Report Painter Request - Cost Center and WBS Element

Hi Everyone,
Currently, my company settles all project related expenses through to a cost center by way of an internal settlement cost element (category 21).  The issue with this is that when the expense gets to the cost center, they lose all visability as to where the expense originated, such as salaries or travel expense (category 1 cost elements).  We can't switch the settlements to the originating cost element from wbs to cost center just because of the additional data/volume that will cause.  My thought was to create a report painter that can run by cost center but also show the wbs's that settle to that cost center and group the expenses by primary cost element (cat 1).  I'm assuming that there is a way to marry a cost center and wbs element by way of the wbs settlement rule but how would that be done for reporting purposes?  I've seen it done before by way of a nightly job that created sets based on the combination of cost center and wbs but I'm not sure how that was done.  Any advise and examples?
Cost Center:  IT
WBS: A.0017.01.01 (settles to cost center IT)
Postings made:
1.  CC IT and CE 552000 "salaries"..............................$20,000
2.  WBS A.0017.01.01 and CE 552000 "salaries"........... $5,000
3.  Settlement of WBS to CC (expenses flow through to CC IT by way of CE 985000)
I want to run CC IT and see that the account 552000 really shows $25,000 and can be broken down by cost object (CC and WBS by the amounts above)

Hi Peter,
I had a similar requirement and used report painter report group 1SHK-002 (in library 1VK).
I took a copy of the standard and ameneded it slightly, I switched the explode so it occured on the cost center not cost element.
The report runs so that direct costs on the cost center are shown at primary cost level. And values settled to the cost center are shown on the partner object. In your case i guess WBS Elements (Partner ObjType WBS).
Now in my case I didnt need cost element breakdown on partner level, just on cost center so effectively I have(sorry for text alignment but I hope you get the idea):
GL1   .............  100
GL2   .............  250
+ Cost center1 total ....350
GL3 .............   50
GL4 ............. 100
+ Cost center2 total.... 150
Primary Cost Total ..... 500
X-YZ-1.200 .............   50
X-YZ-1.400 ............. 100
+ WBS total ............. 150
IO 1............. 100
IO 2  ............. 100
+IO total  ............. 200
Partner Total............. 350
Overall total .............  850.
Its not exactly like your requirement but it might be a good report for you to work with to get what you need.

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      I think you have to first define Attribute mis as "V" in Cost element master basic data tab for the elements you want to capture as varible.
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    Just check the G/L account assigned in the PO against the cost center, The G/L account assigned may not be the correct one, Check out if any validation is there for the combination, contact your FI-CO guy as there are always restrictions unknown to a MM guy.

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    Hi all,
    I am in an urgent need to understand the relation between cost center and cost element. Please provide me with their individual information as well as the link they share. An existing relationship table between the two, if any, ...then plz mention.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Cost Element: cost element is an individual which carry cost like salaries, wages, power expenses, etc.. These Cost Elements are Two types
    1. Primary Cost Element
    2. Secondary Cost Elements
    Primary Cost Element will carry cost form FI to CO (Cost Centers, Internal Orders, Cost Objects, etc…)
    Seconday Cost Elements carry cost with in CO to different Cost Centers, Internal Orders, Cost Objects, etc…
    Cost Center: Cost Center is an individual which contain collection of costs. For example “Admin is a cost center, it contain costs like Salaries, Power, Rent, Stationary etc,
    With this following report you can retrieve  cost elements given a cost center “controlling – cost center accounting – information systems – reports for cost center accounting – plan/actual comparisons  ”
    Thank you

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    CostCenter H1   CostElement H1   CostCenter   Jan  Feb ...
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    Let me explain it clearly and hope it is clear now...
    Designed the report as like this - Cost Center Hierarchy by Cost Element Hierarchy for 12 months of data. But Business agian search in R/3 for actual cost center numbers based on above two hierarchy nodes.
    I am trying to achieve this Bex instead of going back to R/3 - so that they can understand how the dollar amount is summed up on which major cost centers.
    If I remove the hierarchy on Cost Center - it will display all the cost centers. They want to see the Cost center numbers based on CC and CE hierarchy node so that you are displaying only those cost centers. That's the reason I am trying to design the  report with CC Hier, CE hier, Cost Center number and 12 months of data.
    In my data model - have only one Cost Center, if i can create another ZCOSTCENTER same as 0COSTCENTER - May be I can achieve this. still looking for options with out changing the design.

  • COPA derivation for thecombination of Cost center and Cost element/GL accou

    Hi Gurus,
    In COPA derivation using KEDR i am trying to make a derivation for the
    combination of Cost center and Cost element. Here i got following problems
    • While posting FI document using t.code FB50 system not automatically
    updating the fields Cost center and cost element in Profitability
    segment. Hence system not posting COPA document. How can i make this
    derivation? Is there any note should i apply regarding these.
    • How can i create cost element as characteristic.
    • If i configure derivation for the combination of Cost center and cost
    element will it be posted with copa document for postings or automatic
    postings from MM,HR and FI
    Pls provide me solution at the earliest.
    Thanks and Best regards,
    Mobile: - 919940093579
    Mail : [email protected]

    Hi Murali
    Thanks for update
    I explain my req clearly
    For me segment is Distribution channel field (EXPORT and DOMESTIC)
    If GL account is 1000-2000     always                      Export
    If GL account is 2001-3000    and Cost center is     X then Export.
    If GL account is 2001-3000    and Cost center is     Y then Domestic.
    Based on above REQ i am making derivation using KEDR T.code.
    These postings should work for all modules postings such as MM, HR also.
    Actually this should work automatically and after saving the transaction we should have copa document also.
    But problem is in source fields of derivation we have GL account (HKONT) and Cost element (KSTAR). I am making derivation using either of these.
    But after posting document system not giving COPA document.
    I found the reason is  at GL postings we are giving input to GL account (HKONT) but we took in KEDR source field as GL account (SAKNR). GL account (HKONT) is not updating GL account (SAKNR) field in PSEG screen in Fb50. Even i try with cost element (KSTAR), GL account (HKONT) is not updating this in PSEG screen in fb50.
    If GL account (HKONT) updates either GL account (SAKNR) or cost element (KSTAR) at the time of posting FB50
    If we have the field GL account (HKONT) as source field in KEDR i hope my problem
    Get solved.
    If you want further info pls give me your mobile number then i ll call you

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    Do any of you know a standard report, which can display G/L, Company code, Period, total cost in local currency, cost center and internal order. The report should be at summarizational levet (not line items) and we should be able to sum costs at cost center and internal order.
    Finally we should also be able to transfer the report to BI via an extractor etc.
    Thanks for you help

    Cost Centre vise Report you can take from KSB1
    Internal Order Vise Report you can take fro KOB1
    Sridhar Sha

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    Our other requirement is to report the values on the statistical internal order along with the values on a profit center ( can be any profit center belonging to the company). Is there any way to develop a report using special purpose ledger or ABAP that can achieve this requirement.
    Any help on this issue will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks and Regards,

    In t code KOB1 - Order line items, you will get details of cost center as well. For this you need to display field Aux. acct assignment_1.
    Rakesh Pawaskar

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