Reference Field for Document Type AB has made Mandatory

Dear Experts,
    In OBA7, for Document Type AB (Accounting Document) I had clicked the Reference Number Field Check Box (Made it mandatory)
    So it became mandatory every time to enter the Reference Number when using the Document Type AB
    Now I am facing the problem, when using the T Code F-44 (Clear Vendor - Header Data) the system is popping an Error Msg, " For Document Type AB, an entry is required in field Reference "
     Since their is no Reference Field available on the screen, where should I enter the data for the same
    I am unable to understand How this issue can be resolved, I tried a lot but failed to get a solution
     Their is Reference radio button available on Additional Selections tab, but not field
So please help ..!!
Regards, Nimish

Dear Manmay,
      You are correct but the system is not allowing what you have suggested
      When I enter the vendor no. and click on Goto-Document Overview, the system pops the error message and doesnt allow me to enter anything on that screen
     Please try at your end and revert boss
    I think I may require to raise an OSS note for this
Regards, Nimish

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    Dear all,
    I'd created DME structure for generate TXT file and it works good except for 1 field : payment detail.
    I map this attribute to structure FPAYP field XBLNR,  it should appear 2 line item in TXT file because I have 2 document for 1 vendor / payment document .
    Document date   Reference   Amount

    Hi Raissa, we have the same problem and we have not find any solutions nowadays.
    Is your issue resolved?
    If yes, could you please tell me how?
    Thanks a lot!!

  • Reference field for Automatic Clearing - STO

    Hi All,
    This pertains to automatic clearing of line items in Cenvat Clearing Account for STO transactions.
    Our client is using J1IIN for creating outgoing STO Excise Invoice at sending plant. The accounting document posted will have Billing Document Number in its reference field.
    The accounting entry will be:
    Cenvat Clearing A/c Dr.
    Cenvat Payable A/c Cr.
    In the receiving plant an incoming excise STO invoice is posted in J1IEX. In the accounting document, the reference field is filled with the excise invoice number generated in J1IIN.
    The accounting entry will be:
    Cenvat Receivable A/c Dr.
    Cenvat Clearing A/c Cr.
    Since the reference fileds are having different document numbers, clearing the open items in Cenvat Clearing Account using automatic clearing has become difficult.
    Need inputs on how to get a common text (either Billing Document Number or Outgoing Excise Invoice Number) entered in reference field for both the Excise Invoices in J1IIN and J1IEX, so as to make this automatic clearing work fine . . . .
    Can anybody help in this regard..??
    Ravi Kumar

    In OB74  we have following options for defining rules
    COA      A/Type     Frm No      To No         Criter 1      Criter 2      Criter 3      Criter 4      Criter 5
         D     1     9999999999     VERTN     VERTT     VBEWA
         D     A     Z     ZUONR     GSBER     VBUND
         K     A     Z     ZUONR     GSBER     VBUND
         S     0     9999999999     ZUONR     GSBER     VBUND
    From the above we can have options for
    1. For all accounts or selected one account , we can have upto 5 criterias for our decision to vlear
    2. We can have COA level decisions also
    3. We can have Account type level decisions - Vendor, Customer & GL accounts - one or many and can many rules defined.
    4. apart from the above you have the option to clear the criteria order of the field for account type definitions level
    Please go through the settings - SPRO-GL/AP/AR- Business Transactions- Open items processing- auto clearing 
    whether this helps u to understand the logic

  • In fbl1n report for document type RE  withholding tax amount is not showing

    in fbl1n report for document type RE  withholding tax amount is not showing
    in sap note 363309 determines
    Remove the field which contains the withholding tax information (field BSEG-QSSHB) from your display
    If you want to display the withholding tax information, double-click on the document number and
    subsequently choose 'Withholding tax'.
    my doubt is we remove the field BSEG-QSSHB in layout how can show the withholding tax amount in FBLIN report
    how to remove from the layout
    please clarefy

    If you want to check amounts of withholding tax for the vendors, you have some options to view it. You can access the WITH_ITEM, LFC1 tables by SE16. You have too the S_P00_07000134 report. This report is developed for the Colombia but I already used for the another country with the ABAP development for this country.
    Also you can use table join BSIK and WITH_ITEM by SQVI for the open items and BSAK and WITH_ITEM for cleared items. It is more simple and fast.

  • Down Payments Error: Account type K is not defined for document type DZ T

    I am getting the error message: Transaction code: F-29
    Account type K is not defined for document type DZ
         Message no. F5243
    In this case i am trying to post a customer down payment in t.code:  F-29.
    In the document type DZ in OBA7 we tick only G.L and Customer tab as this is not a vendor document.
    Also the settings in T. Code : OBXR where we maintain configuration for customers has been maintained with a special G/L reconciliation account.
    any help will be really appreciated,

    I have checked all the settings
    OBXR for Customer Down Payments. It is with indicator A and a Special G/L Account has been configured.
    The special G.L Account is of the Recon account type Customers with FSG as Recon accounts
    The document type DZ in OBA7 is ticked for G.L and Customer and this is how i think it should be as i am not paying a vendor downpayment
    but it still gives me the same error.

  • Table for document type Number Range interval

    I want to know the number range interval for document type in the production system but I do not have authorisation for SPRO in the prd system.
    Kindly let me know the table name to check this number range interval for the document type.
    Table T003 stores only the number range and not the interval.

