Quick Info on ALV Tree node

Hi All,
I have this requirement.
On ALV Tree node, when user places cursor then i should display some text as quick info.
while create node i have used ICON <- left arrow, i cannot use other ICOn as functional person need this icon only.
During Add_Node, if I pass icon through node layout then its showing nothing, Instead if I pass icon through item layout, then its showing SAP standard ICON text left arrow , but i need custom text write text  there.
I tried using Context_menu_req as well, even that didnt worked. Any ideas/views will be highly appreciated.
Thanks n Regards

Hi Mr A.
You can try the following:
DATA: l_node_text TYPE lvc_value.
DATA: ls_item_layo TYPE lvc_s_layi,
             lt_item_layo TYPE lvc_t_layi.
        l_node_text             = 'UR Text'
        ls_item_layo-style      = gs_detail-color_code.
        ls_item_layo-t_image    = gs_detail-icon.
        APPEND ls_item_layo TO lt_item_layo.
After the above mentioned statement, you may call 'Add Node' method of ALV Tree.

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      i want to alter the alv tree node text, many people say it cann't be changed, but
    i look into the sample code 'BCALV_TREE_04', the average funtion(select a column and then select average function in the tool bar) can alter the tree node text dynamically.
      i try to look into the source code, the it's the sap standard code, all the funtions that user input, it goes to the statement "  CALL METHOD cl_gui_cfw=>dispatch.", and i don't understand what this statement do, can someone helps me?

    The ALV tree report produces uses OBJECT METHOD functionality in-order to produce a
    tree structured ALV output. 
    The creation of an ALVtree report first requires the creation of a simple program to build the ALV
    details such as the fieldcatalog and to call a screen which will be used to display the ALVTree.
    The screen should be created with a 'custom control' where you wish the ALVtree report to appear.
    For the following example it will have the name 'SCREEN_CONTAINER'.
    reward point if helpful.

  • ALV-Tree Node click not working

    Hi All,
    I am displaying the data in ALV tree. When the user click on the node i want to capture some event and method in which i have to do some coding. Can you tell me which method and  event i should use to achieve this functionality. its bit urgent.
    Immediate response will be apprecited.

    Hi ,
    I have gone through the link. I have done the below part in my coding even though when i double click on the node, the event node_double_click is not getting triggered. Kindly suggest me what i have missed.
    1) Register event with tree instance:
    Register event for NODE_DOUBLE_CLICK
    l_event-eventid = cl_gui_column_tree=>eventid_node_double_click.
    APPEND l_event TO lt_events.
    (2) Set handler for event:
    SET HANDLER l_event_receiver->handle_node_double_click FOR tree1
    (3) Define and implement event handler method:
    METHODS handle_node_double_click
    FOR EVENT node_double_click OF cl_gui_alv_tree
    IMPORTING node_key.
    ENDCLASS. "lcl_tree_event_receiver DEFINITION
    CLASS lcl_tree_event_receiver IMPLEMENTATION
    CLASS lcl_tree_event_receiver IMPLEMENTATION.
    METHOD handle_node_double_click.
    ENDMETHOD. "handle_node_double_click

  • How to add style(color) info for the color used in ALV tree nodes

    I have an object for CL_GUI_ALV_TREE and I have added nodes to the tree and has set color for the nodes using 'STYLE' parameter. Now if I have to add the style info to the style(color) then how do I do it using the object I have?
    Edited by: Sujay V Koparde on Feb 20, 2008 4:27 AM

    Yes Eshwar, its similar to what you have written but my problem was that the style has already been assigned in the code and now I want to assign the style info(tooltip text) to the style(colour). I have an object of class cl_gui_alv_tree as of now and I am not able to find out as to how do I proceed to assign style information

