Rotating image

I want to create a Christmas eCard with a rotating bauble.
Can anyone suggest a way to do this or a tutorial to follow?

David Stiller just clued me in to what a "bauble" is :p
Ok - a rotating ornament - usually this requires a 3D program
if you need to be very realistic -
then export and import into flash as an image sequence.
But if all you have is flash you can "fake" the effect by
sliding a graphic through a mask in the
shape of a circle - much like a rotating globe.
I don't have a tutorial online but I do include one in my
book (How to Cheat in Adobe Flash). I
can't post the page online but I will provide the source
hope this help.
Chris Georgenes
Adobe Community Expert
Vic C wrote:
> I want to create a Christmas eCard with a rotating
bauble. Can anyone suggest a way to do this or a tutorial to

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  • Rotated image overlaps other controls

    Hi, I am working on an AIR app involving images. One of the functionalities is viewing as well as rotating images. I made a simple test app to illustrate this portion:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <mx:WindowedApplication xmlns:mx="" layout="vertical">
                private function rotate():void
                    var bitmap:Bitmap = Bitmap(img.content);
                    var matrix:Matrix = bitmap.transform.matrix;
                    var centerX:Number = bitmap.width/2;
                    var centerY:Number = bitmap.height/2;
                    matrix.translate(-centerX, -centerY);
                    matrix.translate(centerY, centerX);
                    bitmap.transform.matrix = matrix;
        <mx:Text width="100%" text="Some text"/>
        <mx:Image id="img" width="100%" height="100%" source="test.jpg" horizontalAlign="center" verticalAlign="middle"/>
        <mx:Button label="rotate 90" click="rotate()"/>
    The application window has text on the top and a button on the bottom, with the image in the middle. Each click of the button rotates the image by 90 degrees.
    On launch, the app works great. It fetches the image file and fits it to the Image container. As I resize the application, the image also resizes and maintains the position relative to the other controls. Top text and bottom button are where they should be. All good. Let's assume the image is landscape/wide. After I perform the rotate 90 degrees by clicking the button, although the image is rotated and now in portrait orientation, the bottom portion of the image is now out of the image boundary and overlapping the button.
    Is there a way to tell the image to fit the content to the container again? Basically, re-layout the whole thing as if the image is in this new orientation.
    I suppose I can try to figure out a change in scale and resize the image, but I am not sure if this will hold when the user resizes the application. Also, the rotated image is now rather far to the left, as the "top left" corner is where a landscape image would be. For a portait orientation that's centered horizontally, it should be further to the right. I suppose I can also come up with some formula to center the rotated image. It just seems that the application already has all this logic built in, as it did exactly what I wanted when the image was loaded initially. If I can just ask the application to do it again. Note that similar issue occurs if the image starts out in portrait orientation and is rotated to landscape (too far to the right).
    Thanks in advance for the help.

    Thanks Sheila and Arnis,
    Today I opened the project to try different zoom settings and the problem has vanished; I get the correct arrow at zooms of 100, 120 and 140%.
    Likely a bug somewhere deep in Frame's innards. Anyway we've ordered TCS3 so soon I'll be using FM10. Thanks anyway.
    --- Derek

  • Is there a way to rotate images in iPhoto on the ipad

    I take photos with the iPhone or iPad and unless I sync them back to the Mac, there does not seem to be a way to rotate images. This makes having a nice slideshow (for the unlock screen) a problem as a bunch of images are all sideways. I'd like to be able to do simple edits like this in the device and not have to sync back and forth.

    You can't in the Photos app itself, though there are third-party apps that allow you e.g. PS Express (though the saved rotated version of the photo will be put in the Saved Photos album).

  • I have a Flash Sample to rotate images and text but I not find a way to display special characters

    Hello everyone.
    I bought a very nice Flash application that rotate images, and text of any color and size. It use an XML input file.
    I've posted here, a complete copy, so any of you can download, view and use it freely.
    I would appreciate if any of you know how to do, so that the text displayed, including the characters I use in my language (Spanish), such as á, é, í, ó, ú, ñ, and other special characters.
    In fact, I could not find a way to do it, because I'm not expert Flash, and less in ActionScript.
    If any of you would help me on that, I thank you implement the appropriate adjustments and compressed into a. zip file, and let me know where to download it, or if you prefer you can send it to my email: [email protected]
    After all compressed in .zip format is a very small file: 430K.
    Click here to download the complete sample.
    Translated using

