Quantity Mapping in Message mapping

I have the below mapping conditions...
Create for every quantity related to billcode and Sponsorcode.  If there is no quantity, create segment with quantity 0.
How to map this?  Please help how to map this clearly...
Thanks in advance..

This can be solved by using the node function mapWithDefault. Since your quantity is 0..1, you can use a logic that looks like this
quantity --> mapWithDefault: 0 --> target
Please take note that for the mapWithDefault to work, there should be no context manipulations in your quantity field.
Hope this helps,

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    Hi, Please suggest me how to get rid of PO return delivery quantity from MD04 where it is showing as POitem with receipt quantity and exception message 15 - reschedule out and reschedule date is showing current date.
    Here we have received x qty from vendor and then moved y qty to blocked stock and then did return delivery (here return delivery did without any reference), we will not receive y qty anymore in future, how to get rid of this qty from MD04.

    Please refer to the following note for more details about this scenario:
    634038 - MRP: Returns order and delivery
    This note explains in detail the customizing settings that you might use to turn a return delivery not relevant to MRP.
    Best Regards
    Caetano Almeida

  • Urgent!!!! Quantity Mapping

    Hello Experts,
    I am passing quantity as 'ABCD' from my Legacy system to a WebService.
    When I execute this Web Service the documnet gets posted with 1236.000 quantity.
    I have given quantity as Decimal type.
    In R/3 document gets posted with 1236.000 as quantity inspite of giving ABCD as the quantity.
    Please help!!

    Hey Aamir,
    I checked in Payloads, it is giving me ASDF......
    In message mapping also, I tested, even that gives me ASDF.
    But, in R/3 my document gets posted with 1346.000 :(((((((
    Also, in R/3, quantity field itself can not accept any values like ASDF...as it does not allow.
    Also, I am not using any conversion routines for Quantity field..
    Please suggest some solution....as it is very urgent!!!

  • Integer to curr/quantity mapping

    Hi all
    From R/3, im getting integer values, in BW its mapped to either a curr field or a Quan field.
    is there any chance of getting wrong values in BW.
    I tried loading into PSA and i get wrong values too..which is surprising.
    For e.g for integer values 3,3,7 in PSA im getting 7,7,7.
    There are no transformation or ABAP code in between and the mapping is perfect.Moreover as i said im getting wrong values in PSA itself.
    All this is happening in the Quality box where as its working fine in  Development.
    Any clues/suggestions?

    Hi JPJP,
    In rsa3 you get the correct values. in PSA you say you are getting them wrong? Try to run the extraction again and check the values from the exact same fields. The PSA its the same you get in RSA3.
    Hope this helps.

  • Cannot edit purcahse order quantity column in SAP b1 8.8

    Hello experts,
           I am facing a small problem...I have created a list of items in the item master. I enter those items in the purchase order blanket.. So by default the quantity is set to 1 for the corresponding item.. When i try to edit the quantity column a message is flashed saying  " Cannot edit".. now when i enter the same quantity using the calculator in the quantity field i am able to get the desired number on the row..but again i get a message saying that "cannot edit" .
    I am doing this entry in the manager mode.If i do the same process using another user id which do not have any managerial rights, i do not get any sort of error..
    Kindly help me solve this problem

    Hi Rahul,
    Got the concept....We have not used any stored procedures for validation....we have just restricted access using normal authorizations....i being a super user, am not able to edit

  • Error while TO creation LT10 - Putaway quantity not zero

    Hi All,
    I am trying to create a Transfer order via LT10 (or via LQ02) where the available stock is available. The error log that I see says - "Putaway quantity not zero", Message no. L1605.
    The stock Scenarion is like below:
    Total stock                   15
    Avail.stock                   15
    Stock for put.                40
    Pick quantity                  0
    What I understand for any stock transfer to happen there should be Available Stock. Now I want to use this 15 qty for further processing by using transaction LT10 or may be LQ02. Why does standard SAP not allow this?
    If I do the stock transfer via LT01 for above scenario it does allow us to use the available stock.
    The error is coming from below code of program RLS10034
    *........Quants mit einzulagernden Mengen nicht markierbar!............
      if itab-einme ne 0.
        itab-ikone = sym_locked.
        itab-msgid = 'L1'.
        itab-msgno = '605'.
        itab-msgty = 'E'.
    Pls advice why the check is there in place when it could have been avoided and how to remove this check?
    Ravi Sabhachandani

