Random Shutdown in 2010 for a 2006 Macbook

I have a 2006 Macbook 1.83 GHz processor and I never had the whole random shutdown problem previously... it burned through batteries like nothing and I was about to install my third hard drive, but no random shutdown problems. Well, now I have it...
Anyway, it is out of warranty, obviously.
1) Will Apple still replace the heatsink, since it was defective even though I am out of warranty?
2) If not, does anyone know if by replacing the heatsink that should fix the problem?

Sure Apple will replace the heat sync. At a price. I may be something else though. It might be full if dust after all these years. You could try putting a vacuum cleaner over the in vent and give it a good sucking. Worked for a friend of mine...

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  • Random Shutdown Problem Fixed (for now)

    I experienced the same random shutdown problems/symptoms with my MacBook that have been extensively described in this forum and elsewhere. I sent it back for repair under AppleCare and it was returned in 3 days. It has been running now for 4 days with no problems and far cooler and quieter (the fan rarely comes on) than it was before. The repair sheet indicates that the heat sink and heat assembly unit were replaced.
    I'll keep my fingers crossed, but at least in my case and perhaps others, the problem may simply have to do with the thermal contact with the heat sink going bad and the processor simply shuts down due to overheating.
    MacBook 2 GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

    They told me something interesting at my Mac Retailer. They have had two other machines brought in doing the same thing. They tried new logic boards with no success, they tried new thermal assemblies with no luck, new ram - nothing seemed to solve the problem.
    What they finnally did was replace the Hard Drive - they tell me this has fixed the problem. Now I don't know if that is what they'll do to mine. The other two machines had the 60gb drives - mine is a 100gb, but we'll see. From all I have heard, this doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Anyway, we'll see what happens.
    Anyone else hear anything about replacing the hard drive?

  • Which hard drive for my 2006 MacBook?

    I have a 2006 MacBook (not pro or air) and the hard drive broke a while back. As it is lighter than my current PC (ugh) I would like to get it working again. Which type of hard drive would I need? (something along the lines of a 80GB SATA) thanks in advance

    Any 2.5" form factor SATA drive will work as long as it's 9.5mm or less high.
    For a new hard drive try Newegg.com http://www.newegg.com/Store/SubCategory.aspx?SubCategory=380&name=Laptop-Hard-Dr ives&Order=PRICE
    Or OWC for regular hard drives and SSDs  http://eshop.macsales.com/shop/hard-drives/2.5-Notebook/
    Here are instructions on replacing the hard drive in a MacBook with a removable battery. http://creativemac.digitalmedianet.com/articles/viewarticle.jsp?id=45088
    If you don’t have the tools to open up the MacBook OWC has a set for $5

  • Harddrive Limits for Early 2006 Macbook

    Hey everybody,
    I've been searching everywhere but haven't found any answers. First off I have the first Macbook that came out (I bought it June 2006). I asked a Genius what is the max harddrive gb i can put into the the macbook and he said 120gb. I've seen other posts saying they've installed 250, 350 gb with no problem and a macsales.com rep said that I can go up to 500 gbs.
    So what is the real answer?
    and If i upgrade my harddrive and memory, can i still go to the genius bar and have things replaced for free under my apple care?

    You can put in the biggest drive that fits. Presently that's the Samsung 500 GB SATA notebook drive. All other smaller drives will fit. The Genius you spoke with obviously is a moron.
    Your warranty is unaffected as replacing the drive is a DIY project. However any damage you cause as a consequence of your installing the drive is not covered by the warranty.