    Hello Rinus,
    If I understood your last post correctly, then problem 2 is resolved, right?
    Regarding problem 3:
    I'm not asking you to share exact VIs.
    I just want to see a very simple VI that explains the concept of what you're trying to do, what should happen (this can be in words that refer to the front panel elements) and what you've tried.
    The terminology you're using isn't clear to me without an extra explanation.
    This could even be only a Front Panel with a few buttons on where you just describe what should happen with specific controls/indicators.
    Based on the first post it is not clear to me what you mean with:
    - A "button element":
      Are you talking about a control, an indicator, a cluster that contains multiple control?
    - The structure:
      Is this an event structure, case structure, for loop, ...?
    Is it seems like you want to programmatically control Front Panel objects, which on itself is no problem at all independent of how many objects you want to control.
    Please share with me simple example of what goes wrong and explain which things should happen on that specific Front Panel.
    This will allow me to help you and also allow me to guide you along the right path.
    Kind Regards,
    Thierry C - Applications Engineering Specialist Northern European Region - National Instruments
    CLD, CTA
    If someone helped you, let them know. Mark as solved and/or give a kudo.

  • LR rotates images as they were at the upload

    Hi everybody
    I went back to a folder I haven't been looking for about 3-4 months. After I located the folder from the external disk all the images opened,  with my surprise, without the rotation I have set at the time so I had to to do it all again. Usually LR should retain the settings you apply to images, with no time limitation. So what happened in this case?
    p.s. it's even worse: LR is opening the images, in Grid View, initially with the rotation I set after the first opening but as I scroll down, always in Grid View, the images showed in the screen are rotated back as they were at the upload.
    Then I scroll down a bit more, images that were out of view are showed with the correct rotation and after a while they start rotating as they were at upload .....what the hell is going on???

    I think the key is when you said you have not viewed these pictures in 3-4 months. Therefore LR deleted its previews and the effect you are seeing is LR re-making them. If it does not have a preview in its cache it tries to be quick by showing you the JPG preview in the image file. That's as the camera recorded it. The it makes a preview from the image data, and finally applies the editing steps either from the catalog or the XMP information in the file.
    So if you give LR the time to do all that it should give you the pictures as you last had them in LR.
    I just went back to some pictures from February in my catalog and LR did recall the image orientations.
    BUT - I am also confused. I did a test and rotated a picture in LR. That rotation did not appear in the History panel. That surprised me, because LR does remember any rotations applied. I don't know where.
    Another factor may be that many cameras record the orientation in the EXIF. Thus my Canon DSLR rotates images correctly on the LCD display whereas my Nikon Coolpix P6000 does not. This could be part of your issue:- the camera's notion of orientation vs. LR's.
    So this is only a partial answer but I hope it helps.

  • Problem with rotating images in Photoshop CC

    When I rotate images in Photoshop CC I get jagged edges and not smooth as before. What has changed? How can I sort this out? Is my software corrupted?  Still works perfectly in CS3.

    If your using Free Transform, then look at the Interpolation settings in the tool options bar
    Try one of the Bicubic settings
    (i have it set to Bicubic)
    For rotating the Canvas look at the Image Interpolation settings under Photoshop (Edit)>Preferences>General and use one of the Bicubic settings
    The standard Bicubic setting is a good all around setting

  • I can't rotate images or text with two fingers on my trackpad.

    I have the most recent version of Keynote, using iOS 10.9.1 and a bluetooth trackpad.  Everything was working fine with the various gestures and now the rotation (two finger twisting) won't rotate images or text boxes.  Anybody else having this issue?  Any fixes you've seen that work?
    I've turned my bluetooth trackpad on/off.  I've checked my trackpad preferences checked/unchecked/checked.  Nothing seems to work.

    give gesture back please as soon as possible!!!

  • Rotating Image with Fade Effect

    Ok looking to rotate an image with a fade effect; below is a rotating image code.
    (Wanting this effect to be transitional and smooth. Transparency? Opacity?)
    <script language="JavaScript">
    function adArray() {
    for (i=0; i*2<adArray.arguments.length; i++) {
    this[i] = new Object();
    this[i].src = adArray.arguments[i*2];
    this[i].href = adArray.arguments[i*2+1];
    this.length = i;
    function getAdNum() {
    dat = new Date();
    dat = (dat.getTime()+"").charAt(8);
    if (dat.length == 1)
    ad_num = dat%ads.length;
    ad_num = 0;
    return ad_num;
    var ads = new adArray(
    var ad_num = getAdNum();
    document.write('<div align="center"><A HREF="'+ads[ad_num].href+'" target="_blank"><IMG SRC="'+ads[ad_num].src+'" '
    +'BORDER=0 name=js_ad></A></div>');
    link_num = document.links.length-1;
    function rotateSponsor() {
    if (document.images) {
    ad_num = (ad_num+1)%ads.length;
    document.js_ad.src = ads[ad_num].src;
    document.links[link_num].href = ads[ad_num].href;
    // -->
    Any ideas?