    yes you are right there is a check and with standard SAP that is not possible you need to look for alternate method.Never came across this type of scenario in past however my suggestion is to have a look on the below function module and user exit that might be helpful
    MWMTOAU3 for posting change notices
    Even if you are able to mange this with some custom code I see a operation issue there
    LQ02 is help to the change the stock from one stock type to another (or quant characteristic) as per your test data if I will transfer the 15 pc from unrestricted to Quality and later on the transfer order of 40 get's confirmed (which is having the unrested stock) in the same  bin (this depend on the configuration of mixing) how the worker will come to know which is quality reject or which is unrested by looking physically
    Total stock                   15
    Avail.stock                   15
    Stock for put.                40
    Pick quantity                  0

  • Restricting PO line item quantity

    HI all,
    How should i restrict a PO line item quantity from RFQ Quantity?
    please help me how to restrict PO quantity.
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    It is always collecting the Qty of RFQ or referance document but you can change the same manually if you want to restrict to manually change then only option one option is "you have to change po-qty field status to display only" but this will not the proper soluction.
    With Regards

  • BAPI Error message in WDA using AIF

    I am working on Custom WDA using AIF to create Purchase Requisitions.
    I passed the item values to zitab and called the function module.
    Here is the code:
    SKIP_ITEMS_WITH_ERROR                = 'X'
    AUTOMATIC_SOURCE                     = 'X'
    NUMBER                               = number
       REQUISITION_ITEMS                    = zitab
      REQUISITION_ITEM_TEXT                =
      REQUISITION_LIMITS                   =
      REQUISITION_SERVICES                 =
      RETURN                               = zbapireturn
      EXTENSIONIN                          =
    I am getting the following error messages from BAPI_REQUISITION_CREATE:
    1. Message type - E
    Code - W5069
    Message - Please also pass on a unit of measure for the quantity
    2. Message type - E
    Code - W5002
    Message - No items exist (not possible to save)
    Here are the relevant details:
    System - SAP ECC 6.0 EhP4
    Adobe Livecycle Designer version  -
    ADS version - 802.20100318013254.656549
    I found this link that is relevant to the second error, thought the solution is not provided:
    Error : No items Exists (Not Possible to save)
    I would appreciate any hints or thoughts on how to get these errors rectified.

    Thanks Kris for your reply.
    I was able to rectify the 2 errors.
    I need to update 5 custom fields in the CI_EBANDB include in the EBAN table. I am using the EXTENSIONIN parameter.
    Here is my code:
    data: wa_bapiextn type bapiparex,
          zbapiextn type table of bapiparex.
      wa_bapiextn-structure = 'CI_EBANDB'.
      wa_bapiextn-VALUEPART1 = 'A'.
      wa_bapiextn-VALUEPART2 = 'B'.
      wa_bapiextn-VALUEPART3 = 'C'.
      wa_bapiextn-VALUEPART4 = 'D'.
      append zstruct to zitab.
      append wa_bapiextn to zbapiextn.
    *  SKIP_ITEMS_WITH_ERROR                = 'X'
    *  AUTOMATIC_SOURCE                     = 'X'
        NUMBER                               = number
          REQUISITION_ITEMS                    = zitab
    *   REQUISITION_ITEM_TEXT                =
    *   REQUISITION_LIMITS                   =
    *   REQUISITION_SERVICES                 =
         RETURN                               = zbapireturn
    *   REQUISITION_SERVICES_TEXT            =
    *   REQUISITION_ADDRDELIVERY             =
        EXTENSIONIN                          = zbapiextn
    The custom fields are not getting updated. I would greatly appreciate any hints on how to get these custom fields updated.

  • Do our own 1 small validation on user specified quantity value?