  • Mt_outtab error in ALV tree node expantion

    I ahve made tree ALC n get dump in the follwing code when I expand any node
    ASSIGN mt_outtab->* TO <tab1>.
      " assign local copy of initial line of <tab1> to <wa>.
      CREATE DATA l_dref_wa LIKE LINE OF <tab1>.
      ASSIGN l_dref_wa->* TO <wa>.
    this is because mt_outtab->*  does no have values which is my table
    dont know how its freed on expanding the node
    I made a same prog from a system program n thats working fine but i cannot get the diffrence???
    plz help

    dinamic table create is like this, how can you create your mt_outtab->* table;
      CALL METHOD cl_alv_table_create=>create_dynamic_table
          it_fieldcatalog           = lt
          ep_table                  = <fs_data>
          generate_subpool_dir_full = 1
          OTHERS                    = 2.
      IF sy-subrc <> 0.
    Assign Dyn Table To Field Sumbol
      ASSIGN <fs_data>->* TO <tab1>.
      CREATE DATA l_dref_wa LIKE LINE OF <tab1>.
      ASSIGN l_dref_wa->* TO <wa>.

  • Multiple fields in node level of a ALV tree

    Hi gems,
    Hope U all doing well.
    In a requirement, I have few fields (say 10) to display in hierarchy. There will be 3 fields in 1st level, 3 fields in 2nd level and 4 fields in last level.
    I tried using ALV tree...but couldn't able to get any idea to display more than 1 fields in 1st or 2nd level node.
    Is it possible through ALV TREE? If yes, then how? I am new to oops. So please give me a bit detailed info.

    you must have the same number of columns on all lines (but you may display them empty)
    Have a look at BCALV_TREE_DEMO program

  • Runtime error while i add a node in ALV Tree in oops

    i am adding a node to alv tree using oop am passing a work area and when i execute it is going for a dump and it says UC_OBJECTS_NOT_CONVERTIBLE
    and the below where it is bold and italic it is where the dump is occuring
    <wa> type any.
    assign mt_outtab->* to <tab1>.
    insert line in outtab
    if is_outtab_line is initial.
    create initial line
    data l_dref_wa type ref to data.
    create data l_dref_wa like line of <tab1>.
    assign l_dref_wa->* to <wa>.
    l_index = 0.
    append <wa> to <Tab1>.
    add node to model

    HI Mohsin,
    please refer to the below ....
    might be helpful for u .....
    Hope thiw will help ....

  • Editing a single cell at node level in Alv tree

    Hi ,
    I  am a beginner in ALV tree.Can u please let me know if its possible to edit a single cell at the node level ?
    Thanks in advance.

    Check the Standard Program may it helpful BCALV_TREE_ITEMLAYOUT.
    Kanagaraja L

  • Get Node Key Multiple Items Selected  from ALV tree

    Hello Experts,
    I'm having a problem in getting Node keys for the items displayed as ALV tree.
    I'm able to get Node key, when only ONE record (Item) is selected.
    But, when I select multiple items under a Single node am not able to read(get) the node keys for all the selected items.
    I'm using the classCL_GUI_ALV_TREE.
    I have tried using the method GET_CHECKED_ITEMS, but not getting the keys.
    method GET_SELECTED_ITEM is giving node for a single item. I need it for multiple items selected.
    Thank you for your time.

    You need to use checkbox concept. and use method GET_CHECKED_ITEMS get selected items
    please check this tread.
    CL_GUI_ALV_TREE and Checkboxes

  • ALV Tree - how to put checkbox on the node level?