    Here is the script I finally got working! It would have not came to me without your help guys!
    var pictureWebPartName="Pictures"; // name of the picture library web part
    var showThumbnails = true; //otherwise show full sized images
    var randomImg = true; //set to true to show in random order
    var useCustomLinks = false; //true to use second column as URL for picture clicks
    var RotatingPicturesLoopTime = 5000; //2000 = 2 seconds
    var imgToImgTransition = 1.0; //2 = 2 seconds
    // don't change these
    var selectedImg = 0;
    var imgCache = [];
    var imgTag;
    function RotatingPictures()
    imgTag = document.getElementById("RotatingImage");
    //Find the picture web part and hide it
    var Imgs = [];
    var x = document.getElementsByTagName("TD"); // find all of the table cells
    var LinkList;
    var i=0;
    for (i=0;i<x.length;i++)
    if (x[i].title == pictureWebPartName)
    // tables in tables in tables... ah SharePoint!
    LinkList = x[i].parentNode.parentNode.parentNode.parentNode.parentNode.parentNode.parentNode;
    // hide the links list web part"none";
    if (!LinkList)
    document.all("RotatingImageMsg").innerHTML="Web Part '" + pictureWebPartName + "' not found!";
    //Copy all of the links from the web part to our array
    var links = LinkList.getElementsByTagName("TR") // find all of the rows
    var url;
    var len;
    for (i=0;i<links.length;i++)
    //if (links(i).id.match("row")!=null)
    if (links[i].childNodes[0].className=="ms-vb2")
    Imgs[len][0] = links[i].childNodes[0].childNodes[0].href;
    if (useCustomLinks)
    if (links[i].childNodes[1].childNodes.length>0)
    { Imgs[len][1] = links[i].childNodes[1].childNodes[0].href; }
    { Imgs[len][1] = "" }
    if (Imgs.length==0)
    document.all("RotatingImageMsg").innerHTML="No images found in web part '" + pictureWebPartName + "'!";
    for (i = 0; i < Imgs.length; i++)
    imgCache[i] = new Image();
    imgCache[i].src = Imgs[i][0];
    if (useCustomLinks)
    // now show the pictures...
    function RotatingPicturesLoop()
    if (randomImg)
    if (document.all){"blendTrans(duration=" + imgToImgTransition + ")";
    if (useCustomLinks)
    { RotatingImageLnk.href=imgCache[selectedImg].customlink; }
    { RotatingImageLnk.href = url; }
    if (showThumbnails)
    // convert URLs to point to the thumbnails...
    // from airshow%20pictures/helicopter.jpg
    // to airshow%20pictures/_t/helicopter_jpg.jpg
    url = revString(url);
    c = url.indexOf(".");
    url = url.substring(0,c) + "_" + url.substring(c+1,url.length);
    c = url.indexOf("/");
    url = url.substring(0,c) + "/t_" + url.substring(c,url.length);
    url = revString(url) + ".jpg";
    imgTag.src = url;
    if (document.all){
    selectedImg += 1;
    if (selectedImg > (imgCache.length-1)) selectedImg=0;
    setTimeout(RotatingPicturesLoop, RotatingPicturesLoopTime);
    // utility function revString found here:
    function revString(str) {
    var retStr = "";
    for (i=str.length - 1 ; i > - 1 ; i--){
    retStr += str.substr(i,1);
    return retStr;
    // add our function to the SharePoint OnLoad event
    <!-- add your own formatting here... -->
    <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0">
    <td id="VU" height="125" width="160" align="center" valign="middle">
    <a name="RotatingImageLnk" id="RotatingImageLnk" alt="click for larger picture">
    <img src="/_layouts/images/dot.gif" name="RotatingImage" id="RotatingImage" border=0>
    <span name="RotatingImageMsg" id="RotatingImageMsg"></span>
    Thanks again guys!