    Its a PLM question. NWBC --> Recipes ---> Change Recipe ---> Formula tab ---> Quantity field/column on items, on this quantity field/column users will enter the values, well, once user keyed in the quantity values, we want to perform our custom validations, pls. let us know how we can achieve our requirement? any BADI / SPI / Post-Exits?
    Also, we want to change user specified quantity, for example, user enters 2 quantity, after validations we want to propose 1 quantity w/ warning message
    Pls. scroll right side to see the QUANTITY field/column, Thank you

    you can use the following BAdIs:
    Recipe Development Recipe Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) BAdIs for Checks .
    or you can try:
    Recipe Development Status Management Business Add-Ins (BAdIs) BAdI: Additional Checks Before Status Change
    Appreciate the points in advance.
    Best regards

  • Updating picked quantity, gross and net-weight in delivery

    Hello Experts,
    I have created a program from which I am trying to update the picked quantity, gross and net-weights into an outbound delivery. This works in the normal scenario when the base UoM, sales UoM and the gross and net-weight UoMs are the same.
    However, when these UoMs are different, I have to carry out a conversion according to the UoM being used for each of the quantities mentioned. In such a scenario, the BAPI returns the following messages: -
    Error message: - Error in document 0080005487 item 00010 (quantity consistency check) [Message Class VLBAPI; Message Number 004]
    Warning message: -Quantities  0.0000000000000000E00 and  0.0000000000000000E00 cannot be represented by conv. factors 87,658 and 39,761 [Message Class VL; Message Number 266]
    The BAPI that I am using is BAPI_OUTB_DELIVERY_CHANGE.
    For the parameter ITEM_DATA, these are the values, that I am passing: -
    DELIV_NUM: - 80005487
    DELIV_ITEM: - 00010
    Material: - 30020596
    DLV_QTY: - 4
    DLV_QTY_IMUNIT: - 8.818
    FACT_UNIT_NOM: - 87658
    FACT_UNIT_DENOM: - 39761
    GROSS_WT: - 1.004
    NET_WEIGHT: - 0.004
    UNIT_OF_WT: - TO
    BASE_UOM: - LB
    MATERIAL_EXTERNAL:  - 30020596
    MATERIAL_GUID: - DD7B9B2F133B61F1B6DF0015C5891481
    Please note that the delivery I am trying to update has the following units: -
    Base UoM: - Lb
    Sales UoM: - Kg
    Gross & Nt Weight: - TO
    Please let me know if there is any other value in the item_data internal table or any other parameter of this BAPI that needs to be initialized.
    Please respond ASAP. I have been struggling with this issue for quite some time.
    Divyaman Singh Rawat

    Will help you out


    I have a scenario here. I wanted to configure system so that in case of creation of order with reference to qnty contract, system should allow me to exceed the target quantity with warning message. This should not impact the copmpletion status of the contract item. Ie, once the target qnty is referenced, the contract item should appear as completed.
    An early response is solicited.

    In std SAP, Quantity contract behaviour is the same as you have posted.
    When you create release order (wrt: Contract) ,if referenced qtty exceeds the target qtty, system only displays warning message.
    As per quantity Contract item category configuration :MVN (item completion rule -C), contract document line item status will shown as "Complete" once full target quantity is referenced.

  • Restrict to a customer for limited quantity

    Dear All,
    My requirement is to restrict my customer for limited quantity i.e. "10"
    Customer A can get maximum 10 quantity in multiple order , Reference of Quotation and Contract is not possible due to current process .
    Can you help me out this without any Z configuration at order level .
    Regards Ajit

    Hi there,
    Check if you can maintain something in customer material info record. In 0VLP, you will maintain a setting which will look for over delivery quantity & sends a message if it exceeds that.
    For each delivery item category, you can specify whether the system checks for overdelivery and, if so, whether you receive a warning or error during delivery processing. If you have specified an overdelivery limit in the sales order or in the customer-material info record, you can use this indicator to control how the system reacts.

