Restore iPod nano

I'm trying to restore my nano, so that I can sell it. I'm restoring it on a PC, its a Mac formatted iPod nano 2nd gen. It goes fine, but when it's downloading the latest ipod software updates... it sometimes says the network timed out, or when i click resume.. it downloads .. but downloads past the end of the total MB of the download.. for instance, Downloads: 23.0 MB of 20.9 MB
What gives.. I'm trying to restore this ipod

Attention All,
As you may see from my different posts, I had the same problem with my iPod nano 2 Gb when I ( directed by apple instructions) decided to update to 1,1, had several problems with the synchronisation of files (songs) to the iPod. From Monday untill yesterday had several restores and nothing happened. Then decided to restore and retrieve my older update 1,0, and then the iPod simply worked fine!! Apple should see immediattly this issue as from what I've read a great number of Nanos are facing difficulties when updating to 1,1 !!! Please Webmaster or anyone from Apple take an attitude!

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  • After restoring ipod nano it wont sync with itunes. states error 13019 occured

    after restoring ipod nano it wont sync with itunes. states error 13019 occured

    I seem to recall that another user has this problem and found that it was because of some corrupted music files they were trying to sync over.
    Try syncing smaller bunches of tracks till you come upon the ones that cause the error. You should be able to find out which ones are causing the trouble this way.
    The other user said they used something called MP3Diags. I cannot vouch for this software at all, I have never used it.
    I did a quick search on "how to repair MP3 files on Mac" and also found this:

  • HT1339 after restoring ipod nano how do I get tunes back if they are in my music library

    after restoring ipod nano how do I get tunes back if they are in my music librbary- thanks

    Configure the music to sync back over to your device from under its Music configuration tab.  If your library is smaller than the capacity available on your Nano, you can set it to sync your entire music library by enabling the Sync Entire Library option from under this tab. Otherwies, you'll have to select only certain artists, albums, playlists, and genres.
    See this article for more information.
    iTunes: Syncing media content to iOS devices and iPod

  • Restored Ipod Nano 1st gen. and nike + icons do not appear in itunes 7.0.2

    I have a ipod nano 1st gen. I recently purchased the nike+ reciever and shoes and they worked great. I had not problems installing the latest version of ipod software version 1.3.
    On my latest run I got soaked and the nike+ receiver stopped working after the rain. Waited a day until it dried out and reconnected it to my ipod and it did not recognized the receiver.
    I reset my ipod and it still did not recognized the receiver.
    I restored my ipod and it ereased the nike+ icons from my ipod and itunes. I updated my windows software and reinstalled itunes 7.0.2 in my computer and still the nike+ icons do not appear in my itunes and the updates indicate that I have the lastest version of the itunes and ipod software.
    What else can I do to reinstall the nike+ software in my ipod and itunes?

    this is actually the nike plus forum for the 2nd gen ipod nanos that use nikeplus. You would getter a better response int he correct forum for 1st gen ipods at the link below.
    Good luck

  • TS1372 Cannot restore IPod Nano 6th Generation without error code 1413.

    I'm trying to restore and Ipod Nano that I bought off of eBay.  Itunes says that it was initially formatted on a Mac and I need to restore it.  When I go to restore it, I get the error code, 1413.  I have restarted the computer, shut it down and restarted, used another usb port and nothing has worked.  Any suggestions?

    You're welcome! Happy to help. Glad it worked.

  • Ipod nano 4g stuck even after restore., ipod nano 4g stuck even after restore.

    ipod got stuck on apple logo. There i have tried reset and even it tried restoring but ipod nano 4g stuck even after restore.

    Any error messages? Did you try to restore it another PC or Mac?
    What happened when you tried to format it? 

  • Restoring ipod nano using vista

    My son's ipod nano needs to be restored. We have the latest version of itunes and the nano is using 1.3 software. When I go into itunes and click on restore - a message pops and states the ipod software update server can not be contacted! I even tried going to the itunes store and a message pops that says itunes can not connect to the itunes store. I am not familiar at all with vista and was wondering if this is an ipod issue or does some network setting needs to be changed on my notebook? Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated
    hp notebook   Windows Vista  

    Have you had a look at this page?. It may be of some help: iTunes 7 for Windows: iTunes could not contact the iPod software update server

  • Unable to reset or restore ipod nano

    Hi, Haven't synced my ipod for over a year and today I connected my nano to my laptop, pressed sync and got a message to say files are corrupted. Looked at ipod and it was syncing however it’s actually wiped all files from the ipod. They're still in iTunes. I thinks it's something to do with ipod using file system FAT32. It seems the ipod wants to use that and it can't because it says another program is using it. It won't let me select another file system option, as it says they are in use too. I do have Mini Tool Partition Wizard on my laptop and don't want to uninstall it but I need to sync my ipod. Can anyone advise, please? thanks. (It may be nothing to do with mini tool as I've only used this to root my Sony Xperia smartphone).

