Regarding the Message Type and IDOCS related to IS-Banking

Hi Gurus,
can any one provide me the Message Type and IDOCs related to IS-Banking.
Kiran kumar.

Refer this link,
Hope it helps you.

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  • Message type and idoc type

    hi all,
    i'm working on integration between sap and non sap.can anyone please tell me the message types and idoc types available for Funds Management and Project system will be of a great help,full points will be alloted imm.

    What data you want to send / receive.
    The site contains all message types which sap provides.
    You can select your release and check in FI .
    You can also check in tcode WE81 for available doc types .
    Some of them I found are
    GLCORE     Master data G/L accounts (CORE IDOC)
    GLFETC     Request G/L accounts
    GLM000     Test reduction GLMAST
    GLMAST     Master data G/L accounts (master IDOC)
    GLROLL     FI-GLX message type rollup
    Your requirement is not clear as to what you want to send / receive with IDOCS.

  • What is the message type and basic type used for catsdb in idoc help me

    what is the message type and basic type used for catsdb in idoc help me
    Jagrut BharatKumar Shukla
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    Check these message types.

  • Difference between message type and idoc type

    difference between message type and idoc type

    Message Type:
    A message type represents the application message exchanged between R/3 systems and R/3 and an external system. A message type characterises the data sent across systems and relates to the structure of the data called an IDOC type.
    Diff. with IDOC type
    An IDoc type specifies the structure of the data.
    A message type specifies the meaning of the data
    Diff. b/w IDOC type and IDOC
    An IDoc type is the definition of a specific data structure.
    An IDoc is an actual instance of data based on an IDoc type. Therefore, there can be many IDocs created from a single IDoc type.
    MATMAS is the message type and MATMAS05 is IDoc type for Material Master.

  • What is inbound XML message type and idoc type in Purchase Order response

    Hi ,
    We are on SRM 7 ECS , support pack SAPKIBKV08.
    We have a process in which vendor will send a Purchase Order response  which will be
    converted to XML format by a middleware. This XML message will come to
    SRM and post a POR. I want to do the EDI mapping for this XML message,
    but there is no message type and idoc type in SRM for Purchase Order
    response. How do I map my message type in SRM to the vendor sent fields
    in middleware .
    Please advise

    You can process with XML without IDoc.
    Vendor->  (XML) -> PI -> (XML) -> SRM.
    Please check PurchaseOrderConfirmation_In in namespace "".

  • Message types and idoc types

         i need the list of message types and idoc types for edi.
          can any one of u pls send it.

    Check the OSS notes 104606.
    The following list maps the logical messages and IDoc types to the corresponding ANSI X12 transaction sets.That is, the logical message can be copied to the transaction sets named.
    204 Motor carrier shipment information
               The logical message is SHPMNT or IFTMIN, the IDoc type SHPMNT03.
    214 Transportation carrier shipment status message
               The logical message is TRXSTA, the IDoc type TRXSTA01. Inbound processing is supported.
    304 Shipping instructions
               The logical message is SHPMNT or IFTMIN, the IDoc type SHPMNT03.
    810 Invoice or billing document (also 880)
               The logical message is INVOIC, the IDoc type INVOIC01.
    812 Credit and debit advice
               The logical messages are CREADV or DEBADV, the IDoc types PEXR2001 and PEXR2002.
    820 Payment order and credit advice
               For the payment order, the logical message is PAYEXT (REMADV), the IDoc types PEXR2001 and PEXR2002.
               For the credit advice (ERS - Evaluated Receipt Settlement), the logical message is GSVERF, the IDoc type GSVERF01.
    823 Lockbox
               The logical message is LOCKBX, the IDoc type FINSTA01. Inbound processing is supported.
    830 Delivery schedule (LAB)
               The logic message is DELINS (from the EDI standard ODETTE) or DELFOR the IDOC type DELFOR01.
    832 Price catalog (also 879, 888, 889)
               The logical message is PRICAT, the IDoc type PRICAT01. Outbound processing is supported.
    834 Benefit enrollment and maintenance
               The logical message is BENREP, the IDoc type BENEFIT1. Outbound processing is supported.
    840 Request
               The logical message is REQOTE, the IDoc types ORDERS01 to ORDERS04.
    843 Quotation
               The logical message is QUOTES, the IDoc types ORDERS01 to ORDERS04.Outbound processing is supported.
    850 Purchase order or order (also 875)
               The logical message is ORDERS, the IDoc types ORDERS01 to ORDERS04.
    852 Stock and sale data
               The logical message is PROACT, the IDoc type PROACT01.
    855 Order confirmation (also 865)
               The logical message is ORDRSP, the IDoc types ORDERS01 to ORDERS04.
    856 Transport and shipping notification (ASN - Advanced Ship Notification)
               For transport in the SAP application, the logical message is SHPMNT or SHPADV, the IDoc types SHPMNT01 to SHPMNT03.
               For the delivery in the SAP application, the logic message is DESADV, the IDoc types DESADV01 (to be discontinued), DELVRY01 and DELVRY02.
    860 Ordering modification (also 876)
               The logical message is ORDCHG, the IDoc types ORDERS01 to ORDERS04.
    861 Credit advice (ERS - Evaluated Receipt Settlement)
               The logical message is GSVERF, the IDoc type GSVERF01.
    862 Delivery schedule (FAB)
               The logic message is DELINS (from the EDI standard ODETTE) or DELJIT, the IDOC type DELFOR01.
    864 Text message
               The logical message is TXTRAW, the IDoc type TXTRAW01. Inbound processing is supported.
    940 Shipping order and stock order
               The logical message is SHPORD or WHSORD, the IDOC type DELVRY01.
    945 Shipping confirmation and stock confirmation
               The logical message is SHPCON or WHSCON, the IDoc type DELVRY01.
    997 Functional acknowledgment
               This is a technical confirmation. This is not exchanged via an individual message but the status report for IDoc processing. The status values used are:
               "22" Shipping OK, acknowledgment has yet to come
               "16" Functional acknowledgment positive
               "17" Functional acknowledgment negative
               The status values "14" and "15" are available for the Interchange Acknowledgment accordingly. Source code corrections

