Real time scenerios

hi gurus,
Please send some real time issues u faced at the time of implementation and support . if possible send any link.
thanks and regards

Most of the threads whcih are posted in SDN forumns are real time issues only, you need to go through them , so that you understand the issues clearly.
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  • I know its Friday but please reply with some real time scenerios...

    Please let me know the kind of challenges you faced on your current project and the kind of approach you took to solve them...
    Regards by heart

    Hi Bhalout
    We can say every project is a challenging one .... But one of the case i can explain is .........
    We are getting monthly data from source , but we need maintain that data in ODS according to Weeks.
    CompanyCode| Month | Key Figure
    1000 | 200703| 100
    I have split the monthly records in to Weekly record when loading the data in to BW. This is done by selecting Return Table option in the update rules of a Key figure and a writing a start routine..........
    ODS/Cube Data
    CompanyCode | CalMonth | Week | KeyFigure
    1000 | 200703 | 200709 |25
    1000 | 200703 | 200710 |25
    1000 | 200703 | 200711 |25
    1000 | 200703 | 200712 |25
    Hope this example works..........
    Some other challanges you can explain about are
    Query Performance issues when go live and you can explain about maintaining aggregates, data load issues such as failing of delta in a process chain .........and how you resolved those issues.
    One example is you can say Users want to see some special characters in the report and I used RSKC transaction to allow those special characters.........
    Mostly this question is a general question and I hope you can get more real time scenarios from sdn.......
    Assign Points If useful.......

  • Head office and POS integration real time scenerio

    Hello experts,
    I am looking for some realtime scenerio of head office integration with pos (3rd party). Kindly give me some guidelines on the same.
    With Regards
    Abhishek Sinha
    Idhasoft, India

    SAP has got standard solution called POSDM for POS Integration with backend ERP system. Please see the attached link for details [].

  • CRIO and ni 9234 modules not working or communicating through fpga with accelerometers, fpga connected to real time application which is also connected to shared variables linked to modbus slave

    I have a compact rio which has a 4 way chassis attached to that chassis is three ni9234 modules they are linked using fpga to a real time application then using shared variables in the low speed loop that are linked to a modbus slave to communicate with dcs, the ni 9234's have accelerometers connected to them with iepe ac coupled option on the c modules, my problem is the real time application seems to be running okay even when power loss occurs it restarts with no problem and the fpga writes to the portable hard drive bin files fine but without a accelerometer connected I get low noise readings as soon as I connect a accelerometer to any one of the 10 outputs it just goes to a fixed number (0.03125) as soon as disconnect it again it reverts back to reading noise, I have run a scan on the modules and only get a spike when I connect or disconnect the accelerometer, I have tested the voltage at the pins of the module and I get 22 volts dc which makes it more likely that the hardware is not the problem but a software is maybe causing this to hang-up, I attach project and files for your perusal. I also carried out a new project which in scan mode directly linked the module input to shared variable and the same scenerio again. Help would be much appretiated. 
    Many thanks
    Go to Solution.
    logger ‏679 KB

    Whren using waveform acquisition with the 9234s we recommend the following FPGA and RT template.
    it can be extended as a data logger with:
    or using shared variables combined with scan engine
    The FPGA in all of these, as well as the RT framework have been used successfully by 1000s of users.  I would recommend giving these a try. 
    Preston Johnson
    Principal Sales Engineer
    Condition Monitoring Systems
    Vibration Analyst III -,
    National Instruments
    [email protected]

  • Real time apply for logical standby

    I have a primary database orcl and logical standby database orcl_std.
    Real time apply is enabled. I have standby redologs in both primary and standby sides and I`ve started recovery with below command:
    When I create a new table in primary database, I am unable to see it on standby database (Although real time apply is enabled)
    However, when I switch log in primary, I can see the new table in standby database.
    My question is, why realtime apply is not working in my scenerio ? I was expecting to see the new table immediately in standby database once it is created in primary database. Why am I supposed to wait for log switch in real time apply ?

    Using Real-Time Apply to Apply Redo Data Immediately
    1.What is compatible parameter, it should be 11.1
    2.Try to check parameters mentioned in below link:
    Girish Sharma
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  • Real-time apply cascaded logical standby database

    I have a primary database orcl
    Pysical standby database orcl_std
    Cascaded logical standby database orcl_tri which receives archivelogs from orcl_std
    Real time apply is enabled both in orcl_std (physical standby) and orcl_tri (logical standby)
    When I create a table in primary orcl, I am unable to see it on orcl_tri (Although real time apply is enabled)
    However, when I switch log in primary, I can see the new table on orcl_tri.
    My question is, why realtime apply is not working in my scenerio ?

