Report Server on Solaris  - Printing Issues

I was able to generate reports directly from the Report Server
running on Windows NT. The print outs were generated in HP
Printers. Will there be any problems if the Reports Server is
installed in Solaris.
The clients are in NT. When we invoke the URL along with the
printer name, the print out is directly generated. For this ,
does the printout is directed from server or teh client?
Any help would be appreciated

the behavior is the same on NT and on solaris. except, that on
UNIX the printer-names are -of course- different. so you have to
use different set of URLs for UNIX and NT.
the oracle reports team --pw                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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  • Crystal report server 10 license troubleshooting issue

    I got the following errors on my crystal report server 10 these few days and the number of errors increase.
    I found that the crystal license will be used by alot of system connections when the licenses runs out.
    Currently we have 18 concurrent crystal licenses.
    However, the timing of these errors varies to the time of the crystal license 1 or 2 hours before.
    1. Invalid printer specified.
    2. Unable to connect: incorrect log on parameters.
    3. Object could not be scheduled
    Is there a correlation between these crystal report errors with system connections and licenses run out issue?
    Is there any tool for me to troubleshoot this crystal license issue?
    I am using crystal enterprise 10 report server together with a few cluster report servers.

    You need to go to and sign-up. You will be asked to fill in your installation or partner number (if applicable). Depending on this you will get access. I'm not sure if you a charged. Creating an OSS note should be covered as part of the 'standard' support contract.
    Hope this helps...
    Martijn van Foeken
    Focuzz BI Services

  • Report Server: Error initializing printer

    Oracle Report Server 6.0 for Windows NT doesn't work. When I try to call any report I get next error message:
    Error message returned from Reports server:
    REP-3002: Error initializing printer.
    Please make sure a printer is installed.
    The printer is installed on Windows NT server and is default. Where is the error? My URL example:
    Next URLs work successufully:
    What ideas?

    Fyi -- in Reports 6i a printer is no longer mandatory. eg if you're only doing web publishing, you don't need to setup a printer and give the Reports server access to it (of course, if you're trying to print from Reports - you need a printer! ;-).
    To answer your question, make sure the USER that is running the Reports server as an NT service has access to a printer. If it's the SYSTEM account (goto Control Panel -> Services and double click on the Oracle Reports Server xxxxx entry (where xxxxx is the name of the server) and look at the user account that is running the server. If it's the SYSTEM account, it doesn't have access to a printer, so change it to a user (either local or domain user) that does have printer access.
    The Oracle Reports Team

  • Report Server on Solaris keeps dying

    We are running around 1000 reports a day via an OAS 4.0.8 web application. We are running Report 6.0. When we start reports 'rwmts60 repserver &' we start 4 report engines, but they start as rwrun60 engines. When reports stops you can check processes and rwcgi60 process are running as well and there are 8-10 process instead of the ususal 4. Report Server log has no record of starting these processes. Any thoughts??

    To get rid of the segmentation fault you need to deinstall the reports server, delete the directory, install it again (under different $ORACLE_HOME and account.
    Only to find yourself before another wall (my position).
    Now I can't get it running.
    The error is Assertion failed....
    Good luck

  • Windows Server 2012 R2 print issues

    We are using terminal server with Windows Server 2012 R2. Our users are using Windows 7 Embedded thin clients with MSTSC RDP 8.0. We are using network printers.
    There is problem with printing from Adobe Reader. We are using Adobe Reader 11.0.06. Sometimes users cannot print from Adobe Reader with error message "Printer not found" even though we can print on same printer from other software. This problem can be solved by relogging user, but in our enterprise environment, this is not acceptable solution.
    Thanks for your help.

    I had the same issue with another Canon UFRII that was not on the network. Canon has some monitor software that attempts to query the device and this threw back Invalid Parameter when the device did not exist.  Is your device on the network?
    Failed for get value IrregularPaper for printer . Error code 87(ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER)
    4984       0             
    Failed for get value udpEnable for printer . Error code 87(ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER)
    Can you use one of the UFR drivers Canon included with the operating system?
    Canon UFR II Color Class Driver
    Canon UFR II B/W Class Driver
    Alan Morris Windows Printing Team


    I have a problem that is occouring on three different report servers. It will start printing blank pages instead of the report and the only way to get it back to normal is to stop and reastart the service. I get this on a version 6, version 6i and version 6i patch1 report servers. It makes no difference what call method I use (command line or OCX control). I can also force this behavior on one of the servers by selecting a HP 895C as the default printer in the windows printers and then starting the service. All pages print blank after that. At the customers site it appears to be random as to when it will start printing the blank pages.
    Any ideas on what the fix is for this?