  • Message type and IDoc type to update a sales order

    I can create sales order at WE19 by the message type SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT2 and IDoc type SALESORDER_CREATEFROMDAT202 . Can I use the same message type and IDoc type to update a sales document (sales order) and also how can I do (I mean, which structures should I use; at E1BPSDHD1X - UPDATEFLAG what should I enter? Put an X to update a document or etsc?)? I enter the "E1BPSDHD1X - UPDATEFLAG" as X, "E1BP_SENDER - LOG_SYSTEM", "E1BPSDITM - ITM_NUMBER", " E1BPSDITM - MATERIAL", "E1BPPARNR - PARTN_ROLE", "E1BPPARNR - PARTN_NUMB" and "E1BPSCHDL - REQ_QTY". The sales order quantity is at "E1BPSCHDL - REQ_QTY" and it is the field that I want to update. When I look at the transaction code BD87, I see the status text as "Enter a document number between 0005000000 and 0005999999". I cannot update the order. How can I update it? Canybody explain me in a detailed manner?
    Thanks in advance....
    Edited by: Hikmet Akcali on Oct 21, 2009 4:00 PM

    At the IDoc type pop-up selection, there are 3 types. These are: ORD_ID01, ORDERS05 and /NFM/ORDERS05. SAP system component version is SAP ECC 6.0 . I choose ORD_ID01. There are structures EDI_Z1, EDI_Z3, EDI_Z5, EDI_Z9 and EDI_Z53. Where should I enter the number of the sales document to be updated? Also, which function module should I choose?
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  • I want the message types and basic types for catsdb table

    i want the message types and basic types for catsdb table

    Hi Jagrut,
    Message Class is "LR".
    <b>Reward points, if helpful.</b>

  • Message type and IDoc type for PGI-GR?

    hi all,
    I have to send the PGI through ALE which have to create GR . So please mention the Message type , output type of message control and IDoc type?

    The Idoc Types for Post Goods Issue are
    MBGMCR01 / MBGMCR02.
    Pls check the Message type in tcode WE82.
    For output type GOTO transaction NACE-->Application V2.
    hope this helps.
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  • Regarding WHSORD message type in IDOC

    Hi ALL,
    Please let me know the following things if any one work on IDoc - DELVRY03 and Message Type - WHSORD.
    Requirement is when you create a Outbound delivery in SAP if the delivery type is 'NL', Idoc has to create.
    1) What are the Process code and message type ( In NACE, we called as output type ) for WHSORD in Partner profiles ( WE20 ).
    2) At the time of creating deliveries in SAP, i have to check few conditions, if those are success then only i have to create IDOC else cancel the creation of IDoc. For this requirement what is the procedure.
    3) Based on user requirements i have to change the 'Plant' ( E1EDL24-werks ) for this where i have to write the logic, means if it has to done throught user-exit please let me know the user-exit name.
    Thanks & Regards
    K. Naveen Kumar

    Hi Naveen,
    1) You can all the Process codes in WE42
    2) You can do checks in BD64 (Filed level filtering)
    3) you can write the conversion rules using BD55,BD79.
       ( else userexit)

  • What are some of the message types (IDocs) related to HR in SAP?