    Hi mseberg,
    Thanks for your reply.
    There is no load or network issue as I`ve just created these databases for the experiement.
    I have the same output from standby and primary databases.
    SQL> select bytes/1024/1024 from  v$standby_log;
                 10I can see below output in standby alertlog
    Fri Nov 16 08:39:51 2012
    with optional part
    Attempt to start background Logical Standby process
    Fri Nov 16 08:39:51 2012
    LSP0 started with pid=37, OS id=16141
    LOGMINER: Parameters summary for session# = 1
    LOGMINER: Number of processes = 3, Transaction Chunk Size = 201
    LOGMINER: Memory Size = 30M, Checkpoint interval = 150M
    LOGMINER: SpillScn 1953318, ResetLogScn 995548
    LOGMINER: summary for session# = 1
    LOGMINER: StartScn: 0 (0x0000.00000000)
    LOGMINER: EndScn: 0 (0x0000.00000000)
    LOGMINER: HighConsumedScn: 1955287 (0x0000.001dd5d7)
    LOGMINER: session_flag: 0x1
    LOGMINER: Read buffers: 16
    Fri Nov 16 08:39:55 2012
    LOGMINER: session#=1 (Logical_Standby$), reader MS00 pid=30 OS id=16145 sid=49 started
    Fri Nov 16 08:39:55 2012
    LOGMINER: session#=1 (Logical_Standby$), builder MS01 pid=39 OS id=16149 sid=44 started
    Fri Nov 16 08:39:55 2012
    LOGMINER: session#=1 (Logical_Standby$), preparer MS02 pid=40 OS id=16153 sid=50 started
    LOGMINER: Turning ON Log Auto Delete
    LOGMINER: Begin mining logfile during commit scan for session 1 thread 1 sequence 202, +DATA/orcl_std/archivelog/2012_11_15/thread_1_seq_202.349.799450179
    LOGMINER: End mining logfiles during commit scan for session 1
    LOGMINER: Turning ON Log Auto Delete
    LOGMINER: Begin mining logfile for session 1 thread 1 sequence 202, +DATA/orcl_std/archivelog/2012_11_15/thread_1_seq_202.349.799450179
    LOGMINER: End   mining logfile for session 1 thread 1 sequence 202, +DATA/orcl_std/archivelog/2012_11_15/thread_1_seq_202.349.799450179
    Fri Nov 16 08:40:04 2012
    LOGSTDBY Analyzer process AS00 started with server id=0 pid=41 OS id=16162
    Fri Nov 16 08:40:05 2012
    LOGSTDBY Apply process AS03 started with server id=3 pid=45 OS id=16175
    Fri Nov 16 08:40:05 2012
    LOGSTDBY Apply process AS04 started with server id=4 pid=46 OS id=16179
    Fri Nov 16 08:40:05 2012
    LOGSTDBY Apply process AS01 started with server id=1 pid=42 OS id=16167
    Fri Nov 16 08:40:05 2012
    LOGSTDBY Apply process AS05 started with server id=5 pid=47 OS id=16183
    Fri Nov 16 08:40:05 2012
    LOGSTDBY Apply process AS02 started with server id=2 pid=44 OS id=16171Do you think real-time apply wasnt setup properly ?

  • Why can't I sample or record with effects in real-time?! LE9

    Here's the scenerio: I'm recording electric guitar, but I'd like to record in real-time using the effects in Logic Express. I can't hear the effects until after I've recorded the track. Am I missing something totally obvious? I'm using LE9 and a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40. Any help?

    Yes to both questions.
    To hear the fx you have applied to the guitar audio track, you need to monitor the signal *after* the channelstrip. You probably have some configuration which leads to a monitoring of your guitar signal *before* it passes the channelstrip.
    Make sure you have set the track to record (red "R") and maybe input monitoring (yellow "I"), and listen to Logic's stereo output. Maybe your Focusrite is set to hardware input monitoring by accident? This would explain a lot.

  • How to reset numbers in real time display in Cisco Supervisor Desktop?