  • Random Shutdowns- how i got a new macbook

    i bought my macbook like a month ago and started to experience RSD like 3 days after. i was sooo upset, so i posted a reply to a thread here and ppl recommeded i start a new thread. i managed to solve my prob by getting a nice new macbook. here's how:
    hey today i went into my apple store where i bought my macbook, i waited in line at teh cash bypassing the genuis bar. i repackaged my defunct macbook and took everything in, all my instruction manuls everything. i told the cashier wht was the problem quietly (i thought cuz they were selling macbooks left right and centre they would appreciate me not yelling out "macbooks have uber problems!") and the cashier said "we'll exchange it right away". He took my old one with the bill and the serial number and gave me a brand new macbook which i am using right now. granted i didnt have much on my old mac cuz it was almost new but the way the apple ppl acted they definitly did not want this prob publicized.
    this really only works if you have a macstore you can go to and visit in person, it helps alot to actually physically be there. and if you have a newish laptop. also, be considerate, dont rant or yell. think about it: these ppl dont want to deal with an irate customer.
    hope this helps any1 who has a prob!
    Macbook   Mac OS X (10.4.7)  

    the macstore i returned my laptop to was pretty well stocked, my bro had a alt. configured macbook (black) and expereinced problems with RSD. they were able to configure a new one for him and he got a new comp in 2 days!
    i still think the best idea is to, if possible go into a mac store and talk to the sale associates

  • RAM for Late 2006 Macbook Pro C2D?

    Can anyone tell me what kind of RAM i would need to order for my machine?   Macbook Pro, C2D, 2.16 ghz, 15.4"
    I've been having bad luck with crucial.com in getting either bad or incorrect batches of RAM to the point where two batches that came in wouldn't even allow the computer to turn on, and the one RAM that did allow the computer to turn on freezes the machine constantly.  It's extremely frustrating.
    Orginally my machine had 1 GB of RAM, I have attempted to upgrade to 2GB x 2, so 4 GB's of RAM total. 
    I was on newegg shopping for RAM, as suggested by a apple genius bar employee, but I'm not sure which RAM to get.  Are there any differences in these?  Please see attached image.

    Welcome Mark!
    The 2.16G C2D can access only a maximum of about 3.2G RAM, but installing 2 two 2G modules usually works. For easily a decade, I have purchased all my Mac RAM from two Mac-savvy online vendors and have always received the proper RAM. Here are their links to RAM for your computer:
    Other World Computing:
    Data Memory Systems:
    Apple MacBook Pro 2.16GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 15.4" Screen(200 Pin PC2-5300 DDR2 SODIMMs)
    We're a little handicapped here by not knowing your location. The links I posted are for US-baaed vendors. The first one ships internationally; the second only to certain countries.
    Please consider editing your profile to include your approximate geographic location. That will make it easier for the community to help you.

  • Whats next if all else fails with random shutdowns

    Hi, having random shutdown on battery power on my 'macbook intel 1.83 core duo' no warning of low battery etc always ample battery power available.
    Have installed battery update 1.2 twice
    Have reset the SMC twice to no avail
    Next stop apple repair centre, but what's the most likely outcome has anyone had this issue resolved by repair, and if so, what was the cause.

    I am in the same situation, save that I have not yet tried re-setting the SMC. My MacBook is still under guarantee, but the local Apple shop can suggest nothing more creative than that l leave the notebook with them for a week plus. That is impossible for me -- any more than half a day, and I need to have a stand-by replacement into which I can slot my hard drive, but that is most certainly not on offer. It is the more irritating in that it is now apparent to me that Random Shutdown Syndrome been the subject of complaints literally for years, and comes as no surprise to Apple. I am beginning to wonder whether the AppleCare Protection-Plan was worth what I paid for it.

  • Unexpected  random shutdowns

    I'm experiencing unexpected random shutdowns every few hours on my macbook (listed below). I did a search on the forum and found a firmware update that is supposed to take care of this, but when I try to run it I'm told I don't need it and the update aborts. no other real symptoms other than getting dumped to a black screen and power-off.
    any ideas from the brain trust?

    Do you have all the latest software updates?

