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hope someone can help. I recently made the mistake of adding a new website in iWeb '09 and was going to administer 2 sites using Godaddy as my host and publishing using ftp. Unfortunately I deleted the first site I had on there in iWeb and cannot get iWeb to open my original site. I have the saved folder containing all my original site pages etc. but when I click the domain.sites2 file, it opens iWeb but with the second website only. Is there a way I can restore my original webpages to iWeb??
Thanks so much

I have the saved folder containing all my original site pages etc.
iWeb is not able to do anything with that.
Is there a way I can restore my original webpages to iWeb??
Not unless you have a backup somewhere (Time Machine?) of the Domain file as it existed before you deleted the site inside iWeb.

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    I like to display data from a CSV file in iWeb page if a date value from CSV file matches todays value from the system. Here is an example.
    CSV data values
    If today's date value is 01/21/2011 the page should display 01/21/2011 Cloudy 100 in a tabular format.
    Appreciate your help in providing HTML code for this issue.

    I suspect there is a soft return in the excel database somewhere that can't be seen. Take the csv/txt file into notepad and look for a line that starts oddly compared to the others.
    I haven't had luck removing soft returns from excel files so I do this a rather odd way. I take the excel file into InDesign as a table, and then use find/change to replace any soft returns with nothing, then convert the text to table and then export the text out again by going export, and selecting text from the dropdown menu.
    For my money, I always save tab delimited text files from excel so that if a field does contain commas, it doesn't "trick" indesign into thinking a new field is beginning or not... instead the field delimiters are tabs and they are unlikely to have been used in the excel database.
    If you do choose to use this indesign import method of mine to clean up the database, i also noticed two things in your screengrab: first was that some fields have spaces at the start of the text... easy enough to fix with a GREP that looks for ^\s (start of a sentence followed by a space) and replace with nothing. The second thing is the T&C field that all entries (at least in the screengrab) all start the same – if all entries in the database start the same, couldn't that line be in the indesign file? Its only a small detail I know.

  • How to stop text box on iWeb page from automatically reverting to hyperlink when I click 'save'

    As far as I see, the main text box in the body section of my iWeb page reverts to a hyperlink (connecting to a file) when I click save.  I don't know how the hyperlink got activated to begin with--I must have done something, but I don't know what it was.  I tried this many times to fix it: went to Inspector "hyperlink" section, activated the text box in the page, un-clicked "make hyperlinks active" (so they are inactive), then un-clicked "Enable as a hyperlink."  That much works--the hyperlink (little white arrow in blue circle) disappears from the lower right corner of text box.  But as soon as I save (command S), the text box reverts to a hyperlink. 
    If I don't click save and move around the pages, it does not revert to a hyperlink.  It only reverts to a hyperlink when the file is saved.  Why is it doing this and how to stop this from happening--how to permanently return the text box to a non-hyperlink?
    The website page is:  If you click anywhere randomly in the main text, you'll get a prompt to download a PDF file.  This should not be, but I can't get this hyperlink to go away for good.
    Many thanks in advance.

    Please pardon the reply delay--a big project deadline had to be met.  Now back to this work:
    Yes, the text in the oval object had a drop shadow (the oval object itself did not).  I removed the drop shadow from the text, but the image file icon stayed in the right corner of the oval object.  I deleted the text and then the image file icon disappeared.  But as soon as I typed text again inside the oval object (not even pasting the previous text) the image file icon appeared again.  I deleted the oval object entirely and simply typed the text inside the main text box itself.  The image file icon that was attached to that oval object is gone (along with the oval object).
    Still the image file icon is attached to the main text box, though.  I again tried to uncheck the Enable as hyperlink (same process as described in first posting) with that oval object gone, but when I "save" again it reverts to a hyperlink. 
    Next I tried this: I copied the text from the problem text box and pasted it into another text box (outside of the problem one).  Still in the new text box with the pasted text, the image file icon shows in the upper right corner. 
    I also removed all the drop shadow features from this main text box (there was one more, on some words typed in the main text box), but it is still showing as an image.
    I don't know how it became an image file, and I'm still stumped as to how to fix it (short of forgetting about trying to figure out how it became an image and just retyping all text into a new text box).
    The link you provided for "Web Safe Fonts" is returning this: "The server at is taking too long to respond."  I'm using Arial and Georgia (Georgia only on the menu and header text) in the site, and I had verified before designing the site that these are web safe, so I had thought they were.
    If you or anyone have any further suggestions or suspicions on this matter, I'd be glad to hear them.
    Thank you.