    Is there any ideas on this?
    We have a Reports 6i server up and running and I'm getting stuff out OK to postscript printers, but some HP older printers are just spitting out blank pages. Is there a desformat= that I need to set differently? I've tried most of the options ( dec, psport, psland, hpl... all blank )
    Appreciate any help, I haven't used this stuff long, so am quite naive about how it hangs together.

  • Dns server in solaris 10 issues

    I have configured /etc/resolv.conf with the following:
    "nslookup" works fine to get the IP, but "ping" failed with with unknown host.
    Did I miss something to configure my dns server?
    Thanks for the help in advance.

    You haven't configured a DNS server. You've told nslookup which DNS server to use to resolve a name to an address.
    for assistance with your issue.
    Don't forget that Solaris 10 uses both hosts and ipndoes. Later versions have these files linked together.

  • Project Server 2010 PWA Printing Issue

    we are having  issues when printing from the Project Web App schedule web part where if they went over a certain number of rows (around 42 – spooky!)  the printed page was blank (although the pop-up with just the grid displayed for printing
    looked just fine).  This was after seeing this warning – which is expected – when you are printing a grid of more than 30 rows: Print Warning - There are more than 30 records in the current grid. 
    In my testing internally I saw the same, I clicked OK on the warning, the new page opened with everything looking good and I could choose my printer – but the print was blank (I did try a large plan and in this case the final 40 or so tasks printed…) 
    However, if I turned off the compatibility setting under Tools, Compatibility View Settings, so that these were not applied to Intranet sites then the project page does not open and it says it requires IE 7 or above for it to open.
    Ankit Manchanda

    Make sure that you have updated printer drivers, also try using different printer model
    Hrishi Deshpande Senior Consultant

  • Print issue in SSRS report

    Hi ,
    I have a report in production server. The client took a print out of the report which is accessible from report server URL. The issue pertaining for this report is, some of the letters in the report such as 'ti' and 'le' are missing when the client is taking
    a copy of that report. I went through my report design and had downloaded in pdf and other format, i havent seen or observed any kind of issue from my side. I could observe the data is fine, but, I wonder and i couldn't able to trace what went wrong and how
    the letters are missing when the print out of the report is being taken. I am thankful for your answers and valuable suggestions.
    Thanks & Best Regards,

    Hi Ram17,
    According to your description, your report missed some letters when printing. Right?
    In this scenario, you find no issue if your download the pdf format report. It supposed be to no issue on Reporting Services side because the pdf rendering is the same rendering behavior as the print view. So please check the printer and the system
    environment. It has reported some similar issues in Windows XP. Please refer to a KB article below:
    Print jobs initiated in a Windows Server 2008 and Windows XP point and print environment may have missing characters
    Letters missing when printing
    If you have any question, please feel free to ask.
    Best Regards,
    Simon Hou 

  • Oracle reports Server Freezing

    Hi I'm sorry if this has been posted before but I have been looking for about 45 minutes and couldn't find exactl what I was looking for.
    I have three different reports servers( which all display the same symptoms if they are unused over the weekend, They all struggle to create reports on the monday morning it appears as if the reports engines have lost there connection with the DB over the weekend but when I remove the report engines which are always in the ready state so that all the report engines are recycled if left idle for 30 minutes the first report on the Monday Morning seems to get stuck.
    Has anyone else had any strange issues like this?
    Just so you know the issue of the reports server not printing is always resolved by either restarting the in_process reports server before anyone prints anything or restarting the reports server if something is stuck in it.
    Sorry I also just realised I put this in forms instead of reports can a Mod move it?
    Thanks a million,
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    Oracle9i reports services is only available as part of Oracle9iAS. However, the server itself can run stand alone (but has to be installed as part of iAS).
    the client/servlet to access the server is currently only available on oracle9iAS but will be available for stand alone use/use with othar application server soon.

  • Error in creating PDF's from 11g Fusion ware report server :: REP-0178

    Hello Friends,
    I am trying to create pdf files from the report server command line, It works fine when I run the command from ORACLE User but when I run it from any other user I get error
    REP-0178: Reports Server rep_001 cannot establish connection.
    Command line that I am using is :-
    /abc/home/ server=rep_001 report=/abc/home/auto.rdf destype=file desname=/abc/home/report001 desformat=pdf userid=${ID}
    I am using a personal copy of in /abc/home/
    It is also working fine when I run it from the browser report server link, the only issue is it didn't work through command line for any user other than Oracle.
    OS : Linux x86_64
    Reprots : Fussion ware 11g
    Kind regards,
    Aashish Sharma

    Small update again,
    I skipped using the downloadable oc4j/j2ee and tried using the one that came with installation (patched to
    It starts up fine saying:
    07/03/28 21:31:27 Oracle Application Server Containers for J2EE 10g ( initialized
    It started up all well with the downloadable latest containers too, but got different errors running the apex_fop.jsp file.
    well with the version that came with the database it says in the PDF file after I tried to generate it from a report:
    Error 500:
    java.lang.UnsupportedClassVersionError: Bad version number in .class file
    Anyone got any idea?