  • White Macbook 2006 random shutdown solved removed cpu heatsink and more

    I picked up a cheap macbook from a secondhand retailer for $300 and it regularly shutdown, froze, restarted as well as the grey kernel panic screen completely random no real pattern. I set about trying to solve the problem swapping ram and hard drive with my identical 2006 macbook (which I had similar problems with last year, fixed that one with a new battery connector cable). The ram and hard drive made no difference so I downloaded istat menus to see if any combination of cpu voltage, current and temperature were causing the random shutdowns. It seemed when the temperature reached certain values the computer would shutdown or freeze(around 30 to 50 degrees). I'd read on other forums about faulty cpu temperature diodes so I reapplied heatsink compound to the cpu heatsink and checked all the wiring for shorts but nothing seemed to solve the problem. I was ready to retire the computer and use it for spares for my other macbook when needed but I pulled the keyboard off one more time and tried something completely radical. This fix requires some forward planning and software installation but it has completely solved my Random shutdowns completely.
    for instructions see my next post *Fix for random shutdowns white macbook*

    Ok this is not for the non technical person but it is quite a simple process with the right instructions.
    This first step is very important install the software coolbook($10) and fan control (Free)( not smc fan control). Set up coolbook to operate the cpu at the lowest speed and voltage for both power adapter and battery(1002MHz and .95Volts). Remove the keyboard to access the computer logic board (instructions can be found at iFixit). Remove the four screws and two connectors holding the heatsink to the logicboard and gently lift the heatsink out (very important that you leave the fan screwed in and connected). Close the computer back up if you wish to test just gently connect the keyboard and loosly sit the keyboard back in. Restart and reset the pram immediately. Let the computer boot up and then open system preferences and configure Fan Control to your liking. So far no random shutdowns for over a week (was getting many a day previously.

  • Macbook in repair for kernal panics and random shutdowns.....

    It's been exactly one week since I sent in my macbook for random shutdowns. I called today to check on the status and they told me it was on hold because they needed more info from me as they can not replicate the problem. This thing was shutting down on me 3-4 times a day without warning. I gave them all kinds of suggestions, ie: check logic board, power management system, panic logs, etc. Don't these techs know how to troubleshoot? My biggest fear is that they won't find the problem and they'll send my defective Macbook back to me. What are my options then? It was bought for me by a friend in Denver who brought it down to Albuquerque for me (500 miles away) so returning it to a store is not an option. I know other people are having this problem so I know I'm not crazy and delusional. I don't want to be stuck with a defective computer but my 2 week grace period is over. What can I do?
    MacBook   Mac OS X (10.4.5)  

    Here's an update on my repair. It's been 2 weeks and they finally found the problem to be a bad logic board. They said it was on hold for repair to replace the board and didn't specify a return time. I expressed a concern with having a month old computer that has already been in for a major repair. After some polite but concerned dialouge between myself and a product specialist, she offered me a new one. I accepted the offer gladly. She even asked black or white? My original was white. So chalk one up for Apple customer support. They seems like they're out to make things right with their customers. You just have to remain calm and patient.

  • Random Shutdown plagues Macbook Pro C2D as well?

    Hello everyone,
    I know the Macbooks suffer from random shutdowns, but I thought this issue was fixed in the recent models. Apparently, it's still a problem since my brand new macbook pro core 2 duo exhibits random shutdowns when it gets too hot. Yes, I have all my stuff up to date. No, the new firmware does not apply to the Core 2 Duo MBPs.
    My question is, is this still a known problem? I haven't really hard of Macbook Pros suffering from this, is this also common with Macbook Pros?
    My Macbook does not get extremely hot to the touch, contrary to some of the "Hot" threads on this board. But, I guess it's enough to short the circuit that causes immediate shutdowns. It's easy enough to avoid, but I'd like to push my Macbook to it's fullest without worry of shutdown.