  • How can I make a backup of my iWeb page, How can I make a backup of my iWeb page

    How can I make a backup of my iWeb page? Is iWeb also disappearing on June 30?

    Here are some Apple help sheets about backing up your files:
    And I found this one written by an independant guy very thorough and helpful:
    iWeb is not going away, but I would be skeptical about how much longer Apple keeps it around. 
    If you are looking for a new place to host your website, I use and would recommend Little Oak (  They are a Mac hosting company, and are even offering a discount right now for iWeb users ( e-29-2012)

  • Creating a frame within a iweb page

    I would like to create a frame within one of my iweb pages so that I can maintain the navigation menu while incorporating expose photo slide (or any other external page to be displayed within my page).
    Please correct me if I am wrong but I don't think this is possible using iweb and must edit the source code.
    Does anyone know if there are any templates out there I could just copy and past to get this done? i am simply looking to create a frame pretty much taking up the entire center of the existing page while leaving the navigation menu in tacked. Do appreciate the help!
    iMac & Macbook   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  
    iMac   Mac OS X (10.4.6)  

    You might want to take a look at this articel from Michael Wong:
    It covers inserting a GuestMap using frames.

  • Can you work on the same iweb page on 2 different computers?

    hi, i usually work on my imac doing my iweb pages, i would like to work on a second ibook that is in the house. i've tried and tried but can't find a way for the ibook one to pick up the pages. it has the same .mac idisk folder as the other mac with the iweb backup but won't start up with the iweb pages, the iweb starts up blank asking for its first page.
    is there a way?

    Chuck thanks, I found I can do it from that post, all you need to do is copy the iweb main folder to a USB mini, then I replace the iWeb folder in the next machine... it works great, you just have to remember to update it when you leave one machine and add the update to the next.

  • How can I convert iWeb page to html with NO javascript for email campaign?

    I have a holiday greeting I made in iWeb '09 for my business. The service I'm using to use to manage my mailing list wants me to strip all javascript code from the page so it is not seen as spam when it is emailed.
    How can I convert the page made in iWeb to an html page with no javascript?

    How can I convert the page made in iWeb to an html page with no javascript?
    You cannot. There will be nothing left. iWeb pages rely a lot on JavaScript.
    Use a template from Or create such template. These are simple TABLES and have no JavaScript in it.
    Do Cmd-Shift-G in the finder and type :
    /Library/Application Support/Apple/Mail/Stationery/Apple/Contents/Resources/
    Open one of the folders and open each successive folder until you see files like Picnic.mailstationery.
    Right-click to show the package content.
    Then navigate thru Contents, Resources until you see the files and images you need.
    Edit them to your hearts content.
    Double-click the file Picnic.mailstationery and it will open in for further processing.

  • New computer, how can I sync my old published iWeb page with new compuer?

    I had my old macbook stolen a year ago in Italy. I created and published an iWeb page to .mac on that computer. My problem is that I cannot figure out how I can sync my old page on .mac to my new computer so that I can continue to use it and upload pics. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    and welcome the Apple iWeb Discussion Forum.
    Basically you can't figure it out because there is no way to get published pages back into iWeb. iWeb lacks of any html import feature. The only thing you can do is rebuild it by copying and pasting content from the published one to the rebuilt in iWeb. However for photopages that isn't a good idea, it's better to rebuild them from scratch (iPhoto).
    Be sure to make a backup of the domain.sites2 file (where iWeb stores) its files from time to time

  • Can you make a playing iWeb page ?

    I made a nice set of two iWeb pages as Xmas greeting & annual letter ( But I would have been more satisfied if the home page could have opened with Winter Wonderland (it is a favorite). Trying to do this has, so far, given me a way to do it as I don't want it as link to start but the music opening automatically as the page unpacks itself.
    Have anyone of you done and if so, how did you do it ?
    Happy New Year!
    in Sweden

    Kyn Drake has a really simple method for doing this outlined here:
    (Beware of the crab... )
    As long as you don't mind doing a little post publish editing of your .js files, it's fairly easy to do in this manner also. You will find them in this path on your iDisk, using the Go menu in Finder:
    Open the .js files for that particular page on your iDisk with any text editor (I like Taco, and it's free) and make the following changes to the script code that controls your movie: (you will find the movie code near the top of the page in the .js file)
    Change autoplay="false" to autoplay="true"
    Change loop="false" to loop="true"
    Changing controller value="true" to controller value="false" will remove the controller from the page entirely. Make these changes in both sets of tags, (object and embed).
    Make the changes and just "Save". Clear your browser cache and you should see the changes take effect immediately. Bear in mind you will have to make this modification each time you republish your site. You can also save this modified .js file and replace the republished file with it, as long as no other changes were made to the page in iWeb.