    The table which has document types is T003 but the number ranges are stored in a Structure IRDP. The number ranges are maintained directly in the production system.
    Edited by: kolipara radhika on Aug 25, 2008 6:01 AM

  • Regarding invoice address for document type

    Hi friends,
    I want to know how to print the INVOICE ADDRESS for a perticular document type if user-id  is not exist.
    Please suggest me the suitable code for the above requirement.

    Check Table RBKP & Field name RMWWR for Gross invoice amount & BLART for document type.
    Biju K

  • Gross Invoice amount for document type KR & RE

    Please help in understanding SAP Table & Field name that stores Gross invoice amount for document type KR (Non PO invoice) and RE(PO Invoice)

    Check Table RBKP & Field name RMWWR for Gross invoice amount & BLART for document type.
    Biju K

  • Field SNPLC is not an entry field for resource type 02

    While transferring resource, getting the error message below;
    Field SNPLC is not an entry field for resource type 02
    Message no. /SAPAPO/DMRES149
    Is that something to do with CFC9??
    Please help.

    You have defined the resource type as 2 ( single activity resource)  which is PPDS relevant but in the Planning parameters tab of the APO resource you have defined it as SNP relevant.( Not ticked the Not SNP relevant)
    Request you to make tick in the Not SNP relevant  field and then try Ciffing.
    Since SYSFAIL has happend request you to clear the failed Queues and then CIF it.

  • Field for Record Type

    Hi All,
              I have to show one output in ALV.One of the o/p fields is "Record Type" which has possible entries as 1.Current Stock 2. Safety Stock 3. Process Order 4.Planned Order.
    Is there any field in any table for record type with above mentioned possible entries.Even if a field for Order type is there please mention.
    Thanks in Advance,

    Please check this
    /BI0/OIRECORDTP                Record type
    CFRECTY                        Record type
    FE_RRCTY                       Record type
    MAFID                          Record type
    P106_RTYPE                     Record type
    PAR_TIREG                      Record type
    PES_190TIP                     Record type
    PPT_TSREC                      Record type
    RECNO                          Record type
    RECTP_EBES                     Record type
    RSART                          Record type
    SISATZ                         Record type
    VVISATZA                       Record type

  • Query for Document Type

    Is there a way via the API to query the database for Document Type data (specifically the ImageUUID in PTDOCUMENTTYPES) for a given file extension or MIME type - whether in one step or multiple, doesn't matter?
    Naturally I'd rather do this via API methods than querying the DB directly for scalability/upgrade reasons.
    We have a custom crawler which crawls manifest files containing meta data about the end documents. The click through url is overwritten to be the document to which the manifest file refers but we'd also like to overwrite the ImageUUID to represent the real end document's type rather than the manifest's.

    Yeah it is clear visible that, the same combination might have available in different plants.
    So to avoid the duplicate entries, always select all the primary key fields available in all the tables in the output.
    If not atleast try restricting based on plant in the selection screen or any possible duplicate entreis.
    So add the key fields at Infoset level in SQ02

  • Reference field for quantity/currency

    why s that we need to give a reference field for quantity and currency based fields alone

    The reference field is used for the output, the output/input format of a currency field depends on the value of its reference field.
    For example if you create a screen using the field KONV-KBETR :
    the reference field is RV61A-AWEI1:
    if you set RV61A-AWEI1 = 3
    the value in KONV-KBETR is beeing shown with 3 decimals
    So you could see 3,000 but this value is automatically stored as 30.00
    if you set RV61A-AWEI1 = 2
    the value in KONV-KBETR is beeing shown with 2 decimals
    All this convertions are automatically made in according to the value setted in reference field.
    You can see this using the statament WRITE with options CURRENCY, try this:

  • Authorization for Document type in FB60.

    Hello everybody,
    On executing FB60 transaction code,  i want to control the document type entry means
    we have basically 2 types of document V1- Pune vendor bill and V2 Mumbai Vendor bill.
    I have to give V1 document type authorization only for pune location user and V2 for Mumbai location user.
    I had check the object in FB60 but I can't  find the authorization object for document type.
    I tried by creating test role name z:test and assign transaction FB60 in that role. when I assign this role to
    test user he can post both the document type invoice.
    So please suggest  me how to give the authorization for the V1 and V2.

    Hello Ganesh!
    I believe that authorizations object F_BKPF_BLA is what you're looking for. To use it, however, you will first need to define an authorization group for document type you want to protect. This is done in transaction OBA7; select the document type you want to protect, go into details view and define a value for "Authorization Group" field (this is freely defined, you can enter any value you want).
    After you've done this, a check will be performed on auth. object F_BKPF_BLA with the authorization group value you defined for the document type and activity.
    (I've never implemented this in our system, but I'm fairly certain that this will work.)

  • Contract reference field always resets to contract has no objects

    Hi All,
    When I'm configuring custom contract types in RE-FX the contract reference field always resets to 'contract has no objects' when I save it, no matter what value I enter such as 'objects are leased in'.
    Would anyone know why this might be?
    Thanks very much

    Hi Jamie,
    Please check contract reference, Flex RE type, Fields in Contract type node in IMG

  • You can only assigned two originals for document type DRW

    while going for cv02n  in PM ,when i try to attached more than two documents its shows me an error saying that
    You can only assigned two originals for document type DRW
    but i want to attach more document at same time.

    hey ....thanks
    but when i try to it by this way ,the setting for vault under which the file has to check-in
    is coming in that list but it shows the error saying that You are not authorized for activity 52 document  type KPR...
    when i try to do it under DRW it is allowing me to check in only for 2 documents when i try to attach 3 rd file it gives me an
    You can only assigned two originals for document type DRW
    waiting for your reply

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