    Well, this is what I've found out ...don't know if that will mean anything to you, but does not seem very good to me. Note that this was prior to the date I received my MBP.
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: hi mem tramps at 0xffe00000
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: PAE enabled
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: 64 bit mode enabled
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: standard timeslicing quantum is 10000 us
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: vmpagebootstrap: 251691 free pages
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: migtable_maxdispl = 71
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: Enabling XMM register save/restore and SSE/SSE2 opcodes
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: ACPI CA 20060421
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement: ready
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: AppleACPICPU: ProcessorApicId=0 LocalApicId=0 Enabled
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: AppleACPICPU: ProcessorApicId=1 LocalApicId=1 Enabled
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: Copyright (c) 1982, 1986, 1989, 1991, 1993
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: The Regents of the University of California. All rights reserved.
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: using 5242 buffer headers and 4096 cluster IO buffer headers
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: Enabling XMM register save/restore and SSE/SSE2 opcodes
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: Started CPU 01
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: IOAPIC: Version 0x20 Vectors 64:87
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: ACPI: System State [S0 S3 S4 S5] (S3)
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: Security auditing service present
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: BSM auditing present
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: disabled
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: rooting via boot-uuid from /chosen: 0DC7FF3D-D334-4F4C-914D-9FA50D95FDA5
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: Waiting on <dict ID="0"><key>IOProviderClass</key><string ID="1">IOResources</string><key>IOResourceMatch</key><string ID="2">boot-uuid-media</string></dict>
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: AppleYukon: 00000000,e00002bc PwrSavingsEED - failed to get EDGP
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: USB caused wake event (EHCI)
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: FireWire (OHCI) TI ID 8025 built-in now active, GUID 0017f2fffe814a26; max speed s800.
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: CSRHIDTransitionDriver::probe:
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: CSRHIDTransitionDriver::start before command
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: Extension "com.apple.driver.AppleUSBTCKeyboard" has no kernel dependency.
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: Extension "com.apple.driver.AppleUSBTCKeyEventDriver" has no kernel dependency.
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: Got boot device = IOService:/AppleACPIPlatformExpert/[email protected]/AppleACPIPCI/[email protected],2/AppleAHCI/PRT2 @2/[email protected]/AppleAHCIDiskDriver/IOAHCIBlockStorageDevice/IOBlockStorageDri ver/Hitachi HTS541612J9SA00 Media/IOGUIDPartitionScheme/[email protected]
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: BSD root: disk0s2, major 14, minor 2
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: CSRHIDTransitionDriver::stop
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: HFS: created HFBT on Macintosh HD
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: IOBluetoothHCIController::start Idle Timer Stopped
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: Jettisoning kernel linker.
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: Resetting IOCatalogue.
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: display: family specific matching fails
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: Matching service count = 0
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: Matching service count = 1
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: Matching service count = 1
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: Matching service count = 1
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: Matching service count = 1
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: Matching service count = 1