  • How do I restore my old Firefox desktop. It was setup the way I like it and now its gone. is there a way to find the old URL so I can restore my page? I

    Some f___ing program change my FireFox home page which was set-up just the way I work and the way I like. I once wrote down the URL so if this happened again I could just type it in and then drag the URL over to the little house and it would restore my page. Now I can't find the URL, its bee so long since I used and now I'm stuck. I have lost all my items as I had them set-up. Any help in finding that old URL would be most appreciated.

    Can you remember what that page looked like?
    Was this a customized Google or Yahoo page?
    You can check the History (History > Show All History) and possibly the cache (about:cache) to see if some page looks familiar.

  • Is it possible to widen the page view when drafting iWeb pages?

    I'm drafting web pages via iWeb and figured out how to make the page content wider (in page layout/content width), but would like to be able to have a view of the entire page while I'm rearranging the text and images on the webpage. I cannot figure out how to be able to view the page without having to scroll left and right. Is it possible to see what the finished product looks like in its entirety before and/or after publishing to iWeb???

    iLyzzard wrote:
    Seems like my iMac with a 21.5 monitor should do the job. The webpages look great online, but how can I widen my draft-view so I don't have to keep guessing as to alignment of my text and images? Please advise.
    I'm not really understanding your question since the way things look in iWeb is pretty much the way they look online.
    In what way do your iWeb pages not look like what you see online?
    This is really a feature in iWeb (and one which costs iWeb excessive code if anything): to be able to provide a WYSIWYG canvas on which to build.

  • Looking for 'music player' widget to play songs dragged onto iWeb page

    Has anyone found a 'music player' widget that can be embedded into an iWeb page, and that can then load and play the songs that have been dragged onto that page?
    I have found several such widgets that can scan a URL for mp3 files, and I have successfully embedded each of those widgets into an iWeb page using the HTML Snippet, but none of them could find the mp3 files that I dragged onto the page, even though I supplied the widget with the URL for that page.

    Wyodor, I just wanted to let you know that I am having a lot of fun with the WimpyPlayer, and I like the skin you sent me. Thank you so much.
    I've been playing around with it. I had to reduce the height of the widget to fit on my webpage, but when I did, the text became too small to read, so instead, I went into the skin's jpeg and cut out the midsection of the playlist area. Then I had to readjust the playlist's number of lines displayed and its slider size to fit. I also changed the color scheme to match my webpage, and some of the Help tags. All in all, it looks great, and I am very happy with it.
    The one feature I miss from when I was using iWeb's built-in QuickTime player is the ability to have a photo (such as an album cover) displayed with the music. Do you happen to know of any music players that enable you to attach a photo with each track or album?

  • How to publish an iCal calendar into an iWeb page?

    I want to include an iCal calendar in an iWeb page. I know this should be VERY straightforward but can't figure it out. How do I accomplish this?

    I'm having a problem getting the iCal to publish to iWeb, so that I can have a calendar on my website with rss feed for new dates. So I put in my mobile me account name, and I do have several calendars, but there's nothing that looks like I can specify which calendar. Please don't tell me that I have to use one calendar, because I don't want my personal with my court, my court with my work, my work with my kids etc. is there a way to maintain the "public" calendar. I'm confused.
    Assuming this is doable, I did try the widget, but i keep getting an error message that page not found, we're sorry but we cannot find the ical you requested, its possible that it has been deleted or renamed.

  • Ical in my Iweb page

    I can not figure out how to put a calendar into my Iweb page since the upgrade. Anyone have any suggestions.

    I don't know if this will work for all viewers but go to our calendar online and set the preferences to have monthly as the default and hit the Apply button. That will set it for you but don't know if it will carry over for other users.
    You can try my embedded calendar in this test page and see if you get weeks or months. I get months when I load the page.

  • Is there a way to open an iWeb page in 'new' window?

    I'm trying to show a client how to run iWeb so he can tweak his own site on the road. He doesn't know html. I don't want to have to write out a complicated list of instructions for him.
    Is there a way IN iWeb to have an iWeb page open as a 'new' window?
    He's a songwriter ... wants visitors to be able to open a song and have it play while they continue to browse his site.

    When you create a text link to an file you can set it to open in another window by setting it up as an external page checking the appropriate checkbox in the Inspector/Link pane. . You would have to upload the file to the Music folder on the iDisk beforehand and then use the following URL:
    Note the dot before Music in the URL. Don't forget it. See the link titled *"This sentence is linked to a jpg file."* in this demo page. It's linked to a photo but the principle is the same.

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