  • How to auto rotate Images on Full Screen Slideshow if pictures were taken mixed Portrait and Landsca

    In Muse: How to auto rotate Images on Full Screen Slideshow if pictures were taken mixed Portrait and Landscape

    There is no way that Muse would automatically rotate the images. What you can instruct Muse to do is whether you want to show all image content and leave blank space in either direction OR scale the image to fill the frame resulting in some cropping, but filling the otherwise blank space.
    The options are Fit Content Proportionally and Fill Frame Proportionally respectively.

  • Severe memory leak in LR5 (CC release v5.0) when cropping (rotating) images

    I have a Quadcore i7 iMac with 12GB of memory.  When I start LR5, there is 8GB remaining.  With nothing else being done, as a edit some images, and especially when I am rotating images in the crop tool to level the horizon, fI sometimes get the "OSX beachball" and the memory immediately drops from 8GB to 10-20MB!!!  The disk goes crazy and LR5 and the entire machine slows to a crawl.  The only way to bring it back is to Force Quit LR5.  But this has happened with the same picture twice already and am getting ready to try #3.
    Please fix this .... this is definitely a bug as there is no reason it should eat 8GB of memory for doing an image rotate.

    There are a number of bugs that have been logged against crop/roate in Lr5. The engineering team are currently working to fix these.

  • Rotating Images in a grid or canvas

    I want to build a component somewhat similar with the
    rotating images that you can see below.
    Thanks in advance,

    Here is a place to start:

  • Rotated images in inDesign

    I have used CS6 on my Mac (10.6.8) to create a 240 page book with several images on most pages. Some of these have been rotated by about 20 degrees or so for effect, and are fine when viewed on inDesign. However, when exported to pdf in high quality mode a grey (un-rotated) box appears around each of the rotated images. It's faint but it is there. I did try rotating in Photoshop first and then creating a clipping path, which I have done for other images but this appears compromised by the rotation also. Grouping a number of images before rotating, as I have done on the cover, also seems to cause a particular problem, with the crop then coming in at an angle also. Even if you then ungroup these, the program seems to remember they were grouped before and still refuses to do a vertical crop, though it behaves ok with the rotated image before it is grouped. Drop Shadows on the title text appear VERY dull on my screen when viewed in the high-quality pdf mode also, though a friend viewing the same file on his computer does not get this effect. I think I can work round most of these, but the grey boxes are a real issue.
    Les Brown

    Hi Peter
    interesting. I was just clicking on the file, so I think it was Apple preview. However, if I select Acrobat 10.1.1 the image looks good against a white background (my main problem.) Does this mean the file is OK to send for printing in this form? I note that for the cover image (blue background) the drop shadows are still very dull and there is still a slight colour issue with the rotated image.

  • Rotating images in separate htm document (DW CS4)

    Hi all,
    A few questions:
    1. I created a rotating images htm document by using the swap image function and then changing the code a bit (found this on internet). This works just fine on my PC (LiveView) and the htm document is switching between 3 images. I have placed the document in the images folder. However, when uploaded it doesnt work:
    2. If i get this htm document to work on the net I would like to input the htm document with the rotating images into the heading of my main document:
    (just above the menu)
    I could not though figure out how to input the htm document into the existing html document.
    Anybody have any clue on the 2 questions above?
    Thanks in advance,
    Ingvar Malde

    I know plenty of people run into the issue of not being able to see their images while in design view, but mine is the exact opposite.
    My images show up as a tiny blue question mark box in Live View... As well as when I preview it in a browser localy on my machine.
    I think I know why it might be happening but dont know how to fix it...
    When I insert an image DW codes it as such:
    <img src="/images/madintro.jpg" width="470" height="267" />
    The problem seems to lie in DW adding the "/" in front of "images"
    when I manually go in and take out the "/" the image shows magically shows up as it should.
    Why has dreamweaver suddenly defaulted to making bad code? what did I do to cause this issue? And obviously how can I change it back to work again and make the image show in my DW workspace?
    Yes, the slash is exactly the problem. That is known as a Site-root relative link.These types of link are good to use in Templates because they are always the same. They don't need to be "fixed' when you generate a page from your Template into a different folder.
    The downside of using Site-root reltive links, is that you can't access the files locally. You must get the page from a web server. One exception to that is using Preview in Browser (PIB) "Temp" files.
    Read this Tech Note about setting up a Testing Server so you can see these files in Live View and PIB:
    If you want to switch back to using Document relative links, then setthe Relative to: field to be "Document" in the "Browse for file" dialog (folder button next to Link field in PI). This setting is sticky, so all future link will use the same setting.
    Hope this helps,

  • Corrupt Rotated Images

    I have made some low res scans of 35mm trannies for reference on a project that I'm working on. They are 16 bit and just over 2mb in size. The ones that have been shot in portrait format have been rotated either in Bridge or Photoshop CS3. I've imported these low res scans into Aperture and some of the rotated images display corrupted, the thumbnails in the browser are fine, it's only in the viewer that I get the problem. It only happens to the portrait images that I've rotated and not all of them. I've exported them from Aperture as TIFFs and they display fine in Photoshop.
    You can see an example of the problem here:
    Can anyone shed some light on this problem?