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: display: family specific matching fails
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: ath_attach: devid 0x24
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: display: family specific matching fails
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: mac 12.10 phy 8.1 radio 12.0
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: display: family specific matching fails
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: Previous Shutdown Cause: 3
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost kernel[0]: display: family specific matching fails
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost mDNSResponder-108.2 (Aug 20 2006 04: 04:10)[57]: starting
    Nov 13 18:16:31 localhost memberd[65]: memberd starting up
    Nov 13 18:16:33 localhost lookupd[71]: lookupd (version 369.6) starting - Mon Nov 13 18:16:33 2006
    Nov 13 18:16:35 localhost diskarbitrationd[63]: disk0s2 hfs F89B2CC8-63E3-337A-9EE4-346BAB54E7BB Macintosh HD /
    Nov 13 18:16:35 localhost DirectoryService[72]: Launched version 2.1 (v353.5)
    Nov 13 18:16:36 localhost kernel[0]: yukonosx: Ethernet address 00:17:f2:c2:38:10
    Nov 13 18:16:36 localhost kernel[0]: AirPort_Athr5424: Ethernet address 00:17:f2:e7:66:7d
    Nov 13 18:16:37 localhost lookupd[91]: lookupd (version 369.6) starting - Mon Nov 13 18:16:37 2006
    Nov 13 18:16:39 localhost mDNSResponder: Couldn't read user-specified Computer Name; using default “Macintosh-0017F2C23810” instead
    Nov 13 18:16:39 localhost mDNSResponder: Couldn't read user-specified local hostname; using default “Macintosh-0017F2C23810.local” instead
    Nov 13 18:16:40 localhost kernel[0]: Registering For 802.11 Events
    Nov 13 18:16:40 localhost kernel[0]: [HCIController][setupHardware] AFH Is Supported
    Nov 13 18:16:40 localhost mDNSResponder: Adding browse lanain local.
    Nov 13 18:16:43 localhost KernelEventAgent[56]: tid 00000000 received unknown event (256)
    Nov 13 18:16:56 localhost /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Admin.framework/Resources/UpdateSettingsTool: UpdateSettings Error: makequeues -u returned 512
    Nov 13 18:16:57 localhost /System/Library/CoreServices/loginwindow.app/Contents/MacOS/loginwindow: Login Window Application Started
    Nov 13 18:38:50 localhost /System/Library/CoreServices/loginwindow.app/Contents/MacOS/loginwindow: Login Window Application Started
    Nov 13 18:39:03 localhost /System/Library/CoreServices/Setup Assistant.app/Contents/MacOS/Setup Assistant: _MDSuspendIndexing() 1
    Nov 13 18:39:05 localhost /System/Library/CoreServices/Setup Assistant.app/Contents/MacOS/Setup Assistant: starting movie now\n
    Nov 13 18:39:33 localhost /System/Library/CoreServices/Setup Assistant.app/Contents/MacOS/Setup Assistant: movie done now (hide)
    Nov 13 18:39:40 localhost mDNSResponder: Couldn't read user-specified Computer Name; using default “Macintosh-0017F2C23810” instead
    Nov 13 18:39:40 localhost mDNSResponder: Couldn't read user-specified local hostname; using default “Macintosh-0017F2C23810.local” instead
    Nov 13 18:40:34 localhost ntpdate[622]: no servers can be used, exiting
    Nov 13 18:40:34 localhost ntpd[624]: bind() fd 11, family 30, port 123, addr fe80:5::217:f2ff:fee7:667d, in6is_addrmulticast=0 flags=0 fails: Can't assign requested address
    Nov 13 18:40:38 localhost mDNSResponder: Couldn't read user-specified Computer Name; using default “Macintosh-0017F2C23810” instead
    Nov 13 18:40:38 localhost mDNSResponder: Couldn't read user-specified local hostname; using default “Macintosh-0017F2C23810.local” instead
    Nov 13 18:40:38 localhost configd[61]: executing /System/Library/SystemConfiguration/Kicker.bundle/Contents/Resources/enable-net work
    Nov 13 18:40:38 localhost configd[61]: posting notification com.apple.system.config.network_change
    Nov 13 18:40:38 localhost lookupd[627]: lookupd (version 369.6) starting - Mon Nov 13 18:40:38 2006
    Nov 13 18:40:40 localhost mDNSResponder: Couldn't read user-specified Computer Name; using default “Macintosh-0017F2C23810” instead
    Nov 13 18:40:40 localhost mDNSResponder: Couldn't read user-specified local hostname; using default “Macintosh-0017F2C23810.local” instead
    Nov 13 18:40:42 localhost configd[61]: target=enable-network: disabled
    First Crash --> computer suddenly OFF !
    i've had 5 or six crashes since I received my MBP on Nov. 15th. Apple told me it must be a hardware problem. I have other stuff to read from the console if you're interested caus' quite frankly this does not make a lot of sense to me.