    Hi all,
    I wonder about numbers in real time display in Cisco Supervisor Desktop. There are many statistic number for example : Call Handled, Max Talking, Avg Talking, Max Ready, Total Ready, Call abandoned, etc. Is there any way to reset those numbers back to zero? Please let me know.
    Thank you.

    I haven't tried that, but I'm very skeptical. The CAD Agent gets stats from two places - CTIOS and RASS. RASS keeps the call log information in a SQL Desktop Engine database.
    Stats derived from CTIOS reset at midnight. Obviously, restarting the RASS service has no effect on those. Call log information is being kept in a database so it seems to me that a restart of RASS should also have no effect.
    I guess I will have to try for myself.

  • How to download an FPGA vi along with a real time application

    I am targeting cRIO 9012, cRIO 9102. I downloaded the FPGA vi on flash memory and then built a real time application and set it as startup.  But there was no signals on the modules IOs which are handled by FPGA vi.
    Also the shared variables of that application when running as standalone aren't accessible. Please provide me the steps that should be followed to access the shared variables of a standalone real time system. Please help me resolve these problems.
    Best Regards

    Hi Mani,
    What modules do you have?  What kinds of signals are you measuring?
    Have you deployed your shared variable library on your host PC?
    Applications Engineer
    National Instruments

  • What is the real time use of implicit and explicit cursors in pl/sql

    what is the real time use of implicit and explicit cursors in pl/sql.............please tell me

    You can check the following link ->
    But, i've a question ->
    Are you student?
    Satyaki De.

  • InDesign auto-size frame feature not working in real time in InCopy why?

    We have just recently migrated from InCopy CS4 to CS6 to take advantage of the new features like the auto resize frame option, however it now seems that this feature is not working in real-time.
    Basically the steps are needed to be complete before it auto-resizes the frame in InCopy, we use both layout and assignment based workflows:
    1. From an ID document ('doc1'), exported a 'layer' to IC, certain frames are set to auto-size in height using the text frame options. So that editorial can review and make changes to text and the frame should resize according to the specifications set. IC stories are saved to a folder located in a content folder inside the top issue working folder.
    2. Editorial opens the IC software, then opens the ID 'doc1'. Check’s out correct .icml file and makes edits to frame with auto resize.
    3. Frame does not resize according to text frame set options and InCopy file does not respond in same fashion as InDesign.
    4. Change only occurs when InCopy file is closed and updated in InDesign, which is frustrating as this feature would save huge amounts of time serving editorial requests.
    Has anybody experienced this type of workflow problem? If anyone can provide mw with some pointers as to what can I do to get this to update in real time perhaps run a script? Update file in InCopy and refresh I will very much appreciate their assistance. I have run out of ideas.

    We've had all sorts of problems with this feature as it should've worked straight out of the box but after some testing we have found that its something to do with the way you open the actual file in InCopy. Which is far from ideal and should have been UAT by Adobe before release.
    This will not work consistently work if you open the designed .indd or .icma file in InCopy using the file open command within the application.
    If you need this to work, the InCopy user has to open the .indd or .icma file by dragging and droping from OS windows explorer into InCopy, we use Windows 7 acrros all the teams. Check out .icml files add text changes to the set auto resized frames, this process will expand/collapse the frames to fit the content but as you have to use the drag and drop method to open the .indd and .icma file, 2 users cannot access the same time doc at the same time (a serious flaw in the programming architecture!) which stops people working in parallel. Save changes, check in .icml content and close .indd or .icma.
    However the flaw comes in if you then open the .indd and .icma file in InCopy using the file open command within the application, before an InDesign user opens and saves the file (updates the design). The corrections added in the previous stage above, will not show the frames expanded/collapsed to take in the added text and instead show over matter???? The only way around this is to ask an InDesign user to open, update and save the design that way the InCopy user will see the same result no matter what file open method they use.
    Another suggestion is to design the page to have some of the auto resize frames anchored within main body of text and that way the frames will expland/collapse when checking out and editing the content. However, this does cause issues with InDesign crashing etc. so we have tried to stop this method within the working group.
    Have you experienced other more serious issues with InDesign crashing consistently when re-importing .icml files? See other forums here:
    As far as we can see this is a major flaw in how the application(s) work, we have an enterprise agreement with Adobe and purchase a large volume of Adobe products globally but so far the technical support team are unable to find a solution to this and I'm not hopeful of any resolution soon even with the new release of Adobe CC.

