose of maintaining classification view in material master

    Hi gurus
    can anyone explain Purpose of maintaining classification view in material master with example

    One of the reason we maintain classification is for batch management where characteristics like shelf life expiry date is being attached to a class & that class is maintained in material master so whenever transactions takes place it will read from the characteristics value.
    the other purpose is with variant configruation, for a configurable material there will be more than one characteristics for ex: in a car it comes with A/C - non a/c, metallic - non metallic, normal steering - power steering all these are mainatained as characteristics & assigned to a class & we use that class in classification for materials.
    there is many more advantages & ways of using classification in material master.

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    Could any body pls let me know where can I maintain the selection option for Customized field in material Master.( Means F4 options for any z filed)
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    take help of abap guy.

  • New standard field in Material master

    I have to introduce "RETDELC" field in Material Master.
    The said field is already available in MARA table.
    The field is available only in ECC 6.0 version.
    I have introduced the field in Field selection group and make it optional at client level, material type level and Transaction code level (MM01,MM02, MM03).
    But stil, i could not get the same field in Material Master- Basic Material data-2 view.
    Any help please!

    this fields domain is DFPS_RETDELC .
    DFPS stands for Defense Forces & Public Security.
    In order to use this industry solution, you need to activate additional business functions

  • 'Storage bin field in material master

    Can we increase character length of 'Storage Bin' field in material master so that bin details can be accomodated ?

    No you cant!
    Takehelp of some other field.(text field)
    Edited by: uttkarsh agrawal on Jan 30, 2009 3:11 PM

  • Add z field in material master at plant level

    I wanna to assign a new field in material master at plant level..
    What settings should be done to do this?
    Positive response will be highly appreciated.

    You can define the field directly via assigning the field to field selection group...This could also be done at industry sector, plant level as well....
    Check the path :
    SPRO >> Logistics general >> MM >> Field selection >> Assign fields to field selection group...
    SPRO >> Logistics general >> MM >> Field selection >> Assign field at plant
    SPRO >> Logistics general >> MM >> Field selection >> Assign fields at industry sector level...
    For this assign the field to the respective table and then provide it at OMSR...
    Assign field selection group to it...
    Then in OMS9 give the priority for hide/display/req/optional to field...
    If you want this to be added in the new screen, then you have to make the settings under "configure the material master"...
    Hope it helps..

  • Transportation group field in Material master..Sales/Plant data tab.

    Hello Gurus,
    The transportation group field in material master is Material specific or a plant specific?? caz whenever i am changing this transportation group field in one plant it is also updating with the same value in all the plant for the common material even though the Company code and Country are different forall the plants.
    Hope to hear from you soon as its a very high priority production issue..

    The transportation group field in material master is Material specific or a plant specific??
    Its material specific.  Even if you have multiple sales areas or plants and if you change the transportation group, the change will be applicable for those areas also.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Specific Field in Material Master

    Hi All,
    just some user can't see specific Field in Material Master with using MM03, but others people can. Where should  I change settings? Is it something to do with authorization?

    Jiami wrote:
    > Hi Biju, Pete
    > thanks for Support.
    > Material is created as ( Industry Sector: mechanical engineering
    >                                     Material Type: Trading goods)
    > Field name: Basic material (in Tab Basis Data 2).

    > user can see Field now,
    > but just When we using MM03 in normal level, the Field will be displayed.
    > But after we given a plant, in Plan lever then we can not see this Field anymore in Tab basis Data 2.
    > thanks
    > Jia
    execute OMSR,
    position on field MARA-WRKST
    click the button field selection  right of selection group
    you will now see which fields are assigned to the group
    and below you see in in which field reference the group is set to hidden.
    field reference is a multi usage, it can be for material type, for transaction, for industry .
    so you have to check at least the settings for your material, for the transaction where you get this effect and for the industry you material is created with.
    further there is a customizing transaction OMSA, which is plant specific field selection, and I guess that causes your effect.
    open it and see which selection group is assigned to it.
    then go back to OMSR and see what status is assigned to this field reference.

  • Hide field in material master

    Hi Friends,
    I want to hide a field in material master can some please give the step by step method of how to do the same.

    Follow the steps to hide a field in material master:
    1.Just click the TAB ,(Which you want to HIDE )and get the field name (Press F1 & then in next screen click technical information)
    2. Use T.Code: OMSR and enter that field name and get FIELD SELECTION GROUP
    3. Use T.Code: OMS2 and click your material type(you used to create that material) and in next screen check Field reference ( you have assigned for the material type){{ ( example-->For ROH material type the "Field reference" is ROH)
    4. Now use T.code:OMS9, Double Click your "Field Reference" and select  FIELD SELECTION GROUP  & select round box of  HIDE  and save.
    Biju K

  • Initialize some fields in material master with default values

    I would like to initialize some fields in material master MM01 with default values.
    for exemple in the view MRP1 there is a field MRP type I would like to initialize PD in the field as default value.
    but when I go to the technical information there is no parameter id that I can use in SU3.
    Do you know how I can the initialize the field those don't have parameter ID?