  • Macbook problems, hard drive crash, random shutdown, freezes

    I bought my macbook used a few months ago, and it worked flawlessly until about 3 weeks ago. The system started freezing and not booting (getting folder icon instead of apple at startup). I ran drive setup and tried to repair the drive, but this did not fix the problem. DiskWarrior also could not fix it. I pulled the drive and installed a new hard drive, as I wanted a larger capacity anyways. All my problems appeared fixed for about two weeks, then similar problems began occurring. I backed up all the files I needed to an external firewire drive and attempted to reformat the new internal drive. Drive Setup says it can not reformat the drive - can't mount it and if it does, the drive disappears while in the process of formatting. I pulled the new drive and am having it replaced under warranty. I am using the firewire drive to run my computer, and this seemed to work fine for a day or two until the computer just started shutting down with no warning. Everything goes black, including the little light on the front of the computer. I have to hold down the power button for 10 seconds before it lets me start the computer back up. I had read this may be a memory issue, so I ran memtest and it says the memory is fine (I need to do it in single user mode still, however). I also tried pulling both sticks of ram. They are both 1GB crucial memory. I put each stick in by itself and tried it in both slots and was able to reproduce the shutdown issue with any ram configuration of either stick.
    After all this, I realized the firewire drive was only running 10.5, so I updated all the software through software update, and it is now running 10.5.2. It seems to be working better as I have not experienced a random shutdown yet, but I'm anticipating it may start back up soon. Today, however I experienced a different problem - the screen froze on me and the only way to get anything to happen was to force a shutdown with them power button. It's restarted and seems to be working fine again for now.
    I've run some logs and here's some things I've found:
    When the latest freeze happened, I got this repeated over 100 times:
    Apr 29 11:04:31 jon-turners-macbook quicklookd[536]: CGContextClosePath: no current point.
    I've also seen this:
    Apr 29 11:18:19 jon-turners-macbook kernel[0]: Previous Shutdown Cause: 3
    Apr 29 11:18:19 jon-turners-macbook kernel[0]: GFX0: family specific matching fails
    Apr 25 19:19:50 localhost kernel[0]: hi mem tramps at 0xffe00000
    Should there be anything else I can check? I would run Apple Hardware Utilities, but I don't have the original disks, just the Leopard installer. I have Disk Warrior, but it seems strange this would happen with multiple systems and drives. I'd like to get Techtool Pro, but haven't had the money/time to order it yet.

    Thanks for the replies!
    Yeah, I think it's the HDD. I was just worried that the RAM was bad and corrupted the HDD or something, but given the symptoms I think you guys are right. Ordered a 7200RPM 320GB HDD off Amazon Prime...will be here tomorrow
    I'll post how it goes after I finish installing it. I'm backing up as I type.
    I wonder if I can fix the ir port and the sleep indicator light when I install the hard-drive. The sleep indicator light never turns off. It stays on as long as my computer is on, only turns off when I shut it down.

  • Macbook won't detect external display anymore - Random shutdown injury??

    my Macbook has the dreaded random shutdown thing happening, often it can't even get through the startup sequence. If I reset the PMU and PRAM and check the disk every week I can keep it running. Applecare are making not particularly helpful suggestions like "run it in safe mode" - hello people, random means it can take days to happen again... I use this computer for work so I need it at full capacity every day!!!
    Anyway, enough angry ranting. The casualty of today's RS and subsequent PRAM PMU resetting is my external display (Viewsonic LCD). The macbook is no longer sending signals to it (display says "no signal"). When I ask the macbook to "detect displays" nothing happens. I have restarted the macbook several times and unplugged and replugged the display connection it doesn't help. Yes, I have the AC power cable plugged in on the Macbook (I know it doesn't like talking to the screen if I don't).
    The display and macbook have always worked fine together in the past...
    Does anyone have any suggestions on how to test for causes or fix this display related problem?
    MacBook   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  
    Powerbook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.2)  

    You don't mention ever having brought the problem to Apple's attention, or what resulted from your request for Apple's help with it. This isn't a universal or widespread problem. It may be a hardware fault in your own equipment that needs to be resolved with a repair, or it may be a software problem (corrupt file, incompatible software conflict, update needed, etc., etc.). You seem to think Apple should have fixed it for you without your lifting a finger, and you're eager to complain about Apple's lack of support. But you've offered nothing to indicate that Apple even knows you need support. You do have to ask for it. Have you done so?
    We have no idea what steps you've taken to try to narrow down the possibilities, e.g., making sure the monitor is turned on; trying a different video cable as iVmichael has suggested; testing the monitor with the same cable on a different computer; testing a different monitor with the same cable and then with a diferent cable on your computer; substituting a different cable adapter, if you are using one; applying all applicable system software updates and then Repairing Permissions and Repairing Disk; starting in Safe Mode and seeing whether the monitor is recognized and activated then; seeing whether the monitor is detected in System Profiler; and so on. You may have done some of these things, but you haven't told us about them or about the results.