  • Updating a Real-time Infocube

    Hi All,
    In one of the requirements in BPS planning.
    We are using the Exit function for validating the data.
    In our function module we are fetching the data and two of the fields in the cube needs to be modified in the cube after completion of the validations.
    I would like to know if there is any existing functionality or Function module in BPS planning for this for updating the Real-time Info cube.

    Try this link:
    In the chapter where table xth_data is described more detailed this can be one possibility to validate your realtime IC.
    Have fun,

  • Office Web Apps Server 2013 / Real-Time co-authoring

    In general, I would like
    to ask the development team or product
    manager SharePoint /Office web Apps.
    As you already know in the cloud
    product version introduces new features. Such as
    authoring and other unlike on-premises version . This link demonstrate it. . 
    Please tell me the plans or roadmaps for the implementation
    of these functions in the server version. Or Microsoft
    has no plans to develop this area?

    great, and as i said, we are working to keep parity, but there are still many features which are technically considered in preview in the O365 environment.  after several months, depending on stability, feedback, and whether the feature fits well with
    the product, it may either be tested to go into on-prem farms and come out of preview or be dropped altogether (auto-hosted apps).
    This feature is definitely one that is key to the future of the product, but there isn't a timeline on when it will come to onprem.  there ia a lot of additional testing before anything can be integrated to on-prem as the environments have many
    more variables than the rather rigid architecture at O365, as well as the fact that the o365 farms have many of the preview features and so then anything to go into a feature for on-prem needs to be re-vetted in farms without those extras and checked for dependencies
    (not normally an issue, but still part of the process).
    Christopher Webb | Microsoft Certified Master: SharePoint 2010 | Microsoft Certified Solutions Master: SharePoint Charter | Microsoft Certified Trainer| Volunteer Teacher |

  • How to change the default Real-Time Collaboration page?

    Who can tell me how to change the default Real-Time Collaboration page?
    If I want to add my corporation logo in the top of the default page.How to do?

    Thanks for your help.
    "Click the Sites tab to display all sites and their IDs for your system." But I clicked the sites tab ,it showed "http://hostname:7777/imtapp/app/home.uix". I could not find the siteID parameter from it. Why?
    How to get it from command?

  • Problem with DAQmx and Real Time PCI-7041/6040E.

    Problem with DAQmx and Real Time PCI-7041/6040E.
    I have a problem with the Real Time card PCI-7041/6040E, I think it is properly installed because my software run with the traditional NI-DAQ. When I try to use the new DAQmx to acquire one signal, Labview doesn't see any device for de DAQ card 6040E.
    Information, I work on Windows XP and LabView v7.0.0 (NIDAQ RT v7.0.0, NI-Serial RT v2.5.2, NI-VISA v3.0.1 and NI-Watchdog v2.0.0).
    Could Labview RT run with new DAQmx ?
    What can I do to use DAQmx with PCI-7041/6040E?
    Thanks for your help !

    I refer to your posts because i am using the PCI 7041/6040E card as
    well but without any success to make it work. The problem I have
    already described in the following thread:
    Would be nice if you had a look on it, maybe you can help me. BTW, the
    thread starts with a problem of someone else, the difficulties I
    encountered are to be found a little bit to the bottom of the thread's
    Thank you!
    Dirk Völlger
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Maybe you are looking for

  • Product Category field in basic list be edit mode.

    Hi Expert, We are using SRM 5.0. In basic data we have a field Product Category which is gradeout mode(not editable). my requirement was to make it editable. please help me. Thank and reagrds, Tirumala

  • Side Bar in the Finder

    How do I display the music (itunes) folder in the side bar if i have accidently deleted it. thanks Sam.

  • Apps won't start after iOS5 upgrade for ipad2

    Hi, after upgrading my ipad with the latest iOS. when you clck on any starts and then minimize..when you double click on the home will see the apps there. Please advice.

  • Uninstallation & re-installation issues

    I had an issue with purchasing "actions" & it caused my Guided Edits & other tabs to dissapear. I read on other fourms to uninstall & reinstall Adobe PSE 10 because the "actions" I purcahsed created this issue. SO, tonight I uninstalled PSE & went to

  • Automatically numbering database records

    I have a database in AW 6 and would like each record numbered so that I can count records. I saw that I can do this for entering new records, but have already set up and imported most data. I would like the numbers not linked to each specific record