  • How to issue print command from report/form server to client printer on web

    1) We have a client server application which is to be deployed on the web environment. The reports generated in our application are having a destination type as File. These reports are printed after applying some print format (escape sequences) which are passed on to the printer programmatically at runtime while printing.
    Now when this application is shifted on to the Application server (Forms server & Reports Server )in web environment ,the report outputs would be generated in the application server as against the client in client server environment as the report server is on the application server.
    Now while printing/accessing the report the output file will not be available to the client unless it is pushed on to the client side from the server . I am able to see reports in pdf/html output but in this case layout of my reports gets changed and I dont want to change my layouts or reformat my report layouts.
    How do I redirect the report output from the application server on to the client within the D2k context and then execute print commands?
    Note: In this case we want to use both DMT and Laser printing. Also note that we use escape sequences to adjust reports in desired printing papers.
    2) We have second set of reports which we call as document because these are printed after capturing data from 'Form' using text_io utility (please note that for these documents we are not using any Report 6i functionality)and we print it from file using printing mechanism as mentioned above. These are working well in client server application. We adopted this methodology for getting better performance (in terms of speed as database server and network traffic is not involved) of printing. But now we are converting our application for web, we are finding it difficult how to capture Form's data from browser to client's machine and then executing printing commands which are stored in our application liabrary.
    If you help me out by giving some suggestions, I shall be grateful to you.

    I wonder if you ever solved this problem.
    I have a very similar problem with Photoshop CS5 on Mac OSX 10.6 + HP Photosmart C7180.
    If I choose "Photoshop Manages Colors" the results are lousy.
    If I choose "Printer Manages Colors" the results are OK. not necessarily great.
    I believe I have all the correct settings after going through books and web advice (and wasted a lot of paper and ink).
    As far as I can see, "ColorSync" is the internal Mac management which is the only option available with "Photoshop Manages Colors" and "Vendor Matching" appears to mean the printer vendor (ie HP) will provide the matching. Either can be selected if "Printer Manages Colors" is used. It seems the type of paper can be set in three different places. if That's all a bit academic as the results are poor regardless.
    My wife suggests I buy a new printer - Epson's looking good.
    Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.

  • Label Printing issues on Crystal Reports Server

    I built a label that prints off beautifully on my local machine with Crystal XI installed. However, when I post the label to the reports server, and a user tries to print it off, it prints off two blank labels behind each good label. I have racked my brain on this for days. The printer settings are identical to my local machine. Any idea what might be causing this?

    I think the following information might help you
    A label report was viewed over the web using the Web Component Server, and printed on a label maker printer DYMO 330. The labels were being resized to 8 1/2 x 11 instead of printing the size of the label. Even after selecting the correct size, the labels print one per page, followed by 3 blank labels.
    When printing was done through a distributed report or the report designer, the labels printed to the correct size and only printed one label with no blank labels.
    What is causing the label report to print incorrectly when printed from the web viewer?
    Steps to Resolve
    1. Open the report in the Crystal Reports 8 designer on the web server.
    2. Click on 'File' then click 'Printer Setup'. If a printer is already selected then set it to 'No Printer', click 'OK', then save the report.
    3. Click on 'File' then click 'Printer Setup' again. Select the default printer and clear the 'Default Properties' checkbox.
    4. Click 'OK' and save the report.
    5. Click on Start > Settings > Control Panel > Services and double click 'Seagate Page Server' service. Set this service to run under an 'Administrator' account.
    6. Stop and restart the service, and close down all browsers.
    The label reports now will print successfully over the web.
    Incorrect printing from a web viewer can have several causes, including:
    · The report is designed with a designated printer, but the encapsulated page format (EPF) files are being created in 'No Printer' mode.
    · The server does not have access to the printer.
    · A valid printer is not saved with the report on the server.
    · The printer driver is not installed on the server.