    Hello all,
    Please tell me where can I get more details?

    Hi Charles,
    Here is some material which i read some time ago, i think this will be helpul to you for IDOC, this may not give whole idea but atleast some basic ,
    You need to get in touch with ABAP person for IDOC,
    To create an Outbound interface from SAP HR to Other System.
    *You have to know the process completely. I will give you the explanation here....*
    *First of all you have to findout the Messgae type and IDOC type for the data.*
    *Message Types:*
    *Suppose if u want to transfer*
    *Master and Organizational data----> HRMD_A*
    *Personnel Actions -> HRSM_A*
    *Time data---HRSM_C/HRSM_D*
    *IDOC Types:*
    *These stuff you can findout in WE30 Transaction code.*
    *For HRMD_A----> HRMD_A01*
         *HRSM_A----> HRSM_A01*
    *If u go inside by selecting the IDOC type u can view all the segments.*
    *For individual Segments you can go to the Transaction code WE31*
    *Note: Suppose if the standard segments or IDOC type doesn't support your req..u can create the custom stuff in the same transaction code itself.*
    *After completion of this,with the help of BASIS team you have to configure the ALE settings between the HR and Siebel system. And also make sure all the Outbound and Inbound parameters are defined correctly.*
    *Then try to send the Master data using the Transaction code PFAL.*
    *In this TCODE you can send the data based on Object type,Object ID,Infotype/Subtype etc...*
    *If you are missing anydata from here try to customize the Inbound function module by the help of HR ABAPer.*
    *(Normally we will go for standard FModule IDOC_INPUT_HRMD_A01....).*  Bye let me know if you find this helpful

  • Urgent information required regarding message type and process code

    Hi All
    We am working on EDI895 transaction (Delivery/Return acknowledgment) and we are using TXTRAW01 Idoc type for the mapping. Can anyone please let me know what the message type and the process code for the IDoc type is???

    Welcome to SDN.
    Please go to transaction WE64 to find out all process codes available for IDoc type TXTRAW01 with message type TXTRAW.
    There are four process codes for message type TXTRAW.
    - ED00
    - ED00_XML
    - ED08
    - TXT1
    Ferry Lianto

  • Idoc MBGMCR02 what is the message type

    what is the message type for idoc MBGMCR02?

    I guess my real question is where do i go to set up a new partner.  I think it is SALE but then i am not quite sure what to do there.
    I think i need to set up new partners for outbound and inbound processing.  then i need to go into we20 and use the MBGMCR message type to be able to be exchanged. 
    Am i correct
    and is there a place where it tells how to use transaction sale to set up new partners?

  • Std Msg Type and Idoc Type to send multiple characteristics for equipment

    Hello Experts,
    I have the requirement to send all the assigned characteristics linked to an Equipment or linked to a Material, along with the all possible values BUT require only standard Message Type and Idoc Basic Type.
    I found Message Type = CHRMAS and Idoc Type = CHRMAS04, BUT it contain information of ONLY one characteristic, not solve my objective (multiple characteristics in one Idoc)
    Will you please provide me any standard Message Type and Idoc Basic Type that solve my above requirement?
    Thanks in advance,

    Hello Experts,
    Can you at least tell me, is there anything standrad that can fulfill my above requirement?
    If not then I will proceed with custom developments; and in this case is there any complexity to transmit the custom Idoc?
    Thanks in advance,
    Thanks & Regards

  • Port, Message type and Function Group

      Iam working on an inbound process for four different Partners.
    Is there any need of Port for Inbound?
    Shall i use the same message type and Idoc type?
    And what about the function Group?

    <b> If the functionality is same , you can use the same function Group.
    If functionality is different , you want to use different Function Group.
    Obvisouly, it is suggested to use different Message types .
    If you are using same fields ,you can use the same idoc type.
    depends on the scenior , the process code is needed. Generally no need.</b>

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