    Dear Glenn,
    This is possible in SAP for this use T code MMD1 and create MRP profile and assign this MRP profile while creating material using MM01 in the organisation level put this created MRP profile. The values you maintained in this profile get copied to the material by default.
    To maintain MRP profile go to MMD1->give your profile name...........> click on  selection screen push button--->give here profile description--->select what MRP  field which u want to make fixed one/default. if make fixed later you can not change--
    >click on data screen 1 push button and maintain your value and save

  • Maximum number of fields in material master

    Could you please help to understand how many fields can be added in material master Tab.
    Example - If we create new material master tab as additional data and would like to add some fileds in that tab, is there a limit we can't add more than certain number of fields.
    Please advise how many cloumns can be added as well in one tab.
    Material master additional data Tab (New)
    feild 1 description field 4 description field 7 ......
    field 2 description field 5 description field 8 ......
    field3 description field6 description field 9 ........
    I think the fields should be assigned to feild selection group which is reserved as for Z fields
    Please confirm if my understanding correct for Z fileds
    211-240 Reserved for customers
    As I think only 20 field can be assigned to field selection group but My question is can we assign more than one filed selection group to one material master tab. I mean to increase the number of field to be added in new additional data tab can we add 111-120 Reserved for customers and 211-240 Reserved for customers to one material master additional data tab.

    For add fields to material master, check Note 44410 - Integrating cust.-specific fields in matl master (and related notes).
    Other note useful to understand the range of customer names in SAP: SAP Note 16466 - Customer name range for SAP objects.
    I hope this helps you. If you need something else, let me know.

  • Maintain Profit Center as mandotary field in Material Master

    Dear Experts,
    We would like to make Profit Center under Sales: General/Plant view as mandotary field during Material Master creation. Kindly assist me the path that where we can maintain this. Thank you.

    Go to OMS9, Under Field Selection (Field Selection Group 1) screen tab, double click the material type for which you want Profit center as mandatory field.
    Scroll down to Selection Group "48", Select the radio button "Required Entry".
    Go to MM01, check under Sales: General/Plant, you will be able to see Profit Center as Mandatory field.
    Hope this will help you out.

  • Custom fields on Material Master - ECC6.0

    We have added custom fields on material master basic data screen following these steps :
    1) Copied Func. grp MGD1 to Z Fgrp via Spro -> Logistics General ..
    2) Created a subscreen in Z fungrp by copying screen from original program.
    3) Deleted the unwanted fields and added new fields to the layout and Fields in PAI.
    4) Attached the subscreen in screen sequuence via SPRO
    We are now able to see the new fields on the baisc data screen and also able to input data in these fields , but on SAVE the data is not getting saved to database table MARA.
    We have also referred to OSS note 44410 but with no help.
    Are we missing something , is there anything additional that needs to be done in ECC6.0 ?

    Hi Kalidas,
    In your customized subscreen, did you update the PAI to include your custom field?
    process before output.
    *                      Verarbeitung vor der Ausgabe
      module init_sub.
      module get_daten_sub.
      module feldauswahl.
      module sonderfaus.
      module sonfausw_in_fgruppen.
      module feldhistorie.                         "Aenderungsdienst
      module bildstatus.
      module zusref_vorschlagen_b.
      module refdaten_vorschlagen.
      module zusref_vorschlagen_a.
      module set_daten_sub.
    process after input.
      module get_daten_sub.
    * Put your custom fields here to copy to structure for saving
      field: mara-zzcustom.
      module set_daten_sub.

  • Field in Material Master views

    Hi SAP Experts,
    I have the following issues.
    1. How can the field "Material grouping" in Work Scheduling View can be made also available in General Plant data / storage 1?
    2. In OMSR, there are fields MARC_MAEX, MARC_MKAL,, MARC_NOTE. These field are not assigned to any field selection groups. How can I make them to be available for use? I know how to assign them to FSG. But I could n't find them in Material Master? where these fields are placed in MM?
    Need your quick inputs.

    Those fields were not available in SAP. For reference purpose you can use those fields, but you will not expect the functionality which u r getting in your legacy system. normally e will not be using all the material master fields. You can use any one of the non used field for this purpose.
    V. Suresh

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