  • 2.5 y/o macbook develops random shutdown?

    my 2.0 ghz core2duo white macbook has done the random shutdown thing 2 nights in a row, and its never happened before. no warning, no prior indication, it just instantly shuts down. I haven't heard of this developing on an older macbook. Both times the computer was under light load, on battery power and had maybe 20% charge left.
    I did see one thread where on old battery may be an alternative cause, so I downloaded the suggested coconutbattery, which tells me my battery has a capacity of 4036 mAH now, as opposed to 5020 when new. I don't know if this is significant but it doesn't seem that 80% of the original battery capacity is too bad.
    Does anyone have experience of this happening, or any helpful info for me?? This is a pain as I was hoping to use my macbook for some live music soon... not too confident of that now.
    thanks, Simon Gregory

    I'm not sure resetting the SMC is good advice, according this article:
    It says only to do it very very specific issues, and random shutdown is not one of them. The article specifically warns against doing it as a troubleshooting measure...

  • MacBook Pro Core Duo 15" Random Shutdown worsening

    Have had my MBP for over 18 months now, and any glitches have been software so far.
    Two nights ago, I was working on my MBP and suddenly went into an unwakeable sleep. After resetting, I could start up intermittently up to 5 minutes, but it seems to have gotten worse, to where I'm at a point where I can only manage a few seconds of startup before it blacks out again, either off or again, into an unwakeable darkness.
    It's the same with just battery, battery & AC, or just AC. It wont stay on long enough for me to start from CD, neither will it stay on to let me Firewire my info/account to another Mac.
    At times when I cannot start at all, I can hear a small 'electrical snap' (best description I can give) when pressing the power button, whichever combination of power source I use. I guess this is normal, but I wouldn't notice it usually.
    For anyone who've had their MacBook Pro with "Random Shutdown" fixed by Apple out of warranty, could you give an example of cost?
    Sion Joyce

    i dread to think how much it would cost, but i was having random shutdown problems as of last week. completely out of the blue
    but, the latest Firmware update seems to have solved it! not before i went and bought another battery of course
    one thing i have noticed though is the eta on the battery fullness is completely random now, it'll go from having about a minute left to having an hour and 30mins

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  • Error when running OcsUmUtil.exe on Lync server

    We have a very simple system, consisting of one Lync server, one exchange server. I have followed all steps to integrate Exhange 2010 UM with Lync 2010. http://blog.schertz.name/2010/11/lync-and-exchange-um-integration/ All goes well until I try to r

  • Can you use iTunes without exiting Keynote?

    I am using keynote to do presentations for kids and it is not a fixed structure for each one.We change between slides regulary and is there a way to embed music into a group of slides 4 or 5 slides without the embeded music for those slides interferi

  • Acrobat 10.1.8 not responding Save as Adobe PDF and reduced size

    OS: Mac 10.7.5 Acrobat Pro: 10.1.8 MS Word: 2011, version 14.1.0 All Software and system up to date. Save as Adobe PDF... in Print funciotn will be not respnoding... Open a word file, Print -> PDF -> Save as Adobe PDF -> option : "High Quality Print"

  • Smart playlists not updating live after 3.1.1 upgrade

    Same discussion started back in February about the 3.0 update (http://discussions.apple.com/message.jspa?messageID=9937797) I thought for sure live updating would work properly with such an update from 3.0 -> 3.1.1, but no luck! I guess it takes more

  • My password is always wrong!

    Hello! I'm having some problems when I change my alternate email to primary email. By clicking on save, it prompts me to enter the password, but it always says it's wrong. My Skype account was created when I linked my Microsoft account to it. I can s