  • WM - Message L3 025 during TO confirmation

    Hi all,  during TO confirmation (with tcode LT22 using foreground mode) I receive the error L3 025 "Act.quantities and diff.quantities are not target quantities. Check entry" .
    I am not changing the date quantity.
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            Ignazio Marchese

    Hello Ignazio Marchese 
    Are you trying to change the qty during the confirmation? if yes, then the sum of Actual confirmation qty and difference qty must be the same as target TO qty.
    Hope this helps.
    Arif Mansuri

  • FCC parameters for  header and item

    Dear All,
    I am working on a File to RFC scenario. The file has the PO deatils from which Salesorder has to be created in R/3. Am using the BAPI BAPI_SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT1 to create salesorders. I have tested the scenario with XML message - it is working file .
    The problem is with FCC.
    The structure of the file is as follows
    PO number,podate,deliv. date,cust. material,quantity,receiving point
    message type:
                    po number
                    po date
                    deliv date
                         receiving point
                         dummy field.
    input is the recordset
    i have to get the first 3 fields from the file inlto header and the rest into item.
    i have created a dummy field in partner because I am mapping a constant value to sold to party in partner node .
    what should be the FCC parameters ?

    After looking at your structure which is comma separated and doesn't have any keyfields it will be difficult to content convert it into different nodes like header and item.
    I was looking at using fixed field lenght's along with field separator to split the structure, as the first 4-5 fields of u r row seem to be standard structures which will have fixed length, but then your last field "receiving point" is not a of fixed length.
    so as long as my understanding goes you will have to content convert the input into a flat xml structure like this:
                  </po number>
                  </po date>
                  </deliv date>
                  </receiving point>
    Recordset name - input
    Recordset structure --header,*
    header.fieldNames -- po_number,1,po_date,1,deliv_date,1,cust_material,1,quantity,1,receivingpoint,1
    header.fieldSeparator -- ','
    header.endSeparator -- 'nl'
    Since in your scenario looks like you are creating  one sales order per row of file, the above structure should do the job for you.

  • Moving Average Price does not get updated for Project Stock

    Hello Experts
    We have an Engineer-to-Order implementation for our client. Accordingly procurement is done per project. Each Project issues its PRs which are then converted to POs and recieved into Project Stock.
    While assigning the material to the Network activity in Project (using material component) the system uses the price found in the material master (MAP or STD) as a planned cost appended to the project.
    while procuring the material, when we receive it into Project Stock (Mvt 101 Q + ) the Moving Average Price in the material master does not get updated. this way all newly created material master will never have a moving average price, thus whenever we try to assign them to the project we receive an error message (Cost for Material Component ###Mat.Num### cannot be determined.
    How can I get the system to update moving average price (for all types of stock) based on procurement for project stock.???
    Your help is kindly appreciated.

    I'm sorry for the confusion
    The T-code is CJ20N Project Builder in PS module
    we are assigning material components to network activities under a certain WBS element in the project.
    there is a function in the Project Builder to calculate the cost of a network. it uses the costing variant assigned to the network which is PS02 (We get the error here)
    The costing variant has a valuation variant which lists a series of strategies  to get the material price. Planned 1 if not then STD if not then MAP. (you can choose between many options via a drop down menu) you can choose 5 consequent options.
    The MAP that the valuation variant is coded to get is the Plant Stock MAP -- Or the Project Stock MAP but only Per WBS element.
    The MAP that the Actual postings update is the Project Stock MAP only Per WBS element.
    This means that if you use a material component to purchase material 123 Acc.As. Q for WBS X for 10 $ then you try to assign a new material component with the same material 123 to WBS Y, the system will not get a MAP. because it's stored in QBEW per WBS element.
    This way the system will never get the MAP right.
    However, we don't always use project stock to procure for projects, for some requirements we can assign and use plant stock as well for Projects. that way we need the MAP from plant stock.
    In the Valuation Variant you can use a User Exit Strategy. The user exit's name is COPCP005
    My Suggestion is:
    Use the User Exit COPCP005 to calculate the { Total value / the total quantity (MAP) from QBEW + Total value / total quantity (MAP) from MBEW } / 2
    which is the MAP for both plant and project stock together, since that we are going to use both.
    Q: Is this correct !?

Maybe you are looking for

  • VL31N, add field in purchase order list

    Hi, i'd like to add some fields (for example Open Quantity) in the list of purchase order at VL31N. How can i do this? I've seen the infoset query (sq02) but it doesn't work. Someone did it? Thanks you

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