    Hello everyone!
    I have an AlvTree and I have special column named SEL. That column contains checkboxes. I want to put additional checkboxes at the node level, I need them to create select all option.
    In other words I must somehow create something similar to do_sum option. DO_SUM works for numeric columns, the sum of all rows in current node appears at the top level. So I must do the same but checkbox.
    Are there any ideas?
    Here is my code of creating the tree.
    DATA: g_tree9001 type ref to cl_gui_alv_tree_simple.
    " Here I fill fieldcat...
    create object g_tree9001
            i_parent                    = g_doc_cont
            i_node_selection_mode       = cl_gui_column_tree=>node_sel_mode_single
            i_item_selection            = 'X'
            i_no_html_header            = 'X'
            i_no_toolbar                = ''.
    call method g_tree9001->set_table_for_first_display
            i_save              = 'A'
            is_variant          = ls_variant
            it_sort             = gt_sort9001
            it_outtab           = gt_tree9001
            it_fieldcatalog     = gt_treefcat9001.
    My output table gt_tree9001 has sthe following structure:
    My sort table gt_sort9001 has 2 rows. Sorting by BUKRS and KTEXT.
    My tree looks like this:
    +bukrs1 ------------------------------
      -- ktext1 ---  X --- swerk1
      -- ktext2 ---  X --- swerk2
    +bukrs2 ------------------------------
      -- ktext3 ---  X --- swerk3
    I want to get:
    +bukrs1 ----------X----------------
      -- ktext1 ---  X --- swerk1
      -- ktext2 ---  X --- swerk2
    +bukrs2 ----------X----------------
      -- ktext3 ---  X --- swerk3
    Appreciate any help!

    Hi ,
    Check the below threads, it may give some idea to get check box in the node .
    [LINK1|Check box on left navigation of ALV tree;
    [LINK2|Checkbox ALV Tree CL_GUI_ALV_TREE;

  • ALV tree - change node text

    on a screen I have input fields such as year and below a container holding an ALV tree.
    When I change the year value, that starts a new selection from a table and should result in changing many of the lines in the tree.
    I was trying to use the methods "get_outtab_line" to retrieve the tree line data and then changing this data with method "change_node".
    The problem is I cannot access the correct node-key. The node-key value is kept in memory somewhere and when I refresh the alv tree at PBO, the node-key is incremented from the stored value which means I cannot use get_outtab_line properly.
    Any suggestions or example programs,
    Thanks a lot,

    Hi Kevin,
    Try using method update_calculations instead of directly using frontend_update.
    So the sequence should be,
      IF NOT ref_tree IS INITIAL.
        CALL METHOD ref_tree->free.
      CREATE OBJECT ref_tree...
      CALL METHOD ref_tree->set_table_for_first_display...
    ****Data fill in a loop
      CALL METHOD ref_tree->add_node..
    ****Expand if needed
      CALL METHOD ref_tree->expand_node..
    ****Toolbar Logic if needed..
    ****Events Registration
    ****Finally call to update calculations
      CALL METHOD ref_tree->update_calculations..
    Hope this helps..

  • Suppressing empty nodes in ALV tree grid

    Hi,  I'm writing an ALV tree report with financial data broken down by cost element hierarchy. We've determined that the maximum number of levels in our hierarchy is seven so have to build the program to accept seven node levels. Most times when it runs it will find fewer than seven nodes.  Is there an easy to to suppress empty columns in the report so that the end user does not not see a bunch of empty nodes in the report?

    Expand or Collapse Branches or Hide Areas
    You are able to expand and collapse the branches of the tree structure individually or together. Beyond that you are able to make a node or an item completely invisible.
    Function                                       Class                                   Method
    Expand individual branch               CL_SALV_NODE                  EXPAND 
    Collapse individual branch                                                        COLLAPSE
    Expand all branches                    CL_SALV_NODES                EXPAND_ALL
    Collapse all branches                                                              COLLAPSE_ALL
    Change visibility of a node            CL_SALV_NODE                  SET_VISIBLE
    Check whether the node is visible                                             IS_VISIBLE
    Change visibility of an item             CL_SALV_ITEM                 SET_VISIBLE
    Check whether the item is visible                                             IS_VISIBLE

  • Editing of a  Column of ALV Tree(OOPS) node

    is it possible to edit a column of node of ALV tree.
    i am using ALV class "CL_GUI_ALV_TREE".
    After searching existing threads, for the same issue..i found the following.
    1) Editable Tree ALV
      ( displays pop up window where user can change values and then transfer these changes back to ALV tree)
    2) Editable Field in ALV TREE Display Using OOPs
         (this approach is not working for ALV Tree)
    But i want to edit directly coulmn of a node of ALV tree.
    is it possible in  OOPS ALV Tree?
    if it possible, can any one provide the sample code,