    Hi Matt
    I'm really sorry about the delay in getting back to you, I've had two cookbooks to finish off and the project with this problem is a personal one so it has been put on the back burner for the time being.
    I don't think my problem is the same as the Adobe "Unsupported Image Format" problem, but I have found a way around it. I was hoping that Aperture 2 would make a miracle cure, but it didn't. I tried going back to Bridge and rotating the problem images back to landscape format (it was only some portrait images that were causing me trouble). this made no difference what so ever. I then tried opening them in Photoshop CS3 and rotating them back to landscape, and saving them. This seemed to do the trick! I didn't even have to re import them into Aperture, I'm not sure if this is because they are referenced files. All I have to do in Aperture is rotate them back to portrait format.
    Thanks to both of you for your ideas.

  • Rotating images in Address Book??

    I am rather confused at the determination of Address Book to store contact photo's on one side??
    I have rotated images right round 360 degress but no matter what way up they are once I drag them on to the image frame, address book automatically rotates the image 90 degrees counterclockwise of the right way up???
    It is clever how it knows but also very frustrating? Does anybody else have this experience?
    Mac Mini connecting iPod Nano + Sony Ericsson K810i   Mac OS X (10.4.8)  

    Hi Wesley,
    Welcome to Apple Discussions
    Are you saying that Address Book takes an perfectly good upright image and rotates it 90 degrees CCW?
    I am a little confused by your statement.."It is clever how it knows but also very frustrating?"
    What program are you using to edit/rotate your images?

  • Rotated Images

    When I download a picture to Desktop it transfers the picture to a folder called Rotated Images no matter which ISP I am using. It also happen if I drop an image /picture onto the desktop: it sits there apx 3 seconds then creates a Rotated Images folder & the picture is there rotated 90 degrees.
    I have tried deleting the folder to Trash, emptying the Trash, and Restart. Same thing happens. Although there is no Rotated Images folder on the Desktop, as soon as I drop any image on the Desktop it creates an Rotated Images folder and the picture goes in there and rotates 90 degrees. It seemed to suddenly start. I don't believe I installed any app that would cause it to happen (I hadn't installed an app at the time it started).
    I don't know if it was 'spammed' to my iMac -possibly?
    When I use Spotlight it doesn't find Rotated Images except for the newly created folder on the Desktop.
    Has anyone encountered this problem? Has anyone found a solution? It is confusing and annoying. I have to add it to iPhoto then rotate it and Revert to Original rotates back.
    The work/around is to Rotate & Save in Photoshop, then Import to iPhoto. Bummer.
    Thank you.

    I meant to ask: Has anyone encountered this problem? Has anyone found a solution? It is confusing and annoying. I have to add it to iPhoto then rotate it and Revert to Original rotates back.
    The work/around is to Rotate & Save in Photoshop, then Import to iPhoto. Bummer.
    Thank you.

Maybe you are looking for

  • OBIEE - export report in Excel format on daily basis into shared folder

    Hi all, We are in process of moving from SAP Business Objects to Oracle BI EE and now the question is: how do I set schedule to export specified report in Excel format into shared network folder? I can do it easily in SAP BO. Is it possible at all in

  • Domains Juggler, Domain Backup.

    For those use Domains Juggler: I updated Domains Juggler, why? you ask. Because some people still use it, and it allows a bit simpler way to create new Domain.sites. --> iWeb.html For those use Domain Backup: Domain Backup ONLY

  • Element balance issue

    we are suppose to change the balance loan amount (to be recovered by company) and the number of installments (installments for a loan) that were assigned in the element of loan deduction. now when we are using Adjust Balance and we choose element for

  • How do i get my iphone to sync with my itunes

    how do i get my iphone to sync with my itunes

  • Compare cameras one x ,4s,gs3,xperia s i must say i'm a bit disappointed with the xperia s cam. although it has a 12.1 megapixels what do u think?