  • Oracle Report Server Issue with Japanese Characters

    We are trying to setup a Oracle Report Server to print the Japanese characters in the PDF format.
    We have separate Oracle Report servers for printing English, Chinese and Vietnamese characters in PDF formats using Oracle Reports in the production which are running properly with Unix AIX version 5.3. Now we have a requirement to print the Japanese characters. Hence we tried to setup the new server for the same and the configurations are done as same as Chinese/Vietnamese report servers. But we are not able to print the Japanese characters.
    I am providing the details which we followed to configure this new server.
    1.     We have modified the to map the proper NLS_LANG (JAPANESE_AMERICA.UTF8) and other Admin folder settings.
    2.     We have configured the new report server via OPMN admin.
    3.     We have copied the arialuni.ttf to Printers folder and we have converted this same .ttf file in AFM format. This AFM file has been copied to $ORACLE_HOME/guicommon/gk/JP_Admin/AFM folder.
    4.     We have modified the uifont.ali (JP_admin folder) file for font subsetting.
    5.     We have put an entry in JP_admin/PPD/datap462.ppd as *Font ArialUnicodeMS: Standard "(Version 1.01)" Standard ROM
    6.     We have modified the Tk2Motif.rgb (JP_admin folder) file for character set mapping (Tk2Motif*fontMapCs: iso8859-1=UTF8) as we have enabled this one for other report servers as well.
    Environment Details:-
    Unix AIX version : 5300-07-05-0831
    Oracle Version :
    Font Mapping : Font Sub Setting in uifont.ali
    Font Used for Printing : arialuni.ttf (Font Name : Arial Unicode MS)
    The error thrown in the rwEng trace (rwEng-0.trc) file is as below
    [2011/9/7 8:11:4:488] Error 50103 (C Engine): 20:11:04 ERR REP-3000: Internal error starting Oracle Toolkit.
    The error thrown when trying to execute the reports is…
    REP-0177: Error while running in remote server
    Engine rwEng-0 crashed, job Id: 67
    Our investigations and findings…
    1.     We disabled the entry Tk2Motif*fontMapCs: iso8859-1=UTF8 in Tk2Motif.rgb then started the server. We found that no error is thrown in the rwEng trace file and we are able to print the report also in PDF format… (Please see the attached japarial.pdf for your verification) but we are able to see only junk characters. We verified the document settings in the PDF file for ensuring the font sub set. We are able to see the font sub setting is used.
    2.     If we enable the above entry then the rwEng trace throwing the above error (oracle toolkit error) and reports engine is crashed.
    It will be a great help from you if you can assist us to resolve this issue…

    Maybe 7zip or another tool has workarounds for broken file names, you could try that.
    Or you could try to go over the files in the zip archive one-by-one and write it to files out-1, out-2, ..., out-$n without concerning yourself with the file names. You could get file endings back via the mimetype.
    This script might work:
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <zip.h>
    static const char *template = "./out-%04d.bin";
    int main(int argc, char**argv)
    int err = 0;
    zip_t *arc = zip_open((const char*)argv[1], ZIP_RDONLY, &err);
    if(arc == NULL)
    printf("Failed to open ZIP, error %d\n", err);
    return -1;
    zip_int64_t n = zip_get_num_entries(arc, 0);
    printf("%s: # of packed files: %d\n", argv[1], n);
    for(int i = 0; i < n; i++)
    zip_stat_t stat;
    zip_stat_index(arc, i, ZIP_FL_UNCHANGED, &stat);
    char buf[stat.size];
    char oname[sizeof(template)];
    zip_file_t *f = zip_fopen_index(arc, (zip_int64_t)i, ZIP_FL_UNCHANGED);
    zip_fread(f, (void*)&buf[0], stat.size);
    snprintf(&oname[0], sizeof(template), template, i);
    FILE *of = fopen(oname, "wb");
    fwrite(&buf[0], stat.size, 1, of);
    printf("%s: %s => %lu bytes\n", argv[1], oname, stat.size);
    return 0;
    Compile with
    gcc -std=gnu99 -O3 -o unzip unzip.c -lzip
    and run as
    ./unzip $funnyzipfile
    You should get template-named, numbered output files in the current directory.
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  • Print Issue in VS 2010 Crystal Report Version

    Hi Friends,
    I am new user for SAP crystal report,
    can any one help me for
    Print Issue in VS 2010 Crystal Report Version

    Font must be True Type and on the WEB server where the report is being processed.
    Run Process Monitor and see if your app is loading the Font....
    Typically if the characters show up as a box it means either the font you are using does not support UNICODE characters, it's not installed so font substition is done but the font used doesn't have the Glyph's required or there is a permission issue with the font being instlaled under a local User account and should be installed under the Admin account.
    Also, Search for Font and Windows Framework, there are known limitations with .NET Framework and some fonts.
    What font are you using?

Maybe you are looking for

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    How do I reconnect my PPTP vpn after upgrading to Yosemite on my mac mini

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