    As you already noticed, this is not possible, but you may edit your fields outside the tree and bring your changes back to tree. I struggled with the same once but eventually used described alternative. If you use saplink you may check upgrade [chain and rename|http://code.google.com/p/saplink-chain-and-rename/downloads/list] where this approach is released. The code is free so you will be able to study and copy whatever you need from it.
    Editing in a pop up is also an alternative here.

  • ALV Tree, Expanded node do not show data in certain column

    Hi all,
    I need your help regard to below problem.
    I have an ALV grid in which one of the columns has F4 (search help). If search help is called by pressing a F4 button a dialog box will be shown with ALV tree on it.
    The ALV Tree has 2 columns which are: hierarchy column and one other column called WBS column. At the first show, all expanded node show data contained in WBS column, but if I click to expand a collapsed node, data is not shown in WBS column for the new expanded rows, only shows data in hierarchy column. How to show data in WBS column for the new expanded rows..?
    Basically if at the first show I expand all node, data in WBS column are shown for all rows. It seems that the Expand Node event doesn't update all column data to be shown.
    Please share if anyone of you has faced this kind of problem. Thank you.
    Ramses Hutahaean
    Edited by: Ramses Hutahaean on Feb 29, 2012 1:38 PM

    Hi Fenja,
    as the click-events only raise the node_key (at least I couldn't detect another information), I assume the only way is maintaining an internal helper table by yourself which you build up in parallel when creating the tree and its nodes.
    The (hashed) table might contain 2 columns:
    1. node_key (as table key)
    2. reference to an object
    When a click-event is raised, you look up the corresponding object reference in your table.

  • Double click on the node,ALV tree, subscreen

    I have a small requirement in ALV Tree
    left side i get a tree and when i double click on one of it , i'm trying to display the subscreen. even though i am setting the paramaters to the screen but i'm unable to get those values in the subscreen.
    Name        Description                                                subscreen 0101
    xyz           xyz desc (double click on this)                  name    = XYZ
    ABC         abs desc                                                      descrip = xyz desc
    This is what the requirement is:
    Please help me out with the solution.

    Hi Bhavana,
    Register your double click event in the ALV Tree program. Then call the respective subscreen using sy-ucomm value.
    IF NOT r_ucomm IS INITIAL.
        CASE r_ucomm.
          WHEN '&F03'.
            SET SCREEN 100.
            LEAVE SCREEN.
    Refer the below code for setting the registering the event.
      CALL METHOD tree->get_registered_events
          events = l_events_s.
      l_event-eventid = cl_gui_column_tree=>eventid_item_double_click.
      APPEND l_event TO l_events_s.
      CALL METHOD tree->set_registered_events
          events                    = l_events_s
          cntl_error                = 1
          cntl_system_error         = 2
          illegal_event_combination = 3.
      CREATE OBJECT l_events_receiver.
      SET HANDLER l_events_receiver->handle_item_click FOR tree.
    CLASS lcl_events_receiver DEFINITION.                       "#EC *
        handle_item_click FOR EVENT item_double_click OF cl_gui_alv_tree
            IMPORTING node_key fieldname.
    ENDCLASS.                    "lcl_handle_events DEFINITION
    CLASS lcl_events_receiver IMPLEMENTATION.
      METHOD handle_item_click.
        PERFORM employee_data USING node_key fieldname.
        CALL SCREEN 300.
      ENDMETHOD.                    "HANDLE_ITEM_DOUBLE_CLICK
    ENDCLASS.                    "lcl_events_receiver IMPLEMENTATION
    Ganesh R K
    Edited by: Ganesh.rk83 on Jun 23, 2011 11:21 AM

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