    Hello dorminhoca,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    From your post I see that you're unable to restore your iPod nano.  For more information on this issue and how to troubleshoot it, please follow the article below.
    'Disk cannot be read from or written to' when syncing iPod or 'Firmware update failure' error when updating or restoring iPod - Apple Support
    Alex H.

  • How to restore iPod nano when unknown error 1430 appears?

    Hello, I have a problem with a used 5g iPod nano which I have recently bought. I would like to restore it, but an unknown error 1430 appeard. So far I've tried every method and I don't know what to do. Please, help.

    For an unknow error 1430 follow this:
    I know it looks crazy, but it is the same thing that i would have to do to get this problem fixed.
    Hope this helps.

  • TS1372 restore ipod nano

    I can't restore the ipod nano. I got the message via Itunes that the ipod couldn't be restored because it is busy.

    You're welcome! Happy to help. Glad it worked.

  • Cannot restore ipod nano

    I've tried to resotre my ipod nano, and it started to work for like 5 seconds, then it said, "The ipod cannot be restored because it contains files that in use by another application." I'm restoring my ipod because there was is about half of my ipod spaceof "other" stuff on my ipod that i don't know how i got on there or what it is. So now i can only fill my ipod half way full of songs and it is beginning to annoy me. I've tried to disable able my virusscanner thing, as someone suggested i do that, i've also tried the other 4 r's. Any help is appreciated.

    I used the search facility and found these.
    You may find something of help.

  • Restoring ipod nano again and again

    My ipod nano is saying "use itunes to restore" when i am doing that, itunes keps telling me to do it again. I just cant restore my ipod.
    Need Help

    Try putting your iPod into disk mode:
    And then try the restore again.
    If it still doesn't work, you can try formatting the iPod:
    Click on Start, right-click on My Computer and click Manage
    Click on Disk Management (in the left-hand column)
    Wait for Windows to connect to the Logical Disk Manager Service
    When it does, you should see a drive listed that represents the iPod. (You can verify this by checking the capacity, which should be listed as slightly less than what is printed on the iPod. Or, you can open My Computer with the iPod disconnected, and then plug in the iPod to see which drive letter appears).
    Right-click on the iPod’s drive and click on “format”
    Set the parameters as follows:
    Volume label = iPod
    File System = FAT32
    Allocation unit size = default
    Uncheck the options for Quick Format and File Compression
    Click OK to start the format.
    When it’s done, try the restore in iTunes again.
    If all else fails, the iPod may need to go in for service.


    Hello, I turn my ipod nano and I get a message that says "use itunes is restore" but when trying to restore my itunes tells me that there was an unknown error 1429 and 1439 and then uninstalled itunes, so I reinstalled and nothing as usual. "I can do?, I need to fix it please thank you very much.

    iPod not recognized in 'My Computer' and in iTunes for Windows

  • Re-synching restored ipod nano

    My ipod nano was restored at the genius bar of the apple store. When I synched it to my own itunes library it still recognizes the device as 'system administrator's ipod'. How can I make itunes recognize it as [my name] ipod?

    Click here and follow the instructions to rename the device.

  • HT1339 Restoring iPod nano to factory settings failed. The device switched to black screen immediately and is dead since then. Any idea what I can do now?

    This week, my iPod nano suddenly seemed to have lost all the music that was on it.
    when connecting to iTunes, it showed that the music was still there.
    I tries to create a new playlist with 1 song in it and according to iTunes, that was successfull.
    the iPod however still said 0 numbers are available in the music list.
    finally, i executed the restore factory settings and that process failed.
    the device immediately switched to blank screen and is dead since then.
    when I connect the iPod to the computer, the computer detects that a device is connected and even recognizes it as an iPod.
    however, the device is not visisble in the windows explorer.
    iTunes automatically starts but shows the error message: the connected iPod cannot be identified ... unrecognized error (2005).
    Does someone have an idea what I can do to make the iPod work again?

    I tried by connecting to another available PC.
    I newly installed iTunes on a PC that did not have the installation.
    Connecting the iPod to this PC gave following error: "The iPod software update server could not be contacted. The server does not support this version of iTunes."
    I followed the instructions in the "more information" section: iTunes version is the latest available; operating system version is up-to-date, no security obstructions and I rebooted my pc as suggested.
    Next attempt to connect the iPod gave another error: "An iPod has been detected, but could not be identified properly. Please disconnect and reconnect the iPod, then try again. An unknown error occurred (2005)".
    This is exactly the same error as on the first PC.
    the iPod is still out of use

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